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Halle Berry is a Hollister Hottie

Halle Berry is a Hollister Hottie

Halle Berry and her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, go shopping at the Hollister store at Westfield Mall on Friday afternoon (May 8) in Century City, Calif.

Variety just did a piece on why stars can no longer insure box office profits.

“I went on a hike with a buyer the other day and asked (him) which actors he’d be willing to write a check for without knowing anything else about the project, and he only gave me one name: Will Smith,” says Brian O’Shea, executive VP of worldwide distribution at Odd Lot Intl. “There are still people out there, but the list is a lot smaller, and it really depends on the project. I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can still greenlight a movie, along with George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Johnny Depp and a few others. But it’s not the same as it used to be.”

10+ pictures inside of Hollister hottie Halle Berry

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halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 01
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 02
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 03
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 04
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 05
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 06
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 07
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 08
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 09
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 10
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 11
halle berry hollister gabriel aubry 12

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • margaret


  • s

    Damn! They look GREAT!!!!

  • teri

    There you go again Brad and Angelina can still green light a movie hands down.

  • Cute

    beautiful couple!

  • Gino

    wow. she is hot!

  • lena120

    um, that list is incorrect on so many levels. The only people who would rake in the dough are Will, Johnny, and unfortunately Brad and Angelina (not a fan).Everyone else including my beloved George Clooney have had several recent flops.

  • csxyz

    It’s ridiculous how he looks like he’s in a modeling shot in EVERY photo! haha. Gorgeous couple! :)

  • joanne

    damn they’re a hot couple

  • sushi

    DAMN hot couple!!

  • you speak the truth

    lena120 @ 05/08/2009 at 10:26 pm

    An honest person, that’s nice. Those are the only 4 true worldwide megastars these days that can still look at a project, agree to do it, and get paid big bucks, cause their films sell tickets. Everyone else is struggling to get films made and taking way smaller paychecks.

    George is doing smaller films these days and for smaller paydays as well, and he is 48. RDJ is driven by his films not by him and Sherlock Holmes will tell whether he has the power to sell a film.

    I think the next group of big bucks celebs will come from the Twiilight group. These 20 somethings have that shine on them.

    This couple looks good together. Halle’s films are flopping however.

  • _shadows_

    they’re an adorable couple with a ridiculously beautiful baby girl.

  • pop86

    I like the hair cut and the boyfriend. Go Halle.

  • faith

    They too old to shop at Hollister.

  • Dread not

    Holy crap! Halle turned into a white chick! What a sell out! She basically did soft core porn to win her Oscar, in an almost identical role she played in a Spike Lee movie, except she was a crack addict and she actually thinks the black community is proud of her. Talk about a delusional celebrity. I wonder if she had any good accidents lately?

  • angel

    I love Halle and Gabe and Baby Nahla so much for haters like #14

  • Jim

    Halle is gorgeous but is far from a bankable star when she’s the lead and not part of an ensemble cast like X-Men. Take Things We Lost In The fire, Perfect Strangers, Catwoman & Gothika as recent box office examples..

  • Hello jello

    she has an amazing body!!!

  • marisa

    whoa theyre such a beautiful couple. i like then lightyears better than brangelina. i’m so sick of them.

  • F_U

    Time for him to make his paid appearance apparently! That just looks soooooo forced and fake!

  • Oh No!

    Her hair is HIDEOUS, he looks like he does not want to be there, he is barely holding her hand. wow

  • beccasaurus

    they look AMAZING… individually and especially together.

  • angel

    Why so much negativity # 19 and #20 No one is putting a gun on Gabriel’s head to be with Halle. Get over it

  • remmy

    hmmm interestingly Tom Cruise can still sell and so can Nicole Kidman… that surprised me. So did Halle Berry. I’m also surprised about Jolie and Pitt considering half their movies haven’t done soo well in the States here. But I guess they have big pull in the foreign markets…

    Drew barrymore was kind of random though.

  • notsogood

    oh poor gabriel this must be sheer torture for him but thats what comes with this kind of territory,,,she really is a pest

  • lulu

    lena120 @ 05/08/2009 at 10:26 pm
    um, that list is incorrect on so many levels. The only people who would rake in the dough are Will, Johnny, and unfortunately Brad and Angelina (not a fan).Everyone else including my beloved George Clooney have had several recent flops.
    ITA. Tom Cruise still rake money in the global market . but Clooney, Kidman, Berry are no longer that bankable anymore whether in the domestic or international market. Kidman and Berry was not even in the top 10 list of Forbes best paid actress list. both paycheck have gone down to less than 10 million /film.
    I think Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Rob Pattinson, Shea Lebouf are the younger crops with the potential of reaching the 20 million dollar status while for actresses, I could only see Anne Hathaway, and probably Katherine Hiegl .other’s are just bluff. Megan Fox? blah.
    Well, I think it’s just a normal cycle, there’s always a younger generation catching up.

