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Kate Gosselin: Today Show Talkative

Kate Gosselin: Today Show Talkative

Kate Gosselin makes an appearance at the Today Show to promote her reality TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, in New York City on Thursday (May 7).

The 34-year-old reality mom also addressed rumors of an affair between her husband, Jon Gosselin, and a 23-year-old school teacher.

Kate responded, “I’m very hesitant to believe any of it. It goes with the territory. We’re dealing with it privately. There are those things we keep to ourselves, and we’re working through it together.”

Check out the video here.

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  • bee

    Flock of seagulls is her fave band?

  • what happen

    I notice she does not defend him.
    Her and Jon do not want to eff up their meal ticket at this point by admitting what happened with Deanna “the friend.”
    After all, they have to pay for her to get this stupid hairdo.

  • malibusunrise

    I always hated this bitch :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I’m truly happy for what happened.

  • JJ

    Instead of working talk show circuit she should be taking care of her 8 brats.
    Jon just needs to leave this witch!

  • LuckyL


  • Sally

    I cant stand this woman. She even LOOKS like a b!tch

  • gejwin

    “I’m very hesitant to believe any of it”

    She wouldn’t have said that if he really didn’t do it. She’d make a much more definitive statement.

  • Lola

    Oh, that hair! Can you say “wanna-be”?

    Go away, Kate!

  • jughed

    Why would he cheat on her? I think she’s kinda hot :D

  • Tarah

    This is exactly what happens when you take it too far. This show should have ended two years ago. Also, the octo mom has a LOT to do with this as well. Prior to the octo-mom story, you NEVER saw Jon and Kate in the tabloids. They were just people who had a show. The Octo mom story just got so out of control that the media was looking at who else fit in with this type of thing and Bingo, let’s target the Gosselins. They have eight kids too! As for the affair, who cares if it happened. It’s between him and her. I don’t see the harm in hanging out in your backyard with friends. I do it all the time. Doesn’t mean I am having an affair. Also, both of them are deserving of a night out once in a while.

  • mo mo

    kate looks pretty good for having to deal with those 8 whiny kids and jon. he should grow a spine every now and then.

  • sushi

    I only saw a tiny clip of the show.oooh man kate is a totally I3ITCH!!!

  • jc

    Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares, …..about this woman with the clown car uterus. And shame on the Today Show for even agreeing to cover this c**p.

  • Glo

    Like other reality “stars,” Kate needs to go away and JJ should stop posting pics about her. She’s a fame whore and needs to stop exploiting her kids.

  • cece


    i really hope who ever your with…now or in the future will cheat on your ass.

  • cece

    have 8 kids. then you will see the amount to stress someone can go through….someone has to wear the pants in the relationship. jon needs to grow a back bone…girls naturally take the lead….its up to a man with a backbone to be even up the score.

  • mare

    she does not look happy.

  • Gino

    And i thought they were a perfect happy couple with a bunch of kids.

  • imo

    She looks really pretty here.

  • Jaye

    Tarah @ 05/07/2009 at 8:52 pm
    I bet you have a conspiracy theory for everything.

    lol@ Nadya Suleman being blamed for Jon and Kate’s problems. She might be responsible for those black holes in the universe too. Get a grip PLEASE.

    I assure you that the BAR Jon was at was not in his backyard. It doesn’t speak well of a man making good decisions when he’s a married personality and he’s hanging with a 23 year old ‘friend’. I understand he might feel he’s missed something in his life, but it shouldn’t be the companionship of young women. That is just asking for trouble. If you tell me he’s hanging with her for just some innocent chatting, I’ll have to barf. He might have told himself that in the beginning but he’s old enough to know better.

    Since the other woman has thrown down the gauntlet , so to speak, with her brother, this could get really, really nasty. it doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend is peddling pictures of her in a sexual act.

