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Deanna Hummel: My Brother Is A Liar And A Criminal

Deanna Hummel: My Brother Is A Liar And A Criminal

Deanna Hummel says her brother Jason has been lying to tabloids about her relationship with Jon & Kate Plus Eight father Jon Gosselin. (He claimed Jon and Deanna had an affair.)

The 23-year-old third grade school teacher tells People, “My brother is making this all up. He has no credibility … I can’t even stomach the lies he’s saying about me. My brother is very shady. He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution. He’s on probation right now… I’m so hurt that he put my occupation out there. He has put my job in jeopardy. I can’t take my kids to recess without worrying that people will come up and harass me and the other teachers. It’s not fair.”

Deanna claims that her brother is seeking revenge for asking him to move out: “He wanted to get back at me … he knows he’s getting kicked out of the house.”

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  • chew***11

    Let him alone.

  • emma

    I have no respect for Kate Gosselin anymore. I enjoyed Season 1 and 2 of the show and i like some of the early episodes of season 3. The show used to be about a strggling family with 8 kids but now Kate is just money grabbing. It is totally unfair that Jon and Kate are getting all these free vacactions and all this stuff done to there house for free. I can not even begin to imagine how much TLC pays them for a episode of the show. I did not see the episode Jon and Kate plus 8: Go green but i watched parts of it on youtube and what really got to me was how Hannah said to Steve “You don’t get a snack, you didn’t take a nap.” These kids will be 5 on Sunday and do not repuire and 2 hour nap in the afternoon anymore. I can understand that the kids would fall asleep in the car after a day out but they do not need a nap. I am gusseing that Kate did not make Cara and Mady have a 2 hour nap in the afternoon when they were 5 or even 4. Even if the kids were 2 or 3 using food as a tactic to make them sleep is not a good thing. Kate leaves her kids hungry if they do not eat and if they do not want there dinner she said there next meal is breakfast. What also got me was on the episode of the sextuplets 4th birthday were they went to make and decorate cupcakes at a bakery. The boys did not eat there dinner so they did not get there cupcake and the next thing that they ate was breakfast the next day. Surely it would have been better if Aaden, Collin and Joel had something in there stomachs other than nothing at all. Also what bothers me is that Kate does not really seem hands on with her kids anymore. On the green episode Mady tried to hug Kate and Kate bascially pushed Mady away. Kate says it is diffuclt with all the kids in the house but she also said that the kids are all in different rooms doing there own things now. She has help all the time so i can not in the life of me understand why this Woman moans. She has a dream life, Money, Gorgeus Kids, Helpers, A wonderful Husband who she treats like a piece of dirt on the bottom of her shoes. What also gets to me about Kate is how rude she is. When her and Jon are on the sofa doing interviews together she buts in on whatever he is saying. Kate even had a go at Jon in season 3 for breathing to loudly.! If his grammar is slightly out of line she moans and it is not like her Grammar is perfect either she makes mistakes all the time so why can’t Jon?

  • yea sure

    She’s not very smart. Not only does she carry on with a married man, she lives with her shady drug addict brother. Her student’s parents must be happy to hear all this.

  • anonymous


    THANK YOU! you have said what we all have been wanting to say.

  • lala

    who the hell is ugly guy anyway

  • jaye

    Oh, what a tangle web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. It’s hitting the fan now. Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Stomach Turns.

  • Cathey

    I watched the show a couple of times and all Kate is really concerned about in most of them is HER!! Her and MONEY!! She berates him all of the time. The man can not do anything right in her mind. I would not blame the man for some time away from her at ALL!!!!!!!

  • Annie

    I don’t buy what the teacher is saying…..But I wish Jon luck! That Kate deserves everything she gets. What a b*tch. Those kids should NOT have been pimped out on TV all these years. What comes around goes around.

  • Boycott this show!!

