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Hilary Duff is a Workout Warrior

Hilary Duff is a Workout Warrior

Hilary Duff heads to the gym in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 7).

The 21-year-old singer/actress from Houston, Texas showed off her curves last night as she co-hosted the Herve Leger by Max Azria Celebrationin Los Angeles.

Now that her boyfriend, Mike Comrie is in his hockey off-season, he’ll be around more to support her. She said, “He plays hockey in Ottawa, so he’s in town for the summer…so he’s gotta show up for all my stuff now since I’m constantly going to visit him. He’s a good sport about all of it, and he’s great. I’m happy to have him back!”

Check out the interview with Hil on the red carpet!

10+ pictures of Hilary Duff, the workout warrior…

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hilary duff workout warrior 01
hilary duff workout warrior 02
hilary duff workout warrior 03
hilary duff workout warrior 04
hilary duff workout warrior 05
hilary duff workout warrior 06
hilary duff workout warrior 07
hilary duff workout warrior 08
hilary duff workout warrior 09
hilary duff workout warrior 10

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  • xo

    good! she needs to go.. gettin tubby Hilary.. the best career move you could make is to live in the gym

  • courteney from AUs

    thats a bit nasty dont you think?
    i would like to see what you look like.
    do something better with you life then make people feel bad about themselves

  • Kate

    You’re obviously an idiot so i’m not even going to bother to argue with you, she looks healthy and seems to be in a happy, stable relationship good for her

  • xo

    totally agree with xo…the chick is looking FAT!!! I can see the fat rolls on her!!

  • mary

    she looks HOT!

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She’s a little bigger than the rest of Hollywood but so what? Its not like she’s obese or anything!
    You’re probably 20 times fatter than what she is, #1.
    And umm.. #1 and #4, I know you’re the same person… idiot.

  • brian

    looooooooooooooooove her

  • ffr

    xo, why don’t you send Jared some photos of you?

    Hilary looks totally healthy,happy,n HOT!:D

  • mika

    shes fine! stop sayin shes fat.

  • Ed

    she is lame……y can’t she use the gym at her house. if she’s giving people hundreds for tips, i am sure she can hire personal coach to come to her house.

  • perrine

    Working out … but still super chunky!

  • ryan

    shes not even close to being FAT!! you guys are idiots.

    you critisised her for being too skinny, and now you think shes fat?

    She has muscle and there is actually NO FAT on her body, just muscle tone.

    some people are pathetic…hilary is gorgeous!

  • mertz

    so i was just wondering…but after reading someo of these comments i guess i’m on the same tip as some other people, since duffster here hasn’t been working as much i’ve noticed she’s not as skinny as she used to be, or is that a disney/nickelodean contract thing for all their young stars. since everyone is hating on jessica simpson and other larger females would you truly consider hilary duff fat? add that in your repsonses. or do you think she looks healthy. would you rather see someone like say a hilary duff or a lindsay lohan (please don’t judge them by their behaviours or careers), or a miley cyrus/selena gomez to a taylor momsen/taylor swift.

    i like hilary duff because she’s a real genuine person, and she’s polite when she does her interviews (this part doesn’t matter). i think she looks healthy and maybe she has a little tummy but i don’t think it’s a bad thing. she was busting out of that leger dress but i think it wasn’t tailored to fit her properly, but the girl is always looking nice.

  • Jughed

    Crazy enough, I actually like Hil more thinking she’s making her chubby lil’ body sweat. :D
    ps. i drink that brand of water, too

  • mertz

    #14 is 100% all dude. you were probably admiring her nice rack and how she’s gain a little boobage after gaining a little more weight.

  • cynthia

    Love hilary! she’s looking healthy not fat at all……..

  • all these pictures of her working out…yet her arms are still chunky as hell. WHY?

  • twinkle

    she’s not chunky..people please!!..she’s just a little broad for her height so it may seem that way..n yea she does need to lose a few pounds but she still looks absolutely beautiful!! her alooot!

  • Caroline

    she looks healthy and gorgeous!

    mertz: ” since duffster here hasn’t been working as much i’ve noticed she’s not as skinny as she used to be”

    where have you been? Hilary has 3 movies and a new clothes line coming out this year. she also starts filming a new movie and her new tv show this year.

  • xo

    I dont care what you people say..I am entitled to have my opinion..I think she is CHUBBY and FAT and Im gonna stick to it..and by the way number 8, i work out regularly and have a six pack which i can mail it to you if you want or post it onine.

  • Lisa

    she looks soooooo good!
    people stop being stupid! she looks great!
    because of people like you she got this “anorexic” look she had before!!!
    OK bye now!
    love Hil foreverrrr!
    ~and sorry for my bad English~

  • Kayla

    jeslouse ppl these days

  • Andrea

    Perfect *-*

  • jen

    she’s soo cute!!! LOVE HER!!!!! and great body!

