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Jessica Simpson Isn't Shamu Shy

Jessica Simpson Isn't Shamu Shy

Jessica Simpson pumps up the jams while performing at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday (May 9) as part of the park’s “Bud & BBQ” country-music series.

During rehearsals, the 28-year-old country singer wore a navy blue dress but then stripped down to a pair of ‘Daisy Dukes’ cut-off denim shorts for the real deal.

“Going on stage now,” Jess tweeted before her performance. “Get ready for greatness, Shamu.”

After her performance, Ms. Simpson blogged, “Just overcame my fear of sharks by kissing a killer whale.” Pictured below!

15+ pictures inside of Shamu bold Jessica Simpson

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jessica simpson shamu 01
jessica simpson shamu 02
jessica simpson shamu 03
jessica simpson shamu 04
jessica simpson shamu 05
jessica simpson shamu 06
jessica simpson shamu 07
jessica simpson shamu 08
jessica simpson shamu 09
jessica simpson shamu 10
jessica simpson shamu 11
jessica simpson shamu 12
jessica simpson shamu 13
jessica simpson shamu 14
jessica simpson shamu 15
jessica simpson shamu 16
jessica simpson shamu 17
jessica simpson shamu 18

Credit: Ben Dome; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Natasha

    She looks ridiculous.

  • mika

    everyone needs to stop being mean! why do you think so many girls have anorexia! cos of retards like you giving girls high standards!!!!

  • Pattycake

    Lordy! First of all, she performing at Sea World? Doesn’t the association with whales seem too obvious? But really, she needs to take a long hard look at these pictures and stop living in “I look just fine” land.

  • noclue

    Should have kept the dress on.

  • mika

    omg do u seriously expect jessica simpson to be like “oh shit some retard named pattycake wants me to be skinny” and then go starve herself. she should be able to do whatever she wants without worrying what people think of her.

  • Toni

    It doesn’t matter what size she is, she’s a mean bitch with no talent!
    She can’t even seel out a gig!
    Stop giving her publicity.

  • Natasha

    I never said anything about her being fat. Just said she looks ridiculous. Which she does. The outfit looks horrid.

  • bobbi

    I must say I agree w. Natasha. Someone in her camp really needs to give her a reality check. She truly looks awful.

  • emmy jay

    OMG….someone help her.

  • m

    everyone’s got a little belly pudge, but her stomach looks mighty round in that first pic where she’s dancin… like preggos-type round.

  • pattycake

    Mika, absolutely, she should be able to so whatever she wants…and look however she wants. But I do believe she is an entertainer who expects people to pay to see her and watch her. She’s the one who choose that outfit to go with those “dance” moves. Poor judgement. Like I said, she needs to take a long hard look at herself and either change her look to a slender young thing or her image to a more mature woman who acts it. One or the other. As an entertainer she needs to consider what others think of her, it’s the biz.

  • GoodGirl

    OMG!….Bhahahahaha….!! :lol:

    Yeah Natasha used the best words which defined her….RIDICULOUS! :lol:

  • Jaded

    Her supposed $400 million empire is based on the sale of those types of shoes? What gives??

  • slambang

    #3 – I was going to say the same thing, LOL. Messica + whale reference = too easy.

  • Lilli

    She looks like a.very small person in the dress. She just needs to learn how to choose clothes that flatter her maturing figure. And maybe get a choreographer so she doesn’t look like she’s about to give birth.

  • jami

    is she pregnant or does she have a really fat gut??????

  • ugh

    Remember when she said people should buy the stuff she endorses because she knows “how to dress to flatter every figure”? She can’t even dress to flatter her own figure. If women buy anything with her name on it, they’ll end up looking like an aging, tubby, truckstop hooker with a beer belly hanging over their too short shorts which they don’t have the legs to be wearing in the first place.

  • Joy

    Shamu has more graceful moves. ugh.

    go away!

  • Lee

    She should have worn a tarp! Cover her up…she’s gross!

  • lala

    okay she’s fat, so what? the only big deal here is she being fat and still wearing those tiny awful shorts

  • tamron

    its so sad. she is weighty yet her ass is flat as a pancake. smh

  • james


  • mela

    I think Jessica Simpson is so pretty and she should eat that big fat taco with no regrets…..just don’t wear the daisy dukes girl!! you dont have to be skinny but you can’t wear those daisy dukes!!!

  • Joan

    If she’s going to torture the two people that were in the audience with her singing, at least she could have saved them the visual horror of her fat by covering it up.

  • victoria

    I think Jessica looks great, and she seems comfortable in her own skin which is clearly more than can be said for the haters!