  • ken

    Man he looks like such a wuss!!

  • ?

    Does this guy had a regular job aside from part -timing as a model ?

  • s

    Mann does Halle look HOTT for 42!

  • Hey 19! /#27/Jim

    @F_U: Hey 19! Pardon the Steely Dan pun. I was thinking the same thing. Knew it was only a matter of time to do more damage control from what I gather the latest MIA rumors since they hadn’t been seen together for several weeks. They don’t look too thrilled to be together and it ain’t the pappis. So much for him helping her ‘mojo’.

    @?: Halle’s paid sperm donor, her trained seal, her bitch etc. The list could go on.

    @Jim: see and Halle’s message board. Catwoman, Things We Lost In The Fire, Perfect Stranger lost $120M dollars not good for studio execs and theater owners. A similar article in Variety from several/couple months ago listed Halle in the same list of getting $5M or less per picture if she/they’re lucky. Gothika kept her in the running and was made 6 years ago. The Industry/theater owners don’t go by past achievements sticking to the theory you’re only good as your last picture.

  • Madame Zelda

    Let me look into my crystal ball,hmmm (sarcasm). I’ll give this arrangement until Fall unless Halle does really get pregnant in lieu of getting working on Nappily Ever After or one of her other projects, then I give them another year or possibly a year and half. They will be approaching the 4 year mark, 3-4 years is generally when Halle’s past relationships start souring. Let’s see if Madame Zelda’s right on this one?

  • BDM

    The prodigal father returns in time for Halle’s Revlon/Komen Race For a Cure event this weekend and Mother’s Day. Ya’ll know Halle would be all over him if he wasn’t there Sunday!

  • huh?

    Another set of photos of the happy couple shopping. Is it my imagination but in most photos of them together she always looks like she’s more into him that he is? Agree with the poster/s comment that he always looks like he’s modeling and forced.

  • vannie

    They are cute, Gabriel is hot!! And so is Halle, she looks 30!

  • LolaSvelt

    There’s a Westfield here in London. They also have a Hollister there.

  • Adiore

    Vanessa Hudgens has that same handbag :)

  • louisa

    I think the point of the story is who can get a movie made not who’s boxoffice gold. Although Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, George Clooney, etc are making flops they still have name value. Studios and producers still get excited if these people are attached to the movie. Why is it that if celebrities aren’t smiling or making out with their significant other people assume it’s because they are miserable? People don’t walk around with smiles on their faces for no reason and most couples don’t have makeout sessions in public. Even with cameras around celebrities probably don’t change their behavior.

  • Cri Cri

    They’re such a hot couple. Gabriel is hotness in person and Halle, oh my Gosh, she has a killer body! To me, they’re the Brangelina lol, I’d rather worship them =) They’re gorgeous and Nahla is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen <3

  • to lulu

    Forbes,Hollywood’s Most Valuable Actors, 2009
    Here’s their list of “bankable” stars
    Nicole is considered bankable (1 of only 4 actresses in the top 25), considering she has been and continues to be offered great roles, and continues to have the ability to get projects green-lit when her name is attached to a project.
    she is after
    Angelina Jolie,Julia Roberts,Meryl Streep and nicole kidman
    All the critics and journalists love to call her “box office poison” and they think that she is overpaid and one of the least bankable actors. Now you have this Forbes list saying that she is the 22nd most bankable and people really want to work with her (some are almost drooling over working with her). And she is in talks for about 10 movies (rumored to be or not).

  • to lulu

    Where did you get your info ? you are absolutely wrong
    “Tom Cruise still rake money in the global market ..”
    samething with Kidman but with Little difference she is much biger than him when it comes to the global box office

    Australia,Worldwide: $211,282,098
    THE GOLDEN COMPASS ,Worldwide: $372,234,864
    VALKYRIE, Worldwide: $198,107,372


    but when it comes to the us box office Nicole is a Failure ,its ok with Tom i think but its not that much too.

  • Heather

    Halle and Gabriel relationship is def set-up.Is it ironic that all suddely that gabe show up.But couple days before he was Asap.

  • star

    # 40 do you ever hear of a job. he don’t have to be with her every 24hr of the day. you people on this site need to get a life and leave her lone.

  • CATE

    They both look like they’re at a funeral.

