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The Gosselins Slam Tabloid Reports

The Gosselins Slam Tabloid Reports

Jon and Kate Gosselin – the stars of TLC’s top-rated Jon and Kate Plus Eight – open up to EW about the recent tabloid coverage that alleged the 32-year-old father had an affair with 23-year-old third grade school teacher Deanna Hummel.

When asked what they thought of the story and photo, Jon said, “It’s really upsetting. I may be guilty of choosing the wrong time and place to hang out with my friends, but I am not guilty of cheating on my wife. It hurts me to see what it’s done to my family, and it’s scary to know that these tabloids are in town constantly following us and even paying locals large amounts of money to contribute to these negative stories. It’s even gotten so bad that [one tabloid] has reached out to a youth pastor from our church, which in my eyes is completely unacceptable.”

Kate added, “It’s disturbing and unfortunate that these tabloids have gone as far as they have to try and bring us down. Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior has also without a doubt caused some added tension and stress between the two of us.”

However, this interview took place before the latest story broke of Deanna‘s older brother Jason confirming the affair.

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  • boo

    this woman is really not a good person. first she hood-winked a 23 year old into having 2 than 8 kids. I think having 8 kids is hard on anyone but she humiliates him whenever she can in public & on camera. imagine the things she says to him privately! and he’s a passive aggressive spineless 32yr old man-boy who cannot stand up for himself. the kids are cute but spoiled and soon, possibly, children of divorce.

    this whole situation is sad and her quote just shows that everything is always her husband’s fault and never hers.

  • CRazy oldie

    The curse of being infront of the camera…how many marriages have been killed on reality TV? this one will be no different.

  • CRazy oldie

    The curse of being infront of the camera…how many marriages have been killed on reality TV? this one will be no different.

  • camillle

    I like how she managed to put him down again. Typical Kate.
    He wouldn’t have “poor judgment” if she were a decent wife.
    I’ll be so glad when those whiny brats aren’t on tv any more!

  • Abby

    “Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior” OMG!!!! It takes two Mommy Dearest. Yes, Jon may have been in the wrong….but again….she is condescending and patronizing and treats him like the dirt on the bottom of her shoe. Shut up and take yourselves away from the camera’s!

  • Ely


  • Aut

    have another one

  • ice

    She put him down AGAIN in the interview! LOL

  • wow

    Jon looks puffy in this picture – must’ve been crying ALL night begging Kate to take him back. My advice – grow some balls, get a good lawyer, leave this psycho wife behind, and take care of your kids. Life’s too short to live life as a doormat. Your kids will respect you more in the long run. Otherwise, they’ll learn to step on you too…

  • emma

    I have no respect for Kate Gosselin anymore. I enjoyed Season 1 and 2 of the show and i like some of the early episodes of season 3. The show used to be about a strggling family with 8 kids but now Kate is just money grabbing. It is totally unfair that Jon and Kate are getting all these free vacactions and all this stuff done to there house for free. I can not even begin to imagine how much TLC pays them for a episode of the show. I did not see the episode Jon and Kate plus 8: Go green but i watched parts of it on youtube and what really got to me was how Hannah said to Steve “You don’t get a snack, you didn’t take a nap.” These kids will be 5 on Sunday and do not repuire and 2 hour nap in the afternoon anymore. I can understand that the kids would fall asleep in the car after a day out but they do not need a nap. I am gusseing that Kate did not make Cara and Mady have a 2 hour nap in the afternoon when they were 5 or even 4. Even if the kids were 2 or 3 using food as a tactic to make them sleep is not a good thing. Kate leaves her kids hungry if they do not eat and if they do not want there dinner she said there next meal is breakfast. What also got me was on the episode of the sextuplets 4th birthday were they went to make and decorate cupcakes at a bakery. The boys did not eat there dinner so they did not get there cupcake and the next thing that they ate was breakfast the next day. Surely it would have been better if Aaden, Collin and Joel had something in there stomachs other than nothing at all. Also what bothers me is that Kate does not really seem hands on with her kids anymore. On the green episode Mady tried to hug Kate and Kate bascially pushed Mady away. Kate says it is diffuclt with all the kids in the house but she also said that the kids are all in different rooms doing there own things now. She has help all the time so i can not in the life of me understand why this Woman moans. She has a dream life, Money, Gorgeus Kids, Helpers, A wonderful Husband who she treats like a piece of dirt on the bottom of her shoes. What also gets to me about Kate is how rude she is. When her and Jon are on the sofa doing interviews together she buts in on whatever he is saying. Kate even had a go at Jon in season 3 for breathing to loudly.! If his grammar is slightly out of line she moans and it is not like her Grammar is perfect either she makes mistakes all the time so why can’t Jon?

