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Beyonce Fires Worker Mid-Concert

Beyonce Fires Worker Mid-Concert

Beyonce Knowles is so fierce, she fired someone mid-concert during her “I Am…” tour at The Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands on Saturday, May 2!

During her live performance of “Diva,” the lighting for the concert wasn’t working properly. The 27-year-old performer then skillfully weaved the following words into the song: “Lights! Somebody’s getting fired!”

Watch the video below and start at the 40-second mark!

Beyonce Fires Worker Mid-Concert
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beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 01
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 02
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 03
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 04
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 05
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 06
beyonce fires lighting worker concert diva 07

Photos: Uffe Kongsted/Fame Pictures
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  • Lo

    She needs to get over herself! Shit happens, no need to fire someone over that. Next!!!

  • marvin

    that was sasha fierce, so don’t worry….

  • cris

    she’s so thick

  • cris

    and she’s full of shit too

  • luanna

    she’s a douchbag… don’t like her at all
    so full of herself

  • roller

    she’s disgusting! i’ll never buy any of her cds ever again or go to any of her concerts, she fancies herself too much

  • green

    she needs to get over herself.

  • enoughalready

    It was part of the act while singing DIVA; PEOPLE. When she was performing the song she acted like a DIVA and this was last years ( a week ago) news.

    Stop with this late funny stuff!!

  • enoughalready

    Forgot to add this, how quickly we turn!!!

  • mallory

    sasha Fierce fired the worker , Beyonce will bring them back.

  • beytown

    LOL….all these haterz, funny how as soon as they see Bey on the headlines, they run to the sites like cockroaches to put in their 2 cents worth—nah, make that one cent worth.

    Yeah this is OLD news, maybe they can write about the move OBSESSED coming out…..LOL.

  • p.

    geez people, all that hating… YOU should get over yourself.
    it was part of her preformance !

  • Owen

    She’s funny in the new DSi commercial.
    She’s surreal with her laughter.

  • liloooo

    it’s an act!!! i was at her concert in paris and she did the exacy same thing lmao! keep rockin’ beeeeeeeeeee

  • What a bish!

    Dont like her at all! She’s so damn annoying! next.

  • jules

    Ah, what a lovely human being.

  • flora

    This woman is so overrated..The “Single Ladies” trend is just disgusting..has anyone actually listened to the lyrics? Why is this person a superstar artist? lol Also, if any of you don’t get that her current album is just a poseur imitation-fest of Tina Turner and Sade, you’re crazy.

  • okees

    Well at least we know she doesn’t lipsync. Her Mic was turned on unlike some other singers… cough* Britney cough*

  • flora

    It was NOT a part of her concert until she got a whiff of the backlash her doing it initially caused. The outfit was meant to light up…she’s wearing it in Marie Claire. You do NOT commission a huge designer to make an outfit like that and Not get mad when it doesn’t function for whatever reason. She was mad because her leotard didn’t light up lol how ridiculous

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    people are so fcuking gullible. hahaha..

  • M

    This is an OLD story. Infact most of these posts are at about stuff that’s least a week old. What gives?

  • mccain palin 08

    hahahahaha im NOT a beyonce fan but has anybody even considered the idea that shes KIDDING!?!?!?!

  • fbghbfj

    It´s a joke. She sings it!:D I LOVE BEY! You guys are pretty stupid!

  • roosta

    lol u idiots she says the same thing at most of her concerts! Its a part of the show! Jared, you fell for it! hahahha

  • Pattycake

    May 2?! May 2?! What is it with these old posts, JJ?

  • Tanda

    This is sooooo old and it’s a joke!

  • mora

    it was an act cuz shes a diva in the song, you people are retarded goshhh get a clue

  • MO

    she’s just mad that no amount of lighting can hide those thighs. can we get a thicker pair of tights, please? ew…

  • shenanyginz

    First of all, mad old. Second, I don’t think its as serious as everyone’s making it out to be. I think she was only joking AND she was definitely singing Diva. She’s playing the part. she plays it well.

