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Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli Attends Trapeze School

Bar Refaeli has a swinging good time on a trapeze-like bar on the Terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday (May 6).

The 23-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl tried out a one-hour exercise routine called Jukari Fit to Fly, which was created by Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. This flying sensation during the work-out is made possible by FlySet, a trapeze-like bar that hangs from above.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli at trapeze school…

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Pages: « 1 2 3 [4] 5 » Show All are RIGHT.
Even they maybe not split up but Leo is ADMIT rumors in press about brouken up.Im understand him.He is save him live and he is dont want to give for press (and us) a lot of pics of him and bar together.But i think if he will show love for Bar it will look like they relationships very and very serious and he want to marry of her and its will very and very soon.But he don’t want to show love, becous he don’t want to get marry.Thats why when we are see pics of Leo &Bar they looks like not a coupl-without hand of hand and kiss.Just Leo know when he get marry and believe me he will do slowly-slowly to preparation press and ppl just to know he go marry-(give some hot kiss for him GF or maybe some another i don’t know).Cous he know- when he marry its will SHOCK for him FANS.Those time he straight to lose some him Sex-Simbol, he will must to get a baby……ets. For what he do this right now???. Becouse he prefer on him career and sure he want to take OSCAR.
Another things.Im sure that ppl from Israil are good ppl.They are is very clever and very kind.Just look how mush from Israil have doctors or matematics. In my school time i have teacher from Israil.He was so kind and im never to forget him.My mother have a doctor from Israil.She said- He is a Best doctor!!!.Thats why im sure Bar Refaeli is one a beautiful person even if i don’t know her character.
( so sorry for my english)

Bar is so hypocrite , she hates Israel

and she is a bad and nasty person

its sooooooo unhealthyand pretty sad!!!! :(

#80 : only sightings on Leo and her are false because Bar needs publicity

its just show how stupid and childish you are when you say “only a sightings of leo and her are false” and when its leo and his freinds its must to be true…..but its o.k, i wont break it for you……. LOL

#82: everybody know (except you) that it’s Bar or Bar’s mom who created all sightings, rumours , … on them

Leo chooses to be with Bar for whatever reason for over 3 years. I`m not a fan of hers but if you think she is such a horrible person as you believe your problem is Leo who sticks with her on the long run.

They are never together ,we see them only once all 2 or 3 months .
Bar is nothing for Leonardo.

I do not think he’s with her. I think he had feelings for her in the beginning but not anymore. He seems uncomfortable and unhappy with her. That is one of the reasons he avoids being photographed with her even if they are still hooking up – which I doubt.
Unless you see pictures – don’t believe it.
And the interpretations of these sightings are always bs.
Like all these postings about Leo and Lindsay – he is smiling when she is dancing. Yeah because he is glad she walked away and he does not have to talk to her.
Leo and Kevin – not looking at women. Yeah, then drink beer in your house!

he never had feeling for her even in the beginning

#87: yes, and you know that cus you are Leo himself??????? LOL
or maybe, lucas, tobey, kevin…his mom……..?

Lisa Dummy even YOU know that Leo isnt going to get married to Barf and their relationship will not last. You know it in your heart..get real….Leo has! Its not a coincidence that you see pictures of them once every 2 months! They dont hang around each other which is an understatement…the “relationship” is a fluke and it wont last and the weirdest thing is that you know this Lisa Rose and even Barf fans know it too! Isnt that great!! We can all agree on something! :)

people, wait some days and all of us will see Leo and Bar together! is not because we can see them everyday or every month that means they broke up, the paps wouldn’t be in everywhere they wll be because they are not fortune-teller as all you seem to be because you always know that Leo is never with Bar, and all you believes when have sightings of Leo and his friends even if don’t have a picture but than when someone said that have a sight of Leo and Bar nor you believe it, this is really funny, all of you haters don’t realize that Leo is with her because he wants and doesn’t matter how much you hate Bar, he will continue because if he doesn’t want to be with her, he wouldn’t have reason to stay with her more than three years. I’am writing this but I just know what haters will answer, it’s all the same bla, bla, bla… please be a little creative and invent new histories about how leo hates bar, so we can laugh, hehehe

