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Justin Timberlake Publicly Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake Publicly Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake admitted to sleeping with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears on yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live (in so many words).

During one of the comedy sketches, the 28-year-old Sexyback singer poked fun at himself by playing a fictitious ancestor of his — immigrant Cornelius Timberlake — and predicting the future.

Justin spouted off, saying, “I’d like to think that at first, he’ll date a popular female singer (Britney Spears). Publicly, they’ll claim to be virgins. But privately, he hit it.”

He continued joking: “Then, he’ll make love with women so beautiful and so often that it won’t be enough for him and he’ll, I don’t know, try some stuff with guys. I mean, he’ll be straight! Forget that part! Everything is true except that part!”

Not new news, but check out the funny clip below!

Justin Timberlake Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears
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  • peach

    that’s a little harsh.

  • taylor

    JJ, he admitted this years ago on Barbara Walters.. nothing new…
    and this skit was hysterical!

  • N_N

    he’s such a p**sy.
    Get over her, JT!

  • lala

    He’s a jerk. I don’t get what’s so funny about him.

  • Tisha

    he’s a bitch.

  • tom

    What a strange thing to say, even if it was in a comedy sketche.

  • sasha

    He admitted it before. It’s not new.

    The new digital short Mother Lover was funny!

  • victoria

    I like Justin Timberlake, but that’s not necessary.
    Poor Britney, yet another person using her – shame on JT!

  • what about guys?

    Come on Justin, tell us about sex with guys!

  • ff

    thats mean
    poor britney
    she’s better than him.

  • Kar

    he’s an asshole. pathetic too, does she ever talk about him? he’s obsessed with talking about her.

  • Joy

    Timberlake is a megajerk!!! Cannot stand him & his ego.
    Kiss & tell..nice gentleman douche.

  • maryf

    Classy……that’s not even funny ! We definitely don’t share the same sense of humour !

  • q

    man fuck all you motherfucker i fuck britney to hahahahaha

  • ann

    After all she has been through he should know better then to bring that up again.

    I remember her crying on tv about it. that he spilled the beans on something so personal. i am not surprised if this perhaps also had to do with her nerves breakdown. We dont know for sure, but it could have played an important part. cause she was not over Justin before she got with kevin and got kids with him.

    so her marriage to kevin and the big part justin played in her life could have all caused her to breakdown.

    so when she finally is doing better, i guess its below everything for him to speak up about it again in public,even though it was supposed to be funny.

    He should know better. Grow up justin. havent you moved on with somebody you supposedly love? or are you still hung up on britney and afraid to admit it?

  • tanna

    very low class JT. Not to metion you allready blabbed about this once.
    PIG! you deserve to be dated that butt ugly biel chic JT!

  • pink

    Britney’s a sl*t. And a liar. She has not been a virgin since she was 14.

  • Sara

    Seems like someone can’t get his ex out of his mind! She is looking really good these days..unlike his current gf! Not very classy to bring Brit up, why after all these years. If I was Jessica I would think you hadn’t gotten over her yet.

  • jUNE

    You silly people crying for Britney. SHE ASKED FOR ALL SHE GETS. SHE WENT AFTER A MAN WHO HAD A PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND. She has a filthy life, she is a sl*t.


  • Denise

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…that’s what Britney-tramp gets. NObody has respect for a tramp.

  • Gaby

    Why would he have to bring that up AGAIN?? That was YEARS ago – get over it! Britney is way better then him, his is just desperate for attention right now. Very low.

    BTW, everyone in America – if you love ‘American Idol’ and Adam Lambert – please remember to vote for him as much as can on Tuesday. I’m sorry for talking about it here, but we all need to spread the word. He is so talented. If you don’t know who he is – please search on YouTube and watch videos, or go to the official American Idol site and watch all of his performances.
    If you like someone else, Kris or Danny – okay, but it’s so very important to vote no matter who you’re voting for.
    And all Adam fans who thinks that he’ll be safe – DON’T THINK that. Even if you just vote 5 times I will love you :D (but 2 hrs would be awesome!)

    Rock the vote and spread the word people!

    “It’s cool to be different!” – Adam Lambert

  • Diane

    Wh*re is Britney. She has slept with every other man in Hollywood.

  • q

    all of you motherfucker is the one that is fucking ugly bitch and your mother to hahahaha and fuck britney she is soooo fucking ugly

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    JUSTIN STILL LOVES BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MIchael

    Britney has been getting busy since she was barely 14.

