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Ellen Pompeo's McBaby Gets A Katsuya Kick

Ellen Pompeo's McBaby Gets A Katsuya Kick

Pregnant actress Ellen Pompeo takes her husband Chris Ivery to dinner at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood on Friday night (May 8).

SPOILERS: The 39-year-old actress’s character, Meredith Grey, was supposed to marry Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) on this past Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Instead, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), suffering from inoperable cancer, tied the knot with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). “Today’s the day my life begins,” Alex told Izzie during his vows. “Today I become a man, a husband. I become accountable to someone other than myself.”

After watching the episode at home, Nicole Richie tweeted late Thursday night,”Just watched Grey’s & cried my f-ing eyes out.”

Next Thursday is the season finale of Grey’s!

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  • anne

    whoah she looks far along already, shes such a mediocre actress, does that mean less meredith next season?

    izzie and alex were cute on greys :) hope katherine heigl stays, greys will be crap without her

  • LolaSvelt

    Jesus, you’re only posting about this woman because she’s pregnant. How does that make her anymore interesting?

    You also mention it 100 times per post that she’s pregnant. WE GET IT!

  • Kykooz

    wow people seriously need to stop with the rude comments.. she is a wonderful person and i am so happy for her and her husband.. plus she is an amazing actress you obviously don’t watch the same show as me

  • Amy

    She looks GREAT!!! Ellen is such a natural beauty, unlike most in Hollywood these days!!! I am sure she is tired, pregnancy is not easy!! She is such a sweet and gracious person. She appreciated her fans, and she is a STAR in all aspects of her life!!! I just wish the media would leave her alone for 2 seconds!! She cant go anywhere without them taking a picture.

  • SOOG

    Love her, she’s adorable. Can’t believe people are wasting their time leaving hate comments. If you can’t say something nice….

  • simba

    do you really think you’re making the world to a better place by being hateful to people? and if you hate her so much, why are you even taking the time to comment? keep your hateful thoughts to yourself instead and stop being so rude.
    ellen is a beautiful, talented woman and i wish her the best.

  • Julia

    KH was fantastic in the last episode!!
    I have to agree with some of you…she is looking older!!

  • Jenna

    Ellen looks amazing. She’s pregnant she’s probably exhausted but she still looks beautiful. Ellen is wonderful to her fans. She’s a wonderful actress and I wish her and her husband nothing but the best.

  • chela

    Ellen is beautiful ,great actress my favorite
    pathetic its commentaries

  • liz86000

    Love her. She’s a wonderful actress & I’m really happy for her and her husband.
    To the racists: go to hell!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations on your new life.


    How dare you people? Whether you think she is beautiful or not, a good actress or not, a good person or not…She is carrying a child. She does not need to be glamourous, in fact if she was carrying a box of Edy’s and flipping the paparazzi the bird, she would still be CREATING A NEW HUMAN LIFE… Those of you out there making nasty comments should try it sometime. Then try having someone follow you around, taking pictures of YOUR every fault, and YOUR every step when you are pregnant. And try doing it when you’re nauseated, bloated, and have round ligament pain. Who cares whether you like her or not. Doesn’t she have the right to walk in public without your comparing her to her costars and co-celebrities. It’s not like she ASKS to have her picture taken. In fact, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery make it a point to NOT have their pictures taken, however with the sucess of her show, they don’t have much luck.

    Congratulations Ellen and Chris on your new child.

  • danni

    ya’ll is really hating on ma girl ELLEN POMPEO and all anybody can ever bring up is that damn PUNK’D essue!!! im mean get serious but anyways…. go head ellen you look cute!!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Awww Ellie looks so tired. Still beautiful but tired. Everyone who is hating on her please STFU.

  • laura

    Ellen is so beautiful and talented! She’s one of my favorite actresses and she is amazing in everything she does! I’ve met her and she is one of the sweetest, most humble, gracious, and naturally beautiful people I have ever met. I am so happy for her and Chris! The poor girl looks so tired here, though. And the papps seriously need to stop suffocating her.
    To those of you hating and posting negative comments..if you think she’s boring, ugly, etc…why are you even looking at her to begin with? Why do you care, then? Maybe it’s because she’s everything you people aren’t…

  • b

    y does she never wear a bra come on!!!


    I have met her and she is a lady and very gracious to her fans. Wish her only the best.

  • .,.


  • Sarah2

    Congrats to Ellen! Pap interest in any celeb who is preggars has really increased, and did you guys know that Chyler Leigh(Lexie) had her third baby recently and called it Aniston Kay. I hope Ellen comes up with something better than that!

  • China19

    I can’t believe there’s people that come to this site just to say hateful things about another human being that btw is pregnant. Pregnancy is a bless. Ellen Pompeo is a beautiful actress, kind human being and for what I had seen very good with her fans. And I agree with other poster, if you people hate her too much, why you wasteyour time looking for EP news….that’s just wrong. I really hope the best to Ellen and her husband!!!

  • Meg

    haha i love her!! Meredith Grey rocks…and Ellen is the best!

  • EllenPompeolover

    How can you people be so rude… calling her baby a “lab rat” are you kidding me BOSTON. really? she is the most amazing person/actress ever!! gosh. she doesnt ask for this attention or anything! she just does what she loves, and the fact that your being douchers is gay.

  • ibelieve

    aww Ellen seems exhausted but still beautiful :)
    from the photos it looks like chris is yanking her arm…

  • tets

    I love Meredith. Ellen Pompeo is great!

  • LISA

    Ellen is amazing. She is fantastic on grey’s.
    I think she’s a few months away from having this baby.

    thanks Jared.

