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Jennifer Garner: Top Celebrity Mom

Jennifer Garner: Top Celebrity Mom

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck celebrate Mother’s Day with their children in Boston, MA on Sunday (May 10).

The 37-year-old actress has recently been voted the best celebrity mother in a poll, beating out Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, Gwen Stefani, and Angelina Jolie.
, who conducted the poll said that, “Jennifer Garner is the celebrity mom we would like to live next door to. Her welcome smile and down-to-earth attitude are exactly what we want in a mom friend. And her husband is hunky, too! Perfect.”

FYI: Jen & Ben are using their Orbit stroller!

35+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner as the Top Celebrity Mom…

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jennifer garner top celebrity mother 01
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 02
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 03
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 04
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 05
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 06
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 07
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 08
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 09
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 10
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 11
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 12
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 13
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 14
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 15
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 16
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 17
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 18
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 19
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 20
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 21
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 22
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 23
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 24
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 25
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 26
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 27
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 28
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 29
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 30
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 31
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 32
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 33
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 34
jennifer garner top celebrity mother 35

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  • jesse

    first LOL had to do it

  • jesse

    jennifer garner is not cute anymore how sad

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    GOD Ben is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! :)

  • g!na

    Jen has lost her glam,looks & body !!! She is a fat ugly redneck!

  • lizzie

    Pff ! voted best celeb mom, so there’s really a contest for it? It sounds a little stupid. there are million of moms who are great but she is a CELEBBBBBB

  • lizzie

    (Violet is going to be a prom queen someday !!!)

  • Teri

    Jennifer wouldn’t have been my first choice but she does take her kid to the park and to the store. If that qualifies being a wonderful mom then she takes the cake. Women can be so snarky when it comes to other females though.

  • *******

    Love this family!

  • give me a break!!!

    are they paying u jj?

  • toni

    What’s is up with them, they don’t look like they were celebrating anything together. Ben could not look more miserable.

  • Jen

    She’s the best!
    I love you Jen!

  • Jen

    She’s the best!
    I love you Jen!

  • me

    esp Jen

  • manic monday

    Ben doesn’t look his best, because he was sick over the weekend. Ben and Jen had to bail on the WHCD in Wash. because of illness.

  • I Agree

    I totally agree! Jennifer Garner is the complete package: Beautiful, talented, educated, has a career, is a good mother and puts her family first. Ben is a lucky man and I’m sure he thanks his lucky stars everyday that this #1celebrity mom came into his life.

  • Ethan

    What has happened to her?
    Get this woman some clothes………….

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    The n. 2 gold digger and fame wh- ore in the world.

    n. 1 gold digger is Katie Holmes.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    n. 1 pimping her kids for celebrity would be Angelina, but Garner is not far behind.
    Ben did a huge mistake with her. She cheated on her first husband and trads men up for money and fame.

  • Hmm

    For someone (supposedly, Ben) who was so sick on Saturday night that they cancelled on CBS at the very last minute to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (the car service was en route to their house when the Afflecks cancelled), Ben sure looks good the next day.

    And obviously Jen Garner’s high powered publicist and manager (Leslie Sloane Zelnik and Nicole King) got her this “recognition” from I don’t believe any true poll would give you those results!

  • Tdani

    She deserves the spot of top celebrity mom because she displays the best example of what a true mom should be—out spending quality time with the family. She’s with those kids more than she is with her husband! That is a HUGE difference from what is typically seen in a celebrity mom who spends virtually little to no time with the kids. Following her footsteps as well is Katie Holmes w/ suri. Those two seem inseperable as well.

  • Tdani

    I truly do not understand all the hate towards this woman! She’s the hardest working mom of them all to me

  • manic monday

    #19, no Ben does not look good in the face. You can look at the side of his face and see that it is puffy. Like someone with a cold or that had a stomach thing the day before.

    Even so, Ben is filming a movie in Boston. He has a responibility to the movie, the cast, the crew and the producers to be well and look good for those scenes.

    If him being sick was “just a story” they could have said the baby was sick or something like that. People get sick……stomach flu, etc. I don’t need to know the details. Kinda yuck.

    But, Ben was fighting off a cold the whole time he was doing interviews for “State of Play”.

    Plus, other things that Jen’s pubs. can do if they wan’ted to lobby for Jen to be named something.

  • LEE

    O.K….She was at the park alone and left alone no pix of Ben at all…
    O.K.. So this is how it is done eh starting something that isn’t true..

    He was probably out a different day and put these two pix together
    when Jen wanted to spend time with Vi alone Ben stayed home
    with Seraphina….I hate seeing this stuff..

