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Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex

Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless rocked out the stage at hipster hot spot the Annex in New York’s Lower East Side on Tuesday night (May 5).

Concertgoer Rachel Sklar described, “I quite liked the speed and sound of their stuff, and Momsen can sing – she belts it out with a rough scratchy punk-rock voice that had a Courtney Love/Kim Carnes/Alannah Myles/Gwen Stefani/Hedwig feel. Plus good energy and presence, especially when you remember that she’s freaking SIXTEEN.”

Check out the vid of Taylor performing below and for one more vid, visit

Taylor Momsens Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex
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  • Lisa

    she sounds like ashlee simpson LOL

  • cooh

    another regular futureless band
    she sing pretty bad,leighton is so much better
    I don’t like taylor’s style,she is trying to be a bad girl but her face says something else,and she’s only 16,c`mon

  • Ashley

    She’s a trainwreck waiting to happen

  • umm


  • cupcakes

    I wonder what kind of home life this girl has. Does she attend school or is she just tutored on set? She’s always out late at night during weekdays.

  • Nay

    If I would have dressed like that at 16 my mum would have killed me.
    Nice to see she has a ‘cool’ mum who let’s her dress like a hooker!

    I also didn’t know it was a talent to sound like a drunk person, that was completely new to me!

  • katelyn

    i guess people cant see talent when they see it a little judgemental much? that was really good especially considering shes 16. wow good for her- music could use a raw & real feamle voice.

  • Loly


  • Loly

    or not. ahaha i didnt like it

  • Peaches

    hey, i think it´s a great concert(or what it was) i this she has a great voice.
    I mean, when you see it in Gossip Girl, it´s weir to see her ROCK!!

    i love it

  • Jess

    she’s still fifteen isn’t she?
    wow she’s really embracing her rock edge nowadays.
    still think she’s awesome on GG.

  • omg

    Poor girl trying too hard …
    She is desperately trying to be this “punk/rock girl”

  • ela

    has she drunk? nice voice, when she don’t shout..

  • Savannah

    She’s fifteen people! she turns 16 on july 26th. What she’s wearing is not even bad, seriously.. I’ve seen a lot worse on kids that are 13. But anyway, I really like her & her style & her i dont give a f u c k attitude. I’m tired of these good girl actresses that just care about what people think, and they seem really fake. She’s actually being real, and I respect her a lot for that.

  • Saudia

    oh my word she’s a mess .. oh Taylor get rid of the eye liner and just act

  • Jade

    i just puke in my mouth, that was the most hideous voice ever, quit on the crack would ya?, she’s 15 … wow her mother should be so proud of her spawn, where are the kids protection when you need them?

  • angell cakes

    god why are people so judgemental!? i mean if the girl wants to sing, let her sing, if it makes her happy and shes having fun, why ruin that. if you dont think shes good then just dont listen!

  • M

    I like her voice :) But I don’t really like her performance here…

  • cecile

    first she’s not even 16, she’s 15 and she looks on drugs, yeah very Courtney Love actually. Poor girl, where is the Taylor from GG season 1 who looked like her age?
    her best look/hair cut was after the writers strike, she was so cute ! now…well… that’s too bad because i think she has a lot of talent, especially for being that young, she’s a good actress.

  • LolaSvelt

    Who knew she had a decen voice.

    There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. People want her to be scandalous when she’s pretty much the opposite. Times have changed.

  • Kem

    I think she sounds great! I like the melody of the songs too.

  • S

    Wow, I can’t get over how SERIOUSLY hypocritical some people are. Apparently, it’s only okay for some people to have fun when they’re young, while others like Taylor are only allowed to stay 13 forever. I’d like to see how perfect you were growing up (or if you’re still growing up). Give her a break!

    Taylor rocks and I’ll always be a fan of hers no matter what. She’s fearless.

  • rob

    I can understand people being concerned because it seems like her parents act more like pals than parents. What kind of future are they building for Taylor? Gossip Girl isn’t going to last forever.

  • Hannah

    She sounds amazing. And can we not turn this into a contest between Taylor and Leighton? They’re both doing completely different styles of music.

  • kitz

    She is only 16? She looks 35.
    Girl needs to get some sleep!

  • Charlie

    i actually thought it was pretty good for the kind of music they were aiming for. it’s not bad at all for a 15 year old.

  • diana

    Taylor’s only 15! She turns 16 in July!

  • diana

    Taylor’s only 15! She turns 16 in July!

