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Kelly Ripa is Bikini Bold

Kelly Ripa is Bikini Bold
  • Bikini-clad Kelly Ripa hits the beach.
  • Becks is just as sexy as a soccer fan.
  • Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran sex up Little Ashes.
  • This is why you eat.
  • Julianne Hough walks her dog!
  • Kiefer Sutherland headbutts a fashion designer?
  • Hugh Jackman slashes Taylor Kitsch‘s hand.
  • Carnie Wilson‘s a happy mom-to-be.
  • Elsa Pataky and Olivier Martinez ride their bikes.
  • Jennifer Aniston talks Friends movie.
  • Katy Perry woke up in Vegas, got married.
  • Victoria Beckham, Kerry Washington and Leighton Meester all wore the same pair of Louis Vuitton Pyramid heels to the MET Costume Gala Monday night. Beckham can breath easy knowing her shoes were slightly different because they were custom made.
  • Bristol Palin is in NYC today for her first stop on a teen pregnancy prevention tour. Palin, a teen ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, is scheduled to participate in a town hall meeting at The Times Center.
  • Anderson Cooper says he’s an American Idol fan, but admits he fast-forwards through Paula Abdul‘s critiques because “I don’t know what she’s saying half the time.”
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  • Dani

    l dont like kelly ripa!

  • glitter

    OMG – what an aweful photo pf Kelly. She looks like a muscley boy in her flat chested body. Time to take a look at yourself Kelly and realise you are not attractive, definitely not funny and should be in the kitchen making cakes for your kids. Bet your husband finds you pretty unappealing with that body too.

  • Savannah

    LMAO @ the anderson cooper quote. That’s funny.

  • Savannah

    Oh & why does kelly look like she’s 50? Isn’t she only 38 or 39?

  • kay

    Jared if you are banning trolls for the Angelina and Brad Pitt threads why not do the same for Tom and Katie? Thanks in advance.

  • whatever

    Yikes..i think that KElly Ripa is GROSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • http://kelly Shirl

    You guys are so stupid, she is ripped and you are probably fat,lazy, and jealous. And by the way, she doesn’t need breasts, she has it all without them. And if she did want them, she has enough money to buy them.

  • me and your mom

    kelly ripa’s belly button looks like a little penis

  • lovely amazing

    Ineresting, good to hear she and her husand are not divorcing.

  • remember da truth

    Someone’s jeaaallllouussss!!! LOL!!

    Not every woman has an hourglass figure and if you’re lean, and don’t overeat like most of the lazy girls on here, then your body looks straighter through the waist. She looks AWESOME after all the kids she’s had.

    Someone says she looks 50?? LOL!! Show me a 50-year-old woman in your neighborhood who looks that good!! LOL!!

  • denise

    holy mackerel…

    her belly button looks like a litte baby pen*is !!

  • ewww

    Kelly Ripa is nasty. She looks great if you’re into 10yr. old “ripped” boys.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she looks horrible….she looks way better on tv
    id be very surprised if there were a friends movie, i think i would watch it altho there’s a big possibility it would suck

  • pink

    wow kelly ripa looks so bad , she has the body of a ten yr. old boyyyyyyyyyyyy. What is wrong with these celebs , doesn’t she have a mirror, why does her hubby tolerate that , don’t they have a lil girl, her body is not a good role model for her child. I don’t care how much she excercizes, the woman looks like crappppppppppppppp!

  • g!na

    eew! Kelly’s bellybutton looks like a little pe*nis! i can’t looks beyond that nasty belly button! Nasty! it looks like a hernia! you can get surgery for that! Definitely looks like a hernia !

  • Gasol_fan16

    LOL! You people love to pick people apart. The thing is Kelly Ripa is toned, muscular and thin. She looks a lot better then a lot of 25 year olds out their. Plus, granted she had three kids and got her body back in tip top shape. Having three kids could have caused her belly button to stick out a little bit but, who cares? Her tummy is flat. So what her boobs are small? She refuses to go get fake breast implants and be natural that is on her and good for her. It is better to be natural.

    Some sound a bit jealous. Probably big fat obese cow’s that should put down the Doritos and head to the gym instead of bashing celebrities all day on the computer. Sad! :lol:

  • jilly

    # 16- gasolfan16

    u sound like an idot. I doubt people are jealous of that type of body….ugh….I guess you were describing YOURSELF..

    lol…..SAD! indeed

  • Halia

    i think she could have worn a better bikini by World Swimwear.

  • suppress your appetite

    sexy!!!!!!!! :)

  • Dirty Old Man

    Kelly is a sexy & healthy woman. Because she keeps her body fat down she will probably avoid most of the illnesses that kill Americans before their time. Her breasts have been large enough to nurse three childern. Too many western women do look like cows, all udders & ass. How they are able to find someone to breed with is scary. Reference her “outy” belly button. A lot of women have them, it’s just that they’re covered by rolls of fat on most.