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Bruno: I'm The Austrian Zac Efron

Bruno: I'm The Austrian Zac Efron

Check out the hilarious new video clip promoting the upcoming comedy Brüno, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the title Austrian celebrity/fashion journalist.

“I’m like the Austrian Zac Efron,” Bruno jokes. “Except I’m two years younger… and I’ve got a bleached arschholle.”

The flick, which is a follow-up to the hit 2006 film Borat, arrives in theaters on Friday, July 10. Bruno Vassup! Check out the clip below!!!

Bruno: I’m The Austrian Zac Efron
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  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    anyone who finds this wackjuice funny is a dcikhead. boron’s lame.

  • emma

    no mate zac is hot you are lame

  • mertz

    lol jared. grasping much?

  • Just Jared

    @mertz: Darn.

  • mertz

    hahaha but it was a good try.

    “boron’s lame.”
    yeah and i hope sasha knows that. it’s so sad he’s so popular :P

    i wonder if zac efron feels honoured to be spoofed.

  • LOr

    when I click on this site I want to see pictures of Zac and not some lame poser.

  • Nanea

    Thanks JJ for posting this amidst all the usual fluff.

    Brüno running amok with umlauts and accents! I’m looking forward to that!

  • nesa

    he trys to speak german, it sounds really cute and good, but some words you dont really understand. The best is the translation from Myspace into “Mein Spaß”,wo means “My fun”

  • ?

    I love it :)

    Get a sense of humor people!


  • ?

    I love it :)

    Get a sense of humor people!


  • Beetle Juice


  • marisa

    he wishes

  • lola

    he sais arschholle not osshalle


    Ok Noooo you are Not the austrian Zac Efron!!! Belive me yor NOT!!!
    But thats kide funny because that just can be a jock you know!!
    xoxo****ZANESSA FOREVER****<3333333333333333333333333

  • zanessa fan 12

    u r so right marisa he wishes

  • lakers fan in boston

    sorry but that wasnt really funny
    i hope that was the worst joke coming from bruno
    i doubt this will live up 2 borat

  • ALicia

    CAN’T. WAIT. So f*cking hilarious!!!

    And he’s so right about the Zac Efron hair XD

    Though I think the chocoholic line is in reference to eating black c*ck, just a thought Jared. ;)

  • m

    I seriously detest this man. I was so disappointed with Borat and he’s doing the same thing again. His is such lowbrow humour, full of dirty and sick jokes!

  • me

    ahahahaha This is really funny!!!!! :-D

    But U probable don´t get it if U don´t understand german/austrian!
    b/c half of the words are german or have a different meaning in german!

    When U understand all the words it´s hilarious!!!! :-D :-D :-)

  • waad

    he’s hilarious
    i can’t wait to see this movie

  • Pandora

    What a complete nut. I love it! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • T

    the chocoholic was in reference to black guys…as he said.

  • It

    Zac is probably drooling somewhere for some Bruno.

  • val

    za efron? no way!!!

  • MickeyVonDutch

    You can say what you want but this guy is a brilliant actor. His Ali G, Borat and now Bruno are all believable characters. For those who have their bedroom walls decorated with pictures of Nancy Boy Zac: some day you will feel as silly as I did when George Michael came out. Ever seen “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go? What was I thinking?


    he pretends to speak german, but it´s completly wrong.

  • Elena Clayton

    No, not really. It could have been better. Seriously, it’s nothing compared to his previous work.

    Zac deserves a better spoof. He’s awesome.

  • a to z

    I really like the last Bruno, with the mohawk, this seems like a totally different character: less edgy, I guess he changed so he could deceive more people without being too “farrr owT” to the Americans ???……… Zac is the person he is imitating ???!?!?!

  • a to z

    his performance is too flabby and doesn’t have the edge of the original………..another case of ego and entitlement corrupting quality due to a previous success

  • frenchmiry

    first this video is funny although i’m a zac-fan
    but is just fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and second it’s soo funny when he’s trying to speak german, i’m german so it’s funny for me :P



  • moe attact

    He’s more attractive than zach effron, like fur sure!

  • docomo

    who the f*ck is this ?

  • caitlen

    he’s funny!
    but those who think zac efron is gay are retarted!
    1.he has a gf
    2.if he’s gay then so is Rob Pattison,Chase Crawford,That other guy from Gossip girl,The Jonas Brothers & jesse macartney.
    jeez wat is ur problem
    this is all because he looks after his hair and and was in a musical
    He’s more popular than you’ll ever be
    stop saying that
    zanessa 4 ever

  • zanessa/Twilight fan

    hahaha! keep dreaming Bruno!!!
    this is a joke.. right?

  • DJ

    “Bruno”: Just the second installment of ‘Who we elite Jews find annoyingly ridiculous and amusing amongst the unwashed Goyim of this world’. [i.e. first the Kazakhs, then the Austro-Germans].

    Can’t wait for boron to pull out the Iranian or Chinese card next…

  • ur wort it

    wtf he’s nothin like zac ,
    zac is….
    4.and not racist
    i hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bruno
    burn in hell!

  • YazminF.

    Zac Efron…… Is.. Perfect..

    That stupid Bruno is a stupid.. He looks like homosexual.. He is soo weird.. Scary me =S

    What a stupid guy!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This is pretty hilarious actually!

  • haha

    Hahaha please get a sense of humor people….sacha baron cohen is a genius, all is charecters are hilarious!

  • Tony

    He is really speaking German, he knew how to speak German before he was famous.