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Adam Lambert Covers Entertainment Weekly

Adam Lambert Covers Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has named Adam Lambert the most exciting American Idol contestant in years.

The mag writes, “With his mop of glam-rock cobalt-blue-on-dyed-black hair, his hearing, his sneering, and his unambiguously ambiguous sexuality, Adam would have probably been brushed off early on. And there was also a time, more recently, when Adam would have made it to Hollywood but been dismissed as ‘too Broadway’ or ‘too musical theater.’”

Though Adam is widely assumed to be gay, the most we should tell EW about the public scrutiny is, “I know who I am. I’m an honest guy, and I’m just going to keep singing.”

ARE YOU ROOTING for Adam to win this season of Idol — YAY or NAY?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Noelle

    He should definitely win. I like Kris too but Adam has been far and away the best all season. If he loses the show will just look dumb.

  • cooh

    he’s awsome,I love this guy,I’m not even from USA,he should be an idol,not just an american one

  • Nyigirl

    Yeeees! He’s so hot :P

  • Bianca

    Adam killllls! He is awesome. He is bigger then AI. He will become a rock music icon. He is going to be one of the immortals! To say he is the most exciting or the best in years doesn’t do him justice.He is in the stratosphere. All the rest is karoake…(rhymes with Gokey.) I like several of the contestants. They are likeable people. In another world, without Adam Lambert, they would all be equals competing just fine. Adam is so far beyond the mediocrities we see all the time. He defines excellence. Just go to YouTube and checkout his work. All of it. He sings classical music, sacred music, he sings in Hebrew. I mean he is completely amazing. And I love seeing how excited and supportive his friends and family are. The other contestants all think he is a good, kind, sweet guy. Adam is fearless. And beautiful.

  • Chris

    Dude!! No Idol has ever had a solo ET cover before the end of the competition! Go Adam!!!!

  • sdfgh

    vote for adam!!! hes THE most interesting contestant idol has EVER had!!!!

  • meredith

    i hate adam. he is the worst and he won’t win, danny will!

  • LolaSvelt

    He tries too hard and screams like a girl.

  • hannah

    wow, he already hit a cover of a magazine???

  • daisy

    love this guy.

  • Jax

    He’s amazing, he has to win! Gorgeous too.

  • rionemesis

    he is just amazing, so talented and i just love how he makes (a lot of) old, uptight people feel uncomfortable xD, a real artist in my book.

  • bILLIE

    HE’S GROSS! Ish! Gives me the creeps!

  • Coppper

    This guy is going nowhere in music. So faux. He can’t even write a song, he just hacks everything he does from someone else. Should be performing strictly in musicals or gay bars.

  • Rachel

    i personally hate Adam. I think when he sings, like when he did on “Tracks of my tears” he is really good. But other than that he just screams and shrieks. Also he has the biggest ego out of everyone and that is just not appealing

  • Ingrid

    He looks like an emo.

    Trying too hard to be a rocker and it’s just not working. How the hell did Allison get kicked off.

  • stellartes

    Adam is definitely getting all the publicity but Danny Gokey is the 2009 American idol !!!!!!!

  • jilly


    He’s got talent…….and outshines the others on American Idol.

    He can sign just about anything……and he’s cute! gay or not.


    Adam would make a fabulous drag queen… not an American Idol.

    Kris is the most creative of them all and the most versatile because of his ability to play multiple instruments.

    Danny has the most natural singing voice, but he needs a bit of a makeover.

  • lillian

    Adam is not an artist, he is just a performer. he doesnt write music, doesnt play any intrstruments. he will fail in the real world. Adam likes to dress up like a girl and scream on stage-oh and he also has the nastiest crater face with all those acne scars.

  • Novi

    My gosh! I love this guy! I’m 50 and I have to say that NEVER in my life have I been so addicted, so interested, so obsessed with a singer. His vocal range, stage presence, and constant ability to put on a great show makes him an original…someone that I think is going to be HUGE for years to come. Love, love, love Adam!

  • hannah

    yay I LOVE HIM i vote 4 him everytime~!!!!!!!!!hes so sexy!

  • 23

    he’s so gay!

  • Justine

    To all you Adam haters…I’m sorry that your chosen “idol” wasn’t deemed interesting enough to appear on the Entertainment Weekly cover! But seriously, can the hate just stop please? Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    Adam Lambert is a human being. A talented and brave individual with a voice that soars. Anyone unfortunate enough to hear Gokey’s screamfest on Tuesday can attest to the fact that Adam has a gift. He’s the real deal.

  • Wilkie


    You didn’t just say that – you moron!

