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Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli has a swinging good time on a trapeze-like bar on the Terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday (May 6).

The 23-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl tried out a one-hour exercise routine called Jukari Fit to Fly, which was created by Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. This flying sensation during the work-out is made possible by FlySet, a trapeze-like bar that hangs from above.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli at trapeze school…

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120 Responses to “Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School”

  1. 1
    ferdis Says:

    Well…if the Leo’s thing dont work, she can try pole dancer. But she is a bit discoordinated. *Sight* I cant find another proper job for her

  2. 2
    jennifer Says:

    she’s beautiful and healthy

  3. 3
    ellie Says:

    JJ you are so boring , can you speak about real models or stars?

    ugly, ugly, ugly , ugly

  4. 4
    lol Says:

    @1 Funny!
    I don`t think I ever owned anything from Reebok in my life ( Go Nike ) and after seeing those hideous shoes and socks I doubt I ever will.
    Bar is not athletic at all so this whole campaign feels just as fake as Bar herself.

  5. 5
    Abbie Says:

    She represents Health, Beauty, Feminity and Glamour! Way to go Bar! She is “the” sensation. She sure will influence women to try the Trapeze bar….. with such a smile and attitude.

    Thanks Jared for another great set of pictures from Leo’s lady!

  6. 6
    robins 3 Says:


    Not pretty just so-so!

  7. 7
    robins 3 Says:

    Enough with this two-bit person!

    Please Jared spare us from her. Ad nauseum !!!

  8. 8
    inbars14 Says:

    @ellie: no, because your the pretty pretty pretty jealousy jealousy jealous

  9. 9
    ellie Says:


    she is not Leo’s lady

  10. 10
    M Says:

    This chick’s adorable, just cute as a button.

  11. 11
    ellie Says:


    jealous of this stupid,ugly,pathetic,hopeless,… girl (that many persons hate especially Leo ) !!!!!! i can’t stop laughing

  12. 12
    ferdis Says:

    JJ why dont have a thread of Leo at Lakers Game? So more interesting! He was soo happy

  13. 13
    Llk Says:

    ‘the sensation’? LOL! That’s funny! Her sensational part was in LA last night at the Lakers game.
    These photos were posted everywhere yesterday only Jared managed to make two boring posts out of nothing.

  14. 14
    linda Says:

    yes Ferdis,,, I hear you girl LOL
    , that is what i keep waiting for, some LEO pics… and only reason i even come to bar’s threads is to hopefully see something on LEO..sad to say LOL

    where is the lakers pics, can someone post a link? thanks :)

  15. 15
    ellie Says:


    Bar was in Spain so it’s sure that Leo is happy when she leaves USA because there could be not false rumours on them that Bar’s mother or any one else send on some sites

  16. 16
    ellie Says:


  17. 17
    bobbi Says:

    Anyone know how short she is?

  18. 18
    what happen Says:

    #5 is Tzipi again (Bar’s mom)
    Hi Tzipi, Back on your bff’s (JJ) site again to post more BS about your daughter. I can’t believe she goes to Spain for this stupid job. I hope she gets big $$ for this bs job. They don’t even want her for a model they choose the Gossip Girl actress. Ok good luck with the bs – nobody believes – but keep trying. Don’t forget to send another check to JJ to make more stupid posts. He can probably stretch this Reebok thing out for a week with these ugly shoes.

  19. 19
    sahar Says:

    Good god, Jared how many posts can you make out of ONE STUPID appearance?? Is there nothing worth writing about happening today???

  20. 20
    Abbie Says:

    ellie: So school is over? You need to spend your precious time again on a matter that does not interest you?? Go and play outdoor or ask your mommy to take an apointment with the schrink for ya…. It might take long sessions but at least you could be cured from your insane jealousy. And YES, BAR IS LEO’S LADY! He was with her in NY last weekend. He didn’t tell you….??? LOL LOL LOL!!!

  21. 21
    enrico Says:

    if anyone’s interested in candids of her from the MET gala

  22. 22
    !!! Says:

    Love you Bar! you’re so hot and successful!!

  23. 23
    ferdis Says:

    @Abbie: Abbie, your mum called and told me to tell you leave the internet now!

  24. 24
    just me Says:

    How come Leo and his `lady` only look happy when they are not together?

  25. 25
    @22 Says:

    Successful, right. Too bad that not on her on merit.