  • nicole

    Okay, i actually love her but i feel that shes trying too hard.
    I dont usually see 16 year old girls wearing clothes like that and big high heel boots like that. Also she wears TONS of makeup.

    With that eyeliner is looks like she’s on drugs or something.

  • nysro

    At least she’s where I would like her… on her knees!!

  • Oh Come Now

    First of @ Loly: WTF is with this “first” shit? C’mon, really – a race to be the first poster with “first”? Seriously silly.

    She’s 16. She’s six-teeeeeen. She’s going to be 30 before she turns 17. Too old too quick. Just sad. Rotten parents allow this. Rotten, rotten, money hungry parents.

  • Jen

    i really admire taylor and shes my style icon
    but ya i think shes trying way 2 hard and shes growing up wayyy
    2 fast! shes only 15! hopefully she might slow down.

  • nancy

    wow, that actually sounds good!
    too bad she looks like she’s already 27 and worn out
    probably “fits” the image of a rocker

  • athena

    Yeah, she’s only sixteen….she has lots of freedom….what is she doing out late and on a stage belting out music….? I think either there are lies around about her age, or she’s emancipated from her parents, and don’t you have to be at least 16? She just turned 16, but still…she should be happy to wait to grow up and wear lots of caked makeup…but hey, by the time she gets 20 or 25, she’ll be incredibly jaded, and that would be a sad thing. I don’t care if she’s a model and act responsible…she’s still just a teenager.

  • KAte

    Well she’s not terribly original, but then again who is anymore?
    Her lyrics are filled with your typical teenage agnst, but she’s not bad. However, the girl is fifteen years old and it seems like she is trying way too hard to act like an adult. Scream singing “I really fucking love you” doesn’t make you sound mature. She’s definitely trying to immitate Shirley Manson and Courtney Love. But, she kind of falls flat in comparison because she in no way compares when it comes to their brilliant lyrics and vocal prowess.

  • joss

    umm next lindsay or britney?
    to me shes just a big mess
    and yah she can hv fun, shes only 15, but she should dress more her age, or at least stop putting so much make-up its making her look like shes 30

  • whatever

    umm yeah COURTNEY LOVE did this Sh*it YEARS AGO….freaking come up with something original ffs!


    let this chic rock who she is.

    everyone wants to be a critic when we should let individuals be just that – an individual. its a beautiful thing…


    i def agree with ya TRUDAT…and angell cakes – leave that girl alone.

    art imitates life so who really is to say what ‘original’ is?

    shes doing her own thang and making that paper so rock it girl(well her parents making that paper until boo turn 18 but still)!!

    I know some folks rocked wayyy too much makeup at that age too so quit hatin on mini Love..

  • brandi

    ditto on that…but she is only 16 though.

  • stevi

    i agree…who cares?
    nothing is original anymore –
    shes rocks….most singers now cant sing anyhow – at least she dresses good.

  • Simone

    what the hell happened to her?
    She’s changed so much & seems so desperate to be punch or whatever that is. Seriously just stop now Taylor.

  • http://none Jodi

    To my beliefs, she is growing up too fast. But that doesn’t give people the right to be hypocritical and judgemental. If she wants to sing, let her be. I love her voice, regardless on her look. She could tone it down a bit but she is great and I think you people are extremely immature for bashing her like this. Keep your horrid opinions to yourself if you don’t have anything good to say. Or keep your mouth closed because everyone has a freedom to do whatever they like, style wise, career wise. You might see her on television, on screen, but you don’t know what she’s like in real life. So don’t bash her if you haven’t met her in person. I bet she’s wonderful and her parents, too. Damn.

    Her make-up should tone down, and those high boots she was wearing at the show. But if you take that off and stuff, she looks normal. She is a teenage girl and what teenage girl isn’t going to have style? They make up their OWN wadrobe and little twist. Leave them be!!

  • vickie

    I like it! She’s got a good voice and a great presence!
    Plus, the song is awesome, it’s got good lyrics! If she makes an album, I’m totally in!

    I know she’s 15 and stuff but compared to Miley Cirus she ROCKS! Give her some credit please!

  • laura

    i thought she sounded really good..luv her!!

  • vic

    that was pretty bad.

  • manying

    she does sounded good..i love the hair!!!weeee…

  • XI

    she can sing and she don’t look that old.

  • Robby rob rob

    It doesn’t take a lot of talent to be a punk singer, especially these days…all I’m sayin’

  • k

    actually, she’s still 15. she doesn’t turn 16 till July. i just looked it up. and whoaaa…i’m older than her. mine’s on the 21st and her’s is on the 26th. weird cuz she looks older than me.