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Rihanna's Yellow Jacket Jewels

Rihanna's Yellow Jacket Jewels

Rihanna leaves her hotel wearing a striking yellow Marc Jacobs jacket for a night out on the town on Tuesday (May 5) in NYC.

The 21-year-old Barbadian singer has been staying at a hotel near Gramercy Park in NYC and was spotted having lunch at Bar 89 in SoHo earlier in the day.

Rihanna just landed four nominations for the 2009 Urban Music Awards, in the categories of Best Female Act, Best R&B Act, and Artist of the Year, and Best Music Video for the single ‘Rehab’. The UMA’s will be held on the 17th of July 2009 in New York City.

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  • eyda

    OMG what is she wearing??? sooo overrated, talentless wannabe….

  • eyda

    LOL looks like shit

  • tolis

    The girl needs to lay off the clown makeup.

  • glitzy

    She’s 21?????
    No way!!!
    More like 41!!!

  • James

    A “Look at Me” sign around the neck would be more subtle.

  • bitten

    Rihanna needs to get her own hairstyle and stop copying everyone. FIrst it was Prince, then Michael Jackson, now Andy Warhol…

  • flint

    So gross. She’s too young for that stuff, she’s making herself look 50.

  • Cool

    Another night clubbing? She doesn’t do much of anything these days.

  • ish

    Luv the MJ inspired jacket

  • Sky

    I’m just not feeling the jacket or the makeup.

  • OMG

    OMG she looks so fucked up!
    Her stylist must be Bobby Trendy!

  • jasper

    She’s trying to slowly into that Lady Gaga thing but the girl doesn’t have the vocals or skill to entertain like Gaga. When she dances, it’s like a twig swinging in the wind. lol

  • WTF


  • WTF


  • kai

    This look is horrible!! I think she’s trying to make a statement but it didnt work…

  • so bad

    Rihanna just got Punked by her stylist.

  • Disturbia-d

    Rihanna looks like some F-list starlet trying to get attention. The hooker makeup is sloppy-looking and the jacket is a garish color.

  • Chique

    trying too hard as usual.

  • chipper

    What does she do besides party and dress like a tranny?

  • enoughalready

    No originality at all. Her stylist has left her, her fans are falling off faster than she thought, and her label is pushing her into things she dont want to do. All this because she lied!

    The red lipstick and the yellow jacket is just not working!! She looks like Whitney Houston in that second pic and yes! Whitney on Crack..

  • Toxic

    Rhianna has completely lost her mind! She has been looking a hot mess ever since that CB shit. I hope she gets it back before it’s too late.

  • goodie

    Just not feeling it!! She can do much better.

  • mizunderstood

    I can’t stop laughing!!!
    This girl will jack anybody. Shakes head.

  • LINA


  • vids

    The label must be paying the blogs a lot for this promotion. Sorry, not a good look Rhi Rhi!

  • boooxxi

    your all pathetic just cuz u coundt pull this off, she a fashion trend set no other person could pull of what riri wears.yall need to back off and think about your own lives instaed hating on rihanna pathetic.

    talentless? i dont think how many 21 year old can you say have had 5no1s on the billboard?none! so there u goooo stop hatin .

  • Nev

    wow this no talent girl won’t quit she just keeps seeking the attention nobody cares about you anymore. It sad really because now CB might be going to jail and that would be the end of her career.

  • weight

    Come on Rihanna, you can do so much better than that ugly stinking jacket.

  • Donna Black

    I just hope that she gets away from Chris. I know from personal experience that it’s hard to do but it’s worth it. No woman should ever be hit for any reason. Good luck in the future.

  • wt the..

    wt’s with the hair streaks,weaves extensions wtever u call them…i thought that was a one time thing or rather a one night thing…she should get her former color back already…this looks Hideous!!

  • kayla

    its funny! she dress like hooker going to lunch yesterday but when she goes clubbing she wear something more appropriate.


    Rihanna is confuse. she should have dat to go to lunch and den that hooker looked, she should have wear it clubbing. But dat yellow jacket is nice. But I still can’t stand her.


    I am so OVER this girl! She is the worst when it comes to role model…..not only does she stick around for more beatings, but she sticks around to torture us with her awful dress code as well!

  • whoever

    fire ur stylist immediately !!! Riri. This is a disaster.

  • Lucy

    I love it !!!!!!
    Rihanna rulez ;)
    she can wear everything :D

  • Lucy

    i have a question…

    why are u lookin at her pictures and talkin about her, when u hate her???

    sorry but i dont understand that…

    if i hate somebody, i dont look at her/his pictures…
    i dont care about that…

    and its not worth to talk about it…

    most of these guys who say all that are sitting on the pc and eating junk food and are fat and ugly and judge other people coz then they feel better…


  • skippingsarah

    what has happen to her???????

  • LolaSvelt

    Call me crazy, but I think she looks good. Her hair is looking great again.

  • Black Jack

    People are allowed to comment and even dislike Rihanna’s appearance and performances.
    That’s not hating.
    The fanatics need to stop diluting the definition of hate.
    Just because someone doesn’t idolize your favorite star, doesn’t mean they hate them.

    Rihanna looks slightly less ridiculous than yesterday but still silly. The hair appears to be a wig or some sort of comb over.

  • http://000000 kristina

    ok i love rihanna i am fans of her but here i don’t like her hairstyle i like here but here she isn’t beautiful

  • http://000000 kristina

    i love rihanna but here is ugly

  • Lucy

    @LolaSvelt: i agree :D

  • Lucy

    @ black jack:
    when u talk like this about a person, u hate her
    when i dont care i just say: i dont like it
    but u all say things which hurt…

    and no shes not my favourite star..
    i dont have an idol or something
    and i dont fight for her or like that…
    i think u are not allowed to talk about people like this

  • No Doubt

    @Lucy: 42, I don’t think you understand the definition of hate. It’s an extreme dislike of someone. Saying someone’s unattractive or untalented is not hating. That’s just a childish retort by people who can’t handle other’s opinions. Wishing death on someone is hating.
    People are absolutely allowed to talk ‘like this.’ It’s called freedom of speech. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can always go hang out on a fan site.

  • juju

    The url says JustJared not JustFans, so, I’m going to give my opinion like everyone else. Rihanna looks horrible. She is definitely trying way too hard.

  • Ryan

    She’s not very natural….

  • Anna

    Too harsh for such a pretty girl.

  • mertz

    the lead singer of the yeah yeah yeahs already rocked this jacket different colour and much better.

  • beccasaurus

    she looks BEAUTIFUL as always!

    I’d love to shop in her closet!

  • howdy

    what i really don’t understand is how this chick has time for the clubs, beaches, stores, and streets but can’t go back out on TOUR!

    can’t she get one of her guy “friends” ie. brody, wilmer, negus, andrew, kanye, or jay-z to dance around her and make HER LOOK GOOD!

    didn’t livenation pay jay-z and madonna upwards of $180mil to tour…madonna already made good on hers raked in $250 mil last year…..jay might be looking for a touring partner since his WIFE beyonce is already touring and fellow label artist kanye is “busssy” jay got to do something to keep that 80 mil status on forbes

    he better learn how to dance holding an umbrella, ella, ella, ehh, ehh

    cuz cb told her to go #$@! herself

  • Ella

    The only reason you all think she looks horrible is because she’s wearing something different to everyone else, she stands out and you gotta say rocks the most obsurd things but somehow pulls it off. She’s original and thats why I respect this girl. Keep rockin’