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Violet and Seraphina Affleck: Park Play!

Violet and Seraphina Affleck: Park Play!

Jennifer Garner takes her two adorable daughters Violet and Seraphina on a play date at a local park on Wednesday (May 6) in in Boston, MA.

The 37-year-old actress, currently promoting Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, recently told The Independent that, “Even when I was studying acting, I wouldn’t even go into the film department of my school. I was only about the stage. I was a total snob.”

“And then when I moved to New York and was trying to get a job on stage, and was broke and got offered a TV movie, I was like, ‘Hot dog, put me in front of that camera. Let’s do it!’ And now that it has continued to evolve, I still love my job.”

15+ pictures inside of Violet and Seraphina Affleck‘s park play…

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violet seraphina affleck park play 01
violet seraphina affleck park play 02
violet seraphina affleck park play 03
violet seraphina affleck park play 04
violet seraphina affleck park play 05
violet seraphina affleck park play 06
violet seraphina affleck park play 07
violet seraphina affleck park play 08
violet seraphina affleck park play 09
violet seraphina affleck park play 10
violet seraphina affleck park play 11
violet seraphina affleck park play 12
violet seraphina affleck park play 13
violet seraphina affleck park play 14
violet seraphina affleck park play 15
violet seraphina affleck park play 16
violet seraphina affleck park play 17

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  • Jen

    I love this family!

  • belle

    gorgeous mom and cutttieee patoooottiiieeeee tots!

  • jnj

    We see pictures of Jennifer and Violet almost every day. Do the paps really know where they are every single day? So why isn’t this woman accused of PR whoring and baby pimping????????

  • Sam

    Poor Violet. Now she walks and plays alone. It took having a sibling to do that. What an abrupt change for a 3 year old – happens all the time. They are coddled and carried till sister or brother makes their appearance and then it’s over. Put the baby in a stroller Jennifer or strap her on your back. Have your hands free to play with your OTHER child.

  • foxy

    jnj @ 05/07/2009 at 11:15 am

    Oh, she is, despite that the paps do follow her. All of the pics are coming from one agency. Sometimes the pics even come from regular people with camera phones. Look around at some gossip sites, they even give phone numbers for you to call and sell pictures.

  • wrong #4

    No, #4 look at other pics from V. @ a park. Same as it has always been.

  • AShley

    Violet’s boots are so cute.

    It has been rainy here in Boston. My kids wore boots out also.

  • Great Family

    Like all good mothers, Jennifer takes her babies on outings: park, store, school, etc. Every celebrity mother who gave birth in the past two years do the exact same thing….except one.

  • pattycakes

    Didn’t Jennifer and Ben buy some ridiculously large, mega-million dollar mansion recently? Guess it didn’t come with swings and stuff in the background LOL. Annoys me because people accuse the J-Ps of pimping their kids and it’s the opposite, you never see their kids, very rarely compared to Violet, Honor, Harlow, Kingston/Zuma, ect.

    And for B-actresses like Jennifer G. and Jessica Alba their kids have become their career, not their acting (they don’t exactly get plum roles), so they go to the playground everyday to stay in the spotlight. C’mon, if they truly valued their privacy, they would use the playground at their homes.

  • carol

    Ahh, her recent movie with Matthew McC bombed big time…yep, time to pull out her 2 career aces, I mean her 2 kiddies again for exposure.

  • chin can’t act

    hey, angelina haters. jen g. is whoring her kids because she took them out to the park.

  • Rony

    Pattycakes, you hit a nail there. I agree with you.

  • Fran

    I was wandering the same thing, some of you mentioned, doesn’t her new $35 million mansion come with swings? this woman is so obvious.

  • s.i

    She is a good mother. I like her a lot, of course she is always so simple and pretty. gorgeous woman

  • Jenfan

    you ditzes, the new place is in LA, they are renting in Boston, if you don’t like the Afflecks why do you click in the outside link to get into the section with all the pictures…hypocrits!

    Love the Affleck family!!!

  • #Fan!!!!!!!

    Hooray! I just found out that Jennifer Garner has just been voted “The Favorite Celebrity Mom” , this is such great news and she totally deserves it. Ben certainly married the right Jennifer didn’t he? He must be soooooooo proud of this beautiful, talented woman.

