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Sophia Bush is Carrera Crazy Delicious

Sophia Bush is Carrera Crazy Delicious

Sophia Bush tries out the hottest shades at the Carrera Vintage Sunglasses launch party on Thursday (May 7) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress partied at a poolside bungalow at The Chateau Marmont. DJ Mia Morretti spun retro-inspired tracks throughout the evening at the event, which was also attended by fellow actors Robert Buckley, Gabrielle Union, Jordana Brewster, Chris Evans and Samaire Armstrong.

Other pictures include Sophia leaving a private dinner shopping event thrown by NY designer Catherine Malandrino. 10+ pics inside…

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sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 01
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 02
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 03
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 04
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 05
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 06
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 07
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 08
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 09
sophia bush carrera vintage sunglasses 10

Photos: Charley Gallay/WireImage, SCJ/ Fame Pictures
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  • Soph

    WOW she’s so fantastic!

  • http://JUSTJARED Matt

    she is so pretty..

  • cooh

    we’re gonna see a lot of her beacuse she’s in L.A. and she will be attending a lot of events
    she’s lovely,like always

  • mimi


  • omg


    soooooooo amazing!

  • C.

    She looks beautiful, as always <3

  • K.

    Beautiful! <3

  • anonymous

    oh look, my grandmother!

  • Soph

    wow ur grandmother is hot xD

  • mary



    Love her!!! Something about her smile and dimples… gorgeous!

  • Mila

    Why is this woman so beautiful??!!!
    Sophia looks so elegant and gorgeous.
    Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally

    So elegant and what a hot grandma. lol
    Sophia is gorgeous as always.

  • Kelly

    Sophia looks so freaken HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • Chris



    beatiful hot sexy she has the whole package you rock sophia and i love your show:)

  • a

    wow. even surgeries dont deter her from being a mediawhore

  • Mary


  • Tom

    She’s cute and classy.

  • Angie

    It was a private dinner, lol. I bet Sophia can’t have whole food yet after her tonsils being removed.

  • katie n

    she is short, stumpy and in these clothes frumpy. Her face is so very plain and common looking. She must be a good person that all those above posters see beauty in her.

  • Sally

    Ha! Lovely and stunning.

  • Tina

    @katie n:
    Do you even know what the f*ck “stumpy” means. I love the way haters dish out names without actually knowing what the hell they’re talking about.
    Sophia’s a beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman. And she IS a good person…..great even.

  • Jenna

    Absolutely amazing.
    Love Sophia so much!!!!!

  • Kyle

    Sophia Bush has got to be the most incredibly stunning woman to ever walk this earth. She is breath taking. She is one of the few actresses that are truly the total package. Gorgeous, an incredible actress, brilliant, and a really good person.

  • annie

    what a MEDIA WHORE.

  • Katie

    If anything, you’re the one who’s a whore.

    You keep doing your thing Sophia. We love you!!!

  • jesus

    gaaaaaah stunning

    i love brooke & blair (L)

  • World Elite

    One of your famous girl in USA

  • IvyMades

    UGH! I’m sick of the haters. Get a life!!
    Sofia is living hers. And she looks gorgeous as always.

  • mary

    So do you think she threw away that hideous gray jacket for the later pics, or just stuffed it in her shopping bag? I think she saw herself in a mirror and tossed it in the restroom garbage can. ;P

  • Mel

    She probably got hot and took off her jacket and put it in her bag. I actually like the gray jacket. It looks nice on her.
    Sophia looked really beautiful at this event.

  • she goes to so many events. you never see cate blanchett, kate winselt, anne hathaway, and other respected actresses go to a event everyday. I mean she really likes being in the public. I think it’s to keep her name out there, when she’s done with that dreadful show she’s going to be thirty and out of her prime. going to all these events is the only way to keep people to remember her. its kinda sad, i feel bad for her. and her outfit is horrid!

  • xo

    thats because cate blanchett, anne hathaway, kate winslett are what we call REAL ACTRESSES. not some little CW star.. that looks and acts beyond terrible in prob the two shitiest horror movies EVER MADE. which is funny to me.. because as pathetic as CW is.. including all their shows.. if sophia was that hot like you weirdo JJ fans keep claiming.. then why is she on the CW backburner?? Gossip Girl, 90210 girls obviously have stolen the the program. Sophia is short and plain with an unfortunate body type. Shes NEVER been on the cover of a reputable magazine.. EVER .. NEVER played the star role in ANYTHING.. and her claim to fame “being on beauty lists” is a fuking JOKE. shes never made top 10.. and hasnt been on one beauty list since forever.. like, years. TRUE STORY.

