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Bristol Palin: Abstinence Ambassador

Bristol Palin: Abstinence Ambassador

Bristol Palin and Hayden Panettiere support the Candie’s Foundation town hall meeting on teen pregnancy prevention at TheTimesCenter on Wednesday (May 6) in New York City.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin‘s daughter urged young Americans to abstain from having sex to avoid becoming a teenage mother like herself. “Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only … 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy,” she told GMA. “It’s a hard choice, but it’s the safest choice and it’s the best choice,” the 17-year-old mother said.

“I knew that it would be a huge shock and a huge surprise for my parents,” Palin added. “I hope that me speaking out now will prevent girls from having to do that in the future.”

45+ pictures inside of Bristol Palin as an abstinence ambassador…

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  • lieza

    These two proclaiming abstinence? Joke, right?

  • clarice

    Yo Miss Palin, if ya don’t want to get preggie, do it like a doggie, ‘coz we all need some nookie-nookie

  • miss t

    She’s SO annoying

  • Joboots

    Yeah,just like her mama!!!!

  • me me me

    geez! promote safe sex, not abstinence.

  • VSM


  • uk


  • Vicky

    Palins need to disappear.

  • Lauren

    I agree with me me me!!
    promote safe sex not abstinence!!

    Maybe she dons’t know, but there is a thing called condoms, you can use that if you don’t wanna be pregnant!

    Wonder what Hayden thought about standing next to her… I hate her mum!

  • Gaia

    Do not tell teens that sex is wrong (they will not listen) – teach them what happens, promote save sex and be responsible.

  • Toni

    I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but if this girl had caught AIDS or any other STD instead of getting pregnant, would she finally be promoting condoms? Or would mommy just leave her to die on her own?


    grow up children on this page. The USA is paying plenty in social services for babies from teen mothers. Bristol is the only grown up here..a pity you can’t support her standing up and speaking out to help others..really sad…

  • faye

    Tina, the reason that we pay so much to support teen mothers is that instead of teaching abstinace as one option and safe sex and preventative measures in the SAME setting we do nothing. Palin failed miserably at abstinance as clearly all who find themselves with unwanted pregnancy have. Yes you are right, we do need to grow up, but we need to grow up and teach teens how to protect themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy.

  • april

    OK…this is ridiculous ! Bristol is a media seeking hypocrite !!

  • sweetiepie

    why spend this organisation and the people who support it so much money and time on such a stupid thing like absence? this obviously doesn’t work and with the money, the time and the presence in media they could make such a good job on promoting safe sex and good education about sex. but maybe the abstinence is an american way ;)

  • bjohnson

    The slogan will be “Abstinence only, it worked for me and will work for you.

  • marie

    #10 – I totally agree
    Abstinence is not normal, not natural and definitely not working. It’s like Probihibiton – it is never going to work…
    Just raise your kids as responsible adults who are allowed to enjoy SAFE sex
    in no other country in the world abstinence is being taught as a way to prevent pregnancy – and look: the US have the highest teen pregnancy rates..what a coincidence

  • telly

    this woman(bristol) looks 27 not 17..jeeez she’s so overgrown

  • Sofia

    @TINA FAE: be realistic…absinence in not natural, and you see the result of absinence on bristol palin, instead of wasting time in this way, it’s better to explain how to use a condom…
    in US ppl can’t teach this to their children, dunno why, and here there’s the hightest number of teen pregnancy, what a coincidence!
    why in other states as in Europe 16 years old can have sex without have a baby?cuz of sexual education they got when they were younger…so they have sex BUT they’re able to use a condom BECAUSE they perfectly know what could happen in they have unsafe sex…and it seems it works better…look, i’m italian, we have this useless pope and his useless speeches, obliviously he doesn’t want ppl to use condom though it’s the best way to avoid diseases and unexpected pregnancies but we don’t have the highest number of teens expecting a baby…why?beacause ppl use their brain be4 listen to the pope…also cuz it’s really hard to forbid a 17 years old guy who wants disperately to have sex not to do it…he will…as palin did…BUT the guy knows he doesn’t want to be a dad AND he uses condoms AND it works both for diseases and pregnancies…
    sorry 4 random mistakes i probably did!^^’

  • telly

    this woman(bristol) looks 27 not 17..she’s so overgrown

  • jessica

    These girls are the girls promoting absitnence? Hayden’s a slut and Bristol has a baby. Fail.

  • Lillianne

    Bristol saying the baby “is the best thing that ever happened to me” is not likely to discourage teens from doing the same thing she did.

  • omg

    I don’t want to be mean, but these two are two proclaiming abstinence. It would be like Paris Hilton proclaiming abstinence. Come on, no one is going to take you seriously. Yes raise awareness about safe sex and waiting, but these two proclaiming abstinence is a bit of joke.

