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Ryan Reynolds Gets Deadpool Spinoff Movie

Ryan Reynolds Gets Deadpool Spinoff Movie

Ryan Reynolds will be starring in his very own X-Men spinoff movie for his character Deadpool, whom he played in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

According to Variety, Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a mercenary who, dying of cancer, submits himself to the Weapon X genetic alteration experiment and emerges as an indestructible semi-sane anti-hero.

In one of the two “Easter egg” endings for Wolverine, Deadpool is seen rising from the rubble and whispering “Shhh” to audiences. (The other ending has Wolverine drinking to remember rather than to forget.)

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  • celebrityobsessed.

    Yay! I love Ryan Reynolds!

  • jennifer

    thank god! he deserved better in wolverine!

    i hope this movie won’t be as bad as wolverine.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    He was the best character in the movie I must say. I would definitely see this.

  • Adam

    I’m not opposed to spoilers, I actually welcome them, but the Easter Egg comments are MAJOR spoilers! LOL!

  • Erin

    WHAT?! How unfair I only caught the Wolverine one.
    But that would be really cool to see Deadpool back, but I thought he was gone cause his head got chopped off, isn’t that how you kill a mutant anyways? Unless he was like super super powerful and his head grew back.

    And isn’t he actually Weapon 11? Since Logan was Weapon X.

    I’m so confused now. Ahhh thanks.

  • Jesii


  • june

    erin: deadpool survives decapitation in one of the xmen comic series! yay! =) i think ryan reynolds really made the character come to life

  • Deadpool790


    Deadpool has had his head cut off several times. He literally can’t die. In the comics he comes back to life because he has some realtionship with “Death” and Thanos gets jealous and bring him back to life for eternity forever out of Deaths graps. For the sake of just comparing healing factors. Deadpools is suppost to put Wolverines to shame as it is effected by his emotions rather than Wolverines is just automatic. So when Deadpool is friendly insane self he grows limbs back pretty quickly and narly. When depressed takes much longer for it to grow back.



    There is a GOD, and he loves me SOOOO MUCH!!!!

    Long Live TripleR.

  • kitbriones

    OMG! ryan reynolds was hilarious as always in wolverine…
    even if he had so short a screentime…he made a mark!
    and it’s good that he’d get a spin-off
    that’s cool!

  • aristeia

    Erin, unfortunately the Wolverine movie completely screwed up Deadpool’s origins, etc. Here’s a better explanation for you:

    Deadpool can actually survive for a bit w/ his head off. He has amazing healing ability. However, he cannot shoot lasers out of his eyes, nor does he have katanas coming out of forearms. Also, his teleporting power is from a teleportation device and not from the DNA from another mutant.

    Weapon X (in the comics) refers to the actual government program, not the individual.

    Deadpool should be scarred from the reaction of Wolverine’s healing ability w/ his cancer.

    They did quite well w/ his humor as Wade though. If you want to know more about the character, read some of his comics and/or peruse his wiki article:

  • Zero


  • Marieme

    I’m ready to buy my ticket like now!

  • mika

    i love ryan!! kewl.

  • s

    woooo!!!!! yes a spinoff! i liked his character in the movie. the fact that it was ryan reynolds helped too :D id heard rumors of this but its official!! yay!!!!!

  • s

    now all we need is a Gambit spinoff :D

  • vmars111

    LOL, I love that some users want to point out Deadpool’s background story and healing factors, but this is The place where almost every user can scream a higher pitch than an orca.

    I just hope they’ll treat Ryan to the same water tank treatment Hugh Jackman’s abs were given. See? This is, I can make comments like that.

  • aleistie

    Now i can sleep in peace. I’ve been wondering who’s next after Wolverine.

  • Chelsea

    Yay. \:D/ Can’t wait.

  • jasmine

    NOOO !
    i want gambit :(

  • shurly


    Lol, that was my scream louder than an orca ! Praise the lord everybody !!! I’m totally gonna see this movie !!!!!!!!!

    I loved Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine, he was just perfect !! And did you see his body at the end ????? I could just die…

  • Silverfox

    But hopefully with a better script than Wolverine.

  • April

    Yes, good for Ryan, he was the best in Wollverine, he deserved that.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    if dealpool’s movie is anything like wolverine – it will suck.

  • raquel


  • raverno1

    this would be so good if they brought it out, i was hoping for a movie about either wade or victor,both would be brilliant.
    and who evr sez gambit should be brought out instead!!…reallly..!!? lol

  • pittfan

    what a joke. He’s the Alba among actors.

  • Charlie

    i was hurt with how little movie time he had in wolverine!

  • buttercup

    i want gambit too!!!!!!

  • XMEN

    Will Gambit be in it??

    Good for Ryan though to have his own spin-off

  • Cri Cri

    Ohhhh that’s great but I would have loved better to have a spin off STORM movie!! =( Now this would be awesome and I would buy my ticket like right now! =)

  • Marieme

    Okay, I actually need some background. I’m totally in the dark over this story.

    (Kudos on the orca joke too.)

  • Nhoj


    Think u’ll find that it was two different actors!

  • shurly


    Alright, I stand corrected (I had no idea). Thanks !

    So he has a pretty face and his double has a pretty nice body !! It’s a win-win situation for me anyway !! ;o)

  • Remy LeBeau

    We have the perfect guy to ‘play’ deadpool i just hope they don’t screw him over.So excite(d Can’t wait , Hopefully gambit gambit will get one too(depends on how much magneto makes i guess)

  • curt

    stupid character, stupid casting, worst part of the whole wolvering movie which i liked IN SPITE of this

  • ****

    I just they pray they get a decent writer and director for his film. David Goyer gave him some pretty decent one-liners in Blade Trinity, I wouldn’t mind it if they teamed-up again.

  • ted

    Are the words SPOILER ALERT not in your vocabulary? Sheeesh!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    More Ryan please, he’s cute :)

  • Leana

    OMG! O.K. now that they’re gonna make it, there’s no way they can screw this up. This is gonna be EPIC if done right.

  • Work

    Wait…so throughout the movie is he going to look all freaky like he did at the end of Wolverine? Cuz that would suck.

    Or is it just gonna be an origin movie about how he got to where he was at the beginning of Wolverine? Cuz that would equally suck.

  • teenscreamer


    P.S.-Whats a deadpool?

  • matty

    He should break the fourthwall more and be more like the character (red and black costume, strained vocal chords, horribly scarred and bald)

    Also, Bob and Weasel needed.
    (Bob is an agent of Hydra that Deadpool kidnapped, Weasel is his hacker friend)