    Enough of these people already! they are not even famous! So they have alot of kids well so did my parents but they didn’t have anything handed to them. These 2 are fake and need to go away. I’m sure her husband is cheating on her- who could blame him. She’s a bycth! She gets what she deserves!!!

  • nettie


  • angel

    Okay, their 15 minutes of fame is up. They all need to shut their traps. I agree – Kate treats Jon like crap, but they are nobodys. They are beginning to rank up there with Octomom now! I watch the show, but all this PR/tabloid crap has made me realize that they aren’t as happy and faithful as they want you to believe on TV. I will no longer watch the show. I’d like to know what they will tell their kids when they tell them they are getting divorced – after renewing their wedding vows in Hawaii and telling the kids they will be together forever and ever!

  • Amy

    Wow. I dunno, you can’t criticize parents for telling their kids that if they don’t eat dinner, they don’t get to snack later. The next meal IS breakfast. They need to learn that they eat when food provided for them at meals. That’s basic discipline. And saying “no snack” isn’t starving your kids. Maybe that’s why America is so fat, because idiots believe that’s some kind of child abuse.

  • Anakin

    That’s one bad pic of Jon…

  • Rhonda

    I like the way girlfriend is NOW concerned about HER job. Funny, how that worked out. Can’t say I really blame Jon, it would be hard to take that b–ch, day after day. TLC might be giving women a good look at what they don’t want to become, KATE, the nag, hag. Feel sorry for the kids too. Maddy is getting really mouthy and she’s gonna tell Kate to take a hike pretty soon!

  • emma


    I am from England. I live in England. I only watch this show on you tube because we only have season 1,2 and now recently 3 in England. Also bye the way Kate says if her 5 year old child does not take a two hour nap in the afternoon they do not eat. Did i also mention that Kate says she sends the kids outside when the weather is 40 Fahrenheit that is 4 celcius those poor kids would freeze to death. I am sorry but the woman is a money grabbing idiot and i have no time for her anymore.

  • Confused

    I am more confused and annoyed than anything else. It was published that Kate was off in another state promoting the new kids book on this night when Jon was out until 2am. Who was at home with their (presumably) sleeping children?

    I am confused as to why Jon would be out until the wee hours of the morning at a club with a young woman while Kate is out of town….seems kinda suspicious to me.

    I have no double that all parties involved will now claim it was innocent…none of them want to give up the ‘cha-ching’.

    As I said confusing and ANNOYING!


    Wow. They really looked down on the oct-mom. They are no better than she is with the more kids than i can handle crap. I work in a housing agency and see cases with just as many kids execpt they dont get reality shows and such non-sense. All we offer is a section 8 voucher and they are happy to have a nice place to leave. If America does not stop falling for such non-sense and let all who want to have mutilple births to do it like a person who chooses to have one. If it is your choice and then choose to take care of them. STOP THE FREEBIES AND LOOK AT REALITY TV FOR WHAT IT WORTH (NOTHING)! ANY BODY WANT TO MAKE 8 OR MORE BABIES. SIKE:(

  • verna

    regardless if the idiot is having an affair or not with this 23 year old…….he should not even be “friends” with this young woman.

    He is much older, has a family of 8 kids!!!!!!!1

    If this is true- he is one big idiot!

  • me

    This is all just a ploy by them (Kate & Jon) to keep themselves relevant! If the tabloids would stop feeding into it, maybe they would go away and stop f-ing up those poor kids!

  • emma


    His aloud his own friends. My mum and dad are 10 years apart in age does that mean that they should not be together. My dad has a friends that is 15 years younger than him does that mean because he has a wife and 5 kids that he can not be friends with her because she is 15 years younger than him.

  • pr person

    ” It is totally unfair that Jon and Kate are getting all these free vacactions and all this stuff done to there house for free.” Oh waaaaahhh! Grow up! The family is asked, by lets say.. Whatever Resort… to come and stay and in RETURN Whatever Resort gets publicity. Win for the family, win for the resort (or whatever). How is Kate just money grubbing? The ENTIRE family is enjoying the profits from the show. Jon included. Enjoying a life they wouldn’t have had, if they hadn’t of done it.