  26. 26
    ellie Says:




  27. 27
    ellie Says:

    @just me:

    Because Leo is like almost all people : he hates her
    Bar is happy because she has the attention on her and she has job ( that’s rare)

  28. 28
    linda Says:

    thanks Ellie :)

    i found this one too ..

  29. 29
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    ehhh not really interested in these pics
    she just looks plain, which she is suppose 2 since she’s working out so i wont really say anything
    but like i said before, she’s kinda growing on me

  30. 30
    lieo Says:

    I don’t know if she’s cleaver but come on people you can not say that she is ugly. She’s absolutely lovely in those pics. And I wish that fashion industry could take her as an example, I mean look at her shape! Sh’es insanely gorgeous. And I don’t care whether she’s with Leo or not.
    PS : Sorry about my english, I’m french.

  31. 31
    @28 Says:

    Thanks for the pics. Interesting that Leo shows more interest and affection towards the Lakers and his friends in general than towards Bar…
    Bar as an example for fashion industry? Maybe her shape but not the lack of talent or wow factor.

  32. 32
    linda Says:

    anohter cute one

  33. 33
    jennifer Says:

    I don’t have nothing against Bar, but jared could put more posts about Leo here, how many times Leo was in the lakers games at this last weeks, a lot of times and jared don’t post anyone, they prefer to put zac efron and his girlfriend, justin timberlake and his girlfriend. so they will just put leo here in lakers game when bar’s is with him. come on jared, leo it’s important too, so put more posts of him here! and jennifer86 look how FAT AND UGLY leo is in this pics of lakers game, hahahahahahahahaha , he’s handsome baby, get a glass, because you have problems in your eyes!

  34. 34
    what happen Says:

    These pics are not looking good. Seriously, c’mon.
    She has no makeup on – who does modeling like this?
    Also, this workout looks stupid and not practical -where we’re gonna find trapeze to swing from? Who joins Cirque du Soleil? This is very difficult stuff. She does not look like she knows how to do this and these ugly shoes are not helping much. I doubt she loses 1/2 a pound from this stupid workout.
    I think stick with the bikini.

  35. 35
    vivien Says:

    wow i don’t get all these hateful comments. she probably looks a hell of a lot better than any hypocrites saying shes ugly. and i think she is pretty and has a fantastic body.

  36. 36
    LuckyL Says:

    Plain plain plain.

  37. 37
    Lisa Says:

    She is ugly

  38. 38
    Leo is fat and ugly Says:

    I’m gone for several days and still the same psychobabble rants from people who never leave their house. Talk about losers! Leo is still fat and ugly. I’m not jennifer86 either. Well Vivien most of the hate comments are done by one pyschotic female/male by the name of French. This sicko is psychotic and uses dozens of names. The rest of the haters are overweight middle-aged women who fantasize about being Leo’s girlfriend. It’s pathetic. That is why these women hate Bar so much. They wish Leo could be ******** them instead of her.

    I don’t like Bar but the vicious comments are really ridicoulous. it’s pathetic how all these losers are calling her ugly when in reality they’re fat dogs. Webcams should be required for everyone who comments on the internet because then all these butt ugly people would never dare to call others ugly.

    Bar is having the last laugh against the haters because she’s traveling the world, making tons of money and sleeping with Leo. (Yuck he probalby has tons of STD’s.) Even though I don’t like the girl I’m not envious because I actually travel, have friends, a boyfriend and money. The loser Leo stalkers are lonely, miserable people and that is why they have so much hate.

  39. 39
    slightly Retarded??? Says:

    38 included!

  40. 40
    french Says:

    #38 : i post only with one name , please stop saying that all bad comments it’s me who posted them

  41. 41
    Lain Says:

    Why this site never post Leos’ photo ??

    The girls is really cutie, beautiful

    How you can say she is ugly is just a mistery then

  42. 42
    me Says:

    her body is wayyyyyyyyyy better than skinny gisele…

  43. 43
    @42 Says:

    Why can’t you finally get over Gisele? The continuous comparison is getting really boring. They are different types of woman and different types of models. Gisele dated Bar’s boyfriend and I think it’s time to move on!
    Bar fans keep mentioning her all the time which is pretty pointless.

  44. 44
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    she`s so hot !