  • ADAMmaniac


  • aha

    I will be running to my mailbox tomorrow for this issue! I love Adam!!! He is the best thing to happen on American Idol ever!!!!!!!

  • Tanya

    He doesn`t need AI title, he is already the 2009 WORLD IDOL, there are no words to describe how great this guy is.

  • Stephanie

    So yay.

    He’s so amazingly gorgeous and a great singer.

  • tcherise

    Two words…….demon screamin’

  • Stacy

    So glad I canceled my subscription. Seriously, he hasn’t even won yet. Jeez..couldn’t EW have just waited a couple weeks to put this issue out?

    ETA: It’s not called jealousy. It’s called respect. Obviously EW has none.

  • Frennie

    I agree the time is bad on the issue and unfortunately it may hurt Adam more than help him.

    But either way Stacey, it’s not Adam Lambert’s fault so your wording of “respect” is not correct. Sadly, it is called jealousy.

  • marisa


  • Davids

    80s glam/Emo almost

  • Linda

    To the Adam fans who think that it doesn’t matter if he wins or not: I agree that Adam will be a MEGA star regardless of the AI outcome, but I still want him to win because he is the most worthy of that title of any contestant, ever. He embodies all that is good about America: talent, creativity, originality, hard-work, perseverance, courage, following your dreams…you name it, he’s got it! Or shall I say IT!

  • August


  • Sasha

    Coppper, do YOU write songs?? On American Idol the contestants do not perform their songs, plus they don’t have the time for that right now anyway. And by the way, Adam HAS written songs before, they are on Youtube. I guess you are not just hateful, prejudiced and dumb, but uninformed as well. Oh well, these all usually go together, so there you have it.

  • Me, myself and I

    So sick and tired of the gay issue being brought up. Why is everyone so worried about who someone ‘gets off’ with. Please! No one is saying “will straight Danny win?”



  • Sasha

    Thank you EW for putting the most talented and fascinating AI contestant EVER on your cover two weeks before Idol’s finale. It shows that you are ahead of the curve (and the sheep :) You will be rewarded for that with a large number of sales of that issue, Adam’s fans are dying for more information and photos of him!

  • 123rucrazy

    I LOVE ADAM!!He is so talented,and cute!!!! He should win!!!! GO ADAM!

  • Buckley

    I just can’t take the gayface.

  • Jaye

    He looks like a cartoon. I hate photoshop

  • Gooooooo Danny Gokey!!!!!

    you’re a winner through and through!!!

  • SJ

    Adam is magical. Everything about him is charismatic! He is going to be a huge star…Oh wait, he already IS! Most downloaded on iTunes, millions of hits on his YouTube videos, show hosts talking about him more and more, every betting house and online poll showing him as people’s favorite, standing ovations by all judges (Simon!), standing ovation by Smokey Robinson, Gary Jules praising him as the “most interesting contestant ever”, Quentin Tarantino calling him “the real deal”, cover of EW with 2 more weeks to go etc. etc…Yah, Adam haters, it’s time you climbed back under your rock.

  • Danny to win idols

    come rain or come shine

  • ravengirl

    Amazing to me how all these pseudo-Christian folk here who love their Gokey are so hateful in their comments about Adam. I mean, how hypocritical is that? Adam fans, on the other hand, are critical but fair in their assessment of Gokey. Really and truly, how could someone who screamed like that and act so smugly possibly be even considered as a backup singer for Adam? It’s almost as if they believe voting for Gokey and hating Adam is like praying for salvation from the devil. Adam is the Anti-Gokey, not the Anti-Christ. Come on, if you don’t like Adam and have a legitimate reason, then express that. But don’t just hate Adam because of shallow mindedness and fear.
    And speaking of prayer, I truly do hope and pray that Adam will win because he is indeed a major, heart-stopping talent and deserves it. I have never felt this way about any other contestant. He would be so much more exciting than the other two. Regardless, though, of whether he wins or loses, you can bet that he has already arrived, and no small-minded bunch of pretend-evangelical, mind-eviscerated people are going to change that.

  • ravengirl

    Oh, and by the way, he does write songs. Even as I write this, I cannot get “Pop Goes the Camera” out of my head.

  • dear Raven girl

    practice what you preach dear.
    Adam has personality on stage but obecause he is a rock artist a selective few will buy is albums – i dont think he’s much without a stage. As for the X rated vidoe issue whether it is true, some my let bygones be bygones but it not of moral standing for the youth.

  • weeerd

    NOOO! Kris is the one that SHOULD win. Of course, America is tone deaf, so he’ll probably end up winning anyway.