  • anne

    To wow – he always looks like that. Prob b/c he’s always miserable. These two make me ill. Useless leeches. Thanks, TLC, for inflicting them on the USA!

  • $Kate$

    Kate’s only pissed because the bad publicity is raining on her new book tour. $$$

  • whaa

    who are these people? and why do we care? they have 8 kids, big f*cking deal. my in laws had 8 kids, they managed just fine.. do we really need to be privy to these people’s lives because they have kids? there’s nothing special here people, please, please move on.

  • pafan

    Jon had better watch it. Kate and the kids are his meal ticket.

  • In all fairness

    Notice she said it has ADDED to the tension btwn these 2, so the tabloids didn’t have to pull too hard to bring them down

    But they’ll address this on an episode = Ratings Gold!

  • concerned

    The media needs to leave this family alone.

  • LolaSvelt

    Who are these people and why are they famous?!

  • Lillianne

    She never stops kicking that poor dog.

  • Beejcctx

    Whaa – you are right – why are we looking? I am only staying in this since I STRONGLY believe the Gosselins have EXPLOITED their children – for entertainment and $$$. Thankfully Suleman messed up and had her kids in California (The rest of the 49 states, kids are screwed.) – THERE ARE CHILD LABOR LAWS THERE – and protections in the form of licensed set tutors, provisions for finances and trust for each performer/child so they won’t be bilked out of their money.
    That 1.3 MILLION dollar house was PAID for by those children’s childhoods – and even sadder that they may also be witness to their parent’s marriage self-destructing as well.
    We need FEDERAL CHILD LABOR LAWS to PROTECT ALL KIDS in entertainment shows whether they are scripted or not!!! Look up the Dionne Quintuplets – the Gosselin children are the modern equivalent – FREE THE GOSSELIN EIGHT!!!!

  • sick of J&K

    That’s right Kate. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to chastise and treat Jon like one of the children. It’s no wonder he can’t stand to be around you. “Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior has also without a doubt caused some added tension and stress between the two of us.”

    It’s about time you listened to your ‘fans’ and stopped the show and devoted your energies and time to your family and relationship – if there’s anything left to salvage. People are sick of you, your sham of a marriage and family has finally come to light and your show is the laughing stock of the network. Greed, greed, and narcissism!

  • ashley

    This woman is insane, she always has to put her husband down. Jon needs to get some balls and put that woman in her place.

  • ellasen

    I agree with some of the comments made- really Kate needs to learn that some things need to be said in private, and even then Jon needs to grabs some balls and not let her speak to him the way she does…that’s so off-putting. And those older girls get on my last DAmn nerves they need to be spanked….i wish them luck (Jon at least) Nothing wrong with throwing in the towel if it gets too much just as long as they are both present for those kiddies

  • Lillianne

    Reality tv isn’t destroying this marriage. It’s lying and hypocrisy doing them in just like everyone else. If you lie, I don’t care what, it’s going to come out. And if you’re in a reality tv show it’s just gong to come out a little quicker.


    OMG….again??? What is it with this woman??? Jesus…the press is bad enough….but…..she is the devil herself….what a shame she needs to treat him so poorly…..he seems like a nice guy who’s got alot of kids and a nagging, bitchy wife and he’s doing the best he can. With no help from her…….they need to get off TV….she needs to shut up and be a wife….and they need to raise their children in peace and quiet.

  • Max

    I bet he isn’t going to get any for a long time. At least not from that icebox he married.

  • emma


    Why does Cara get on your nerves. She is normally such a sweet kid she just has the occasional melt down like any other child. I can understand what you are saying about Mady though but do not say that about Cara

  • zzzz

    Unbelievable. Whatever happened to standing behind your man? Maybe he made a mistake but this biatch didn’t need to publicly criticize him again. And BTW, we are free to voice our opinions here, regardless of whether someone agrees with them or not. That is what makes a blog about otherwise marginally interesting people interesting.

  • beth

    the lady doth protest to much.

    Slames Jon again by saying “Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior”, like he is a 2 year old being put in time out.

  • mertz

    it was the start of bonnie hunts show, along with the brody audrina jade triangle…i guess because today is elizabeth edwards day on the ope, and then there’s also the whole brad and aniston in the in touch…I CALL BULLSHIT on this brothers “story”. i don’t have to love jon and kate or their children to know when someone is not quite telling the truth, and that goes both ways for jon and this 23 year old girls bro. ENJOY THE MONEY!!!