  45. 45
    #38 Says:

    is poor, fat, extremely ugly, has no friends, no boyfriend, no job. The only place he/she travels is to JJ to make idiotic posts about strangers. Oh we all wish we had such an amazing life!! Too funny.
    - Signed, not french

  46. 46
    @38 Says:

    Go back to boyfriends, friends, mansion, millions of $, travel, and stay off here with your bit@hy comments about Leo. AZZH*LE!

  47. 47
    what happen Says:

    JJ hates Leo that’s why no Leo posts.
    He only likes Bar and Tzipi – that’s why you only get Bar posts.
    Soon another Bar post comes – Bar pees in the Madrid airport. JJ has the scoop!!!

  48. 48
    jennifer Says:

    38, your comments are ridiculous and disrespectful! don’t talk so bad of someone you didn’t know and never will

  49. 49
    lola Says:

    bar, you’ll never be the next gisele, ever, little tart!

  50. 50
    Lain Says:


    i agree.

  51. 51
    Lisa rose Says:

    Leo&Bar together- In the current US mag (May 18, 2009 issue), on page 50 in the Love & Couples column… There is a sighting of Leo and Bar eating at the TAO restaurant in NY with Leo’s mom.

  52. 52
    @51 Says:

    Let me guess : there are no pics? it’s absolutely false , please stop to post these stupid rumors created by Bar’s mom , Leo never went to NY

  53. 53
    @51 Says:

    Do you really believe that Leo could go to NYC without that paps take pictures of him ?

  54. 54
    Lisa rose Says:

    #52: dont worry!…………..soon you’ll see pics of them together…..its ALLWAYS like that!

  55. 55
    @52+@53 Says:

    Lisa rose has it from a Leo’s fansite, I guess.
    ( )
    At least I saw it first there tonight.

  56. 56
    eden Says:

    They are every time together
    She is beautiful,realy?

  57. 57
    @56 Says:

    it’s an old pic and they don’t look like a couple as always

  58. 58
    @54 Says:

    he was not in NYC

  59. 59
    @51 Says:

    in NYC and in LA , it’s impossible that a star like Leo can go out without that the paps take pictures of him and only 2 sites spoke about him and bitchereli , i’m sure that you know that they are a fake couple ,since we see them together but you don’t want to admit because you know if she has not Leo’s name next to her i don’t think she will have an ad or a cover ( even for reebok) but in some weeks he will stop this sham ( me i’m sure he has already stopped)
    All people that say that they are together,they are cute, they will marry, … it’s only Bar’s fans ( = Bar , her family , her friends ) because they are so desperate

  60. 60
    Lisa rose Says:

    #52, #53, #57, #58= same pathetic person: do you really belive that a couple is a couple only if they holding hands/kissing all the time?????????? its just show how childish you are and let me know for fact that you never had a boyfriend!!! LOL
    and i dont even want to know how its like when you have paps who taking photos of you in front on your face when you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

  61. 61
    @60 Says:

    Leo had no problems for kiss Gisele and holding hands with her and there were more paps , even if Leo hides there will have pics , there no pics of him in NYC so HE WAS NOT THERE
    Didn’t you understand that it’s always Bar who created these rumours for to have publicity? You are even more stupid than I thought of it, you are a desperate case , GET A LIFE AND STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS ON LEO AND HER BECAUSE THERE ARE NOTHING BETWEEN THEM

  62. 62
    LEO AND BAR Says:

    WE ARE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63
    @62 Says:

    that’s really funny

  64. 64
    what happen Says:

    This is bs from the Israeli mafia.
    If he is with her – you will see pictures like on the motorcyle etc.

  65. 65
    Jesus Says:

    Leo has not been photographed with her in almost 2 months.
    They probably broke up.
    Off again.

  66. 66
    Lisa rose Says:

    #65: but its allways like that, and they never really breakup! evrey few month theres a rumors of them breaking up and then they dosent see pics of them for tow or three month, and then theres a new pics of them together!!!
    and you cant deny it, its ALLWAYS like that! you cant really know what is going on!
    maybe its just too hard for them to say goodbye for good! lol

    P.S sorry for my bad english!

  67. 67
    Jesus Says:

    #66 He is in a photo with Bar once a month or more always. Now – no photos.
    I think he broke up again.

  68. 68
    Lisa rose Says:

    as i said, its looks like they break up every few month, and then back together! LOL

  69. 69
    Lisa rose Says:

    but how knows maybe you right, maybe this time its for good! :)

  70. 70
    Lisa rose Says:


  71. 71
    lia Says:

    Jared post about Leo! Not BarBie. Leonardo has been to the Lakers games for the past week and he posts about Jordin Sparks going, he posts about JT and Jessica Biel going, he posts about Zac Efron and his girlfriend, why not Leo?