Leo can going out almost with ANY woman in this f****** world!!!!!!! and if he is doing it with Bar for the last three and a half years its ONLY becouse HE WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It goes for 3 years because she puts up with his crap.
He does not like her that much and he does not take her to events and functions and she puts up with this because she wants the publicity. If he loved her so much – he goes out with her more.
Not running from the cameras and leaves her standing there. It’s such bullshaat. Only the a handful stupid Israelis believe it’s for real.

91, thank you, at least someone agree with me

i’m just the only other person here who is NOT jealous in Bar!!!
all the others are just TOO jealous to see the true, they belive to thiere own lies!!!!!
but if its makes them happy…………
P.S I really dont understand why they are jealous so much, its only Leonardo! Brad is hotter! :)

Bar is still very young so she dont mind to having fun with Leo, i think she dosent want to get married yet, so its pretty good for her! :)
and ofcours, its gives a little “push” to her career! JUST PERFECT! :)
and this is another reasson why most of you are jealous in her!

You are Bar’s fan so can’t are jealous of her , but it’s not because we hate her that we are jealous , i’m not jealous of an ugly ***** and please stop to speak about Leo , she has no connection with him : THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS AND SHE HAD NEVER BEEN LEO’S GIRLFRIEND .
She has some little ads or covers only thanks to this FALSE relationship , when Leo will stop to pretend ( or tell that they are a fake couple because i think this sham is over ) to be with this ***** , she will have no jobs anymore.
“a little “push” to her career” : Her career it’s only thanks to the celebrity of Leonardo Dicaprio

***** = bit*h
***** = whor*

Soo, you agree at the point that she’s staying with him although he’s treating her like crap, because it “gives a little”push” to her career” ?
That would mean you admit she’s an attention *****…w/o any self-respect, personality and pride…

You know what girl, no woman with the above qualities would allow a man treat her like a crap, no matter how young she is!
Sorry, but I just don’t see anything that would excuse some behavior.
I know I was never like that and actually don’t know any women who would tend to similar behavior…its just not right…at least she gets what she’s seeking for….but she could probably do it even w/o going that far (or better saying…down).

And btw, she should have had become the gf of George Clooney. He’s known for treating his gfs like a gentlemen and generious “pushing” their careers in the shortest time to a high point.
I’m sure, she were by now waaaay better known – everywhere – and more successful as she currently is.
But…George C. is also known for having a gf with a personality (which would assume self-respect and intelligence) and charismatic looks (not necessarily pretty)… ; )

i just think that its not such a big deal if her conection with Leo give a LITTLE push to her career, she will also make it WITHOUT him but ofcourse its helps her!!! and if Leo dont mind, so what the f*** YOU mind??????
stop to be jealous in people from the worng reassons if shes such a loser for you, why you cant leave her alon?? live YOUR life in the way that you belive!!! and leave all the “losers” alon! its will respect you much more, belive me!!!!
and if you are really THAT good so why do you wasting all of your time on hateing some “loser” model?????????
think about it!

Damn, you overreact a lot, girl!

What’s up here? I’m neither jealous nor am I thinking Bar is a loser!
I think I was very polite in what I said. And your reaction is absolutely out of place and very immature, my dear!

It’s obvious girl, you really REALLY need some time offline! It’s really not healthy!

Because you’re sounding totally obssessed w/ this model, for what reason ever…and it seems you can’t deal with any opinion different to yours and when someone brings to the point what YOU actually wrote! *headshaking*

P.S.: You take it all way too personally…either you are a totally obssesed fan or…you’re a member of her family or a close friend…
Either way, you should learn to respect the opinions of other ppl! It’s a part of becoming an adult…and sounding like one…

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