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Everleigh Gigandet's Sunset Plaza Stroll

Everleigh Gigandet's Sunset Plaza Stroll

Twilight star Cam Gigandet and his girlfriend, actress Dominique Geisendorff, take their daughter Everleigh Ray for a shopping spree down Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (May 6).

The couple, who pushed baby Everleigh in a stroller, picked up a pair of sunglasses from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Yesterday, Cam and Dominique was spotted holding hands together and house hunting.

FYI: Cam & Dominique are using their Peg Perego stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Everleigh Gigandet‘s stroll down Sunset Plaza…

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everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 01
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 02
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 03
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 04
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 05
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 06
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 07
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 08
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 09
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 10
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 11
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 12
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 13
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 14
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 15
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 16
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 17
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 18
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 19
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 20
everleigh gigandet sunset plaza 21

Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • Woman

    cute couple

  • purey


  • ginna

    z list actor with a waitress. bleh.

  • little jay

    Cam Is So Hot! And Dominique Is Really Pretty.
    They’re Too Cute Together

  • kimm

    they had to make up for looking so ugly on saturday. i am over them too they are nobodies. they are still trying to be cute but it ain’t working.

  • doug

    someone is spending her baby daddys money. she ain’t hot.


    I love them and once again you ain’t so over them if you are wasting your time commenting on them. He’s up and coming with great career ahead, he sexy she pretty.

    your thoughts but these are mine

    they have done nothing wrong to you people so why are you jumping all over them?

    justjared keep on bringing cam, lots of fans love him,

  • mimi

    Kimberly is right,

    what makes him z list: nothing he’s a great actor with a great career ahead of him, he’s got leading roles coming up.

    you think just because he won’t be in the other twilight movies his doomed, no his going on to diff things while that cast is stuck in twilight, cam has lots of fans who love and support him, his love his family and looks happy.

    if you can’t say anything nice save time and don’t say anything at all.

    there is nothing wrong with CAM and dom

  • mimi

    that is what this is for sightings of celebs, which as much as some may hate he is. he has done nothing wrong to any of you people you people don’t have the right to judge him and if you hate him so damn much, what the hell are you doing reading about, there got to be something about him if you keep coming in to read and comment about. because just because they post something on him doesn’t mean you gotta read it.

    the reason he here is because he is the next big star, yell at me if you want but cam is a star on the raise as much as some hate it’s true, he has lots of movie coming and lots of fans who can’t wait to see them. please fans support him but if you hate don’t waste your time.

    what has he or dom done to you people to make you hate on them so much. someone answer that question please,

  • redneck

    cutest couple. Money hungry???? WTF??? No one is getting paid, you loser.

    They look happy. Very happy for them. Cam ROCKS.

  • tralala

    he’s too cute for that girlfriend of his….she hit the jackpot with him!! lucky beyotch!!!

  • kary

    Cam is CUTE, but he is a really bad actor. Not talented at all. He only reads his line. People only hire him because he is hot.
    I don’t like his DIVA attitude right now. “look at me, look at me, look at meeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  • Saudia

    hot couple .. very cute together .. love Cam he’s hot

  • Jen

    i think they make a cute couple

  • ROSE

    dude he’s 26, she’s 24 the is no age limit on having kids and with the f*** there out pushing their daughter in the area in which the live, and CAM will be around for many years to come. and i don’t think cam is all into the attention, i mean if you out walking around doing something and someone started to take you picture hide and wait for to pass, which it never might or cont you on with you business like i don’t care that your here. and it you throw the attention thing down on cam do it to every single actor out there big or small they all love it, even the one who run and hide, the all do it. ALL!!! and cam is an amazing actor. tons of people say it he is great at what he does, leading roles on the way. working with big names, cam is going to be great and will be around for many years to come. o my god all celeb wear those type of sunglasses and now a days come up with something better then he looks gay, which he’s not. as much as some may hate he is a celeb and will be around for years to come, don’t be suprise when the twilight gang disappears before him, because that will happen fast too.

    FAN OR HATER WE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL CAM WHO TO BE WITH, SHE’S PRETTY CAM SEXY, AND NOTHING BAD WAS INVOLVE IN THE BABY ACT. i mean even if there was this is still his life you still don’t have the right to tell him who to date. CAM and dom are great and happy and both love their daughters.

    answer mimi’s question:

    what has cam or dom done to you to make you hate them so much?

    and don’t say they want attention because every actor singer, celeb does, big or small.

    i agree all the way with Kimberly and Mimi:

    i have a question to they asked but here:

    what are you doing here if you hate them so much, couldn’t you find someone you like?

    answer the two question, please

  • rose

    i meant daughter not daughters

  • sue


    if any of you were a celeb you would want people taking you picture too and you know you would.

    you people aren’t perfect, let me see your sexy girlfriend or boyfriend or how sexy you are? because from the way you people are jumping down on others, it most be the only way for you to feel good about yourself or you think you are to perfect, fyi you aren’t. or you jealous and won’t admit it.

    the live in la where the are allowed to do shopping. cover the baby up, swine flu is still out there, not as bad people make out but she a baby and it can kill. that may be the reason for the blanket, and she ain’t the only newborn out and about, alexis d. and alison H. (wesley from ANGEL and Willow from BUFFY) were out with there newborn a few days ago.

  • Vicki

    Sick of hearing about her, shes a whore.

  • Vicki

    Sick of hearing about this ugly whore.

  • Casey

    Vicki, you’re really not hearing about dom, you sitting there wasting you time READING about her, i don’t think you people really hate them as much as you say because then i don’t think you would be here, maybe you just wanting to see what others will say about. i do i want to see what others will say.