  72. 72
    what happen Says:

    JJ only posts about Barfie not Leo.
    He hates Leo.
    Also, Tzipi pays him to do this.
    Leo gets a post only if he goes out with Bar but he does not want to, so no posts for Leo.

  73. 73
    Jesus Says:

    When people break up repeatedly – there comes a point when they can’t stand to be together. Sad but true. Obviously not good.
    If they get back together, it’s because they do not want to be alone not because of love. If there was love, then they would not keep breaking up and would not want to be apart. The love would last.
    Guys – you can make mean comments about Bar & compare her to Gisele – but there’s no lasting love there from Leo for either of them so it is a waste of time. Love is not on-again off-again for years on end!

  74. 74
    @66 Says:

    they are always not together during 2 or 3 months , if it’s hard for them to say goodbye , they will be all the time together
    Even Tom and Katie seem a real couple

  75. 75
    @74 Says:

    * Compare with Leo and bitchereli

  76. 76
    eden Says: are RIGHT.
    Even they maybe not split up but Leo is ADMIT rumors in press about brouken up.Im understand him.He is save him live and he is dont want to give for press (and us) a lot of pics of him and bar together.But i think if he will show love for Bar it will look like they relationships very and very serious and he want to marry of her and its will very and very soon.But he don’t want to show love, becous he don’t want to get marry.Thats why when we are see pics of Leo &Bar they looks like not a coupl-without hand of hand and kiss.Just Leo know when he get marry and believe me he will do slowly-slowly to preparation press and ppl just to know he go marry-(give some hot kiss for him GF or maybe some another i don’t know).Cous he know- when he marry its will SHOCK for him FANS.Those time he straight to lose some him Sex-Simbol, he will must to get a baby……ets. For what he do this right now???. Becouse he prefer on him career and sure he want to take OSCAR.
    Another things.Im sure that ppl from Israil are good ppl.They are is very clever and very kind.Just look how mush from Israil have doctors or matematics. In my school time i have teacher from Israil.He was so kind and im never to forget him.My mother have a doctor from Israil.She said- He is a Best doctor!!!.Thats why im sure Bar Refaeli is one a beautiful person even if i don’t know her character.
    ( so sorry for my english)

  77. 77
    @76 Says:

    Bar is so hypocrite , she hates Israel

  78. 78
    @76 Says:

    and she is a bad and nasty person

  79. 79
    Lisa rose Says:

    its sooooooo unhealthyand pretty sad!!!! :(

  80. 80
    Lisa rose Says: – here something about LEO, but its just a sighting,so i bet its a falsh! lol

  81. 81
    french Says:

    #80 : only sightings on Leo and her are false because Bar needs publicity

  82. 82
    Lisa rose Says:

    its just show how stupid and childish you are when you say “only a sightings of leo and her are false” and when its leo and his freinds its must to be true…..but its o.k, i wont break it for you……. LOL

  83. 83
    french Says:

    #82: everybody know (except you) that it’s Bar or Bar’s mom who created all sightings, rumours , … on them

  84. 84
    jsy Says:

    Leo chooses to be with Bar for whatever reason for over 3 years. I`m not a fan of hers but if you think she is such a horrible person as you believe your problem is Leo who sticks with her on the long run.

  85. 85
    @84 Says:

    They are never together ,we see them only once all 2 or 3 months .
    Bar is nothing for Leonardo.

  86. 86
    Jesus Says:

    I do not think he’s with her. I think he had feelings for her in the beginning but not anymore. He seems uncomfortable and unhappy with her. That is one of the reasons he avoids being photographed with her even if they are still hooking up – which I doubt.
    Unless you see pictures – don’t believe it.
    And the interpretations of these sightings are always bs.
    Like all these postings about Leo and Lindsay – he is smiling when she is dancing. Yeah because he is glad she walked away and he does not have to talk to her.
    Leo and Kevin – not looking at women. Yeah, then drink beer in your house!

  87. 87
    @86 Says:

    he never had feeling for her even in the beginning

  88. 88
    Lisa rose Says:

    #87: yes, and you know that cus you are Leo himself??????? LOL
    or maybe, lucas, tobey, kevin…his mom……..?

