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John Mayer Gets Guitar Giddy

John Mayer Gets Guitar Giddy

John Mayer gets up close and personal after a concert at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Wednesday (April 6).

The 31-year-old Connecticut-born singer took time to sign a fan’s guitar and also was willing to accept a demo CD from another fan.

John’s recent close “friend”, Scheana Marie opened up to an honest interview last week and according to a Daily News source, “She quite nervous that John hasn’t texted or called.”

15+ pictures inside of John Mayer getting guitar giddy…

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  • You/Me

    Ha Ha After the interview she gave she shouldn’t be surprised that he hasn’t called or texted. What the h e l l was she thinking putting his business out there for the whole world?? And to drop Jen’s name as well! Bad juju Scheana

  • amy

    he looks so much better having dumped JA

  • pinkrose

    Ha Ha Ha!

  • debra

    Scheana’s mouth is no bigger than Jens. It just that Scheana is good looking, and Jen is not good looking. Jen looks like a turbo chin, horse.

  • anon

    John twittered that he would be there.So funny! So Debra-did you go to support him?

  • ahhh


  • Buckley

    cannot stand this douchebag

  • Zoz

    Yeah he does look good can’t wait for the hair to grow in some more.

    his friend called the marie chick delusional….so was that chick with the big chin.he just dated her to have someone to chase him around while touring and then hang with at the oscars.she’s just the ho you party with
    then when you get bored get away from.

    he got bored alot that’s why he ran away from the trick back in the summer then the second time around.

    he just let her talk all that love shit cause he dissed her.what he said wasn’t mean but anytime someone says they are not interested in
    you it’s considered a diss if they are disgustingly insecure like big chin

  • anon

    ^^^^Then why is he talking about her now?

  • DavidL

    I was at that show last night. Awesome. he played a couple of new songs. To answer your question, he was holding a lyric booklet and CD of singer/songwriter Amy Kuney. She plays at Hotel Cafe all the time including this Sat. and No i dont think they are dating.

  • act like a man

    John right now would be a nobody without Jen=====hes a user and he knows it, he really played Jen . Time to grow up John and act like a man.. I hope he treats he next woman like a man.. John your good with your music but wouldn’t have been this noticed without Jennifer and that’s he truth..

  • Zoz

    what the hell you talking about he doesn’t mention the old bag.

    anywayyyyyyy….he looks good the clips of the new songs I’ve heard sound great.

  • Zoz

    It’s not the truth.he’s won 7 Grammys in his20′s.worked with bb king buddy guy eric Clapton sheryl crow princes guitar man Steve Jordan whose worked with the rolling stones pino pallidino so worked with the who.usher Alicia keys Quincy jones dangelo dave chappelle.

    that is just a few

    common kanye west

    you people want to override talent with some fool that married a Hollywood star while he was on the rebound from being engaged.she Tap danced to get him to marry her told him what he wanted to hear then when she got

    him the truth came kids and she was
    jealous of him.

    you don’t call your marriage a merger and don’t get engaged for a year and a was a doomed marriage and now this ho is all on these tabloids for her poor me montra.

    if she didn’t play up to the bull shed fade like the other friends.

    hype and tabloid covers will never compare to clout quality talent and working with other greats that have been in the biz forever.

    john mayer is the typical 30yr old playing the field.he’s a player.whether he ends up alone or not is his’s the girls fault for dealing with it because they think they are special

  • Zoz

    special just cause they got a rockstar boyfriend

  • anon

    The truth is that Mayer and Aniston were never a couple. It was all acted. That is why he was tipping off the pap agencies, and leaving his car at her house overnight, while he got rides out hidden in the back of cars/limos, on the floor of the back seat under a blanket. HE WAS SEEN TRYING TO SNEAK OUT !!! VAUGHN DID THE SAME TRICK. It was a PR war against Pitt and Jolie. Organised by CAA who manages Aniston, (contractually) Sculfor, Diaz, Mayer, and Vaughn etc…. He has been meeting women on Twitter, sleeping with them as long as they are discreet. Their “relationship” was a SHAM from the beginning. The TWITTER “break up” excuse is a joke; they have no reason to “break up” and now they know audiences know they were faking it, they don’t even care to explain. They did ANYTHING to gain publicity over Pitt to win the Christmas war…..even pose nearly nu-de, talk about pregnancy, create marriage rumors for publicity…etc…Her personal life is HIDDEN. He agreed to a contract to run concurrent with her production, Marley and Me. That is why their (acted) relationship started at the beginning of M&M and ended as soon as the film delivered it was a publicity stunt, funded by the production: same as TBU. What people posting don’t understand is that she doesn’t want a judge a jury of her personal life, and the investors don’t want her personal life effecting the film’s gross return. So that is the truth, and what is more bizarre is that Vince did the same thing with TBU (same as Sculfor). They had a fictional relationship too, that seemed to people reading magazines, as though it was real. It wasn’t. It was all for publicity to stop nosy people like you guys asking personal questions that have nothing to do with you. She owes you NOTHING except a performance after you buy the ticket.

  • Marieme

    Was I imagining it or did he not shave his head a few months ago? That is some fast growing hair there.

  • anon

    he is very insulting and arrogant behind the scenes : you don’t know. He copies from males, steals their ideas and tries to rival other males. That is his focus and that is what sent him gay. RIVALRY. It is all a sexual competition between him and his brother, that he never fully resolved in his childhood. So he projects that incomplete sexual energy (with his brother) into other men : copying them, trying to outdo them by cloning them and pushing ahead…… instead making himself look artificial, desperate, stretched and vulgar.

  • Zoz

    Stop with the fake relationship.he did what lots of folks do date someone you don’t luke so you don’t get attached

  • Lawrence

    Some of you people should be sterilized for the sake of future generations*lol*.

  • Kira

    I was there, too. John sounded amazing and the new songs are great. He is a beautiful man with a good heart and has an awesome memory…this I had a personal experience with as he remembered something about me from a year or more ago. Yes, I am a regular fan and John shows his appreciation in a myraid of ways. No one is perfect, but he is pretty close, IMO. Sorry if you don’t like to hear it. DavidL your dating comment made me laugh.

  • Zoz


    no not yet he’s not….not yet.don’t get too flattered ….others have said the same thing except it was 4-6 yrs later

    can’t say someone is close to perfect when you really don’t know them.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He is so HOT!!

  • suppress your appetite

    respect …