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Carrie Prejean: Satan Was Tempting Me

Carrie Prejean: Satan Was Tempting Me

Miss California Carrie Prejean made a Monday morning radio talk show appearance on James Dobson‘s daily Focus on the Family program.

The 73-year-old evangelical author and radio host asked Carrie about her Miss USA Pageant answer regarding gay marriage. Carrie said (via USAToday): “I felt as though Satan was trying to tempt me in asking me this question. And then God was in my head and in my heart saying, ‘Do not compromise this. You need to stand up for me and you need to share with all these people . . . you need to witness to them and you need to show that you’re not willing to compromise that for this title of Miss USA.’ And I knew right here that it wasn’t about winning. It was about being true to my convictions.”

Topless photos of Carrie recently surfaced on various websites. They were supposedly taken after she turned 18 (she’s 21 now). The fate of her Miss California title will be decided Tuesday (May 12) by Miss USA contest owner Donald Trump.

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  • kate

    Go Carrie!

  • umm

    i’m glad she voiced her opinion..she shouldn’t be hated for answering a question.

  • Jennifer

    but taking topless photos is OK. yeah, right. whatever.

  • Anakin

    She’s a hypocrite, like all Conservatives!

  • eva

    truth!!! i absolutely support her!!.. normal answer for normal ppl like her . i dont have anything to gays and lesbians but its not normal even though its accepted.

  • Athena

    Was Satan tempting her when she took those photos too? Because she DEFINITELY did not pass that test.

  • mora

    im glad she didn’t back out, its her opinion not every person your going to know is going to like gay people you deal with it. just like some people are racist you deal with it. people shouldn’t hate her for saying that. its the truth god created adam and eve not adam and steve get a clue.

  • parisienne

    hahha this is the stupidest quote i’ve read in a while..! “satan was tempting me”??
    god was in her head speaking to her? isn’t hearing voices a sign of insanity?

  • Adiore

    Why can’t people let this go. She answered the question because she was asked of her opinion. She’s more famous than the acutal Miss USA because of this.

  • Kate

    @eva: what is normal?? Your definition of normal is not reality to another person. Also, hate is hate no matter which way you try to spin it and whether you agree with a persons life choices is irrelevant. Respect is the true lessons of God.

    How about we all try respecting each other and how we choose to live our lives whether you agree or not and try keeping hateful opinions to yourself or within your private circle.

  • lexi

    gosh, well i’m glad she’s standing up for her beliefs but as a christian and roman catholic, i totally believe god excepts everyone as long as they are good people. gay or straight. i’m glad she no longer has her miss california title because she DOES have to speak for the whole state not just herself, so at least now she can go on preaching her views and nude pics as herself NOT Miss California

  • lexi

    *at least the miss california judges have stated she will no longer be miss cali but i guess donald trump still decides

  • kate

    I could care less about her opinions. What concerns me is that this fake, totally plastic, pod person is considered a standard of beauty. She’s anorexic, has fake boobs, fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan,and lord knows what all else is fake – she’s obviously had face work done already. And this is what we consider beautiful? Give me a break.

  • ri23

    Voices in her head battling it out? It’s called schizophrenia.

  • Kate

    One more bit…love between 2 consenting adults is not a bad thing and it shouldn’t matter if its two men together, two women, or a guy and a girl.
    As some people are trying to spin it by saying allowing gays to marry will have people requesting to marry animals and or children. Thats just sick. A child is not capable to consenting to such things and to use that as an excuse as to why gays shouldn’t marry is disrespectful and low and also an animal would not be capable of consenting no matter how it is;-)

    Lets just respect and live and let live!

  • ballon

    I think it’s perfectly fine that she answered the question and I don’t get why people got so upset about it. I mean for pete’s sake she’s a Christian, of course she’s gonna answer it the way she did; it’s naive to think differently. But at the end of the day I could really care less about her, it’s not as if she’s a Nobel Laureate or something; all she needs to do is what she’s been doing, stand there and look pretty, the fact that she’s striving for an accomplishment this trivial says enough about her in itself.

  • Vanessa

    Take her crown Trump! She’s a disgrace to California.

  • yup

    This is silly! How come you guys get angry when we question what you believe yet you do the same to us? Everyone has their own convictions, and we need to respect them. As long as no one is ever hateful to anyone I don’t see the big deal about professing your opinion.