  • jessica

    it was so funny how she sang it.

  • xsleekx

    o come off it, she was singing the song DIVA….can no body see the irony and take a joke, blimey.

  • fat cow

    What a b*tch, i’ve lost all respect for her the day she sent a girl who look like her in her place ! this b*tch was invited in europe for a show she refused to go and sent another bitch who look like her in her place ! just who the hell she think she is?she has no respect for people at all.

  • Raquel

    everyone says that “somebody’s getting fired” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she really would.

  • trl

    She looks like a drag queen with a bad wig +a fugly body

  • Blah Girls!

    You go girl! She’s fierce.

  • sarah

    What a bitch!

  • Yeah

    Saying “someone’s getting fired” isn’t the same as firing someone. At most, it’s an expression of frustration. Get f—— serious.

  • kaylia

    um.. maybe she was about to say ‘fired up’.. i swear, the national i.q. gets lower and lower

  • yes

    Yes she send alook-Alike in Vienna at an event made special for her, she did that to go shopping can you imagine that?

    The Albertina Museum in Austria got an exciting call on Tuesday: A manager for Beyoncé Knowles said that the star was on her way over.

    “We have had Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage visit here,” says museum press officer Verena Dahlitz. “So this was not big news for us – to have celebrities visit.”

    Thirty minutes later, a stretch limo arrived and a sunglass-wearing woman stepped out surrounded by five burly bodyguards. Museum officials were immediately skeptical. “She was too thin for Beyoncé,” says Dahlitz. “I thought she had probably lost weight.”

    Still, the museum director gave the woman a VIP tour. After all, there were screaming fans outside, and officials assumed that she was just one of those stars who look different in person than they do on television. Later, the museum learned that the woman actually wasn’t Knowles, but an impersonator sent by a local radio station, Krona Hit Radio.

    “We were fooled,” admits Dahlitz. But the museum is taking the prank in stride: “We must be the most important museum in Vienna,” says Dahlitz, “because they chose us.”

    A rep for Knowles could not be reached for comment,,20275753,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

  • Charlie

    haha i didn’t think she was firing someone when i heard that..
    but if that’s the case, she is seriously bad a** and i applaud her. =)

  • Ivana

    Hahah, that was great.

  • JJ


  • Cow Fat

    @fat cow: ********Ummm, You STILL havent heard that was a joke a raido station played?? Catch up Sweets!!*******

  • chartweezy

    Oh well, If she did say it, or even did it. She’s an entertainer. a damn good one too! IF she is judge by her words thats bull i loveher go BE

  • Suck In the fat

    Good Lord, how can she even breathe? She has that waist corset pulled so tightly that her hips are standing out as if they are in their own zip code. And those thick, thick, THICK tights designed to try to minimizes the thighs. Hey B, why not just try dieting instead of all the little “fashion tricks.”

  • GOSH!

    @fat cow:

    can you stop being so ignorant?!?!

    It was later cleared on… that the *fake/pretending to be Beyonce who went to the museum was not sent by her! IT WAS A PRANK done by a LOCAL RADIO STATION! Beyonce herself did not have any scheduled plans to go to a museum!!! THE RADIO STATION called the museum to have an appointment and PLAYED a PRANK ON THEM!


  • martha

    if people don’t like her than why bother coming on to the page. They must obviously like her to atleast wanting to hear about her lol. Anyways Beyonce was acting like a diva for the performance. get over it!! Go talk bad about paris hilton or something or go make fun of someone that think they have talent and don’t have it. lol

  • Rhonda

    Ha, ha. That’s funny. Good for her.

  • MOHA

    I Love her n totally think that was Sasha Fierce… She is the true DIVA anyway…

  • Ms. Wiggles

    Her support act was fantastic!!. The Dutch X-Factor contestants Jamal, Lisa and Rachel. Lisa won, but they were all great!