    Kate may be brash, obnoxious, and sometimes bi#%^&, but how can you determine what type of mother or wife she is by watching a half hour, edited piece of their lives? Do her children look like they are starving?Deprived? Maladjusted? Jon, her “wonderful husband”(who may be cheating on her), may be a total di#* to her when the cameras are off. Nobody knows what their life is really like. All we see is a tiny piece of it. Oh and referring to the dinner thing…Are you seriously making an issue of that? You obviously don’t have children… What should she(or any mother) do then? Cook seperate meals for each of them? So they figure out that if they don’t eat their dinner, mom will cook what THEY want? Right! What mother has the time for that?!

  • ed

    pul-lease, i’m almost 50, and i could use a nap every day. kids definitely could use one. their behavior improves immensely when they’re rested.

  • Ex-beau

    Maybe her brother isn’t a liar after all.

  • aimee

    emma # 20

    you sound like an idiot too!

    You don’t get it that he’s a married man with 8 children and does not need to fool around with very young women. PERIOD

    You have to be an idiot Not to see that .

    If anyone has a brain and common sense- they don’t get into that mess.

    And I bet your parents- don’t have such a hot family life either……but, who cares?

  • mary

    No one is forcing any of you to watch this show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  • andrea

    My grandparents had 9 kids and raised their kids without a tv show or welfare. My grandfather worked for the utility company here in town and took care of his children. I think people now think if they pop out a litter they are set for life, thats not the way it works! The kids are the ones that end up suffering.

  • anonymous

    Most of these comments are pretty ignorant. No one even considers what having 8 kids all under the age of 10 might be like. ONE kid under the age of 10 can be a handful. For all the ppl who go nuts over the way Kate treats Jon… It’s been well documented, only about a hundred times, that he LOVES that crap. He loves when she beats him up. And, not to condone anything he’s doing, but he’s not that much older than that girl. If any of you who are going on about his age even bother to look up his actual age, he just turned 30. If you guys really hate this and hate that, why do any of you even watch the show? Please STFU and stop proving what most readers of this site already know… YOU’RE ALL F*CKING IDIOTS.

    btw, It’s been scientifically proven that ppl of all ages.. that includes children under 10, and adults… that napping is extremely beneficial to your health. So please go take a nap and leave us alone.

  • Brooklyn

    I believe her and Jon but not Jason one bit. What a disgusting guy. As for Jon & Kate I truly hope the media should just STOP talking about them. Even though I love their show, I’m thinking they should probably stop doing it. Obviously, it’s causing tension.

  • lovely amazing

    Its okay, everyone should be free to love who they want and others, no marriage last forever and the kids will have more mommies to look after them. Jon is a good father and that is all that counts.

  • keren

    Has anyone seen Kate’s latest comment on the newest incident…once again, she berates jon…something like…”jon made some stupid decisions…blah blah blah…”
    She’s such a demoralizing witch, an she has no idea how to fix herself.

  • pam

    #27 and 29

    think like idiots! You two sound like young teens or maybe you just have marbles instead of brains.

    perhaps just plain stupid……that may be the problem.

  • donkey kong

    LOL … Somebody doesnt want to get fired from her job as a teacher. Although it was a scummy thing by the unemployed/drug-dealer brother to dish all this dirt out about his own flesh-and-blood

  • aquasreshaped

    She may have had the affair but I don’t trust the brother to tell the truth. Any sibling who sells out their brother or sister is clearly shady to begin with.

  • TLC

    Their children look mongoloid and he is a slitty eye.

  • denise

    #34- wow….you are so immature and stupid.

    are you a young kid or teenager that knows no better to say a comment like that?

