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Rihanna is Snakeskin Sexy

Rihanna is Snakeskin Sexy

Rihanna dons a sexy snakeskin-print Gucci vest on her way out of her New York City hotel on Thursday (May 7).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty had a packed evening last night. After leaving her hotel looking cheetah cheerful, Rihanna attended the opening of designer Derek Lam‘s boutique. She then grabbed dinner at Da Silvano restaurant and then headed to club Mr. West in Chelsea.

Rihanna had come out to Mr. West to support pal Katy Perry as she celebrated the release of her “Wakin’ Up In Vegas” music video.

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  • Lara

    She doesn’t look too good anymore…

  • jeeves

    It’s getting worse by the day…

  • Just Jared

    @Lara: Really? I think she looks freakin’ fantastic.

  • pinkrose

    Sure she looks attractive. just the hairstyle (colour) is too old and the cut severe. But she looks good to me.

  • Peace

    Cute girl but is she trying to make up for all the publicity shots she missed during April? Seriously, give it a rest. Even Beyonce isn’t this much a fame whore.

  • tweaked

    Each outfit is uglier than the next.

  • g-spot

    Girlfriend, no, no, NO!

  • oh my

    Whoever is styling her doesn’t know what they’re doing.

  • e.

    @Just Jared:
    It’s call an opinion everybody has one; just cause you don’t agree.
    She’s turned herself into an ugly girl, famewhoreee, & paps magnet.
    she’s lower than where britney spears was last year.

  • icy

    The pants do not fit her right, I think that’s why she looks so bad.

  • Thay


  • figgy

    Her outfit is revealing but doesn’t do anything for her figure. It just makes her looks like a plank up and down. She’s clearly dressing to be photographed.

  • eyda

    aaaaaaaa why is she friends with katy? katy is so adoreable not like this bitch, hate rihanna

  • kate

    hate the hair.. seems like it’s only going blonder.

  • Buckley

    tacky, tacky, tacky

  • corey

    What’s going on with Rihanna’s style? She seems to alternate between old lady and tranny pool boy these days.

  • ancha

    There’s not much pictures to judge whether the pantsf fit her or not. I think she looks gorgeous.

  • flint

    You can clearly see the pants in pics 1 and 4. Agree, they don’t fit her too well and the floods are unflattering and look silly paired with those heels.

  • Viv

    Rihanna has an old lady face, like Dionne Warwick.

  • twilight

    I like her shoes, otherwise way too much going on and she looks like a dude in a wig.

  • JLove

    If I had this girl’s money, I’d hire a top stylist and be decked out to the nines all the time instead of a looking like a Vegas hooker. Does she even use a stylist anymore? It looks like she just throws on (literally everything at times) whatever designers send her.

  • Q

    Who wears that to go shopping?

  • Justin

    Damn, she has been looking a mess lately!
    Princess Rhi needs to get it together.

  • curious

    What has Rihanna been up to besides posing for photo-ops and clubbing? Is she going to start touring again? New album in the works?

  • Lara

    @JJ: Yes, really! I think Rihanna is a beautiful woman – or at least she CAN be…but she should change her clothes (this snake skin top is awful) and her hair style! Go back to your 2007 bob, Rihanna!

  • robbie

    She looks like a middle aged woman who’s lived a rough life.

  • Prue

    everything has gone wrong for her.from her boyfriend to her taste in style.she’s losing it.this isn’t the rihanna i knew.she has change.shes tryin to make people think that shes coping but she’s not.she looks worser than ever.

  • Prue

    n ohh wher’es her psycic.her right-hand woman.i swear that woman is always with her.

  • mertz

    if anyone cares, keri hilson did it first, keyshia cole did it in the past before riri and kh, and ciara’s been on the black blond tip for the better half of a year now but doing it in the reverse. RIHANNA doesn’t need to do he hair like everyone else. she looks good, but it’s been done. nice to see someone is keeping her on track and trimming her her so she’s not rocking that half hawk anymore.

  • motherlizard

    I think Rihanna looks beautiful. She has the type of body that most woman would kill for. Most of you posting negative comments couldn’t hold a candle to her. Jealousy is not good. I am quite sure most of you are UGLY and FAT! You guys are ugly on the inside as well as the outside. Let me reiterate it does not pay to be jealous. It makes you bitter. More time in the gym and less time sitting on the computer hating people. Fat Ugly Whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She looks fly

    C’mon beyonce is the biggest media who*re on the planet. RIHANNA looks really really fly. At least Rihanna never lies in interviews.

  • Regina

    Finally a outift I like

  • Havoc

    Can people see through computer screens? Doubtful, so why claim others are probably fat and ugly if you can’t see them and don’t know them.
    There is nothing to be jealous of here. Rihanna looks like a boy. She may have a good body but you can’t tell it by these photos. She looks stiff as a board and dressing like a fashion victim isn’t going to elicit envy.
    If Beyonce is such a media whore, why don’t we see new photos of her every day? Apparently, Beyonce is too busy actually working. Rihanna takes top honors in the media whore category. That’s why she’s been out every day this week trying to get her photo taken.