  89. 89
    @88 Says:

    Lisa Dummy even YOU know that Leo isnt going to get married to Barf and their relationship will not last. You know it in your heart..get real….Leo has! Its not a coincidence that you see pictures of them once every 2 months! They dont hang around each other which is an understatement…the “relationship” is a fluke and it wont last and the weirdest thing is that you know this Lisa Rose and even Barf fans know it too! Isnt that great!! We can all agree on something! :)

  90. 90
    jennifer Says:

    people, wait some days and all of us will see Leo and Bar together! is not because we can see them everyday or every month that means they broke up, the paps wouldn’t be in everywhere they wll be because they are not fortune-teller as all you seem to be because you always know that Leo is never with Bar, and all you believes when have sightings of Leo and his friends even if don’t have a picture but than when someone said that have a sight of Leo and Bar nor you believe it, this is really funny, all of you haters don’t realize that Leo is with her because he wants and doesn’t matter how much you hate Bar, he will continue because if he doesn’t want to be with her, he wouldn’t have reason to stay with her more than three years. I’am writing this but I just know what haters will answer, it’s all the same bla, bla, bla… please be a little creative and invent new histories about how leo hates bar, so we can laugh, hehehe

  91. 91
    Lisa rose Says:

    Leo can going out almost with ANY woman in this f****** world!!!!!!! and if he is doing it with Bar for the last three and a half years its ONLY becouse HE WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  92. 92
    Chupa Says:

    It goes for 3 years because she puts up with his crap.
    He does not like her that much and he does not take her to events and functions and she puts up with this because she wants the publicity. If he loved her so much – he goes out with her more.
    Not running from the cameras and leaves her standing there. It’s such bullshaat. Only the a handful stupid Israelis believe it’s for real.

  93. 93
    jennifer Says:

    91, thank you, at least someone agree with me

  94. 94
    Lisa rose Says:

    i’m just the only other person here who is NOT jealous in Bar!!!
    all the others are just TOO jealous to see the true, they belive to thiere own lies!!!!!
    but if its makes them happy…………
    P.S I really dont understand why they are jealous so much, its only Leonardo! Brad is hotter! :)

  95. 95
    Lisa rose Says:

    Bar is still very young so she dont mind to having fun with Leo, i think she dosent want to get married yet, so its pretty good for her! :)
    and ofcours, its gives a little “push” to her career! JUST PERFECT! :)
    and this is another reasson why most of you are jealous in her!

  96. 96
    @94@95 Says:

    You are Bar’s fan so can’t are jealous of her , but it’s not because we hate her that we are jealous , i’m not jealous of an ugly ***** and please stop to speak about Leo , she has no connection with him : THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS AND SHE HAD NEVER BEEN LEO’S GIRLFRIEND .
    She has some little ads or covers only thanks to this FALSE relationship , when Leo will stop to pretend ( or tell that they are a fake couple because i think this sham is over ) to be with this ***** , she will have no jobs anymore.
    “a little “push” to her career” : Her career it’s only thanks to the celebrity of Leonardo Dicaprio

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    ***** = bit*h
    ***** = whor*

  98. 98
    @95 Says:

    Soo, you agree at the point that she’s staying with him although he’s treating her like crap, because it “gives a little”push” to her career” ?
    That would mean you admit she’s an attention *****…w/o any self-respect, personality and pride…

    You know what girl, no woman with the above qualities would allow a man treat her like a crap, no matter how young she is!
    Sorry, but I just don’t see anything that would excuse some behavior.
    I know I was never like that and actually don’t know any women who would tend to similar behavior…its just not right…at least she gets what she’s seeking for….but she could probably do it even w/o going that far (or better saying…down).

    And btw, she should have had become the gf of George Clooney. He’s known for treating his gfs like a gentlemen and generious “pushing” their careers in the shortest time to a high point.
    I’m sure, she were by now waaaay better known – everywhere – and more successful as she currently is.
    But…George C. is also known for having a gf with a personality (which would assume self-respect and intelligence) and charismatic looks (not necessarily pretty)… ; )

  99. 99
    Lisa rose Says:

    i just think that its not such a big deal if her conection with Leo give a LITTLE push to her career, she will also make it WITHOUT him but ofcourse its helps her!!! and if Leo dont mind, so what the f*** YOU mind??????
    stop to be jealous in people from the worng reassons if shes such a loser for you, why you cant leave her alon?? live YOUR life in the way that you belive!!! and leave all the “losers” alon! its will respect you much more, belive me!!!!
    and if you are really THAT good so why do you wasting all of your time on hateing some “loser” model?????????
    think about it!

