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Reese Witherspoon Shows Off Softball Skillz

Reese Witherspoon Shows Off Softball Skillz

The bases are loaded as Reese Witherspoon continues her softball training on a field in Los Angeles on Friday (May 8).

The 33-year-old blonde beauty, who wore kneepads and a helmet for protection, has been brushing up on her softball/baseball for her upcoming movie, which is being directed by James L. Brooks (1997′s As Good as It Gets). Owen Wilson costars.

10+ pictures inside of softball skillful Reese Witherspoon

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reese witherspoon softball 01
reese witherspoon softball 02
reese witherspoon softball 03
reese witherspoon softball 04
reese witherspoon softball 05
reese witherspoon softball 06
reese witherspoon softball 07
reese witherspoon softball 08
reese witherspoon softball 09
reese witherspoon softball 10
reese witherspoon softball 11
reese witherspoon softball 12

Photos: Pedro Andrade/Bret Thompsett
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  • Katie

    She’s so cute! I love her!

  • jain

    ‘skillz’! which dictionary did that come from?

  • Deb

    he has a huge black and blue> plus celluite

  • uhff!

    She looks like she’s got to stink, the “I don’t have a shower every day” and the granny nickers, plus the exercise,….uahhhh! Reese, please, go and have a good wash……..for god’s sake!

  • Beetle Juice

    she looks hot! I like her ,she isnt an annoying personality like a Kate Hudson


    Get lost Reese, you stupid cow.

  • Vinnie

    Poor Owen Wilson. After working with Reese the phony b!tch he’s gonna need therapy and some damn good pills, heroin, crack, anything.

  • Terry

    @Beetle Juice:
    She is ugly as hell and one of the most annoying people in Hollywood,what’s wrong with you? You need an eye test,mate.

  • T

    pretty, sweet and talented

  • se

    Blond beauty.

    The person whose had write this text need a classes.
    The hair has lot of artificial color of L’oréal or hairdresser hair paint.
    The butt is a catastrofe and the elbow identify how old is she!
    It is impossible to make plastic surgery in elbow!!!
    And the celullites pursue her!

  • Reese the stinky bitch

    how much is Reese Witherspoon’s PR paying for posting endless boring pictures and promoting her crappy movies?

  • teri

    Abby Corncob why do you hate Reese so much? You have some nerve you skanky homewrecker. Reese is Americas sweetheart not you Abby.

  • gilipollas,hijoputa

    what the f*uck are you talking about,idiot? and who are you talking to?
    Who on earth is Abby Corncob? Freak.

  • Pattycake

    Hey, Teri, #12, how did Abbie get into this? Do you think Reese is such a nothing that you have to attack Abbie? Let it go. People can like them both, you know. Btw, I think Reese is looking pretty good in most of these photos. Seems she’s putting a little more effort into herself. Of course NO one looks good from the rear in those shorts.

  • lol

    She looks foolish.

  • lu

    she is not an anorexic, that’s for sure.

  • pink roses

    Beauty, my ass!

    That woman is a plain Jane. She is not even pretty,
    let alone a beauty.

  • hilly

    That hair looks store bought.

  • kamilah

    wow you people must have some really effed up lives to be so damn hateful towards someone you dont even know. these comments are just flat out evil and sooo unnecessary. people need to get a dose of f*cking reality and learn that no ones perfect, including yourself. shes playing softball, what the hell is she suppose to look like. and she is pretty

  • Jen

    She’s wonderfull!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks so cute play softball =]
    i like her legs alot, sexy but a bit muscular

  • Halli

    She isn’t even pretty, let alone sexy.
    Some of you guys need some Visine for your eyes.

  • OMg

    Call the whaaaambulance for the shaking and crying Reese fangirl #19. Girl you need to face it that some people think Reese sucks and get over it.

  • a realist

    #19.. people’s lives are not effed up for just stating what their eyes see, Reese is NOT a beauty. She is not sexy or pretty. We have eyes.

  • ewww!!!!

    whats with that thing in her inner tigh ewww….looks nasty!!!

  • miriam

    @lakers fan in boston:
    darling, are you on drugs?