  • blackfridy

    was Satan also there when she asked for someone else to pay for her boob job? Was Satan there when she took those topless photos?!

    for those who agreed with her on the normal comment. I am glad that I am not normal according to you guys standarnd. I don’t ask for a boob job, I don’t sign a legal contract knowing that I had already violated it (to me that’s lie)….

    Yeah… you guys are normal… lie and double standard.

  • Ed

    i don’t hate the gays, but straight people rule this world. gay people in euro get involved in politic, so the get the rights they want.
    american gays just talk the talk, not walk the walk. it’s useless to having straight celebs out there campaign gay rights for you guys.

  • Debbie

    Just Jared, Perez, tmz you are all obsessed with this woman who simply answered a question by that faggot Perez Hilton. Why in the world did he have anything to do with this pagent; he is a man lover. secondly, how about if they just dont ask and politically charged questions and just stick with “How would you achieve world peace”. Because really you dont want someones opinion you just want them to reflect yours and if they dont they are somehow terrible people.

  • Dulcie

    an honest idiot is still an idiot.

    She has NO business calling anyone’s behavior sinful when she’s surgically altering G-d’s work on her body to make herself more tempting, so she can be paid to pose virtually naked and then bemoan tha lack of morality in the world.

    I thought vanity and immodesty were sins, too? Oh, I forgot. Christians don’t think their behavior is sinful, just everyone else’s

    Bunch of hypocrites need to STFU and get out of everyone else’s lives. Control your own behavior and let everyone else take care fo themselves

  • Mark

    This bimbo is scarier than Hitler. Freak.

  • eva

    @kate so where do you see this hateness in my opinion? because i didnt noticed it at all and didnt show any as you wanted to indicated… or maybe ..?
    so you dont even respect my thoughts and didnt really agree with what you write above in fact..
    thats not really intelligent…
    i wrote what i think and if you write about respecting sb’s thoughts and choices, just do it ! instead of writing complately different opinion from you pseudo- view

  • vanna

    bull shit
    i get that she can speak her mind
    but she needs to walk the walk
    like if she so conservative then she should have said no to the topless pictures because isn’t that supposed to sin
    clearly god doesn’t allow such promiscuity
    its all bull shit and hypocrisy

    and she should get her crown taken away just because she is supporting anti-gay/ lesbian group
    thats like a kkk group against the gays
    so stupid and so wrong as a beauty queen setting an “example”

    she needs to stop her ridiculous preaches and all her bull shit as miss California

    may god be with her

    in ways she can have a brain

  • nikki

    Ugh, I wish this girl and her hate would just go away already

  • bejeebus

    perez asked her what her thoughts were on a particular topic and she gave an honest answer. she wasn’t trying to change anyone’s opinions and she wasn’t critising those opinions that differed with hers. she hasn’t hurt anyone except maybe herself by exposing herself to so much scrutiny. she has been forced to defend herself in a way that is completely out of proportion to the situation. the hatred exhibited towards her is rediculous, classless and disturbing….and it’s coming from different people for different reasons.
    those who preach tolerance should show tolerance if they want anyone to respect them. it can’t be one sided.

  • lola

    I understand how people are defending her right to state her own opinion-afterall she just answered according to her own beliefs. But as a Christian myself, I hate how so-called “Christians” like Miss California, use their religion to judge and condemn how other people live their lives but don’t apply those rules to themselves. Afterall, where was God when she decided to take those nudey pics?

    God isn’t hateful and spiteful and only ignorant angry judgemental people like to believe he is, so they can spew their own hate towards other people. Doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, if you are good person, God ain’t gonna send you to hell, no matter what the Bible says.

  • hello

    oh come on. there’s nothing wrong with expressing opinion. we liberals are all for that (even if it is coming from right-winged nut jobs). I don’t agree with her views on gay marriage or.. “opposite” marriage (pfft.. ‘opposite’ marriage…) but she has the right to express it. so leave her and her silicone breasts be.

  • WTF

    I’m not religious and I’m all for gays having equal rights but if the devil was to manifest himself in someone, I have no doubt it would be a tool like Perez Hilton.