  • Beth

    she has fat, white grandma arms.. and is wearing something she probably borrowed from Michelle Obama… So I really do understand why a couple posts said she looks like a grandma… basically.. cool down xo… this site, JUST JARED is like the home of Sofia Bush fans.. it would be like flying into that little town in Lousiana that Britney Spears is from and start talking sh*t… wouldnt get very far.. ito get a REAL WORLD perspective of what people really think of this chick.. like guys.. not young sad little One Tree Hill fans or SB fans in general.. go to there are many.. that just dont gush on how beautiful some average girl is.

  • sarah

    i love this girl absoloutely stunning

  • Lena

    I love her/ She has amazing smile.

  • Tracy

    Lol at the idiot who posted comments #33,34, and 35. Are you really that stupid and retardedd? Do you think no one will figure out that it’s the same one or two idiots using three different names?
    So what if Sophia goes to so many events? Its her life so let her live it the way she wants to. Who the hell cares what Cate Blanchett, Kate Winselt or eve Sophia do with there lives? Sophia’s still young and if she wants to go out every day than thats up to her. Who the hell are you to say where she should or shouldn’t go. Everyone is a f*ckin hypocrite because God knows that if these haters rolled around in those Hollywood circles, they’d be going to events and premieres every day- left and right.
    Not to forget the fact that Sophia makes more money filming one episode of Tree Hill than most people do in an entire year. So there’s no need for you to “feel bad” you idiot. And I’ve seen plenty of actresses in Hollywood make it big in their thirties instead of their twenties. So don’t sit there and act like you know what you’re talking about.
    And Sophia IS hott. Her MANY fans and the media along with other people in the industry seem to think so too. Whatever your jealous little ass thinks, means absolutely nothing. True, that Gossip Girl and 90210 stars including the girls get more attention than One Tree Hill. But thats not Sophia’s fault and nor is it anyone else’s on the show. OTH is filmed in a small town in NC compared to Gossip Girl and 90210 which are filmed in big cities like New York and LA. So obviously they’re going to get more attention.
    And you jealous losers who keep on claiming that Sophia is “short and plain” is just hysterical. If she was so short and plain, then so many people wouldn’t consider her to be beautiful and gorgeous which they do. And whats being short got to do with it? Her height is more than fine compared to several other Hollywood actresses, some of who are even shorter than Sophia. And yes, Sophia does make beauty lists… EVERY YEAR. So where you got the whole “hasn’t been on one beauty list since forever.. like, years” is again—–extremely hilarious. Why don’t you check your little “facts” before you talk shitt?? If you do, then you’ll see that Sophia made MANY beauty lists just last year alone you idiot. So in your words- True Story.
    Sophia Bush is sexy and beautiful. Periodddddd. Its kind of funny the way you said “get into the real world” and see what everyone really thinks. You do realize that haters only exist online who feed off untrue shitt right?? Because many people I know who’ve seen Sophia at some point in their lives think she is beautiful and stunning. And this just happens to be in the REAL WORLD.
    PS…..If you had a brain, then you’d also realize that those sites you mentioned, basically bash almost EVERY actor/actress in Hollywood. I’ve been on those sites plenty of times to see how they work. So whatever point you were trying to make, was LAME……not to mention stupid.

  • nikki

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brianna

    Stunning, stunning, stunning.
    Please go to more events. too bad haters.

  • ellie2


  • ana

    she’s beautiful

  • dasha

    what can i say, she’s gorgeous as always, i’m jealous lol
    love her<3 not her show

  • stella

    she’s too pretty. lucky gal :)

  • cslove

    Sophia is stunning & her personality makes her even more gorgeous. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Emily

    I LOVE Sophia, she’s absolutely amazing
    and she looks gorgeous as always! *.*

  • lise

    I stopped watching OTH (zzzzzzzz) but I loved Sophia in it, and hope her acting career soars after she has to start looking for new full-time work.

    I just don’t see how anyone can hate on her looks though, she does not take a bad picture, with or without makeup. She is absolutely stunning!

  • bl

    Sophia does make beauty lists… EVERY YEAR
    she even won an award for it so just shut up losers!!!!

  • Ann

    She was at the 100 most sexy womens in the world,i thing. And for the hitcher-something like this- she won…
    And we in greece just love her… I am the member of her greekfunclub. I wish my grandma to look like this. She is only 26!

  • Alla