  • motherlizard

    @Havoc you probably purchase your clothes from department stores so you probably don’t know high fashion. She does not look like a boy. I see you are a fan of Beyonce and I am too but sorry Beyonce couldn’t look like Rihanna if she tried. She just does not have the body and she looks like the typical cute girl that you would see in a mall. Rihanna is exotic. I do like Beyonce but I love Rihanna. Again most of you are FAT and UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Havoc

    @motherlizard: Do you know me? No, you don’t,so you have no idea where I purchase my clothes or who I like. And where did I say I was a fan of Beyonce? All said was we don’t see daily pictures of her, so how can she be accused of being a bigger media whore than Rihanna? Rihanna has been out every day this week changing outfits several times a day and waving to paps to get her photo taken. This blog doesn’t post nearly as much about Beyonce as Rihanna because Beyonce doesn’t give them as much to post. She is not trolling for photo-ops like Rihanna. She is busy working and touring, earning money that’s put her on Forbes’ richest entertainers list.

    In your opinion, Rihanna is exotic. In my opinion, she is not and she looks like a boy. She’s quite average looking actually and I probably wouldn’t notice her except for all the crazy get ups.

  • AJ

    I love Rihanna more than Beyonce by far. She has a wonderful accent and singing voice to listen to. Her hairstyles and outfits are always unique regardless what she’s wearing. Beyonce always has to look glam, which might work for her but Rihanna likes to try new things and changes up her look, which makes me love her more.
    Beyonce also always seems to get what she wants all the time, and I think Rihanna deserves more recognition.
    Just my opinion.

  • motherlizard

    @Havoc, we are entitled to our opinion. Rihanna is beautiful trust me in every interview she does or if you ask most celebrities they always talk about how stunning she looks. I have never heard them talking about any other singer like that. I am sorry but so many people could not be lying. Do you leave your house everyday to take care of business etc. she is doing the same thing she is just famous and even more so because of that incident with that low class thug Chris Brown. I am almost 100% positive she is better looking than you. Be truthful, which boy do you know that has such small shoulders and look so feminine. At least she is not fat and ugly. I don’t think fat ugly people should be critizing anyone since they are the most disgusting things on the planet. They say the meanest things about skinny people about us not having a butt etc. I would rather have a small round butt than a wide one that you could land a plane on, or a huge one you could saddle up and ride. Those are just disgusting. I am not going to respond to your comments. I have a life since I am not FAT and UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t spend my time on the internet the whole day.

  • sigh

    uhhh this is stupid the the point is she looks bad end talk

  • Stevie Wonder

    Ms. Warwick doesn’t look a day over 65!

  • sigh

    uhhh this is stupid the point is she looks bad end the talk

  • joey

    motherlizard @ 05/07/2009 at 4:31 pm
    you must not get out much. she is ugly and built just like a teenage boy. go to the mall. tons of dudes look like this bitch.

  • i can’t believe this

    i dare all of those that don’t think they are pretty enough or have low self esteem who praise rihanna’s “beauty” to go up to her and ask her if you’re pretty see if she….. don’t stop…. flash a laugh…..pose a lil and walk away. don’t get me wrong i don’t hate the girl but yall praise her like carried the cross.

  • helen

    Her style is for us black girls. you white girls wont appreciate it. Its very different Stick with your vanessa whats her face.

    Rihanna I LOVE your style.

  • Regina

    Halle Berry has a better body type, then Rihanna.

  • motherlizard

    This is the last time I am responding. Rihanna is beautiful. I and millions of others share that opinion. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t need to ask Rihanna if she thinks I am beautiful. I just have to look in the mirror. I also get people telling me that constantly. I have a body more like Rihanna’s so maybe I am bias. We are less prone to cellulite and stretch marks. Halle Berry does have a nice body. I would still rather to look like a model than have too much curves. again maybe I am bias since thats the way I am built. I love you Rihanna and I support you. You are beautiful no matter what they say and the people who have actually seen you in real life have said so. Its nice not being FAT and/or UGLY. Jealousy not a good look. Love You Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • yes

    ^Exactly! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so no one is objectively beautiful. Therefore, Rihanna is not objectively beautiful and some people simply don’t find her attractive or maybe even find her ugly. Their opinions are not any less valid.

  • sheesh you seem stressed

    @motherlizard: you’re a freak… like your response can change the world

    if persons think she isn’t beautiful oh well

    if you do that’s final…. is she your sister or mother NO… you said what u gotta say and other say what they wanna say

    if i knew what u look like i’d hit u in the face with a bible

    but as 4 me just by looking at her the way she dress nowadays can give me an entire book of ways to look BAD

  • LuckyL

    Much better

  • p

    she looks gorgeous

    shut the fu*ck up

  • p

    their just jealous