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Ellen Pompeo Boxes Up Her Baby Bump

Ellen Pompeo Boxes Up Her Baby Bump

Ellen Pompeo shows off her growing baby bump as she helps her husband Chris Ivery load boxes into their car on Wednesday (May 6) in Los Angeles.

Grey’s Anatomy will be airing its 100th episode TOMORROW (May 7) @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

“It’s a testament to the fans and how loyal they are. We’re so grateful to them that they’ve stuck with us through 100 episodes. Because we all know, none of us would be here without the huge fan base that we have,” Pompeo, 39, says. “They’re the reason we’re here for 100 episodes.”

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Credit: Ben Dome/Louise Barnsley; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • ed

    stupidest JJ headline ever, and y’all have some really stupid ones

  • Hi

    she has a small Baby Bump just like Nicole Kidman

  • Meg

    haha that was a silly title….but wwho cares!?

    Ellen is BEAUTIFUL! Keep her pics coming please JJ…The Greyzy’s love her!

  • yay

    she’s so cute oh my god.

  • zineb

    i think its quite funny
    anyway Ellen looks great, it funny if you only notice her bump when she’s on her profile

  • LISA

    thanks Ellen. :) We love you.
    and thanks jj for the pics

  • Kar

    she looks so fit! and glowing!

  • Jennah

    She’s really too cute :)

    It’s nice to have an actor who knows who makes your success, thanking the fans is a great gesture. Thank you too Ellen for the great acting you give us in Thursday.

  • TR

    She’s so down-to-earth, she stays simple even with all the papz camping in front of her house.
    Thanks JJ

  • cecilia

    she looks great, just as she always does! it was a weird title though, some might misunderstand it… ;)
    i’m not very familiar with pregnancies so i really can’t tell how far along she is, so can anyone else tell?

  • LISA

    I say six months in

  • Selena

    Jared I love you, thanks for all this pics of Ellen, you’re spoiling us.

    Ellen is beautiful, I hope the boxes aren’t too heavy for her!

    Ellen’s fans join us on Twitter:

  • cas

    she’s so tiny

  • kamy

    She’s so adorable with her bump :)

    I’ll say that she’s around 5 months, I’m not sure we’ll ever know until the baby’ll born since Ellen is private about her life and like to keep it low.

    She’s really a wonderful actress, she’s thanking the fans, well I thank her too, she’s the reason I love watching Grey’s Anatomy.

  • lovely amazing

    She can name her kid Barack!

  • fabulousxcouture

    I love watching peoples baby bumps grow!!

  • Marcus

    she’s cute as always.
    She gives me another reason to love her with her statement.

  • http://hahahaahaahha JessicaW

    @lovely amazing:

    She should! Maybe she’ll even go with Hussein *lol*

    Ellen’s looking great btw, finally a clear picture of her belly. Not as big as it appeared to be in some older pictures.

  • Pound50

    Because is going to be ugly like the presidente HAHAHA

  • jordan

    You do realize that you’re talking about an innocent baby who did nothing?

  • patty

    Could be a white baby. Could be a brown baby. Whatever she/he is I’m sure that the baby will not be named Barack Obama.


    The racist comments are getting annoying, bi-racial couples have children who are beautiful.

    I hope them to have an healthy and gorgeous baby.

  • Soul ESE

    Hmm, I like Ellen don’t get me wrong, but I have never seen her photograped this much in the past, like last year for instance. I think she’s going out so much to draw attention, okay, okay, don’t hate me, I’m just saying. I like the woman but like all celeb’s she is a bonafide media whore, they all are and if I were in show business I would be a media slut as well.

  • yeyyey

    what, she can’t be six months pregnant already? isn’t her belly too little for that?

  • dancefloor

    I love her, she’s so down to earth!

  • yay

    @Soul ESE: she did go out, there are a ton of pictures of her out last year and what not. what it is is that america is obsessed with babies but more so celebrity babies. people are paying more for her pictures because they want to see the bump which means paparazzi will stalk her more. before they would catch her out and about but now it seems like they are living in front of her house. she’s clearly not going outside for attention, don’t be a jerk. she’s going outside because she, too, can have a life and doesn’t need to hide away in her house because rude people like you think she’s going out to get media attention. not everyone is an attention whore.

  • SAM

    @Soul ESE:
    All of the pics you see from her are taken in front off her house so unless she stays home until the baby’ll born, she has no choice than keep going with her life.
    If she was a media***** like you’re saying, she would be all dress up, with makeup, smiling and serving the paps muffins and lemonade.

    She has the best attitude, she doesn’t bring everything to her, just reading her statement you can see how simple and humble she is.

  • Marieme

    This poor woman is going to be hounded everyday for the rest of her pregnancy. I feel for Ellen and wish her the best.

  • yeyyey

    @Soul ESE: uhm, she’s probably going out as much as she did bofore she was pregnant. she’s always been one of the low-key celebs, it’s just that pictures with pregnant celebrities sell magazines. that’s not her fault. do u think she got pregnant just to get attention? i don’t think so.

  • zineb

    SHe looks amazing :)
    can’t wait to see how her baby looks like, im sure she/he will be amazingly cute :)

  • ?

    She’s gonna be a porker



  • Johan

    Cutest Mama-to-be :)

  • patty


    If Ellen hasn’t discribed her union as bi-racial, it’s probably an intrusion of you to do such. Case in point, would you introduce Ellen and Chris as my bi-racial friends. Wouldn’t think so.

    The same thing goes with racial classifications applied to individuals. You never introduce someone as your “black friend” or your Hispanic friend. You just say “my friend”.:)

    Ellen and Chris may just think of themselves as Bostonians. Or geeks. Let’s not apply our baggage or racialized way of thinking to them.

  • abl

    @ed: ed, you obviously drank your hater-ade this morning. when you’re as big as justjared, you are allowed to use whatever headline you want

  • life

    She’s so pretty but I’m not happy for this paparazzi’s invasion. Ellen is a private person and I don’t think she’s so happy to see paparazzis everywhere.

  • Nei

    She’s a BITCH in real life. And with a drug-dealing hubbie. Poor baby :(

  • eprocksmysocks


    first learn how to spell before trying to insult someone

  • Nora


    You’re pathetic. If your gonna comment on pregnant people like that, please,never comment again!

    She looks awsome!

  • dj tony

    love her. amazing lady.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    When is she due?? Her baby bump is tiny!

  • suze

    Ellen always acknowledges the fans. Class act and she looks great!