    Kate IS a , well you know, but I feel sorry for her in a way. She got sucked into this celebrity thing not realizing it’s a 2 headed monster. Now it’s bitten her and she’s running with it. It seems she’s out of the house more and more. It’s one thing to have the show for income, but why is she taking time from her family promoting all these other things? I do believe they both love their kids; but the love between them might be LONG gone. The last season of the show was strained to say the least. If she’s like that in front of the camera, I hesitate to think what she’s like the rest of the time. He just seems like someone who is very much frustrated by the hole they’ve dug for themselves.. Jon also seems to be acting out like a kid, rebelling against the constraints of being Jon and Kate Plus 8. He has NO identity and he’s complained about that before.

    In the end they will stay together for the kids, which I believe they are doing now. They got married and immediately started having kids. These people had little time to just be a couple. It was Kate who wanted to have another child after the twins, Jon did not, but as usual gave in to her. Instead of one they had 6 more. Does that remind you of someone, it should. . He probably resents her for that. Resentment or not, he made the bed he’s now lying in. The only real innocents are the kids. They didn’t get to make the decision as to whether they are on tv or not. Oh, I know she says that she told them if they didn’t want to be on camera to leave the room. Why would they object to the camera now, they got fed the camera when they weren’t able to make those types of decisions. That’s their real world and it’s sad.

    I know the money is intoxicating , but I hope after this up coming season, they give it a rest. Kate seems to be addicted to the fame, but finding that it bears a high cost might change her mind. I wish them luck, they’re going to need it.

  • omg

    LOL comment 1

  • shelby

    Mean people post comments on JJ. Mean, judgemental and nasty people.

    I feel sorry for both of them. Their kids are adorable. They both seem normal and very nice. I’m sure it’s overwhelming for them, but there’s no excuse for a husband to be in a bar with another woman. Can’t justify that one.

    Send the cameras away. Go home. Work it out.
    I wish them all the best.


    what’s with the “hate”?? this chic is hot, I’d hit her all night! looks like linda fiorentino in MiB :)

  • olddanfan is getting rich off of stupid people like us who actually read and comment on sites like these. We are the real losers.

  • mj

    I feel so sorry for this family tabloids are so mean.

  • Rhonda

    Our comments serve mankind! Without them, these people really would think that the world revolves around them. It’s good for them to hear what we REALLY think of them! Keeps them humble, ha ha!

  • Rhonda

    @ADAM LAMBERT: it obvious you never watched the show, she is total B—ch!

  • Let the games begin

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall at J+K’s on mothers day! hahaaaa. Didn’t kate just get a wedding dress at kleinfeld$$$ for some sort recommitment ceremony? oi vey.

  • Tarah


    Screw you…My opinion…not a conspiracy theory. Look at the timeline honey! I never said he didn’t do it and I never said they didn’t have problems or that Nadya was to blame. I am saying that the timing of when the media was breathing down the Gosselin’s necks was around the hype of the Octo mom. The media does this all the time. IThey look for things that people seem interested in and try to capitalize on it more and more.

  • Sgt Friday


    When will celeb sites and mags stop giving coverage to talentless nobodies? Paris and Nicole started that gravy train and now even more average John Q. Public people are coming out of the woodwork for a slice of the pie.

    Stick to covering deserving celebs who actually have some talent!

  • Sgt Friday

    And I’ll be damned! I was just looking at Adam Lambert’s EW cover and he stole Kate’s hair!

    Or did Kate steal his? I wonder if he had this cut for some time before he became famous…

  • what happen

    Deanna is not a friend.

  • tren

    It doesn’t really matter what she says. her actions speak louder than words. She continues to do the media cirlces, instead of going home to block it out and be with her family…”they’re the top priority…I don’t care if I sell a million books…” Than what the helll are you doing promoting the f-ing book…??? “I’m hesitent to believe the rumors”…uh, you mean you know Jon got the hell out of your claw hooks for a split second! You didn’t have control, so now you can daydream all you want.. I hate this woman! Watch one show, and you all will know what I’m talking about..RUN FOR THE HILLS JON

  • g!na

    Rooster head!

  • cosi

    go home, kate; show’s over.

