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Natalie Portman's Dog = WHIZ!!!

Natalie Portman's Dog = WHIZ!!!

Natalie Portman stars in a new comedy sketch for FunnyorDie… featuring her dog Whiz!

The hilarious vid has the 27-year-old actress participating in a very awkward interview for a faux talk show called Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis.

The video even features Natalie‘s Yorkshire Terrier, whose name wasn’t public knowledge. Until now!

Natalie Portman: Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis
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  • whatever

    Well the only funny part was the “v for vagina” part…cute dog too!

  • anna


  • whatever

    And….isn’t that the guy who was in the Fiona Apple music video “Not about love”…?

  • damien


  • ha

    this was funny

    check out her website, it is awesome

  • violets auntie

    Was not funny at all. How old is he? 12?


    Like her dogs name and really it’s supposed to be funny maybe not everyone has the same humor but it was cute.

  • Ivana

    I just don’t get the mass appeal of Portman. Yeah she doesn’t get into club brawls. Nor does she flashes her panties to the world, but she’s also really uninteresting. From SNL, to mag & live interviews and spoofs like these, all Natalie has shown me is how bland & boring she is. Like oatmeal. Or is that the appeal…?

  • ha

    just to try to understand where you are coming from, who would you prefer?

  • ballon

    Loved it, they’re both great!

  • ballon

    @Ivana: People like Natalie Portman because she is smart, talented, and a beautiful person inside and out. Now I wouldn’t say that she’s on someone like Cate Blanchett’s level when it’s comes to acting, but she’s much better than some of these young actors who are only relevent because they are pretty. She, Zooey Deschanel, Jurnee Smollett are some of the few good ones to watch.

  • rofl

    loool hilarious

  • lovely amazing

    she’s a funny, quirky , very short girl

  • Ivana

    I’m sorry but going to an Ivy League school does not equal intelligence. I’ve read an interview with her once in a women’s (maybe 2-3 years ago) where she compared the struggles of fame and dealings with paparazzi to what black women (??) had deal with during slavery and post slavery times.* Her knowledge of their experiences were due to her reading some novels in university. Not surpisingly, most of next month’s column letters were from irate black women calling out Portman’s ridiculous comparison. This is just one example of reading some of the things she says that either made me go LMAO or roll my eyes. Perhaps when people defend her and call her smart they really mean she’s somewhat well read and can string together a simple coherent sentence. l’ll give her that.

    As for beautiful..well yeah the chick is gorgeous. But this has nothing to do with the fact I still think Natalie’s a bland and an uniteresting actress. In the very few movies I’ve seen her in, she’s always the same person, the same character. Same monotone voice, same monotone acting. Could it be…*gasp* that she’s NOT all that talented and is just playing herself depending on the situation? I’m sorry I’ve tried to like her, but she’s just so overrated in my eyes.

    As for Zooey, I think she suffers from the case of Portmanitis- same character, different movie.

    * I’m paraphrasing here, so it may not be 100% accurate but I do remember the gist of her interview and the next month’s responses to said interview. Lmao, it was great reading some of them.

  • dudu

    totally agree with Ivana & the video is not funny at all

  • Lea


    No I will correct you, Natalie IS actually intelligent. She’s passionate about learning and she’s constantly involving herself in projects that continue to stimulate her thinking and growth as an inividual. She’s INTRIGUING (her high profile appeal) because she uses her fame for more than self-gratification. She’s proactive and involved. Ok, so she
    ‘s BORING? TO YOU. Sorry, she dissapoints you. I’m sure Natalie cries herself to sleep, horrified by the idea that she’s percieved as a boring, talentless person.

    Oh please, GET OVER YOURSELF.

    Paraphrasing? How about old news (2004), that was actually TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT. It was about “being a black American” not about black women. P.S. get off your high horse. Why are you so passionately against Portman?

    “Natalie Portman has written a letter to American style magazine Allure to explain herself for comments she made in an interview in which she empathized with being a black American. The Star Wars star insists the attributed quote, “I’m not black, but I know what it feels like,” was “personally offensive” when she read the article in August’s Allure. Portman writes, “If I had spoken more articulately, I might have conveyed what I truly feel: I could never know what it is like to be a black American. “The ‘it’ I was referring to when I said, ‘I know what it feels like, ‘ was not intended to signify that I know ‘how black people feel’ but rather that I know what Dubois’ (Souls of Black Folk author Web Dubois) concept of double- consciousness feels like.” Portman also alleges her quote was taken out of context: “Had my quote included what I actually said preceding that statement, perhaps my meaning would have been clearer.” She adds, “I sincerely, and with my deepest regrets for offending any readers, apologize and apologize and apologize. This has hurt me deeply, and I will do my best to be more thoughtful and articulate in the future.”