  • bobbi

    She was on Fox News saying abstinence wasn’t a realistic option.

  • d

    At least Bristol looks better than Hayden

  • weight

    Bristol just stop it! You are trying to capitalize on your name in a sneaky way. You don’t really give a darn about abstinence.

  • marie

    I’m saddened by all the rude and ignorant comments on this thread. I know a lot of people who wait till marriage. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a personal choice.

  • Jan

    @faye: Per Levi, these 2 used safe sex MOST of the time. They like typical teens got caught up in the moment and take a risk as they are CHILDREN and immature and the risk resulted children giving birth to children. Bristol seems sincere in wanting to prevent other teen girls from the heartache this has caused her at such a young age. You attack her because she is Sarah Palin’s daughter and you hate her mom’s politics. Jared wrote that Trigg was Bristol’s and not Sarah’s on this website. Sarah’s doctor said Sarah gave birth to Trigg but Jared NEVER put the truth on this website. Hating children because you hate the parent’s politics is disgusting!!!!

  • jilly

    can’t stand her or her mother!

    why does she have that silly hairstyle? Top part of her hair like that…soooo old fashioned

  • Andy

    Oh look., Is Hayden “I need to attend every single event” Panettiere :rolls:

  • sasha


  • pellegrino

    Wait a minute. Bristol is changing her story again? She went on Fox News and told Greta Van Susteren on national television that “abstinence was unrealistic”. She’s a liar. She said even her mom agreed that she was right. There are plenty of teens who are sexually active and are smart enough not to get preggers or contract STDs. Why are we listening to someone who couldn’t figure that out? Telling us that she’s an example of what NOT to do is supposed to make us believe that she’s reliable source of info?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    stupid bish and her family should disappear.

  • LD

    Why is it that so many people, especially judging from most of the comments, think that you can only promote one? You can promote BOTH abstinence AND safe sex. It doesn’t have to be one or the other!

    Abstinence needs to be promoted because it is the ONLY 100% protection against both STD’s and pregnancy. It doesn’t necessarily mean abstinent until marriage or because of religious beliefs. It also applies to being abstinent until you are ready.

    Condoms are effective in preventing both but can break (although fairly uncommon) and are about 98% effective in preventing pregnancy…IF used correctly! If used incorrectly (much easier than you might think), that number drastically decreases. The first year effectiveness of condoms is only 86%.

    All birth control methods have varying rates of effectiveness in prevention of pregnancy and STIs.

    EVERYONE should be educated about the pros and cons of ALL birth control methods! Not just condoms and such because abstinence “doesn’t work” and not just abstinence because teaching abstinence-only causes high risk sex.

  • WTF

    This is the last girl who should preach abstinence. This is just ridiculous. She failed at it so what business does she have telling others what to do? She is THE proof this whole thing does not work at all. The US has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world, obviously different measures should be taken, like free birthcontrol and decent sex eduction at a young age (before kids have sex, so that means when they are 12-13 years old).


    Itr’s funny how both she and Hayden Pantyairs is there. They’re both teenage SLUTS. I don’t think girls who sleep with 30 yr-old men at 17 (Hayden) should be advising young girls on abstinence.

  • Gossip girl

    whoa how short is hayden???

  • Gossip girl

    whoa how short is hayden???

  • Ethan

    What the hell is this?
    This is crap.

  • Jaye

    Ok, in the beginning she said abstinence was unrealistic, now suddenly she’s promoting abstinence? I guess Palin’s “How the H*LL could you embarrass me like that” speech took. What a charade. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on birth control pills or the patch right now. Who’s really going to listen to Bristol anyway?

  • Ava

    “…I just think that abstinence is the only … 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy,”

    Duh! No kidding!

    How many other words of wisdom did she use to enlighten us?

    It’s a bit of “do as I say not as I do”.

  • emma

    hayden is a famewhore

  • Lisa

    She is a 17 years old bitch. I want her to desapear.

  • Sofia

    @marie: right, persona choice, made by 2 ppl who want to wait till wedding and this makes sense…but what a bout a 16 years old who wants dispeartely have sex? “no honey, just NOT do it, it’s better u know…lot of ppl have sex every day but u can’t and won’t…understand??” what will he answer “wtf!” and then he’ll have sex, maybe ignoring how to use a condom and 9 months after…

  • nysro

    That bitch has ZERO buisness telling people what they should and should not do…

    and why is she still around?? She was nobody and is nobody now..

    just another stupid whore who had a baby way too young..

  • joss

    how ironic

  • LuckyL

    What a dumb***. She said two seconds ago that “Abstinence is unrealistic”

  • Athena

    Preach but don’t practice, eh Palin? EPIC FAIL.

  • LuckyL

    I bet you she’s had sex while pregnant as well.

  • rEecey pieces