  • remember da truth

    Remmy #23
    What do you mean Jolie and Pitt’s movies don’t do well in the States??? What crack pipe are you smoking?
    Kung Fu Panda, Wanted, Changeling — a trifecta of three totally different genres all made money and got award nominations.

    Changeling had a limited release and still earned $35 million domestically and has made a profit when you add in worldwide money. It was a serious film not expected to break box office records. Wanted opened #2, earned 60% more than its cost domestically, with $134 million in US, $341 million total. Enough said. Sequel in the works if Jolie will come back and play Fox again.
    Kung Fu Panda opened #1, earned 50% more than its cost domestically with $215 million, worldwide is $630 million. Sequel being discussed.

    Benjamin Button, Burn After Reading – made tons of money, two different kinds of movies entirely, plus nominations.
    Button earned $127 million domestically, and has earned double its production cost before DVD sales. It was #3 its opening weekend!
    Burn After Reading earned more than double its production cost domestically with $60 million, and has earned $157 million worldwide.

    If these are flops, I don’t know what you’re expecting….. Just another clueless hater throwing your bile around.

  • 4star


    Get over it yourself, this is a gossip site message board not a fan site. If you want things ‘Kumbiya’ visit one of their fan club sites.

    1). Heather’s comment is quite valid as well as the other posters. The last known photograph of them together was the 3.28.09 on or some other photo storage site.

    2). He has his photoshoot w/Aygnes weeks ago while TMZ has a field day with Halle looking disheveled taking Nahla to the doctor’s office with a friend or one of her assistants.

    3). A week prior she’s seen here with her photographer pal who took the photos for the Esquire cover and Halle perfume stills. 4.5.09

    4). Halle’s solo at her Charity auction with the Golf Tourney canceled because Aubry was working and the country club was doing ‘grounds work’. She’s suddenly at one of the film premieres on the night of her canceled golf tourney.

    5). A few days later she’s solo or with her mother at the “The Soloist” and “Wolverine” premieres.

    6). During this 5-6 week per period, Halle’s been pimping her weekly photos of Nahla (as cute as she is) for all of us to see solo, her assistants and body guards.

    7). Halle has her hissy fit last weekend with her body guard and assistant.

    8). She or they are a no-show for Calvin Klein at Monday’s Met Costume Institute Ball.

    9). CBB and other blogs announce that Halle’s taking Nahla out at Gabriel’s assistance when he hates the paps and doesn’t like taking her out much in the public. Halle making it sound that Gabriel says that she’s home too much -bs when we usually seem them 1-2x/week here and elsewhere on the ‘Net.

    10). He’s always not present when Halle has a crisis with Nahla and is known to go into hiding. Can guarantee you he wasn’t working on that photo shoot or other work all that time or we’d have seen the pictures. The dude really doesn’t work that much. He has a couple of fashion shows, photo shoots, CK appearances a year. Don’t know if he’s trying to still re-open his restaurant in New York or still trying to sell that music CD he was trying to pimp last year.

    Nor do I think he was home watching Nahla when Halle’s been seen solo doing her paps prick tease or at A-List functions when one of the nannies or her mother is.

    11). Throughout their 3+ year relationship, he always suddenly appears any time shortly after there is a rumor that he is missing, they’ve broken up, or Halle has a crisis.

    So, I think Heather’s and the others comments are quite valid. I’m out of here…see ya Halle & Gabe loser fans.

  • NARA

    Yeah CATE.
    Why the grim faces?????
    They always look very stuck up. If I had a good looking man like that and a sexy looking woman on my arm, I would be smiling for days.

    They look great physically but something is off mentally.
    Just my opinion.


  • 4star part two

    12). When they’re photographed together candidly or at an event he’s generally looking at the camera, for the paps and usually not that interested in her and when photographed by himself or work related photo, he’s usually happy.

    13). He generally likes to be behind the scenes when with Halle at a premiere or A-List event generally hates it when he has to do the Red Carpet with her usually there at the after party or what ever. If he’s there it is mentioned whether he is photographed or not. Even at her Essence Award Luncheon, he was seen in the crowd pictures.

  • .,.

    they are hot, damn it.

  • NARA

    Why they don’t bring Nahla with them and have a family day out?
    I want to see Gab snarl at the paps to protect little Nahla.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

  • angel

    Impressive 4star are u in the computer 24/7 do you even have a job just saying

  • 4angel

    TY yes I do, work at home for as a computer geek who gets paid to post crappy comments for a living. No just kidding I’m in high school and like doing celebrity debunking as a weird hobby. Post on other sites on other celebs during my free time.