  • kamilah

    @OMg: oh please!! im not even a huge fan of reese and you dont have to be a fan either. thats not the point. im sorry i dont live my life pointing out the imperfections of other people just because i dont like them. yes, every has their opinion but people can be so ignorant sometimes.

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She’s so cute! I’m looking forward to this movie because I love Owen and Reese.

  • andamentothat

    If she is a Blonde beauty then I am Ms Universe…

  • eileen

    Well she is not ugly like some like to depict her, but she sure has some bad case of cellulite on her legs.

  • whortensia

    Cute cute cute cute…I love people who have a one word vocabulary. I am sure even that one word strains their brains. If they had two words at their command their brains would explode.

  • whortensia

    Of course Jakeypoo plays ball and could train her but he isn’t around. He may be playing “ball” elsewhere of course.
    She does get lots of publicity. I suspect she does this to make her detractors furious. Like “here I am again, right in your fuc8in face.”

  • dIETER

    I just had a wank on that fantastic ass of her’s !!!!


    Reese Witherspoon is dull unlikable smug b!tch.
    No wonder she has to use fauxmance and poor gay Jake Gyllenhaal to get publicity.

  • eeuu

    I do not know who she is, but…his body and face are like a person with syndrome dowm, sorry…

  • Tom

    She is ok looking and I like her in movies but to say she is blond beauty is a bit much.

  • rpieces

    i don’t get what the appeal of a softball mvoie is. If it isn’t a baseball movie with kevin costnar, then i don’t want to see it.

  • dian

    What ever Reese does she does well and she is the best mom ever and that makes her NO.1

  • brentwood mama

    Perfect movie for her to make if she plans to come out of the closet although I doubt she will. She should just be who she is and people will accept her. I would have much more respect for her if she just said she came to realize that she was in love with a woman and her marriage ended and now she is in a relationship and happy. Don’t hide it Reese!

  • madmax

    #33 her ass belongs to Jake, he’s not finish digging in there yet. Maybe he is looking for her pea brain. She sits on her brain and he thinks with the head in his pants.

  • madmax

    #33 her ass belongs to Jake. He isn’t finished digging in their yet, he’s searching for her brain.

    Too bad he thinks with the head in his pants instead of the one on top of his head.

    they are such publicity hounds, the paps are having a field day and they are helping to pay off the pap’s mortgages and their expensive cars with all the money shots they are giving to them.

  • chocho

    good for the paps! I’d do the same if I could,too. the paps don’t give a s*hit what these 2 do, they just take the pics and make the good money, good for them,man, good for them!

  • Paul

    Well, she makes lots of money out of us going to the pictures to see her c*rap and pathetic movies, so….why shouldn’t the paps make money of their silly pictures?,.. do you think the paps care at all how sh*it she looks, they just shoot and go and sell the pics for sad people like all of you and me to go into this website and look at them, so at the end of the day, we can only blame ourselves for this,guys.

  • whortensia

    Thanks for an honest comment, Paul. Fans make the stars what they are. If there were no fans, there would not be many if any stars. Stars see paps as part of the business. They need them even if they annoy them. Stars who drop out of sight tend to drop out of the business. I think of Ryan Phillipe who hasn’t been seen for ages.

  • Cindy

    She looks pretty healthy to me….i rather have her body than some of the women i see walking in the streets…..she is pretty, talented, sexy, and RICH… the rest of you just….shush! If you don’t have anything nice to write…then don’t write….go waste your time on twitter!

  • Terry

    She is talented and rich, but not pretty or sexy. If you don’t want to read any comments different to what you think, then you should go to Reese’s fansites and leave people here expressing what they want to.

  • se

    Reese Witherspoon is a poor product of decadent Hollywood film industry. She can’t act and she is an old women with 2 little animals whose she don#t worried about to give education.
    She abandon her children to have public sexd with the prostitute men Jake Gyllenhaal!

    The children of shantytown Hollywood are very dangerous for society because they will be tha future robbers, assassins and drug dealer etc…

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This looks exciting! It should be quite comical watching Reese try to play softball.

  • Chelsey

    Whats the name of the movie? I want to see it.