  • a total fan

    She was asked for her opinion and she gave it. Whether you agree or not that was her opinion and I admire that she was true to herself. As for the topless photos, they are out there but from what I have seen they don’t show anymore than a bikini does at the beach.

  • whatever

    Who are the retatrds that buy in to all this Bull**it! Give it up already…that girl is just a simple-minded pagent girl…I mean come on, shut up already!

  • Julia Lester

    I completely love that fact that God is concerned about Miss America’s title being defended. Did he wake up and go” HOLY CRAP – not Miss America! Not That!” And even better yet, God – who has not spoken to anyone for centuries decides to speak to Miss America! I suppose if I were god I would speak to Miss America, beats the hell out of conversing with the gas station attendant I suppose. Oh, nice boobs.

  • omg

    LOL . . .wow that is a great excuse. I haven’t heard that one in awhile . . .”the devil made me do it” Whatever.

  • robins 3

    She’s expressing her convictions!!

    Why does that scare so many on this board? God says “blow ye hot or blow ye cold……….”

    So she’s standing up for what she believes in. She isn’t trying to make you think like she does…she is telling us where she stands because the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination before God.

    Take up your gripes with God folks!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    @eva: The hate is not respecting someones choices in their own life. Whether two guys want to get married in all honesty is not yours or my business. Using religious points is just silly as most if not all gay people don’t even care about the religious point(church marriage) of any of it but the legal point. Putting sugar on something you say doesn’t truly make it sweeter but mask it. Also, saying you don’t think gay people are normal is hateful and disrespectful. Again, what is normal and your normal doesn’t represent the whole of the U.S. or any country for that matter. Also, in regards to going off topic the point was still in reference of the topic ;-)

  • robins 3

    She’s COURAGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    She said her convictions are more important than a silly title.

    She’s right!!!!!!!!!

  • LadyS

    Boy, doesn’t it suck when people stick their noses in your personal business and make nasty judgments about who you are and say we should strip away something that you think you deserve as much as anyone else?

    Welcome to karma, byotch.

  • ri23

    robins 3: The bible also says eating shellfish is an abomination. So the almighty hates gays and shellfish. How effing retarded.

  • Debbie

    stop asking these loaded questions if you dont want an honest answer. Period. it was a set up by that perez. she didnt hate on anyone. i dont think gay people should get married. i do think they are entitled to full benefits etc. and should be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Bottom line they cant procreate so they are not equal. but they should not be discriminated against either. and i dont give a rats ass what any of you think. the minute a man gets a man pregnant or a woman gets a woman pregnant let me know.

  • ri23

    Debbie: Not everyone wants to procreate or thinks procreating is the only reason to get married. It’s about two people. If they decide to add to the mix then they can by adopting. You know, like men and women who can’t have children naturally do. Pull your head out of the bible and out of your ass.

  • robins 3


    23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

    What religion were you raised in?

  • robins 3


    Why does Carrie’s conviction scare the poop out of you? You hold a strong opposing opinion. What if you are wrong? Or are you God?

  • robins 3

    Hey r1 23

    I suppose you support the hate bill in Congress? It supports pedophiles! Are you a supporter of pedophiles too?

  • GiGi

    Was satan tempting her to stop showing up at her contractual Miss Califoria gigs too? This girl is just a bigoted clown. Ya know what??? saying what’s in your hart is NOT admirable when what’s in your heart is bigoted & ugly……..

  • ri23

    robins3: I’ve actually studied many religions: christian, buddhist, pagan, hinduism? What do you care? What does “23″ have to do with anything? Nothing scares me about her convictions. What if she’s wrong, what if you’re wrong? Yes, I am god. How did you know?

  • ri23

    robins 3: Oh, I love it when you freaks combine gays and pedophilia. Hey, genius, the two are not the same. Nevermind sweety, go take a nap and Jesus will make it all go away.

  • robins 3

    What religion were you brought up in? Why so scared to answer that question?

    I didn’t ask what religions you studied since you were grown. I don’t care about what religions you’ve studied.

  • Debbie

    ri23 dick wad. my point is they are not equal and no matter what spin you put on in they are not equal whether they want to procreate or not. and also dick wad i am not religious sorry. adoption is not reating a child the natural way so they are not equal.

  • ri23

    robins 3: My childhood? Piss off. You’re a fundamentalist christian. Yeah. That’s what I thought.