  • Mark

    Ellen is gorgeous.
    she does look tired a bit here. can’t blame her, always followed now.
    She is a great great actress. I love how she portrays Meredith on Grey’s. her award is on it’s way, I’m sure. I can’t wait to se eher baby. those are beautiful people. inside out. God bless them.


    Elen Pompeo is the bomb.
    Love her like crazy.
    She is a true sweetheart and her husband is one awesome dude. those two are really great people.
    I love her pictures and Meredith Grey, hands down best character on tv.

    Ellen you are awesome.
    keep it up.
    you rock girl.

  • dj tony

    Ellen is lovely.

  • Maddie

    OMG! You idiots who are just writing hateful things should STFU!!! Gosh! Ellen Pompeo is freaking amazing. She is wonderful on grey’s.. I watch the show for her… cos she’s just brilliant. She makes Grey’s Anatomy. There is a reason why Shonda Rhimes cast her before anyone else. DAH! She’s very talented.

    Oh… lets all believe the rumors about it being an IVF baby. Even if that is true… So what if it is? Maybe she wasn’t able to have kids normally. Far out.

    She is absolutely stunning and for anyone to say otherwise is just rude.You’re just jealous.

    I hope Ellen has an easy pregnancy. Can’t wait to see the finale this Thursday :)

  • dj tony

    Maddie.. totally agree. nicely said
    Ellen is amazing,

  • i effing love merder

    i really love ellen! she is an awesome actress. she really does make the show in “greys anatomy”

    no offence to her tho, she really looks sick and depressed here! maybe she wouldnt be if she wasn’t with that ugly monkey! she needs to go to patrick dempsey! im sure he’ll be waiting for her :)

  • christina

    @anne: @b: maybe because she doesn’t NEED to wear a bra. maybe she’s not like every other woman i hollywood who has been to a plastic surgeon. and since it seems like you can’t understand why some people don’t need to wear a bra all the time, i guess you have some very big boobs yourself.

  • christina

    sorry i meant – @b:

  • christina

    sorry i meant – @b:

  • life

    Ellen Pompeo is amazing! Love her.

    The 100th episode of GA was really bad and we know why: Izzie sucks!

  • Julia

    Love Ellen! She’s so cute….even if I’m not the biggest fan of that outfit lol. More Ellen please! She’s seriously one of the best out there!

  • Maddie

    @life: Awh… sorry that you didn’t like the episode. i thought it was amazing.. and I watch for MerDer. It was soooo great what they did for their friend… I bawled my eyes out :( MerDer wedding for finale.. fingers crossed :D

  • Jp_fangreys

    oh my god … get a life people .. grow up..

    SHE IS PREGNANT, deserves to be respected. I am super happily for her, i wish all the happiness of the world. She is a marvellous person and deserves all the respect, not only because She is Ellen Pompeo but because she is a human person waiting for a baby. She seems tired? yes … but you know how much is difficult to be pregnant?… Come on… Grow up… Have a little respect for the persons. Ellen you are Amazing and beautiful, i´m your big fan. Congratulations

    sorry my english…

  • Francesca

    I cannot believe people can say such bad things about a person they don’t even know. Whatever she does is her business and nobody should judge her life.
    I personally admire Ellen, I think she’s a sweet and loving person.
    She deserves the best. Congratulations on the baby!!!

  • lili

    Omg BOSTON#19!! What EVIL things you have typed there? I wonder how you sleep at night, making up such FALSE information about another human being? You must be a very BITTER person. I PITY you so much. I hope you get on your ass and do something about your TWISTED EVIL mind. Seriously!!
    I totally agree with Rachel #11, Laura #14, China19 #20 and all of you who admire Ellen :))) She is beautiful inside out!!


    Ellen: I just can’t believe this broad is sweating you like this at this table. Like, it is hysterical to me. Like, is she not expecting me to stab her? Because I could. (starts laughing) The blood can trickle down and she can lay there and the Los Feliz police can come and take her away. And the foundation can all smudge off cause the blood is dripping down.

    Chris: Come on baby, stop it.

    Ellen: Her eye makeup will be smeared all over the place. There will be lipstick all over the sidewalk where her face was pressed against the cement.

    Chris: You are really starting to lose it. Stop it.



  • zineb

    OMG the punk’d episode was like 2 years ago, there are plenty of other time where she explained her attitude and seriously if anyone believes that punk’d in real and that the celebrities have no clue they are being filmed then you are an idiot seriously. she explained it already and theres sooooo many videos of her being soo freackin nice to her fans and all.
    She’s an amazing actress and will have an adorable baby

  • jaclayn


    seriously, what the hell is wrong with you that you would come on here and write such hateful comments about this woman that you dont even know.

  • Jess

    She is a great actress! Thanks for the photo JJ. Absolutely glowing. Can’t wait to find out how far along she is!!

  • OD

    Ellen is amazing.

    its sad how many sad pathetic lifeless people are out there.
    if you don’t like someone you move away.

    Karma, what goes around, comes around. all those things you say about someone will come back to haunt you. be careful.

    Ellen rocks. shes a beautiful person. Best of wishes to her and Chris.

  • lutine77

    uh… don’t know who is using my pseudo to post such hateful comments, but it’s clearly not me.
    BTW I wouldn’t make those mistakes, my english is better than that…

  • lutine77

    One more thing, that’s not because I’m dempeo that I think his kids are not his…

  • lutine77

    I don’t know who you are (I have my idea), but I reported you… maybe I can have your ip address…

  • Bunny

    She looks pretty bad. Maybe it’s morning sickness! :?

  • Sabrina

    Happy Mother’s Day to Ellen! :)

  • BB