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Gisele Bundchen Goes Greenwich

Gisele Bundchen Goes Greenwich

Gisele Bundchen leaves her Greenwich Village apartment with her dog riding along in a hand bag on Thursday (May 7) in New York City.

While at the 2009 Rainforest Alliance gala, the 28-year-old Brazilian beauty said, “I think I’m the happiest person. You know what the secret to being happy is? Being grateful. And I’m very grateful.”

“We tried very hard to keep it private. Oh my God, you have no idea how hard that was,” Gisele said about planning the wedding. She also told People that only closest friends and family were there. “I think family is the base to everything. I have a lot to be grateful for but I think family is definitely number one.”

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  • Cadu

    Gisele is great! I´m a brazilian too.. She´s a pride to all of us!

  • April

    She’s totally knocked up

  • man or woman?

    She looks mannish already. Why add the hat?

  • mediterranean

    The haters, are you ready? Then ATTTAACCCKKKKK…..

    You loosers…….

    Gisele looks beautiful as always by the way.

  • hat

    She looks good in that hat.

  • hat

    Her dog is so sweet.

  • anon

    She should never wear a man style hat with a face like she does. What’s wrong with her? She’s a very masculine looking woman.

  • Girl

    Love the hat! She always looks so effortlessly cool.

  • Thay

    She looks beautiful

  • lisali

    So chic!! And her dog is to cute.

  • bobbi

    The woman is gorgeous and definitely has her priorities straight.

  • giselerocks

    WOw..everything gisele puts on ,she looks great …This is the first time i’ve seen her with a Fedora…

  • giselerocks

    I forgot to mention ..Her dog looks so cutiely awsome!!!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She needs to hide her face, not the hair.

    Gisele looks like a guy already, why add the heels to look even taller and the hat?

    It’s lilke guys and dolls without the latter.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Gisele is a media who-re. She is using her relationship woth Tom just like she used Leo (and like Bar is using Leo now).

  • Donna

    Mediterranen (#4) You are so right . Look at the loosers #2, #3, #7, #14. Ha,ha,ha,ha,. They are such miserable people. Gisele ROCKS!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    idk why but i hate it when ppl have bags for dogs, it’s just such a stupid idea imo
    anyway….cute outfit but i hate the hat
    she’s not really looking manly as well, so it’s all good

  • Victoria

    It’s spelled “losers”, not “loosers.”

    Losers are people who can’t spell.

    There seems to be something pathologically wrong with her, with all her bragging. I suspect that her life isn’t as happy as she’s saying. There’s that little matter of that other woman who has a son by Brady.

    I give this marriage three years.

  • dawne

    she’s bangin’………perfect body, great hair, classic face and great style.

  • woof

    I can see why she loves her stepson so much and feels as if he is her own; she only has to carry him around a few days a month.

  • reality

    Family comes first…I can’t believe someone on her PR team hasn’t wired her jaws shut yet. I guess the more ridiculous things someone in her position says, the more attention she gets. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  • mandy

    she is the most beuatiful woman in the word.

  • mandy


  • openyoureyes

    The hat is great it hides her enormous nose and part of her face. She should wear a hat and keep her head down when she’s not on photo shoots!

  • brina

    she’s too cute, keep on hating haters

  • brina

    she’s too cute, keep on hating haters

  • DAisy

    She’s wonderful, naturally beautiful, no matter what she’s wearing.
    It must be hard to you to accept that a Brasilian can be so succesful and happy with your golden QB lol !!!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    IF she was so proud of her nationality, why did she chased every American famous guy she could?

    Why didn’t she marry a Barzilian?

  • Bonitto

    YES, stop been a damm fool, and thank God Tom Brady never married one of you fatass ugly Americans – you sound like a darn fool.

  • Bonitto

    Victoria, stop be a jackass and you seem to be a dounce, Gisele dont need to brag as you call it, she is happy and she is telling you, if you dont like it that is your problem – and look around my dear and see how many stepparents there are – you must be insane if you think Gisele is unhappy because her husband has a child already – stepparents are here to stay – you are an idiot.

  • http://giselebundchen holly

    The ever intelligent Bonitto has arrived with his profound comments.

  • nn

    Always so effortlessly chic. A natural beauty. She does not need to look like a pasty boring barbie doll. She’s beautiful and unique. Your narrow little idea of beauty can’t handle it then go away to barbie sites.

  • Lyle

    #14 you must be really short……lol

    #15 umm she’s more famous than brady, mega-famous actually :)

  • Lyle

    Gisele is a fashion icon, nuff said

  • remember da truth

    You do realize she was asked the question about being happy and then she answered?

    Why is it that a beautiful woman who is happy drives some people over the edge? They don’t realize that they might as well put a stamp on their forehead saying “I’m so miserable in my life” when they post these things!

    They think that they know what goes on with her every second, because of a few photos, and have no clue that she was incredibly famous before Leo.

  • Anon

    Gisele pimps Jack to sanitize her image.
    Using the so called “paps” pictures from The Santa Monica Park and the trip to Vancouver.
    Those of you who support and defend Gisele’s behavior should feel ashamed. Jack is a baby. Not a human soap, and please control yourself when accusing Ms. Moynahan, she is the mother and carried this child for nine-months and donated the money to charity. Gisele is making nice with the magazine that was to get the exclusive on her wedding–but let’s not get there- whaterever.
    She is a shameless opportunist, inmoral and inconsiderate.

    Caras – Edição 809 – Ano 16 – Número 19

    Ao lado do marido, Tom Brady, TOP experimenta o melhor da vida em família com seu enteado
    ” ela exercita seu lado mãe se desdobrando em cuidados com o fofo John Edward Thomas Moynahan (1 ano e 9 meses), filho do jogador com sua ex, a atriz e modelo Bridget Moynahan (31). A ligação entre Gisele e o primogênito de Tom é tão forte que o casal decidiu levar o pequeno para a viagem de lua-demel realizada em Vancouver, Canadá. ” Ele é um anjinho, o garotinhomais doce, amável e fofo que existe”,….
    ” O casal tem um compromisso firmado de compartilhar o maior tempo possível ao lado de John….
    “…Quando amigos apresentaram Tom a Gisele, durante uma festa, em 2006, ela se sentiu hipnotizada pelo sorriso do astro do Patriots, a que classificou de carismático. A conversa varou a noite e, desde então, nunca mais deixaram de se falar…”
    “”Desde que conheci John sinto como se ele fosse meu próprio filho”, disse a modelo. A comprovação está nas muitas cenas de carinho explícito entre Gisele e o menino, em que ela se revela dedicada e atenta, sempre preocupada com a segurança do garoto ou com sua alimentação; brincalhona e participativa, quando o empurra no balanço, num parquinho em Santa Mônica, L.A., entra com ele num brinquedo que gira ou pacientemente o leva para fotografar as pombas alimentadas por turistas em Vancouver, deixando o belo pai do pequeno encarregado de segurar sua bolsa.”

    Translate this last paragraph if you have stomach…In essence the trip to Vancouver, which she made via private plane from Madrid. (HOLA # 3320 13 de Mayo 2209, pag 22-25), was publicity stunt.

  • Mike

    She is absolutely stunning

  • what happen

    The dog says eff you paps!! Stop taking pictures of me!!
    He will bite them – look at his face – he’s not happy.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Gisele is amazing!!!