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Justin Timberlake Publicly Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake Publicly Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake admitted to sleeping with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears on yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live (in so many words).

During one of the comedy sketches, the 28-year-old Sexyback singer poked fun at himself by playing a fictitious ancestor of his — immigrant Cornelius Timberlake — and predicting the future.

Justin spouted off, saying, “I’d like to think that at first, he’ll date a popular female singer (Britney Spears). Publicly, they’ll claim to be virgins. But privately, he hit it.”

He continued joking: “Then, he’ll make love with women so beautiful and so often that it won’t be enough for him and he’ll, I don’t know, try some stuff with guys. I mean, he’ll be straight! Forget that part! Everything is true except that part!”

Not new news, but check out the funny clip below!

Justin Timberlake Admits To Sleeping With Britney Spears
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  • Olly

    He is almost 30 years old, but he behaves like he is still 13 years old. What’s wrong with this guy?

  • britneylover

    funny… i think justin’s still so into britney and hes wanting the attention from her..

    hehe.. brit and justin should get back together… brit’s the damsel in distress while justin’s the knight in shining armor ! haha. love them..

  • Justin is a jerk!

    …How much more proof do we need that this guy is a world class jerk?? Britney is a trainwreck, but there is no need for a REAL gentelman or simple a REAL MAN to pile on like Justin constantly is. He’s not even good looking, so I really wish he’d go away. arrogant pri ck.

  • anon

    i don’t think his over her due to he said years ago on a plane and then in an interview during 2002 that he had slept with her how is this even funny?!

  • anon

    britney has moved on justin she has had kids get over it justin is just tacky when brit mentioned him last year she didnt talk about there sex life she just stated she was heartbroken basically U R WITH JESSICA JUSTIN TALK ABOUT HER

  • I love britney

    I hate him
    how could he say that ?
    after all they still friend
    he is a jackass

  • Kar

    Wow, the Britney fandom is out in full force. For those of you who think Britney hasn’t used Justin as well, you’re deluded. She has mentioned him and their relationship quite a few times. It’s not as if it’s news that they hit it. And I don’t think it matters if he mentioned sex and she mentioned love, she still talks about it too. It seems to me that seven years later, they have moved on and can joke about it but wow, many people here sure can hold onto the past.

  • Kat

    I bet he would never stop mentioning Britney. He’s had so many other celebrity girlfriends since then, so why couldn’t he choose one of them to pick on? He wants so bad to humiliate her over and over again. He’s a sick coward.

  • no no no

    kar, she has not talked about their sex life nor has she denigrated him or tried to humiliate him the way that he has against her.

    when she spoke about their relationship (briefly) during her documentary it was in relation to how SHE dealt with the breakup and how it affected her. in no time did talk about what they did in the bedroom or did she put him down or make a joke out of him.

    how are you going to compare her speaking about that relationship a couple of times at most to Justin who keeps alluding to her, joking about her, trying to make her into a joke. this isn’t the first time and i’m sure it wont be the last because he’s a jerk. just last year he did it at madonna’s rock n roll hall of fame induction.

    he needs to get over whatever bitterness he might still feel or use his current gf to grab himself publicity and laughs. he needs to leave ms spears alone. as she has moved on a long time ago. he should follow her example and move on as well.

  • sandi

    she has never spoken bad about him. I guess in a way she felt she deserved his bitterness but there comes a time when you have to let it go. He can’t sell songs unless it’s about Britney because that is what the people want – them back together. It’s a great love story. Full of jeolousy and passion. I think he was a virgin and he felt betrayed by her. He thought they had something special between the two of them. But at 17, a guy wants to experiment especially when both apart for long periods of time promoting themselves. He was just starting his career; she was ready to settle down and have children. He was always gone, on the phone talking about himself and she was lonely and wanted love since there were so many problems going on in her personal life. He being 17, self-centered, selfish and very motivated, wanted to climb that mountain while Britney wanted to take a break. It just wasn’t going to work. Then he gets imature, tells all out of spite. If I can’t have her, no one will type of atitude and just went over the line over and over again. Britney fell out of love with him because she saw an as**ole on tv telling everybody about their personal conversations (trying to look like the white knight …) Did you see Barbara Walter’s face??? It was priceless. She knew what he was. It’s a shame. I think Britney and Justin are in the right place now if only he could mature and have a little respect for the person that he supossedly loved. I think he was infatuated. If he loved her, he would have forgiven her and she would not have had to apologize for anything. That relationship died because of both of them. I don’t think we’re going to see any music from Justin for a while because he knows it would have to be about Britney’s world and I’m not sure Jessica will hold on for that but you never know …. He’ll just say “I have to. My songs won’t sell unless they’re about her. I have to ride her coattails. I can’t do it any other way. You like living in Manhattan don’t you?” I think that skit on SNL should have gone like: his great,great,grandson had a boy and a girl and when his little girl met a boy bander at 17, they had to say they were virgins because that’s what Disney tells them to say. It’s in there contract. When his little girl broke it off with him, he went on TV and told the whole world how much he loved her and that she had sex with him and grinned and smiled like he just couldn’t contain himself. Now because he was a jerk, he will never have her again and wishes he could turn back time to keep his mouth shut. Pappa Timberlake killed the 17 boy bander for humiliating his daughter on TV but that’s another story …