  • mertz

    also it’s nice to see that people believe whatever they read in a fricken magazine to be true. i guess they’re fair game because they’re on tv, so congrats on US Magazine for breaking this story and dragging this family in the mud like they’re doing, and also PAYING people to get dirt on them, or paying good liars who will stand by their word for their 10 cent comments. i can’t believe anyone would read what that brother said and actually believed that happened. i can’t believe people are that stupid.

  • Annie

    They’re mad at the tabloids? Arent they the ones who have put their kids on TV for the last ? years??? Too bad, oh so sad for them……

  • Rhonda


    I haven’t watched for awhile, but when I did, Maddy was a total brat kid. The others will follow her lead. The little boy with the glasses is the sweetest, I think his name is Aden?

  • joy

    “”"”"”"The curse of being infront of the camera…how many marriages have been killed on reality TV? “”"”"”"”"” Exactly.

    Apparently they wanted the media attention when they chose to put their family on TV and now that it’s all caught up with them they want the attention to stop.

    No matter what the truth is those 2 adults (Jon & Kate) know the truth and their children will grow up one day and remember all of the things said and shown of them on TV and in print. Honestly I think it will cause trouble down the road for the children more than anybody else.

    Also whether Jon had an affair or not he is a married man and father of 8 children and I truly think the days of him going out with friends (male or female) at 2 AM was not a good choice.

    I truly pray for this family. They will definitley need some major help down the road. Wish them well.

  • lovely amazing

    I think he should be free to do whatever he wants.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im really starting 2 think this is just a publicity stunt for the start of their new season tbh
    altho if it’s still not, i think still dont think he has the balls 2 cheat on her

  • abriana

    she is always like having 8 kids is so difficult but then like when one of her children needs something o so and so go get them this, take them there, blah blah blah. it never seems liek she is doing work.

  • what happen

    This show is now called Jon and Kate plus 8 plus Deanna “the friend.”
    I don’t think so.
    Wake up people!!!
    Deanna is not a friend. She is only a friend to Jon’s peen.
    Married guys of 30 years old with 8 kids do not have 23 year old single girl friends that they meet at 2 am in a club and only comes over when the wife is away. If he does, he tries to get some from this “friend” and want to be friends with her va-jay-jay not with the girl.
    If your husband is 2am in the club with a friend – guess what – his peen gets serviced by the “friend”!!! Big surprise and a shock! I am sure Kate the cockatoo does not know this “friend.”
    I hope maybe Kate finds her own “friend.” Even though she looks like a cockatoo – she looks better than her monkey husband who cheats.
    She acts like a beech to Jon – so not surprised he is cheating – but he should break up not sneak around like a dog. He is a coward.
    This show will end in divorce if these 2 do not get therapy. They are not affectionate on the show and seem like there’s no love between them. I think it’s a divorce because they seem not in love and not happy.

  • Sam

    Some funny comments here!

    Kate is an abusive spouse – if this were the other way around the law would be involved – never mind the tabloids.

    Anyone notice how Kate is not as affectionate with her boys as she is with her little girls? It’s Alexis Alexis Alexis this and Hannah that and oh look at little Leah. Kate didn’t go on ANY of the boys trips (when each kid got their own day out), Kate just went wit the girls, but Jon went with all 8 kids. What is with that? The little boys are adourable and don’t whine half as much as those spoiled little girls. As for Mady – OMG what a sulky, saucy, mean little carbon copy of big mama! Cara is not so bad, much better behaved. Just saying…….

    Wake up Jon – it’s called divorce and it’s happening every where. No one will blame you!

  • zoe

    I can’t believe the Gosselin’s are complaining about the media when they were the ones that invited them in – in the first place and used them to exploit and live off their children and now they are surprised a reality check reared it’s ugly head. LOL. They get what they deserved. Sadly, the children didn’t ask for or deserve any of this zoo from day one.