  • Easy Britney


    everybody knows Britney is “easy”. Any and everybody and their father and uncle can hit that.

  • q

    gaby fuck you and abam lambert to he suck

  • Sandra

    This idiot is such a douche! He needs to stop bringing up Britney in everything he does/says to get attention. Get over yourself loser and go away!

  • Chris

    WTF?old news

    Britbrit isn’t a virqin since she was 14

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    Why he is so excited wen he is talking about her?

  • Molly

    Great. Now this clip has the anti-Britney fans claiming that “she wasn’t a virgin when she was with Justin”. Uh? so what? he’s just another loser banking on the Britney Spears name.

    Justin and Britney knew each other since they were 11 years old. They had sex whether or not they were virgins when they met each other. People who are dating have sex. It’s not a secret. They were dating and practically living together.

    If Britney is such a whore then why does Justin keep mentioning their old sex life? This is like his 4th time mentioning their sex life on television/radio. There’s something wrong with him and his ego could be the problem. He has a girlfriend. He shouldn’t care about Britney anymore…

  • Molly

    Also Britney is on tour and spending time with her boys. Jessica hasn’t worked on a good film or television show in years – maybe Justin should worry about Jess not finding work than him worrying about former Mrs. Timberlake.




  • Tisha

    I agree with you all – Jessica Biel is so ugly :S and Britney looks WAYYYY better than her now.

  • kyle


  • maryf

    All the HATERS need to use their brain !!! She wasn’ t virgin ??? How do you know ? and what’s the big deal ?? It’s none of our damned Business !!!!
    He dumped her years agoooo !! Since he has been romantically linked with Alyssa Milano, Jenna Dewan, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel ! But he still has to mention Britney, even on a SNL skit….She never talk about him !!!! ( Ouch !! )
    The girl has been through a lot lately, but she is getting her life back on track now, so can you please give her a break !!! No one can judge her !

  • Ouch!

    Loves it!
    Britney is so over.

  • pop86

    I’m a JT fan and never cared for or about Britney, but I do wonder what was the point of mentioning her in the skit. They were together years ago and both have moved on. He never talk his other girlfriends( would never talk trash Cameron Diaz) so I thing JT has never forgiven Britney for cheating on him.

  • Justin is a pussy

    Stop saying Britney wasn’t a virgin since dumb idiot tabloid loving jerks. She was a virgin when she met justin….HE admitted to busting her cherry in an interview a long time ago. STFU.

    Obviously she’s still on his mind though. Too bad for him, because I’m sure she’s over it.

  • pop86

    BTW: “Mother Lover” short and Plastic Surgery skit were much funnier.

  • JTbrit True love

    Justin will never get over britney. JT – BRIT FOREVEEEERRRRR!!! <3333

  • lucy86

    I agree with #38

  • Molly


    If Justin can’t get over the fact that Britney cheated (hell, I don’t even think this is true!) then he’s the male version of Jennifer Aniston. He needs to let it go. It’s 2009 and they broke up in 2002-2003. He’s been getting cozy with Jessica. He should only care about her cherries…

  • cloak~n~dagger

    Ok, I understand all the Britney hate but come the hell on!! I’m not a fan of either BUT, she’s moved on and she’s trying to start her career, again. It just seems that in Hollywood and EVERYWHERE on this God forsaken earth, when someone tries to come back or tries to fix their lives up, there’s always those few people who just love to keep hatin’ no matter what. And I’m not just saying this about these two. There are other celebs who I feel people try and bring them down when they themselves are trying to get back up! >:(

    Jealousy is rampid and it really sucks that he has to bring up crap from the past JUST to keep the hate going. He has nothing to say about her now, because there is NOTHING to say.

    Damn….what people do for attention.

  • Donna

    it’s a joke…

    anyhoo, i thought it was interesting how he had his current girl introduce him to sing last night….didn’t cameron do that the last time he was on SNL? And look what happened…hmmmm…..hahaha

  • harmony

    @what about guys?:

    first of all he doesnt have sex with guys.he has a gf named jessica biel.

  • ่ำjennifer

    I agree with #37

  • Jan

    The most honest thing he said was HE LIKES MEN. His boyhood best friend and business partner is his PARTNER. Come out Justin. Be Brave.

  • a

    Justin Timberfake is just doing this to get attention. People are only interested in him romatically with Britney they don’t care about his boyfriend Biel.Yuck

  • Lol