  • chantal

    Wow, maybe the Affleck family should get a refund for that bazillion dollar home they just bought, because what a ripoff, it doesn’t come with swings and a playset?!!! All that money and no backyard when they have 2 kids???

    And in Boston too the rental must have no backyard either?? They need to find themselves better real estate agents, ones who know they have 2 kids and need a yard. But alas, there are no photogs in a private backyard.

  • me

    cuteeeeeeeee :)

  • cawed

    they are in boston…do you read or instantly judge?

  • cawed

    oh and no if they are in boston proper or cambridge or even surrounding towns the yards are very small not big enough for swings.

  • Michaelangelo

    You don’t know them and you shouldn’t be telling other people how to raise their kids, #8.

    They have the right to want to visit a public park #9, #13 and #17

  • Michaelangelo

    You don’t know them and you shouldn’t be telling other people how to raise their kids, #8.

    They have the right to want to visit a public park #9, #13 and #17

  • Boston Babies

    They are in Boston. The new house is 3000 miles away. Would be hard to play on that swingset wouldn’t it now.

    And BTW, their new house does have a swing set. Built there the weekend before they left.

    Wrong #17, paps have long lense cameras. They scale trees to get pictures. Many pictures of Ben, Jen and the girls have been taken while the Garner-Afflecks were on private property, behind a gate.

  • botston babies

    Something up with the JJ site? Post not going through. and then an error message

    Anyway, new house does have a swing set, built the weekend before they left.

    BTW, #17 many photos are taken while celebs are on private property behind a gate, while paps are in trees or have gone to a nearby property and are taking pictures from a balcony.

  • boston babies

    Something up with the JJ site?

    Anyway, new house does have a swing set, built the weekend before they left.

    BTW, #17 many photos are taken while celebs are on private property behind a gate, while paps are in trees or have gone to a nearby property and are taking pictures from a balcony.

  • Ethan

    Jennifer Garner looks horrible.
    The way she is carrying the new baby is dangerous.

  • klip

    She is not carrying the baby in a dangerous way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mee

    Gosh, Violet is so adorable!

  • eliza

    Too bad the paps can’t leave them alone. Just a mother taking care of her children. Nice family.

  • stefano

    cute family

  • kimmie

    super cute pics. looks like Violet is having fun.

  • Cara

    When you live in a huge mansion, why would you take your children to the public park? Oh, yes, the paparazzi they all love to hate…nobody has become a bigger media *$#@& than Jennifer Garner

  • Ivermom

    Get a grip looneys! Jen can take her darlings anywhere she wants to play and she is NOT carrying the baby in a dangerous way, you ding bat! Love this hands on mom!!!

  • Sam

    No #6, it’s not the same. Violet has ALWAYS been carried and coddled, played WITH in the sand etc. etc., not just WATCHED while she plays. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have her little sister, of course it’s not wrong, but don’t say it’s the same either.

  • wrong #4

    The pictures that you see here aren’t the only ones in the set. More pics which show Jennifer right next to Violet helping with shoes. At the bottom of the slide with her and several more of her on the swing. If you compare those pictures to previous trips to parks, not much has changed.

    Again, people Jen is in Boston not in LA at their house. Plus, many people take their children to a park. I have a swing set/fort in my backyard but we stil go to the park. Big deal!

  • Familyfan

    You guys are looney bins, it called a public park because its open to the public, the public would include Jennifer G and her adorable kids. Perhaps, she takes her kids to play in a public playground to socialize with other kids her age, instead of playing on their swing set with no one her age. For socialization skills….some of you lack that and perhaps should visit a public playground on your day off or with all the free time you have on your hands!!!

    Do you guys ever stop to think about these possible reasons, before you jump to criticize. I don’t know why you enter this link to look at the shots if you don’t like the family. Go else where and pound sand, no one asked you to look at the pictures you idiots.

    Congrats on Best Mom vote it is truly deserving

  • Familyfan

    To socialize with other kids her age, which she couldn’t do at home. For a change of scenery, to get out of the house and have an outing, etc. Get a grip, its a free country and public park, let them live as normal as they possibly can!

  • debra

    NOBODY pimps their children. You fools. They have just as much right to take their children out of the house, as you do.