  • jess

    he’ll be soon dead & gone , nothing spécial with him ,even his fan base is weak , imagine him fat , not dancing like he used too ,& drop average or okay album in bad conditions without any promotions or a tour for the album ,going wild through depression issues like what happened to britney in 2007 , imagine it would be the same with him ,he would be already forgotten & there would be no fans rooting for him ,cuz simply his fans are fans for wrong reasons like his sexy side, but britney has faithful fans ,love her for herself not for her sexiness or her nb 1 songs & albums ,that’s why always she’ll be here , justin will be here too but he always has to work so hard than he gets & never makes a mistake ,otherwise ,he’ll be done

  • lotsofbull

    come on – what kind of real sex could she have had at 14 – 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there. She was 14 and probably couldn’t stop out of shyness or booze and ended up doing something she didn’t want to do. Britney is very self-conscious about nudity to be some kind of whore. I don’t think she’s been with that many at all. I think when Justin looks back, he realizes how stupid it was. I’m sure a lot of the women he’s been with had sex early and have had a lot more men than Britney. The jerk should leave her alone. If he’s so happy why can’t he leave her alone …

  • lotsofbull

    come on – what kind of real sex could she have had at 14 – 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there. She was 14 and probably couldn’t stop out of shyness or booze and ended up doing something she didn’t want to do. Britney is very self-conscious about nudity to be some kind of whore. I don’t think she’s been with that many at all. I think when Justin looks back, he realizes how stupid it was. I’m sure a lot of the women he’s been with had sex early and have had a lot more men than Britney. The jerk should leave her alone. If he’s so happy why can’t he leave her alone …

  • bre

    thank u allan!! all these people saying that he didnt write it…so what? he said it didnt he…..just because mcdonalds makes great commercials doesnt mean u eat it everyday and blame it to ur heart disease!! i mean stop making excuses because he is a guy! if it was britney u would already call her a whore guys so please say the truth…it might have been written doesnt mean he couldnt have told the writers to remove it or something …if he was really over her and mature that’s what he would have done…no?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This was pretty funny but honestly, why isn’t he over her yet? And he was right, he will date men..Jessica Biel?

  • feeha


  • feeha


  • Romeo1013

    Its funny.. yall say he is a prick for mentioning he had sex with her? Ok.. for starters.. if you recall the break up reason.. it had been said she had cheated on him and he was in love with her.. maybe she just made a mistake.. but still. He has also said in public how much he still cares, and that he hopes things improve when she was going through her rough time.. and do yall NEVER watch SNL?? Seriously.. its what the damn material is about.. you poke fun at other people.. its all in good fun.. I mean seriously. Every damn person on the show does that stuff, and this makes him a prick? Yall are a little to defensive. He has poked fun at himself on the show before too… ITS SNL. Jake dissed himself about the gay connection with him doing Broke Back Mountain… Its the type of material they thrive on in that show and makes it popular…


    i think he’s still in love with her, he’s obsessed about her!

  • RIA

    I think it was hilarious. Besides anyone who DIDN’T already know that he “hit it” is an idiot. The fact that he made a joke about it, isn’t really in bad taste because that was like a long time ago.

    I hope Justin gets some more roles because he is actually a pretty darn good actor. He needs a new girl though.. him and Biel don’t seem to really have a lot of chemistry.

  • love

    hey…i dont like justin cuz he use her fame….yeh….who the hek he is before brit date him……it is so rude …childish …unrespectful …..i just so love brit cuz she so brave and talent with all sussessful circus tour….radar…womannizer….everytime……..after very hardtime with brokenheart….shaving hair….body big change after giving birth….britney is back……good…keep it up brit…love u

  • http://.... victory

    did he really have to say ‘hit it’ totally just lost respect for him…britneys better of without him.

  • Geez

    wow this guy is obsessed, he’s not over Britney, but what I dont understand is he just stay there and make fun of Britney, spilling out her personal “stuff”, instead of actually try to get her back, or is that he wants to get her attention, to get her to ask him out with all these bullshit he gave. If he’s over her, then stop picking on her already

  • christy21

    He prmberly still love her

  • no no no

    romeo1013 if this had been a one time thing where he joked about her or mentioned her then people wouldn’t care but he’s been doing this for years. always in concerts, awards ceremony he always has to mention her for some laughs or to get himself attention. he did it during madonna’s induction into the hall of fame in 2008. he’s done it during concerts singing mixes of crazy and rehab with cry me a river.

    it’s time for him to use cameron diaz or his current gf jessica biel for laughs. no need to mention britney when he wants some laughs or attention from the press. it’s been 8 years already.

  • sophia

    EWW hes such a dickwad! well okay we know that they slept together (he blabbed about that LOOONG ago..20/20) but hes always doing anything he can to make brit look bad. too bad shes the princess of pop & will be mega famous all her life while everybodys already forgotten this piece of crap =]

  • meEsh

    has anyone seen britney making fun of justin before??
    that was rude man, really classy.

    and ooohh… it might have been that he’s talking all about it over and over again because he never ‘hit it’ first with his Jssica Biel.
    hahaha… who knows who jessica did ‘hit it.’
    i wonder

    one, two, three not only you and me… hahahah
    … poor justin for having her. but they desrve each other.. L

  • yo sista

    he’s sucha lil b!tch