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Carrie Prejean May Be Stripped Of Her Title

Carrie Prejean May Be Stripped Of Her Title
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  • mika


  • shell

    Number 1 I think it’s because a photo was leaked of her turned from the camera topless and was holding her breast while looking back at the camera.

    IMO, it’s still retarded it’s not even a bad picture unless the ones that still haven’t been leaked are worse you see “sluttier” pictures in maxim.

  • whatever

    awww..poor Carrie,,the gay questions bring her in the deep shit.

  • pollyanna

    “Miss California officials may strip Carrie Prejean of her title”

    What an ugly situation; embarrassing for all who yearn for equality on all fronts. Miss Prejean’s attackers ride their high horse of proclaimed tolerance and they are repeatedly proving themselves to be the most vicious of intolerable people; reverse discrimination. So what if Prejean likes traditional marriage? So what if you are Gay. Go be Gay, Go be straight. Stop asking for permission and go have fun. You can’t mind your own business if you have your nose in other peoples business and if you aren’t minding your own business, who’s driving the car? If you wait for the world to like the same food you like in order to eat; you’ll die of starvation. These Prejean persecutors are coming across as desperately insecure about their choices.

    If I started a campaign against these intolerant cry babies, I would come across as ridiculous if not crazy. They start a campaign with their bandwagon and to them it’s a justifiable lynch mob. Ugly on the inside. You can not be tolerant if you are being intolerant.

  • aida

    Carrie is the one who is pushing the media, and most likely leaked her own photos. She wants to be the “victim” to encourage supporters to her. She is trying to steal Elizabeth Hassleback’s job on THE VIEW. Elizabeth will be on maternity leave, and they will have replacements. Carrie wants to replace her permanently. She doesn’t have a chance to get the slot, if no one knows her name! Who knew her before? She is milking it for everything she can get. She keeps repeating the lie that she would have won, had she not answer the question honestly. That is a lie, but it makes people feel sorry for her and speak out on her behalf because they feel she was cheated.

  • Jane

    I can’t believe these people are trying to strip this woman of title, for stating her opinion. is this still America. This is just a tragic commentary for our country.

    This is why I don’t support anything gay, because they are so vicious and vindictive. And if you don’t agree with their cause, they will try to destroy you.

    I am on your side Miss California. I wish you the best.

  • diana

    The gay movement is just damaging their own cause, because they go after anyone who does not approve of their life style. They are pissing people off.

    TO THE GAYS: Freedom of speech is still in effect in America. Opinions are with legal in America.

  • aida

    Comment from Billy Bush illustrates that he also sees that she discovered a larger platform than being Miss America, she is milking, milking, milking.
    “But I’m amazed at where she’s gone with it. She’s sort of found a new crusade.”

    And ultimately, Bush believes that “new crusade” of speaking out for her belief in traditional marriage could cost her the Miss California crown.

    “Since Miss USA, there has been no phone calls between the California organization and her. I think she’s gone,” he added. “Ultimately my guess is that she’ll resign because why be Miss California when you’ve got a bigger platform and a bigger audience? So I think she’s going to do that.”

    She can make bigger bucks now that she made a name for herself with the Christian right, and she is cashing in. Believe me gays did not out her for her underwear photos – they never saw it and wouldn’t care. She distributed the photos herself to create the controversy to push her career.


    I find it very funny that those who protest war and shout peace are the most hostile in our nation…..ha

    Stupid gays….

    no one can speak against THEM but they can speak up against everyone else…talk about hypocrites… THEY have the right to live the way they want (which i my opinion IS living in SIN by the way) but others can’t have that same right? The freedom to believe what they choose to believe just because it clashes with their views…!

    URG i am soo feed up with liberals!

  • shell

    God, I’m so happy that their are some smart people still left. Thank you to everyone who posted before this comment. I’m impressed that so many people see what I’ve been seeing. I

  • jilly

    She had the right to her own opinion! I don’t have anything against gay people…’s their life. However, marriage should be between a man and a woman. It’s only natural. Why not have ” legal partnership” instead of legal marriage .

    For officals to strip her of her crown…is really silly. Things go way too far.

    before you know it……everyone will have to go thru life “walking on eggshells”…and never knowing what to say about anything. What’s wrong with opinions? sheesh!

  • jilly

    oops…..spoke too soon!

    Just read more information and found out her speaking out does not seem to be the reason they may strip her of her crown.

    This is what is stated:

    The directors of the Miss California USA pageant — who met early Tuesday to determine whether Carrie Prejean violated her contract by working with a national group opposed to gay marriage and by posing semi-nude when she was a teenage model — have yet to decide if Prejean should be stripped of her crown

  • lk

    she stripped for the camera so now it is californias turn to strip her.

  • lk


    its about not telling the trust to the california officials about the nude photos stupid, not the comment!

  • lala

    This is one of the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard!!
    She only stating HER OPINION !!! and people punishing her for what she believe in. FUCKING DUMB!!!!!!

  • lk


    there are more pictures which are supposed to be more suggestive.

  • lk


    you didn’t read the story, it is about the photos!

