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Megan Fox is a Tongue Teaser

Megan Fox is a Tongue Teaser

Megan Fox (in an Express tee) gets testy with her tongue as she walks to Jinky’s Cafe in Santa Monica with her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, on Thursday (May 7).

The 22-year-old hottie from Tennessee recently said that if she could be a male movie star, she’d be George Clooney! She said, “He’s sarcastic, and he has a different girlfriend constantly. It’s considered charismatic. He’s like this James Bond, sexy dude. The older he gets, the better he gets!”

15+ pictures inside of Megan Fox, the tongue teaser…

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megan fox tongue teaser 01
megan fox tongue teaser 02
megan fox tongue teaser 03
megan fox tongue teaser 04
megan fox tongue teaser 05
megan fox tongue teaser 06
megan fox tongue teaser 07
megan fox tongue teaser 08
megan fox tongue teaser 09
megan fox tongue teaser 10
megan fox tongue teaser 11
megan fox tongue teaser 12
megan fox tongue teaser 13
megan fox tongue teaser 14
megan fox tongue teaser 15
megan fox tongue teaser 16
megan fox tongue teaser 17
megan fox tongue teaser 18
megan fox tongue teaser 19

Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, WENN
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  • sdg

    In alot of pics, she does that to her tongue. WTF

  • identified

    why is her tongue always hangin out like that?
    keep your tongue in ur mouth megan .. !!

  • mertz

    lol. her and bag are doing the full monty permanently. this is the same girl who said she doesn’t date immature young men, but she want’s to be like george clooney…clooney wouldn’t have it because all he does is date women who are wayyyy younger than him. if she’s going for the articulate older men then i hate to point out that clooney’s ability to have interchanging gf’s is not considered “charismatic”. that made me laugh a little. anyways for her sake i hope she also goes the au natrel root and grows up with grace and style and lots of salt and pepper with wrinkes. non of that botox shit.

  • H

    Megan, you are sarcastic.

  • Jughed

    Mmm, these pictures will give me good dreams tonight ;)

  • Jamie

    Unfortunately for Megan she has a long torso and shorter legs, it would look better if it was the other way around. Rachel Bilson has the same body type except that her torso is even longer than Megan’s.
    Both girls are still pretty though. :D

  • bubili

    Who does she think she is???every time she does that….it is stupid….and take that silicon out of your mouth…and then stick your tongue out… we will see how fucking sexy it is….

  • Andy

    She must be a dog.

  • @#

    OMG SHE SU:K(s)

    i don’t like her

  • @#

    she is a dog

  • @#

    stupid girl

  • VerĂ³nica

    Haters :)

    She’s beautiful, sarcastic and sexy. Go away, idiots!
    She’s really onest with all that crap wha’s Hollywood!

  • nina

    What’s wrong with her hair? the color & the texture looks horrible..

  • melissa

    When she covers her mouth with her tongue she is trying to hide the cold sores on her lip, my sister worked on one of her films and said that Megan is prown to them. They suck

  • .,.

    she is a f*cking hot b*tch, yall jealous HAHAHAHAHA

  • Noticias de famosos

    Megan is well taking up the language and then you say nothing happens
    things are of age …

  • jdub

    stop hating…shes obviously messing with the paps. shes beautiful and actually has a sense of humor. i guess some people cant handle that. loveeee megan fox!

  • Mary

    Ugly hat, beautiful girl.

  • Heather

    i love how she knows what she wants. in esquire, shes like “younger guys are a joke. their immature, and are a waste of time. i feel like i have a better chance with someone thats in their 30′s.”

  • Thay

    I love her

  • roosta

    shes a bit of a whore. stop being such a whore megan! you would be beautiful without it.

  • Ethan

    She doesn’t do it for me, at all.

  • ann

    to jamie #6: Unfortunately for who?! For a shallow and ignorant person who worships photoshoped girls. They both look great and there is nothing wrong with their legs or torsos. Get a life!
    P.S. send your photo. I bet that you are an ultimate perfection. Yuck!

  • VerĂ³nica

    I agree with u, #23.

  • Billythekid


    Really? What, are you into dudes or something? She looks good to me.

  • Not Impressed with JA

    people who are arguing on the internet asking others to send their pictures because they have pointed out the little wrong in a celebrity’s physique while still acknowledges that she is beautiful are the ones who should get a life ! ASAP
    Everyone perceives beauty in with his/her personal taste. Get over it already !
    It wasn’t even an insult just an observation of someone who acknowleges that Megan is INDEED beautiful whatever the length of her torso !

  • Magnificentmegan

    It’s sad to see women tear apart other women based on looks alone. There will always be someone better looking than each of us. Megan is a beautiful woman… not perfect, but beautiful.

  • x

    The only ugly thing is some people & their stupid comments & BAG!
    Theres plenty of good looking 30 years old men, whos waaaaay better than that loser. Megan looks good, I dont care if her tongue out or not, that was a snap shot of her. No body is perfect, u keep tearing people apart just because u look at their faults but u dont look at urs! I bet u each one of u is worse than the other. & I’m not saying I’m better but I say u should look at urselves before judging others.

  • jaya

    Sorry but she’s not all that. Her boobs are fake. I wonder how much she paid for them. Everything in her body is attainable including her face. If I got a million of dollars I’ll walk in a plastic surgeon clinic and I assure you I will walk out of that establishment looking like her or much better. Her personality though is unique the way she answer questions in any interview suggested that she had a bipolar disorder.

  • whatever

    Does this sk*ank ever keep her tongue inher mouth….ok we get it your a dirty slu*tty girl….pass.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im really starting 2 get a lil bored of her
    some1 needs 2 teach her how 2 dress
    lately she’s been looking a mess
    she should just dumb that ugly hat she has
    and those r some ugly ass jeans
    she really needs 2 start looking after herself imo
    i love her and all, but she’s losing my attention fast
    i mean she’s still the hottest women in my book, but shit like this just makes her look bad

  • Beetle Juice

    why do you never see Megan Fox with any girlfriends? She needs to go out more instead of playing xbox360 with Brian Austin Douchebagel all the time

  • Odd girl

    She’s a pretty girl, who for now, will be hired on her looks. This early in her career she should be hiring someone to guide her to get the roles when she gets older. The tongue sticking out, stupid comments & sloppy dressing will be her downfall.

  • zzzz

    Eiww, the tongue thing is so dumb, immature, and not sexy. She tries waaay too hard, poor girl.


    So you’d be George, one of Brad’s mates … mmmm interesting.

  • evie

    she is too contrived. Just an Angelina wannabee trying to be edgy and controversial. Her acting is awful. She is pretty but there is nothing unique about, her, just like every other plastic Hollywood starlet.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She needs to buy some new sunglasses.



    Maybe she has the kind of herpes that shows up as mouth sores.

    Or maybe she’s just gross.

    She probably thinks it looks really sexy.