  • Billythekid


    I agree with you. She looks fine to me. A little healthy weight isn’t a bad thing at all. Just ask Lindsay, she could use a few pounds.

  • brooklyn

    You people are crazy! She is no where near some of the things you people have said. That is beyond rude.

  • jon

    It’s weird she doesnt look chubby in these pics unlike at that event a couple of night ago.

  • XO


  • ummm?

    i mean, not that i care or anything but her bag is definitly fake, idk why a celeb would carry a fake one but i guess she ran out of cash for the real thing, that sucks, i need some money bc i have a fake one too lol but then again im not a celebrity so i dont think anyone cares…

  • jennifer86

    I think she looks healthy, and is probably still growing in to her body. She is 21 for Christ’s sake! I think she’ll always be a little zaftig, and hopefully never sport the emaciated look. She appears to be one of those people who have to consistently monitor their caloirie intake and make it a point to exercise regulary, or else they can gain a lot of weight very quickly. I know people who are like that. It all has to do with the genes.

  • Nan1esco

    @xo: What is your problem!! Why do you sweat her sooooooooo much, I see you in every link of hers saying something rude!! What happened, some one paying you to talk your sh*t!! Get out loser; we Hilary fans don’t want your rude as in here!!!! Post a picture of yourself so we can see what your ugly ass looks like!!! I dare you?!! Bet, Hilary still looks better then you, dumb ass!!

  • xo #1

    whoa.. hahaha Hi “xo”
    dont you think its kinda funny that people think were the same person?!?!? that s what the sad pathetic little fans do on EVERY post.. they cant wrap there tiny little brains around the fact that MANY people.. not just the same person using different names have DIFFERENT opinions about the celebrity they love so much! hahaha.. anyways ill call myself XO #1.. since I was the first post… my body is WAAAAAAAY better than Hilary’s. Im 5″9 125… with curves in all the right places.. Hilary is fat. BE ONE WITH IT.!!

  • xo #1

    oh.. Ill totally post a pic.. Im far from gods gift.. but In so much better shape than Hilary. How do I do this? can I just post it on this thread… BOTH “xo” will… since there is 2.. not the same person.

  • mertz

    hey xo or xo # 1 you’re not that smart. just because people have already trolled you as the same person doesn’t mean that the comments apps on this website doesn’t allow the same person to conceal their identity or for more than one person to have the same name and use a different emails. it’s not science, but i hope you feel glad about your lofty perch. not everyone is stupid on this website.

  • Nan1esco

    @xo #1:Shut up loser!! Hello, who in hell are you????!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a shi* if your 5’9, 125… Has that made you famous?? No, I don’t think so! Who gives a shi* if “YOU” (key word here) think your so HOT lol. Nobody is chasing you early in the morning to take your picture, are they? Yet somehow, in “your” eyes, Hilary is so fat and nasty, yet, you do see the paparazzi running all over the place just to get glimpses of her! So, you tell me, if she is so nasty, then why are they taking her picture? To sell them (picture’s), right? Then that must mean people (magazines, gossip websites, etc, etc) must be buying them (picture’s)! Therefore, it must Sale, in order for shit to sell here in the USA; people must love some Hilary Duff!!!

    Oh and about there being more then just one XO, grow the balls and put your real name on here next time, dumb ass! Maybe then, people will not confuse your ass because we all know that XO is not your name!!!

  • bill

    i love hilary and i think she looks great, she looks like she needs some classes that will make her body more slim though

  • realgirl

    she is chubby? fat?… i bet if u take her bmi for her height she is well in the healthy range… maybe even on the lower end. numbers dont lie… people do.. to theirselves… ha..

    its like she never good enough… one question.. did u like her when she was at her skinniest? or was that too fat too?

  • weiners

    @xo: what an awful thing to say. maybe you should get off your computer and do a four hour work out buds.

  • weiners

    @perrine: no, shes not super chunky. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING COMPUTER ASSHOLE

  • CoalEldrake

    Everyone also hasto take into acount that these are Poparatzi photos, and taken to try to make the person look bad.
    If she looks that good when people are trying to make her look bat then think about how well she looks in a normal photo, let alone one done by a profesional photagrapher.

  • CoalEldrake

    She may look bigger than she did before, bet she still has an increadably healthy look, and as long as she is comftorable with it does it realy matter.
    Were supose to be saying weather or not she looks too big or not, and my opinion is no. I thinks she looks more healthy, and in beater shape than she has in a long time.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    YAY I want more of her an her boyfriend…they’re so cute!