  • Old Donkey

    So now they says it is just “because of the photos” (not her stated opinion)…GIVE ME A BREAK! – who can believe in this??? NOBODY, ever, would find and note these “photos” – IF she would not dare to say what she really thinks about the “politically controversial” matter… and it is ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS that THIS is what actually makes some people crazy…
    But, Holy God, are we still in America??? Or it is already the USSR, or North Korea? The FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS the VERY BASE of AMERICA – amen, period!
    How long the normal people can tolerate the outrageous arrogance and dictate of visious, agressive, intolerant minorities – who pretends to dictate to all the country what to think, what to say, and what can’t be said? I think, it just ruins what this country is and what it always stood for. And it must be opposed. I would propose a PETITION to this directors – to let them hear the voice of a majority at least, not only of these aggressive minorities and their dictatorship of the dumb “political correctness”!

  • sillyme

    This has nothing to do with the photos. The organizers of the pageant have been trying to find ways to strip her of the title ever since she said she supported traditional marriage. There are n-u-d-e pics of the other contestants out there, too.

    Besides, in California, anything goes – they don’t have a problem with nudity.

  • bbw brittany

    she should sue perez hilton, way to end human civilization, population control.


    Pageants are a joke. The shows no longer get any ratings. All the contestants are plastic surgery fakes.
    Having PerezHIlton as a judge was ridiculous. What is so classy about someone that draws cartoon genitalia and body emmisions over photographs? He should never have even qualified as a judge but Trump used that as some sort of ratings stunt…which did not work anyway.

    Big DIRTY HO Shanna Moekler is going to judge Carrie? Give me a break!!

  • Kira

    Vanessa Williams was stripped of her Miss America title and crown years ago and so should Carrie Prejean be stripped of the Miss California title and crown since she has violated the rules of the Miss California Pageant as regards “nudity”.

    Read and/or listen to the “facts” or real issue before the Miss California Pageant Committee regarding this young woman as it has nothing to do with her response to the pageant question and the escalating conflict between herself and Perez Hilton who doesn’t represent everyone of the American gay community and neither does she represent the views of many heterosexuals.

    Further, Donald Trump has reviewed the votes of the judges on her behalf and said (yesterday) that she didn’t have the overall points to win (with or without having answered that particular question a particular way).

    Sick of Carrie Prejean, sick of Perez Hilton, and REALLY SICK of phony and opportunisitic Bristol Palin and her ignorant, idiotic, and control-freak mother!!! All can crawl in a cave and stay there….

  • Cara

    The most classically beautiful, intelligent, and talented American women no longer enter these so-called “beauty” pageants. This woman looks like a transvestite with her plastic breasts and colored contact lenses. Whose to say that she doesn’t have some fake hair, too? Oh, the popularity of calling one’s self a “Christian” and misinterpreting the Bible since the evil Bush ran for President of the United States nine years ago! It’s time the phoney right-wing Christians and politicians “wake-up and smell the coffee” in the real 21st Century.

  • Vicky

    “Gay movement ” does NOT define Miss California contract or rules.
    Gay is not a life style.
    Gay people are second class citizens and have every right to fight against that.

  • oakley

    The lefty media at its craziness.

  • Go Miss Calif.

    America will just party but God is watching. The fun will not last and Im afraid what will hit us soon because while God is good and merciful he also believes in justice.

    Funny that Obama now decided not to shut down Gitmo Prison.
    He’s slow to see how America is a target from Al-Queda.

  • layla

    to #9: nobody can speak out against them?! how about the way this stupid, fake blonde bitc.h did!?

    she violated the contract by having the little church rally televised. she should be stripped of her crown.


    Obama said he is against gay marriage. Does this mean we get to throw him out to?

  • Marieme

    Strip away!

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn why do ppl still give a shit about this
    all cuz of gay ass perez, u do all no he’s a big media whore his self
    so even if u r againist her, ur just helping perez get his 15 minutes
    personally i dont really have an opinion on gays, it’s really whatever if ur ok, then it’s ok, dont hate u nor love love u, i can be a human being 2 u, that’s it
    she’s just told her opinion, which a bunch of ppl who have the same view probably wouldnt say
    love taylor swift, she’s so cute, love the trench coat =]
    my lucky number is 24(kobe)
    demi looks pretty nice, i dont like her face but she has a nice body
    …..really disappointed in megan, asking for a light….smoking is seriously disgusting megan, u shouldnt do it, not only is it bad for ur health but it’s gonna fucking ruin ur looks
    just look at cameron diaz….and funny how u like older guys…u and brian dont seem 2 get along that well tbh

  • Lenny

    Don’t forget this is all because you don’t agree with the gay mafia and their idea of marriage. Now that she will be gone, are you going after the blacks who voted 70% against gay marriage?

  • TEDS

    She has violated more than one rule, of an 11 page contract. She knew what she could and could’nt do, and went ahead any-way. Take that crown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J.C.

    She didn’t condemn gays; she just said she was brought up to believe marriage was between a man and a woman. If gays want “straights” to accept them, they must in turn respect those who differ with them.

  • Tony

    The california pagent has done a great injustice to this young lady. Convincing her to change her apperance in order to win tells todays youth that they cant be themselves. Take a good look at american Idol adam looks a little gay but the guy can sing. I have a problem with beauty pagents because society has no clue to what beauty is. We are fasinated with what apears to be pretty. Ask any child who they think is beautiful and you might be in for a huge surprise. Guys out there tell me when the wife is eight months pregnant and 40 lbs. heavier she isnt the most beautiful thing you ever seen.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    The fact that she has semi-nude pics can be overlooked but coming from California and opposing gay marriage is a sin.