  100. 100
    @99 Says:

    Damn, you overreact a lot, girl!

    What’s up here? I’m neither jealous nor am I thinking Bar is a loser!
    I think I was very polite in what I said. And your reaction is absolutely out of place and very immature, my dear!

    It’s obvious girl, you really REALLY need some time offline! It’s really not healthy!

    Because you’re sounding totally obssessed w/ this model, for what reason ever…and it seems you can’t deal with any opinion different to yours and when someone brings to the point what YOU actually wrote! *headshaking*

    P.S.: You take it all way too personally…either you are a totally obssesed fan or…you’re a member of her family or a close friend…
    Either way, you should learn to respect the opinions of other ppl! It’s a part of becoming an adult…and sounding like one…

  101. 101
    @99 Says:

    She never would have gone out of her country, if she would not have become the false girlfriend of Dicaprio

  102. 102
    what happen Says:

    I think she fell off this trapeze bar into the street.
    Reebok did not bother to find out where she is.
    Tzipi forgets to send JJ his check.
    Now JJ makes Leo posts.

  103. 103
    haha Says:

    yeah Leo gave Barf “a little push” to her “career” and when he stops dating her if he hasnt done so already she will get a “little push” back to isreal and disappear…Life is GREAT!!!

  104. 104
    @95 Says:

    `little push to her career` Little? Seriously? Leo put her on the map, Bar is NEVER mentioned without Leo`s name attached to hers, she scores jobs that are way out of her league thank to Leo. `little push` give me a break!!!

  105. 105
    lol Says:

    natural or not?

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    she has silicone implants

  107. 107
    barf Says:

    Apparently, the Leo push is not working for the crappy Israeli movie she made. They are trying to get investors on eBay – item 160334109696. Only $55k to invest and gasp – meet Barf!
    Get out the checkbook.
    Lots of annoying Israelis & no talent.

  108. 108
    @107 Says:

    Wow that made my day! This movie just doesnt want to take off! :)

  109. 109
    Lisa rose Says:

    @108: WOW your life must to be pretty sucks! what kind of things makes your day???????? LOL

  110. 110
    @109 Says:

    Yep! And my day will be even better when Leo and Barf break up!!! So many good things are happening now! Its great! Leo hardly wants to touch Barf or be seen with her in public, always walking by her..Her movies sucks! Wonderful!!!

  111. 111
    Lisa rose Says:

    @104: here Bar mentioned (for exmple) WITHOUT leo’s name:

    Flying High

    Uninspiring gym routines could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new workout developed by the showmen at Cirque du Soleil and sports brand Reebok. Jukari Fit to Fly centres around the FlySet – a specially designed piece of equipment that hangs from the ceiling and swivels 360 degrees. A series of moves and postures are carried out on the acrobat-inspired hanging bar, which strengthens the body through cardio, balance and core training while giving the sensation of flying. Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli helped launched the new fitness regime – which will launch this year in twelve major cities, including London and Los Angeles. For more information, visit…allery,Fitness


  112. 112
    Lisa rose Says:

    #110: i’m just feeling sorry for you……………………. :(

  113. 113
    what happen Says:

    Check on craigslist – you can probably invest in Barfie’s movie here too. Also, taking collections for the premiere in some Israeli guy’s basement.
    I am sure it makes the Oscars and the Golden Globes.
    Lisa rose – get the dress ready.

  114. 114
    Lisa rose Says:


  115. 115
    @111 Says:

    OMG, lisa rose, you found ONE article that doesn`t mention Leo. Wow! You must be really proud of Barfie now! Don`t bother about the fact that her career took off ONLY because of her boyfriend…
    That ebay thing is HILARIOUS it made my day too!!!!

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    It might have taken off but its getting ready to land shortly! Thanks for the laugh 107, that ebay thing is funny!

  117. 117
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Why is Leo dating her?

  118. 118
    @117 Says:

    hes not…

  119. 119
    #117 Says:

    She is still pretending they are dating because she’s afraid if she does not , she won’t get jobs. She and her people always say oh yeah he’s coming soon or I am going there – and then you never see them together. I think it’s a false bs association as of now to keep her employed.

  120. 120
    iris Says:

    she is beautiful
    and stop been stuped!!

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