  • me

    That’s in the past she doesn’t many interviews so i guess sh’s alright. Very smart girl. I see her directing more movues someday.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that was pretty funny
    the dog was so cute lol
    love the last part, did u shave lol
    she looks so beautiful
    love natalie!

  • Ivana

    Lol at the overly hormonal stan at #16. I’m sure there will be many more to come…As for her commitment to “projects” (ie charities, enviromental crap etc) and such newsflash dear, over 90% of people in Hollywood do the same. Some do it for publicity sure, but most do it to also “stimulate thinking and growth as an inividual(s)”. So what? It still means jack if acting is your MAIN profession and you can’t even pull off that or if you’re a bore on/off screen. I.e, Kevin Bacon is/was also involved in philanthopy BUT he’s also got screen presence and a personality. Same can be said of many actors. But I can’t say the same for Portman. And LOL at the “taken out of context” arguement. It seems to happen a lot in Hollywood apparantly- either that or a lot of Hollywood talks out of their A SS, which they then have to cover up by pulling the ole: “taken out of context” excuse.
    Oh! I forgot to mention: Natalie has juuuuuust sent me an email begging and crying for me to stop telling the truth about her as it’s making her stay up many sleepless nights. But don’t you worry Lea, I did what any “proactive and involved” person would do and recommended a good acting coach. As for her lack of personality…well nothing can fix that.

  • Chris

    She’s so pretty!

  • lillmarin

    V for Va*ina is encredibly funny. Great interview, beautiful natalie!

  • Lily

    V for vaggy, that’s was funny

    Nat always looks so beautiful (even without makeup unlike some celebs). Don’t think she’s in the caliber of Angie/Cate yet, but she’s definitely got lots of potential. It’s nice to see an actress with talent, brains, beauty and heart
    Some celebs do charity here and there for publicity but Nat’s efforts have been consistent and ongoing since she was in her teens
    Lots of actors can’t even say they attended any academic environment beyond the scope of high school or JC. Kudos to Nat for setting a good example that just because you’ve got millions already, doesn’t mean you quit trying to broaden your knowledge/intellect.

  • janiece

    its really pathetic when people go on threads and write novel length comments about how they dislike a certain person. everyones entitled to their opinion but, its a little childish when you intentionally say something negative to get an argument started.

  • hmm

    @ivana: i didnt know you knew portman personally! i mean, watching her persona in interviews and her movies arent enough for someone to tell what kind of person she really is when shes not in front of a camera and her personality, right. SOOO, you obviously have met her and know her on a personal level because you seem to know her “personality” so well.

  • BLaster

    I love Natalie!!! She’s uber beautiful and Gorgeous!! She’s won a Golden Globe and nominated for an Oscar. That’s how talentless she is!! Boring?? Yeah becoz she doesn’t involve herself in crappy tabloid news.

    Ivana, go get yourself your own not so boring talented actress to please your standards. Maybe the Disney stars appeal to you!!

  • Elvie

    She is one beautiful actress!

  • Vinnyblue

    to me, she’s very earthy, she may seem boring in this business, but that’s her.
    I support all her works…

  • anakin

    Love her!!!

  • mark

    natalie portman is the sexiest most talented actress out there! she also is funny and cool to do this.

  • lo

    @Ivana…. if you’ve seen the SNL skit where Natalie is rapping and you STILL think she’s bland…. well I dunno. You’re crazy? So I’m assuming you haven’t seen this — it’s freaking hilarious and you need to check it out!

  • soywateratoms

    Ivana, way to bash on another female, catty much? Noone is saying she’s perfect, but she’s a breath of fresh air in contrast to many other celebrities. Also, that article you’re referring to, you have it all wrong, don’t be ignorant.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This wasn’t funny.

  • plasmo

    hilarious video lol
    you should also check out the other fern videos haha

    if you’re a really serious person. you probably wouldn’t find the show funny at all