    You morons think just because they are a celebrity, they have keep their children behind closed doors?!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she bores =[
    she could have worn a lil something that made her look at least a bit nice but no….sigh
    she’s as boring as katie holmes

  • Morgan

    Gimme aq break. Can’t this poor woman take her kids to the park?
    I think Violet and Matilda Ledger would make great friends. They look adventuous and fun. Suri, to me looks whiney and not very happy.

  • howabout

    what if there was a park that celebs went to and you wanted to take your kids but weren’t allowed? You posters would be up in arms. So why can’t Jennifer Garner take her kids to a public park?

    So what they just bought a big house. They could live on the moon and have the right to go to a public park.

    Really I think ya’ll have nothing to complain about with Ben and Jen so you have to complain that they don’t dress up for everyday stuff and that they take their kids to the park. OMG, they shoudl be in the cell next to Keifer S.

  • Leanne

    this is a response to pattycakes:

    just cause you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you should prevent your kids from doing what other children do and not taking them to public parks just cause you want privacy.. kids are kids.. i dont think any good mom would want to hide their child away..

  • yah Jen!

    Man alive people!! I have a 2 year old and have a swing set in my backyard and spend most of my time at the park with my child. It’s much more exciting than being in the backyard day in and day out. It’s sad that a mom/celebrity can’t take her children to the park without people making such negative comments.

  • Pippi

    Exactly! Jen and her beautiful babies are members of the “public” and have a right to visit a park for the public. Just like all the intelligent folks on this site are saying. It’s part of bringing up your children in a way that they see the world the way other kids (non celeb children) do. They will be better able to assimilate in the real world. It’s for sure they won’t be stuck up and full of themselves (not normal). Stop complainiing unnecessarily about this family. Pimping your children is selling their pics to the tabloids. Neither of these children fall into that category.

  • Sam

    Hi #35! I”m not wrong – YOU look at the difference. Jen can’t possibly be playing on the equipment WITH Violet with that carrier on her front. She can’t carry her either. Again – it’s not a BAD thing to have the baby there with her, they are a family but it HAS changed for Violet. The change seems dramatic from being coddled and carried just a few short months ago, to walking beside or ahead and playing alone. THAT is my point.

  • wendy

    what does best celebrity mom really mean – you mean on access hollywood’s bogus list? hahah. As if other celeb moms are not great moms b/c they are not in front of the paps cameras all day. she seems to be more popular for being with her kids than her acting or anything else which seems a bit desperate for the cameras on her. Ben’s career seems to be taking off again and I guess Jen needs to stay home with the kids. This is her way to still stay in front of the cameras where other wives of celebs would be more private. And there are ways to be private. She’s doing this to build an image for herself since her image as an actress is not that great. Smart move.

  • ed

    The best Jennifer? I don’t think so. Ben, who will be the next Jen 3.0? My guess is he’ll move on to Jennifer Aniston. You guys were a cute and cool couple in the movie!

  • toni

    Well said Wendy. Jennifer Garner’s fame these days comes from being a mom she’s using her children to stay famous. Best celebrity mom means you and your children are constantly in the media spotlight which is not a good thing.

  • Atenar

    Beautiful family. Its nice to see violet smile again. Jennifer is a good mother. To all the haters of jen , its obvious that you are a jlo fan because whenever a bad comment comes to jlo, you always defend her and to think that this is a jennifer garners daughter website. Please stop saying bad words to jennifer and stop the speculation that Jen and ben are seperating, if the couple is seperating, why would they buy a new house? it doesnt make any sense. Anyway best wishes to the familia hope that they stay together for years.

  • wrong #45

    Violet is doing the same thing on the playground that she has done many times before. Jen is there swinging her, same as always. They are sitting together same as always. Many many pictures of Violet walking in front of Jen before she even had Sera. They do pick her up when they see a hoard of paps around.

    If Jennifer Garner was “using” her children to stay in the press, then don’t you think she would be styled, dressed to the nines and have the kids dressed like that also. Some shots taken of Jennifer with her children or even with Ben are not by the paps, but people who take and sell pictures for money. So what is Jennifer not suppose to leave the house because someone MIGHT snap a picture of her or their children?