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Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex

Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless rocked out the stage at hipster hot spot the Annex in New York’s Lower East Side on Tuesday night (May 5).

Concertgoer Rachel Sklar described, “I quite liked the speed and sound of their stuff, and Momsen can sing – she belts it out with a rough scratchy punk-rock voice that had a Courtney Love/Kim Carnes/Alannah Myles/Gwen Stefani/Hedwig feel. Plus good energy and presence, especially when you remember that she’s freaking SIXTEEN.”

Check out the vid of Taylor performing below and for one more vid, visit

Taylor Momsens Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex
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87 Responses to “Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless At The Annex”

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  1. 76
    Jen Says:

    I love her, her voice is great and I love her look and attitude. She’s a talent rising.

  2. 77
    KJ Says:

    She is amazing. If she’s just begining,
    her band’s gonna be big! lol.
    Did you all know she played Cindy Lou Hoo in the Grinch!?
    I know right!!
    i was shocked when i heard that.
    She’s amazingg!

    You all should look up the Love willows too.
    Tehir pretty tight

  3. 78
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    I can’t believe she’s only 16!! Hopefully she doesn’t end up in rehab!

  4. 79
    Katie Says:

    flippin yeah! go taylor…not all 15-16 year olds look like miley cyrus

  5. 80
    Kelseyy, Says:

    Wow, I love her style, but this just isn’t that great..
    I don’t know if I expected better.. but I did not expect THAT voice from her!
    It’s pretty good, it’s just…no who am I kidding, it’s not that good…
    She sounds like Ashlee Simpson but like 10 times worse and let’s face it, Ashlee Simpson is not that great of a singer to begin with.

    For her outfit, it’s super cute! It’s just she’s sixteen, and she’s performing at a rock concert.. so the heels? Probably not a good idea.. but hey, at least she’s got a cool style.

  6. 81
    Jessica Says:

    Correction. She’s only 15.
    She doesn’t turn 16 until July 26th.
    When I saw that she was still 15, I was like “wtff, Ariel is older than her.!”
    [[Ariel is my best friend, who turns 16 in a few weeks, && Taylor acts wayyyyy more mature than Ariel does.]]

    I love Taylor on Gossip Girl && everything, I like her music, but she is just way too mature for her age.
    @ 15 she doesn’t need to be wearing as much make-up as she does. I’m 17 && all I wear is eyeliner,eyeshadow,&& mascara. && it’s not even heavy.
    To me she looks like a mini Courtney Love…Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up like Courtney.

  7. 82
    Juliaarose Says:

    Okay, She’s damn good. I’m looking forward for The Pretty Reckless to have their cd come out. and when they do, IM BUYING IT! Taylor’s kicking ass, especially for 16. Maybe that song didn’t appeal to some of you, but “Zombie” by them, is effing epic. If you don’t like that either, whatever, they aren’t your style. Just stop friggin commenting about how “bad” it is and stuff. rude.

  8. 83
    Juliaarose Says:

    correction, at 15.

  9. 84
    taylor Says:

    I’m not against Taylor at all, I totally support her, but I think the poor girl has let fame get to her head and has been pressured into bad choices. I hope she gets fixed up. 15 years old. She used to be such a sweetie. Everyone else from Gossip Girl is.
    I wish her luck!
    She looks like Lady Gaga..

  10. 85
    Gina Says:

    Wow… She’s beautiful! And I love her music… I think she has a great personality, although she’s very young, she already knows who she is and what she wants… That’s what keeps a person grounded! My bet is, a few years from now, she’ll stop acting to focuse on her music, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be a very respected musician… The future will tell! ;-)

    And as for the “She’s 15 it’s inappropriate” comments… WHAT is it exactly that you people are complaining about?? She’s got a rocky hairdo, okay, ‘cos she’s a rocky chick… And she dresses very sexy, ok, but she’s a rock-star and this is only looks, not behavior! What has she DONE that anyone can complain about??

    Sorry to bring up Cyrus again, but while any of us should forgive ONE scandal of sexy/naked pictures leaking out (everyone makes mistakes, plus these kids are born in a different era, cameras and electronics everywhere, so some things seem natural to them that are not understandable for us… Like taking pics for their boyfriend ^^), on the other hand, I feel like those having an HABIT of scandals deserve much less mercy… Especially, taking a pic of yourself in a
    bikini for your bf is one thing, but mimicking a sx scene as in one of Cyrus’ recent photos that were leaked (photos that were shooted by her 30-something director… Yikes!), it’s a completely different thing!

    Taylor Momsen *dresses* sexy and that’s about it, so please relax, people! The girl wasn’t involved in a single scandal, she hasn’t even had one rumored boyfriend! Give her some credit…

  11. 86
    Gina Says:

    woops, posted on the wrong post! ^^

  12. 87
    omg... Says:

    taylor honey thats not rock…ur trying too hard but its just not happening!!!!!…mayb try singing something else…other than this…i think u;ll sound MUCH better

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