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Natalie Portman: White House Correspondents Dinner

Natalie Portman: White House Correspondents Dinner

Natalie Portman dons an elegant Balenciaga halter dress (with interesting cut-outs) at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday night (May 9) in Washington, D.C.

The 27-year-old actress was a guest of Newsweek. “My table is pretty good,” she says, “It’s Geithner, Gates and Valerie Jarrett. I’m looking forward to that.”

That would be Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Senior Presidential Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

This year, the annual dinner featured President Barack Obama and comedian Wanda Sykes.

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Photos: Brendan Hoffman/Getty, Paul Morigi/WireImage
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  • British Latin American

    Lovely girl.

  • robins 3

    Table of vultures!!!!!!!!!!

  • robins 3

    Geithner..isn’t he the devil incarnate?

    At the very least a Marxist just like Obama.

    Vile specimens!!!

  • Me!

    That dress is one sneeze away from exposing a nipple!
    I’d feel so uncomfortable is something as revealing as that……

  • remmy

    lol – i like how she just threw their names out like their her personal buddies. gotta love this girl and only freaking 27 too!
    should be a lesson to everyone – stay in school kids!

  • remmy

    lol – i like how she just threw their names out like their her personal buddies. gotta love this girl and only freaking 27 too!
    should be a lesson to everyone – stay in school kids!

  • remmy

    lol – i like how she just threw their names out like their her personal buddies. gotta love this girl and only freaking 27 too!
    should be a lesson to everyone – stay in school kids!

  • coming out of lurking

    oops sorry for the triple post

  • me


  • me

    sorry, STUNNING

  • me


  • me


  • me

    sensational, just incredible

  • me

    love this look on her

  • mayley

    Secretary Gates and Natalie Portman, I would like to be at that table!

  • Jughed

    Stay classy, Nat. ;)

  • ddlebg27

    lovely as always, not loving the dress tho. almost makes her look a little saggy…

  • mertz

    finally. if you look at the time story about the twitter and the #nerdprom tweeting by the attendees that went you’ll find the comment about someone observing natalie getting smushed and swamped by people

  • sillyme

    Garrett, Geithner, and Gates? Sorry, that’s a horrible table. Gates isn’t too bad, but the other two…ugh.

    Why are celebrities even invited to this thing, anyway? Isn’t it supposed to be for the presss.

  • funkey

    Not overly thrilled with the dress it’s ok seen better ones with her but, I like the look. Not surprised to see that she was invited to the white house I saw the show on TV and Wanda Sikes was a classic..loved her remark on teachers.

  • Madonna


  • Toni

    Husband. Stealing. Whore.

  • bop

    beautiful. bad dress.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    I like her a lot, but she is not 27 years old, but more like 29-30 years old- this year.

  • hello

    jared you might wanna censor one of those pics, i see part of a nipple..pic 7

  • omg

    that is a very unflattering dress

  • robins 3

    Poor choice for a flat-chested girl!!!

  • robins 3

    Geithner is evil incarnate, Gates is close and don’t know much about Jarrett.

    Nothing to be flattered about there.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Gorgeous!! Simply gorgeous!!
    @ Toni, Do you believe ever false rumor you read? Even JJ agreeded that rumor was false. This is not the first time Sean Penn split up with Robin Wright Penn. Unfortanitly, this second split came at a bad time and the moron’s and gossip tranny queen’s out their will alway’s speculate. Give Natalie some credibility. Hell! The woman has an IQ of nearly 160! She is not going to sleep around with someone that is 21 year’s plus older then her! Hint! Most woman like younger men that, are hunks! You really sound like a moron! I guess your IQ from reading gossip crap is around 49?! Nope. Maybe higher. You can actually read but, on the bullsh*t!

    @ Me, What?? Her boob’s are covered! What? She should have a nun robe on?! GO back to church and stop sounding so prudish!

    @ Funkey,
    I admit. This is not the best dress I seen her in. It looks actually like something out of ROTS. I don’t like the high waist style on her. She has a nice teeny waistline and should show it off. Well. She was invited to the White House yes! I see no Rachel Bilho was invited. Gee???? Wonder why??