  • Laurie

    @emma: I watch this show all the time and I have to say i give kate so much credit for being able to handle as much as she does as being a mother of 8 children. I have never once thought she neglected any of them kids. I admire the fact that she has rules with them kids and sticks to them no matter what, there has to be rules with them as far as naps and meals or with 8 kids that house would be a barn yard. Thats the problem now with kids is no one ever makes rules and stands by them no matter what and this is why we have teenagers running around on drugs and having babies so young because no one wanted to make simple rules and make them follow them at a young age. I also give kate so much credit for being able to do almost everything that has to be done with the house and kids, i dont ever feel she is a control freak or puts jon down but also being a mom of 4 kids i know how hard it is when so much has to be done and the partner in your life stands there like they have no idea what to do next, I have watched the show since season 1 and see what kate goes through to run that house and also see that kate has to remind jon to do so much when it somes to them kids and i commend her for actually being able to tell him what she thinks and as far as correcting his grammer why not? should she just sit there and let him sound like he is stupid or correct him, i know i would rather someone correct me them let me continue to sound like a donkey! Kate does great with them kids and i admire her and also as far as the money, Way to go kate i wish we all had the chance to have a show and make money and since i cant im glad they do, because in earlier shows she spend money well and never went with out coupons and always was on a tight budget so Its sad someone would knock her for having money to raise her family now and besides all that there is a huge price she is paying for the money from the show, she has to show the good, the bad and the ugly, she has to stand in the store and see her and jons face on sleezy magazines so good for kate to be able to hold her head high, and again she is a great mom and a great wife to be able to put up with all the does from the kids and jon.

  • Laurie

    It amazes me how so many people can put Kate down as far as being a mother, wife and say she is money hungry, I get so sick of the comments because i dont thnk there is one of us that can do what she does and do a job as well as her. As far as the money she should be paid for having her life on the tv 5 days a week, Yes she signed up for it and also she never complains, She has not exposed her kids at all, I think the kids are so much better for it and also if your a true fan of the show you will see that she has said the kids dont have to be filmed if they dont want, if they say no then they are not filmed that day, I read so many comments here and see that they are from people who do not watch all the time. Kate has to deal with alot being in the lime lite all the time and as far as jon she does good dealing with him since sometimes he is like another child not knowing what to do or being able to help her keep order of 8 kids.I have watched jon so many times stand there like he has no clue what has to be done next and i can see how she can be yelling at him alot, I know having 4 kids of my own its not easy to do it alone and at some point he should catch on to what has to be done there more then he does. I never though she pushed him around at all, its one of them things that if she does not tell him what to do i bet he would be sitting on the couch letting her handle everything alone. I love the way she is a no nonsence mom and does not deal with no crap. more moms need to be like this with the kids then maybe we would have less teenage mothers and less drug addicted teens. The following rules needs to start when they are 2 or when they are 12 is when we have the issues of troubled teens.We cant wake up one day with a 13 year old and then decided that we have rules to follow and expect them to follow them when back when they were 2 and said you dont eat dinner there is no snacks, or pick up the laundry, put toys away, it has to start at day 1 with them she cant wait till they are teens and then decide wait we have rules to follow because if she has not started with them now then its too late when they are teenagers, so again i give her so much credit for making house rules and actually following through with them with all them kids. She is a great mom and i wish i had the mental strength to be more like her with the kids, she makes great meals with them kids, they are always doing fun things and spending time with the parents alone on their special days so im not sure what the problem is with people with this family, i actually think more people are worried they may have a few more bucks then the rest of us but i have to say way to go jon and kate for having the strength to do the show to be able to have the life you wanted for your family i commend you for doing the show and i hope the show gives you the change to raise them kids the way you wanted, Its great they can go on trips all the time or get a bigger house or have the nice things they do because they do have the show, they are people like me and you and are trying to figure a way to raise them 8 kids and have a tv show to be able to do it, its sad that because they are on tv people need to pick them apart and point out things that are not even an issue with them, but i guess the people that talk the sleezy trash is the reason we have them filth magazines at the grocery store. i bet the people that put her down for the way she does things with them kids are the same moms that are sitting with a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes and microwaved someting for dinner for their kids, and sent their kids out to play while they surfed crap on the internet. because anyone who has their kids best interest at heart would see that we can all learn a thing or 2 from kate. She does not let laundry pile up, she makes NO dinner out of the microwave, they do not get snacks that are out of a processed bag, they learn right from wrong so whats the beef with kate, OH she makes money for the show! well get over it she had the ability to figure out how to raise her family with out going to the welfare line and collecting food stamps..GOOD JOB KATE AND JON I LOVE THE SHOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH AND LEARN FROM YOU GUYS!

  • Joanne

    LAURIE… I am stunned at how you view Jon and Kate. WTH is wrong with you? I am amazed that you cant see these kon artists for what they truly are.
    Hey, there a bridge I wanna sell to you….