    You need to go back to education and get a heart too

  • Boycott this show!!

    For your information I DON’T WATCH THIS SHOW! They put themselves out there in the public eye which includes putting themselves out there to be commented on. We didn’t ask them to be on a reality show or to write books so now that there is bad news they just have to deal with it now don’t they. I think it’s funny. Kate is a B*TCH and when you treat your man like crap chances are he’s going to look for someone who treats him better and visa versa. So stick that you know where!

  • Donna

    The bar they were coming out of when the pic was taken is about as shady as she says her brother is!! Not a place for a teacher or a father of eight! Just being there says a lot about both of them

  • Boycott this show!!

    and they chose to have multiple births and all these kids so let them deal with it on their own without all the handouts- they are just as bad as if they were getting welfare all the handouts they get-not fair.

  • Boycott this show!!

    Donna just goes to show you that there was definately something fishy going on. His wife out of town….. the mouse was playing……. too funny and couldn’t happen to a more hateful, greedy, woman

  • Boycott this show!!

    anonymous you”re a fukcing idiot!!!!!

  • Chop! Chop!

    This guy is a chung king slut and he needs to have his teeny tiny yellow weeny cut off!

  • JC

    First, everyone has a right to thier opinion. Second, remember Jon and Kate chose to allow many celeb mags like US Weekly and entertainment shows to interview and photograph them …for money Im sure. They have done us naively or with bad advice but once you allow your private life to be documented and broadcast through various celeb media outlets it’s very hard to go back. They chose to live in a glass house and like others who choose fame this goes with the territory. I hope for the sake of thier kids they find a way to deal with it better and use better judgement.

  • jo

    Take everything that is said about this right now from everyone involved and yet to come out of the woodwork with a grain of salt. J &K and the show are in damage control mode and others may try to cash in. Although where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Time for a new Oprah interview so Jon and can read (I mean) say the just the right things surrounded by this perfect family. I REALLY feel for the kids. REALLY.

  • anon

    @emma: mind your own business. if you don’t like what you see don’t watch the show.

  • rofl at “boycott this show”

    @Boycott this show!!: For someone who doesn’t watch the show , you sure are ALL WORKED UP; that’s what’s so funny! How do you know what’s going on if you are so uninterested in them? Jealous much?

    Keep ranting and raving… it is VERY entertaining!!

  • gisselle

    wtf why are you guys blaming it on kate jons the one out late drinking parting and with girls ustedes should stop talking crap about her cause how many of yall have 8 kids im glad she has money because its hard to raise 1 kid imagin 3 you ppl find nothing better to do but see other peoples flaws i hope kate forgives jon because do to my experince with men that cheat im sure he has slept with her he sould be ashamed and should think about thoes 8 adorable kids he has kate might be bossy but she loves her family and if she wants money she wants it for her family to have a BETTER life i know everyone wishs they could have a better life so why cant she so i would say yall should stop talking crap and think about what she has to deal with everday and if jon is stupid enough to be out late and stupid enough to cheat then he should be stupid enough to know whats comming

  • Chantel

    Wow…it seems like you have alot to say about Kate. My mom always told me that you never really know someone until you’ve lived a day in their shoes. That being said, I really hope that you have a pack of 8 kids at home that you have to fend for on a daily basis while establishing a career that will only help in maintaining your childrens lifestyle. And if not…well then opinions are like a**holes. Everybodies got them.

  • Charlie Chan

    Dirty Chinaman.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn im really getting tired of this shit
    2 much back and forth
    like i said unless there r some pics, im not believing shit

  • joe

    @emma: I don’t know what show you watch but the only time they went outside in the cold was when the kids wanted to make snow angels, and guess who took them out JON. The kids don’t have to have a nap, they only have to go to their room for rest time. And before you ask no I don’t know them, I do actually watch the show. I’m guessing Emma that you don’t even have kids, so stop making judgements about things you know nothing about.