  • mertz

    how does kate gosselin seem to be addicted to the money, and are you fn kidding me…she’s on a press tour for her book…she was already on a press tour for her book. she’s doing something that he rfamily supports her in, and as well as being a mother she’s actually doing something else productive for her family so yes lets blame her and rain on her parade. and unfortunately for her all this shit comes through at the same time. yes she should just sit at home and cower with her family instead of meeting all these stupid rumours head on and moving on with her wife. IT’S GOOD TO SEE ALL THE JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE WHO ALL HAVE 8 KIDS, A STAY AT HOME HUSBAND, AND A TLC (used to be discovery health) TV SHOW VOICE THEIR OPINIONS ABOUT THIS LADY AND HER FAMILY. i don’t mind kate gosselin one bit. there needs to be some strong ladies in this world who don’t simper and bitch about unecessary things. okay so what she’s a germa phobe, and so what her hair isn’t to you liking, but really stick your jealousy up your posterior and shut the hell up.

  • nysro

    I wish the fuck our society would stop making stars out of woman soley for having kids…

    We need some starst with talent, not ones that squeeze out excessive numbers of worthless kids.

  • Annie

    Why is she famous? Because she can pop out kids and then totally ignore them when things go wrong? She should be HOME taking care of her personal business instead of making it worse by flappin her big yap to the media. She is more worried about her show than keeping her family together. What a pathetic, self-centered person.

  • Sheri

    Every time I see a picture of her and this hair I want to scream. PLEASE, Kate, get a new hairdo. How on earth can you think this looks good?!? And my husband and I have quit watching the show because she is so mean, controlling and condescending. I feel sorry for Jon …

  • Julie

    So, was she on the show to promote her book or defend her marriage. Funny how the two coincide.

    #39…couldn’t agree more…she treats her husband like abosolute dirt. And if she treats him like that on TV…imagine what it is like when the camera’s are off.

  • au

    Boring… who cares anyway

  • Holly

    What he did was inappropriate for a married man. I don’t care if a married man has female friends or not, he should not be out at 2 am joyriding while his wife and children are at home. Most affairs start out this way and for the sake of that family, I hope he has learned his lesson. As for Kate, she seems like a control freak. However, she also seems to be a good mother.

  • mertz

    this lady makes no bones about the way she behaves or comes accross to the viewers and she doesn’t apologize for treating her husband the way she does. yes she has many faults, and she acknowledges them. so what, she’s friggen human…superhuman in my opinion for raising her kids and having a career now and also to be in a relationship. she probably treats him the way she treats others. i don’t think she’s one of those types of people with dual personalities. she’s not the type. he knew what he was getting when he married her. if you think you could do better than her why don’t you try to break up this family and marry him. no offence to jon gosselin but he remindes me of my mother, and she remindes me of my father. i would rather have kate’s type of attitude than to have jons and be chillax and laid back about everything. w/e. my opinions don’t matter, and like au said who cares. ugh. i really hate dumb people.

  • Cathey

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman!!

    Where have we heard that before?

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn this whole jon and kate thing is getting old real soon
    im pretty sure their doing it 2 hype their new season
    she looks retarded in those pictures

  • kait



  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Kate wants some – not from Jon though.

  • zoe

    I can’t believe anyone feels sorry for these two. They were the ones that created this circus around them. What, they thought they could have their cake and eat it too? You don’t get to lie to the media and public and act like you are poor when you make over $70,000 an episode just so people will keep sending you free things for your kids to promote and send you off on free trips. The only real victims here and the only people anyone should feel sorry for are those kids, whose parents have not only exploited for every penny they are worth but have quit their jobs and are living off the income their kids made. By the time they get college age, they will never have the funds to go because their parents are already blowing it off going to five star celebrity eateries and buying Jon’s new sports car. These people are sick, and so are the folks contributing to the ratings who are allowing this nonsense to continue. Cancel this show and save those kids. But I wonder what will happen then, when there will be 8 kids with 2 unemployed parents…

  • jonandwhopluswhat

    Kate does have milfy good looks, but I would punch her in the face.

  • Lisa

    You’d be a bitch to if you had 8 kids and a husband that wants to be a kid bring the total to 9 kids. Jon needs to keep his dick in his pants of just divorce her and move on. They can take joint coustody of the kids. Now that would be an interesting show.