    Go Natalie!! You rock! You hater’s can go to hell! :D

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Toni,
    Please read more carefully and read the whole article if, your attention span will allow you to. JJ said, “It was NOT TRUE!” IDK why JJ would post garbage like this but, it was some gossip magazine that did that and JJ actually went to bat for Natalie.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the dress is alright, it doesnt really look good on her because she doesnt have nice boobs
    but i do gotta say she looks beautiful, that face of hers looks so amazing =]
    she should have been more careful with the dress, u can see some pink of her nipple, altho im not complaining =p, thxs natalie

  • .,.

    boring =/

  • .,.

    Classy? Common guys! I can see her nipple, that is not classy

  • Rhonda

    wheres her boyfriend, the dictator loving Sean Penn. what is it with hollywood and dictators, they even loved Adolph Hitler back in the day. They really love that POWER! I bet 3/4 of them would give an arm to be able to have someone beheaded. Sounds harsh I know, but it VERY true. They love POWER

  • Crowe

    @29 her IQ is no where near 160-she ain’t no member of Mensa or are you saying she is better than Albert Einstein whose IQ was 154?
    Right maybe someone should suggest she use her brains to find a nice guy rather than the idiots she hooks up with.

  • lily

    This dress isn’t that great and I don’t think realizes that it has shiffted and showing a tiny bit of pinkage, but she still looks very lovely.

  • mattchew

    Chavez is an elected official you moron.

  • blak

    omg i love natalie portman/ this dress is fab/ she always looks hot!!

  • Crowe

    Her tits are so small

  • Fabric_Princess

    Natalie is a beautiful young woman, but that evening gown is not doing a thing for her. If it were a midnight blue or a blue-violet halter or one-shoulder, she’d look sensational. The neckline/bodice area needs reworking. She’d look lovely in the hot pink cocktail dress in the attached YouTube link video – the dress with the fitted strapless bodice and crystalline organza flounce skirt. Natalie has a lovely figure, but the dress she’s wearing is not accentuating what it should, in my opinion.


  • susan

    The girl is a husband-stealing sex fiend. And she went to meet the president with her nipple hanging out. Geez. A Harvard grad.

  • Bunny

    Cute dress. I din’t realize she was so flat chested. Is she really f****** Sean Penn?

  • Kimberly

    I LOVE her, but not her dress. Not flattering for her figure, or lack thereof.

  • talk is cheap and so is nat

    Natalie is full of kaka. Any body who wears a dress like that which
    shows one’s prepubescent mosquito-bite like breasts certainly CANNOT have a high IQ. So enough with all the Harvard garbage. She probably purchased her degree.

  • rii

    i love natalie portman! she’s smart, grogeous and really witty.

  • Karena

    aw Natalie is gorgeous! I don’t like the dress, but meh, can’t win them all. I’m curious where #29 got the 160 IQ from?

  • Jon

    What idiots. Portman never hooked up with Sean Penn. She attended that event with Rashida Jones and only popped over to Penn’s table to say hi (since they sat on the jury at Cannes together) then she and Jones went to another party together. Which has been confirmed by just about every single individual involved. Oh right: Star, the totally honest tabloid, says otherwise. I forgot. I’m sure they didn’t publish that story without so much as a picture just to get attention.

    Anyway. The dress is slightly large on her because it actually belongs to her mother. She took her mother with her to the Oscars a few years ago and that’s the dress she wore. I don’t know how I feel about the dress on Natalie, but I think it was very down-to-earth of her to wear it.

  • Sam

    Surprise, surprise. All the “sex fiend” “husband stealer” crap is coming from chicks. Jesus. No wonder women catch such a bad rap in the industry as being hyper-judgemental harpies.

    And do you know what the saddest thing in the world is? As Jon pointed out, that rumor was started by Star magazine!

    Susan and Rhonda are most likely over-the-hill and were left for younger women. They over-identify with the Jennifer Anistons of the world, sadly. You know ‘em: the ones obsessed with Twilight; the 40 year old women in love with Robert whathisname.

    Geez. Portman just broke off her relationship with the Venezuelan singer. You believe the rumor she dated Penn? :snorts: There was a rumor a few years ago that she was gay but still in the closet. Since there isn’t a single smidge of evidence in favor of either, which one’s true?

    Portman’s IQ: probably the same as most people.

  • Ethan

    Not her best look.

  • Jon

    YES!: Natalie is actually 27. he was born on June 9 1981. She’ll be 28 this year.