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Lindsay Lohan is a Vogue Vixen

Lindsay Lohan is a Vogue Vixen

Lindsay Lohan bares some skin while doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque photo shoot for Spanish Vogue in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 6).

Other pictures from the shoot were reported earlier.

The 22-year-old actress was also seen with ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, leaving her house at 6:30am this morning.

Looks like LiLo is starting to gain some momentum in both her professional and personal life!

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan, the Vogue vixen…

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lindsay lohan vogue vixen 01
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 02
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 03
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 04
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 05
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 06
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 07
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 08
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 09
lindsay lohan vogue vixen 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lea

    Didn’t she already do this and show some nip? No one cared then either.

  • Joboots

    Think I’m gonna throw up!!!!!

  • Queenoftrashin

    How ironic that this one is always doing ‘Marilyn’ shoots because Marilyn Monroe was no skinny-ass bitch.

  • 100mph

    WTF~ Marilyn should come back and smack her.

  • myobservation

    gross, she looks just like her mother.

  • teri

    Don’t care about the nay sayers, Lindsay is as good as anyone else to do this shoot. I’m sure the haters would rather see Parisite do it or better yet manny.

  • Epps

    She doesn’t look anything like Marilyn Monroe.
    She looks like her mother, same age too.

  • It’s Thursday!


    She looks like the anorexic version of Dina.

  • irene

    if her bra is stuffed, then her panties could be too. Well, lets check the future “official” photoshopped photos.

  • Time well wasted

    Lindsay is only 22? Seems like we have been hearing about her for that long already at least. She and Sam deserve each other.

  • Rockmeredkev


    uh actually she looks great

  • jane

    Lindsay look like a scarecrow.

  • Cheyenne

    Why does she keep doing Marilyn Monroe photo shoots? Marilyn was gorgeous and I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but Lindsey can’t fill Marilyn’s shoes not matter how much she tries.

  • jane

    None of those skinny ass actresses could portray Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn has meat on her bones, she had a woman’s figure.

  • jo jo

    Where are they anyway…looks like out in some old deserted field or something.

  • Kate

    gag go away with this trashy girl

  • Andy

    Skinny B*tch!


    not sexy.

  • Billythekid


    It’s not about being a nay-sayer or hating on Lindsay, it’s just that she has done this before and it was ridiculous then, and it’s even more comical now. Lindsay lacks the persona and the beauty that embodied Marilyn Monroe. What more could be said than that?


    wow, this is just sad… :)

  • lo

    Eww, her bones are NOT sexy!

  • r-PAtzfan

    eww ,she stinks , somebody tell her that her career is dead ,please

  • janelle

    Poor Marilyn. Lohan is embarassing herself trying to portray a gorgeous, curvy woman.

  • Cara

    Who has the money to waste on these magazines? She looks just like her ugly mother who raised dysfunctional anorexic daughters and this one is known to be a mental case.

  • Rhonda

    she looks like an old hag that been rode hard and put away wet. Her 15 minutes are just about up.

  • Jaye

    she’s just ridiculous now.

  • jnj

    If Marilyn was alive she would have back smacked Lindsay just like Stevie Nicks did when Lindsay said she wanted to portray her in a movie.

  • layla

    i agree. marilyn SHOULD come back and smack lindsay. marilyn was gorgeous and curvy. this hag is all skin and bones. and talentless.

    stop embarassing yourself and go away.

  • e.

    she tries so hard she ends up just looking trashy atleast
    marilyn monroe looked classy when she bared some skin.

  • vix

    That’s funny. Lindsay forgot to fake tan under her arm. They’re hella white. Just like the rest of her freckled skanky body. Idiot.

  • vix

    That’s funny. Lindsay forgot to fake tank under her arm. They’re hella white. Just like the rest of her freckled s kank y body. Idiot

  • P

    Her body doesn’t look so good here. But I still think she’s beautiful and deserves a compliment once in a while

  • jordyn

    ewww her bones r sticking right though her body and by the way she STINKS

  • ****

    Yeah, the only thing mildly successful she can star in is a photo shoot.

  • m.t

    she loos sexy and hooot
    love u lindsay gooo gooo

  • m.t

    goooo lindsay

  • LLM

    wtf marilyn doesnt have frickels

  • annie

    It is obscene to even mention Marilyn Monroe’s name in the same sentence as that disgusting little drug addict.

    She will have to do something a bit more substantial if she wants to “gain momentum” in her professional life!

    Seriously, is this some kind of joke?

  • Alexa

    She looks disgusting. I seriously think she needs to detox, go on a nice vacation, eat a pig roast, and start again. I am surprised Vogue would want her looking that way! But hey, at least she can still book shoots right? Good luck to her, I wish her and her family, the best.

  • lakers fan in boston

    o yah
    u no when i think of marilyn i defs think of lindsay
    i mean those 2 r so so sexy
    lindsay is a fucking joke, she looks horrible
    all she has r big fake boobs
    dumb bitch

  • dabu

    Seriously does anyone really care about this woman anymore? She has or had a lot of talent, but prefers to take the easy way out–drugs, alcohol, lesbian leanings when she is most likely hetero–anything to get press without really working. She could have been one of our really good actresses, but instead she’d rather drink, take drugs and w*hore around. Really sad that we all feed into her addictions.

  • meli

    She looks like a strung out coke whore or her mom. Oh wait- same thing

  • Charlie

    i love lindsay and all, but poor choice to portray marilyn monroe.

  • Technofreek

    You people are just jealous sloppy-assed idots . She looks great, leave her alone.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    SHE LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise Green

    Wow, I can’t believe all of the negative, insulting remarks everyone here is making about her! I have only read a couple positive ones in the whole 2 pages I read! She’s human and makes mistakes! I’m sure NONE of you have ever made any unwise choices or mistakes in your lives. Why don’t you give her a break. Marilyn is her idol and if I was ever to have the chance to portray my idol somehow, I’d jump at the chance to do it! So what, if she’s skinnier than her or has freckles! The only one that can accurately portray Marilyn is Marilyn herself. I personally think Lindsay did a great job! She seems to be trying to get her life back in order and all you can do is cut her down. You should be ashamed of yourselves! I’m not a religious nut or anything, but in the Bible, it says something to the effect of, “Let those who have not sinned, cast the first stone”. Everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them, hopefully. If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all! This is her life, not yours, so take care of your own and leave Lindsay alone! Stay on the right path Lindsay, I know you can do it!

  • Les

    She is no longer sexy. She is getting to be as skinny and as gross looking as her DJ girlfriend. She used to be a pin-up and now she is a throw away page.