    But i really do agree with rose, sue, mimi and kimberly.

    answer the questions they asked.

    their are a cute happy couple and cam is a rising star which this is about celeb sightings and news which is why he on here and he will cont to be an actor he loves it. as many fans do love and support him. and god why is the world full you rude stupid ass people like all of you who thank they have to jumping on people to make yourself feel good, shame shame, i mean you dont see me jumping on brad p. and his woman eww, zac e. or rob p. who i don’t like. to the point i never met them so not going to jump on them because i don’t know what they are about, but them and more throw me off and i not being rude to them. Cam is said to be a sweet person as said by fans and cast and crewmembers, his a great person and great father, dom is also sweet and a great mother. there is nothing wrong with them you guys don’t know them. leave them alone and let them live their lifes and you guys go live yours. they have not done anything to you just leave them alone.


    but anyway go answer those questions they asked. i would like to know what you REALLY have against CAM and dom because there most not really be anything if you won’t answer. and they’re right celebs no matter who they are all want attention thats why they go into the field.

  • hah

    i thought it was Lauren Conrad. haha

  • Casey

    hah, nope but yea i seen her and there is a little bit there just a little

  • genhhh

    Well, congrats to Cam Gigandet. He’s a dad now. His girlfriend gave birth to their daughter on Tuesday. The only part I’m upset about, is that he’s probably going to marry her. If you’ve seen the things from Febuary’s Twilight convention in San Fransisco, you’d know Rachelle really has a thing for him. I love the man too, a lot, enough to want him to be happy, but the only time I’ve seen him smile is around Rachelle, not Dominique. He really should be with her. Maybe in the future he and Rachelle will get together and his daughter can be part of their little family, but I just don’t think he’ll be happy with Dominique. I think he loves Rachelle the same way she loves him, and he just doesn’t know it yet. God, it’s like Eclipse all over again! Except this time Dom was his friend before she was his girlfriend, and then they split, and now this! *sigh* He really should be with Rachelle. Not just because they’re James and Victoria, because I think outside of that they do have genuine feelings for each other. Well, I guess we’ll see in time. *plots to get them together*

  • FINK

    she is sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, i am speechless. a waitress from lousiana. he really scored. lol. how embarrasing for him. he downgraded big time.

  • bgee

    OMG why is a hot man banging a PIG like her?

  • Casey j

    because looks aren’t the most improtant things and people find diff people sexy, we aren’t all drawn to the same people. leave him alone his life and he’s happy,

    i like to stuff from that Febuary’s Twilight convention in San Fransisco do you know where i can she her say that.

    he hasn’t talk marriage yet but his dad says he think it will happen. sometime plain is better supermodel type isn’t the best thing. normal people are better.

    again his life let him live it.

  • arantxa

    Hot & Pretty :)

  • KS

    leave them alone man they’ve done nothing to you people, let them live their lives and you go live yours.

    they look so cute and happy.

  • nicole

    She is such a beautiful new mama, very radiant and natural looking ! Cam is a very lucky man!!!

  • Annabel

    And once again, I must ask, what is it about these two that gets everyone so riled up? Did they do something to you personally? Who gives a damn about their ages? For goodness’s they’re in their twenties; that is not exceptionally young to have a child. And her being a waitress is enough to call her an ugly b-tch? I don’t think so. If this guy is still with her, and looking quite happy might I add, then why the hell do you care what she does for a living? And if she really is just a gold digger, then hey, that’s his problem. I just don’t understand why that’s enough to generate this much hatred towards them. They don’t seem attention-seeking to me. I can count on one hand the number of posts I’ve seen about them in the past month. Seriously. Get over it.

  • redneck

    jealous people out there….get a life.


  • redneck

    some jealous people out there…get a life…he should look miserable and not happy with his new baby? what a bunch of trolls…



  • dc

    pure public humiliation for they guy

  • jessie

    #39 dc: how because he is with someone he’s happy with, got a great family, he is so happy. nothing is wrong with them and i bet you that most of you aren’t even close to being as happy and sexy and cute has cam and dom are you don’t know them to judge them, leave them alone and let them live their life and does he look embrassed to be seen with her no. go look around for pictures on myspace and you will sure to find pictures of them before the baby weight, she really is pretty.

  • Mango

    Whoa you americans are really puritans .Why even talking about Bristol Palin? This girl got pregnant at sixteen,I don’t even understand how she can give advices .Like we say in France: “C’est l’hôpital qui se fout de la charité”.
    Anyway I think Cam and Dominique are a really cute couple and Dominique is a very beautiful woman.

  • hannahcuteee

    the girls cute

  • hannahcuteee

    the girl is cute

  • alyssa

    wow, all i have to say is, that girl is LUCKY. i would kill to have cam gigandet’s babies. he is gorgeous <3

  • Cecille


  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Why would they take their newborn baby shopping on Sunset?

  • cam#1fan

    they were just out walking around and doing a little shopping. parents take newborn babies out all the time there is nothing wrong with it. just because its a newborn baby doesn’t mean you cant take it out for a trip on the town.

  • kimberly



  • heather

    Wow you people are jealous of Cam or his girl. I read that he only looks happy when he’s with Rachelle I don’t think that’s true. In all those pics he looks pretty happy. Who are we to care who he’s dating as long as its someone he is happy with. Plus all of you people who are saying he only gets hired because of his looks have you ever sat and watched some of the movies he’s done? Or do you only know him from Twilight? Just to clue you in he’s from The OC, Never Back Down, On the Doll, American Crude, The Unborn, Twilight and Who’s Your Caddy? to name a few. If he couldn’t act then why is he landing roles in movies and TV shows? Any way I’m a true fan of Cam’s and I want him to be happy. If that’s what he chooses then let him I’m not going to stop him or hate on him cause of who he dates.

  • Kimberly


    bravo bravo,

    his life let him live it.