  • m

    So she’s comfortable in her own out of shape skin. That doesn’t mean the rest of the world is comfortable at the sight of it being exposed in all its blubbery glory She should show some respect to the public and cover up her unsightly parts.

    I’m sure she’s comfortable popping her zits and picking her nose too, it doesn’t mean anyone else wants to see her do that.

  • flora

    Jessica Simpson gets a lot of flack for her fluctuating weight and one hand I want to say it’s unfair because we should be sympathetic to the sort of body issues being in Hollywood can engender; however, it’s just too obvious that she crash diets. I mean, literally from week to week this woman appears to be a different person. Such crazy changes can only be the result of DANGEROUS crash diets. It’s obvious that she sips the lemon stuff for a couple of weeks, enjoys the “thin and beautiful” headlines and thin backslides as her body fights starvation. The whole Vanity Fair fiasco was just disgusting…it was obvious that she’d done Atkins or some other crazy diet to be thin…and now, like she was last month (in the infamous “mom jeans”) she’s back to a fuller figure. She should just stop putting herself in danger to be thin. It isn’t healthy AT ALL and it can exacerbate existing issues (see Luther Vandross). But at the same time, she seems to be the only of the Hollyweirders who I can easily say I see this unhealthy trend in. I have to make myself see that Beyonce is just as bad, if not worse. And Rihanna. IBoth these ladies are hailed as setting a standard in Hollywood of the beautiful healthy woman who is proud of her curves, when both of them have admitted to excessive dieting and obviously fluctuate in weight like Jessica. It’s just disgusting. Nicole Richie is a skeleton, people. She’s repugnant , subhuman. Why do we celebrate such decadent behavior?


    No one over 25 should be wearing shorts that short no matter what fitness level, but I have to say, it’s pretty impressive that there isn’t an ounce of cellulite on her legs even with the weight gain!

  • anon

    pic 1: John Mayer doesn’t need to fake a relationship with Aniston when this is his perfect woman.

  • anon

    depressing………loud…….crass………like a transvestite

  • kris

    Not to add to the criticism, but what self-respecting artist performs a non-charity event at Sea World. She is/was just on Vanity Fair looking pretty good, and then she dresses like this and is performing at a fish (water animal) park. At this point I’m thinking this is all intentional, her stylist is putting her in these bad outfits and she’s gorging and losing every other month to remain relevant, or just end up in tabloids.

  • Saudia

    she looks great, but isn’t very talented

  • Jughed

    I’m not hatin’, but I really wish Jessica Simpson had an a**.

  • me

    Her weight is fine but does she not have a mirror at home? Get a stylist if you can’t dress yourself. Horrible!

  • barron797

    her empire is worth $400 million? wow.

    i guess that’s why she doesn’t care that she’s let herself go. if i were worth 400 million, i’d retire and probably not give a f$#@ if i gained 15 lbs.

  • Anonymous

    Judging by her outfit, Jessica’s empire is marketed to past their prime truckstop hookers. Who would have thought that there were enough of them out there to make this truckstop hooker empire worth 400 million.

  • bull

    If her empire is worth $400 million, why is she so desperate to be paid in all-she-can-eat Shamu fish snacks in exchange for humiliating herself on stage at Sea World?

  • guest

    is that a preggers tummy – looks like it.

  • Barbara

    She really looks like she is pregnant in those shorts….

  • cece

    dukes of hazzard have been done years ago…but she is still promoting it wearing those stupid daisy dukes

  • Stacy

    I agree with #1 – Jessica started out fresh but has grown into a stupid woman due to her lack of talent.

  • gib

    She looks like she’s been pregnant for a year now. Shouldn’t she have given birth by now or is she an elephant that gestates for two years?

  • oh heyy :)

    She looks great! No one should be criticizing her. She looks healthy and happy. :-)

  • omg

    I am sorry but I totally misread your heading. You have dumb and unflattering pics of her showing which I am sure is not a belly and then the heading reading “shamu shy”. When I think of Shamu I think of the whale, which is what you are talking about, but at first glance and interpretation I thought you were calling her a whale. You may want to think before you name your story.

  • Bunny


  • Chaz

    I think it says she isn’t Shamu shy because of the photo where she looks like she’s going to lick Shamu.

  • Denise

    She’s a pretty girl, but needs a reality check on that clothing. She could use new management too – she seems talented, but hasn’t been able to create a career path (changing her music too many times). I love the “get ready for greatness”, I think she has a high opinion of herself.

  • nyob

    Although I find her intensely annoying, I admit she is pretty. But these clothes are horrible. If you go out in public dressed like that, you deserve all the comments that are inevitably going to be made about you.

  • Andy

    Either she’s preggers or has a big gut.

    Either way her legs are still nice.

  • Annie

    She got over her fear of sharks by kissing a whale?? What??