  • hawker

    She doesn’t want her meal-ticket taken away from her! She comes across as more worried that her access to all the $$$$ (thanks to the kids – not her!) is going to go away. Which – I wish it would, along with her. Gadzooks – another condescending slap at Jon – folks she’s just concerned about herself – not the kids, not her husband, just herself. And notice – nothing is said about them pursuing legal avenues against the tabloids that “broke” this story, or, against the teacher’s brother! Also – most people who are having affairs ALWAYS say “we’re just friends”!!! The “bad judgement” comment kind of seals the deal. Go away Kate! Please go away.

  • mertz

    how is kate abusive. i can’t believe some of the stuff i read on here. oh but then you follow it up with you opinion about the children. THEY ARE KIDS, leave them the hell alone. if you really want to talk about some bad children i suggest you try watching the nanny or if you really want to see some crazy ass parents try watching wife swap. hey joanne you seem to be missing a brain…but i’d be willing to sell you mine. i agree with some of the other comments. jon gosselin is not a stupid guy even if it comes off like that sometimes, and neither is kate gosselin a mega beyotch, even if it also comes off like that. it’s a reality tv show, and although they’ve only been getting into scripting and plannig the shows for the last couple of seasons the people involved are truly authentic, and they’re flawed, they’re human and they are NORMAL. their situation might not be that of the average family but those parents try damn hard to raise their children in a very normal and closely bonded way. he knew and knows what she’s like and yet he still married her, even before she got pregnant the first time. they’ve built a relationship and a foundation. you don’t need to belittle her and her life even if these allegations are true.

    me personally i agree with some of the dudes on this website. i don’t think he has the balls to cheat on her, and i think he loves the way she treats him sometimes because he gets off the hook a lot of times, and i think that if he wanted to cheat on her he wouldn’t get with this girl or the previous college girls. he doesn’t go for brunettes. so this whole thing doesn’t slide and was flawed from the beginning. he might be looking for a good time but knowing his level of popularity and what he could get i don’t think he got it with this chicana.

  • mertz

    that said i guess all the haters are free to try and get into his pants. goodluck beyotches.

  • VMavma


    I think everyone needs to stand back and take a deep breath…All of this stuff is between Jon & Kate & their 8 children…It’s their marriage and their children…Would any of you like for ANYONE, to make these kind of judgements or comments on your lives??? I personally love the show, and I personally think highly of Jon & Kate & their 8 children. And if you are posting a comment about them, you should either know them or at least watch the show… I do agree that Kate is harsh towards Jon, but I’ve seen Jon be harsh towards Kate and their 8 children… I think EVERYONE needs to butt-out of their lives…If EVERYONE would stop butting-in on everyone elses lives, the tabloids would not have jobs for long, because I’m sure there is enough going on in everyones own lives that they should be busy enough dealing with their own, and they would stay out of things that DO NOT personally involve them…I JUST HOPE THAT THE 8 CHILDREN DO NOT CATCH WIND OF THESE RUMORS (weather true or not) OR THESE COMMENTS EVERYONE IS MAKING (most are so hateful)… I hate to see ANYONE going through this kind of public eye torcher… And as far as why they have done what they have with the show, the house, any money, their children or any of the other things in their lives, IT IS THEIR LIVES, they make their own decissions, and last time I checked, this is the USA and we are free to speak and do as we each feel…Since when do they or anyne for that matter have to check with anyone else about how to live their own lives and raise their own children??? It is so easy for most people to sit back and speak their minds, but I believe if EVERYONE would consider this before they open their mouths (would you like anyone saying this to or about you or your spouse or your children? then most people would not speak) I wish Jon & Kate & their 8 children the BEST OF LUCK…and I hope for all 10 of their sakes, that everything turns out for the best for all of them and they are happy and well…

  • KJ

    @VMavma: I can’t even imagine living my life in a fishbowl, whether the eyes were invited or not. Reading the comments here helps me understand why tabloids make money. People are truly cruel and they truly want to see others in pain, so much so.. they will help them get there. Apparently most of you don’t live in glass houses, because you sure love to throw stones.

    I wish Jon and Kate and their 8 nothing but the best, may they weather this storm and just love each other.

  • kj

    VMavma, my reply above was not really in response to you, I must have hit the wrong button. :(

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I don’t know if he is guilty or not but either way this family is being completely destroyed.

  • jacqui Freeman


    I think Kate’s head has grown since the whole Jon and Kate plus 8 started. She’s exploited and still exploites her kids for her own benefits. She has been taking from America (toys, babysitters, cleaners, free days out, etc) There are many honest hardworking parents with large families in the world, doing it all on their own. If she really loves her kids and her husband she will give up all the fame and deal with what really matters, 8 kids who didn’t ask to be born and exploited. Give it up, stop your show and do some real work!!!!!