  • manic monday

    In all fairness to Jensfans website. Sometimes they post a few pics and then update the gallery throughout the day. Within a few days they have gathered most of the shots and will put them all in the gallery from that day.

    Most of the time that site has extra pics that some of the blogs don’t publish. Usually the ones of Ben and Jen smiling at each other or with Ben with his hand on Jens back. etc.

    Give them a few hours or a few days and I am thinking they will have the rest of the shots. Mostly that sites is pretty fair.

  • manic monday

    Wonder who the older lady with them is? Ben’s Grandma?

  • LEE


  • manic monday

    26, you could be right about that not being Ben’s Grandma. Though, I would be surprised if it was their nanny. They do have one nanny that is a bit older. However, I don’t think I have ever seen a nanny out to diiner with them, especially on a day like Mother’s Day.

    Now, it could be that they had nannies in town for when they were suppose to be in DC. The nannies being away from family on Mother’s Day, Ben and Jen took her out for dinner.

    Now this is reading a lot into the pics, but, the lady with them, looks a little dressed up to be working. Just saying.

  • LolaSvelt

    I really hate these polls. They could all be terrible parents for all we know!

  • kid pimp

    Jen pimping the kids, no better then that Jon and Kate lady.

  • s.i

    @g!na: She is very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • s.i

    @I Agree: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree with u!!!!. and let me make this clear for YES! : I am not the same person hahahahahhahahaha

  • Ben-Affleck-SUCKS!!!!

    @YES!: Are you nuts? If you hate her so much then why do you read and then leave hate comments at her posts about her? You are such an NOTHING! You should respect a woman like her…I am sure that she has never done anything bad to YOU! She is the MOST BEAUTIFUL mother in Hollywood and the only one that really cares about her daughters…all the others are just ****ing around….Later…Thank you!

  • you suck #32, not Ben

    Where R the rest of pics? Why does it say that Ben went to lunch with Jen, and Violet? Isn’t her putting Sera in the Car?

    And why in one picture is Jen walking with Violet to the park (from their house?) with just Violet, no bag (purse) or that bike. But at the park she has a bag with her and a bike. Who else was with them?

    Fame is the only papzz. in Boston, R they only giving the pictures they want these blog gossip sites to buy?

    I think there are like a bunch of pictures missing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    congrats on being the #1 celeb mom jennifer, i totally agree with it, not even angie matches up 2 her, jen is always with violet =p
    and jen being her usual boring self…what else is there

  • dumbpoll

    what a dumb poll. she has a few nannies that help her and are with here all the time while ben’s away. the poll should only be for those moms that have no help, multimilions to spend galore or for those who don’t try to hold onto something they are not – they are not normal, they are celebs with very strong publicists trying to create an image for this chick. pathetically desperate – focus on your falling career jen than to gain awards for pimping your kids. you pimp out your kids WAY too much.

  • jenny

    She “pimps” out here kids way too much – I agree. There are PLENTY of celeb moms who are more strategic and smarter about how they go out with their kids unless they want attention. After seeing pics of her come out everyday with her kids front and center, i now believe that she’s doing this for attention. Maybe b/c her movies flop and she’s dealing with some problems at home. I think ppl would respect her more if she didn’t crave so much attention.

  • Sam

    Why is this woman famous? For being a celebmom? How sad. Gone are the days of Alias fame. Ben never looks happy with her, just with his daughter.

  • mary

    Hey guys…stop making nasty and non-sense comments. These people are full of hatred and envy. There’s nothing to say negative about the family. They’re very popular, very rich, very beautiful and a very ideal young family. I wish I could get to meet the family personally. I love Jen and Ben. They’re my top favorites. I knew they’ll end up together the moment I watched the movie, “Daredevil”. They both have sparkles in their eyes.

  • Linda

    For the amount of money that Jennifer Garner and Ben make I’m sure they have millions to spend on whatever they need regarding their children and themselves. So why wouldn’t Jennifer look like a great mother??? When people spend time in labs working on cures for diseases, and important needed technology in this world , then it’s very difficult to see why Jennifer Garner and Ben are worth millions, occupy all the magazine covers, wear expensive clothing, live in expensive houses, rate highly on polls etc. when the real heroes in our society work for practically nothing and are taxed to the max.. Jennifer and Ben memorize a few lines, spit them out, and accumulate billions.

  • ben/jen fan

    To all those that say they “pimp their kids”, what would you like them to do?

    It is not like they are at a high fashion store getting free clothes from designers and such. They have never taken their children to a red carpet. There have been many events that Jen has gone to, such as children things, Violet is there, but goes through a back door or something. She is not parading down in front of cameras.

    So, I ask again, is Violet not allowed to take a walk?, Is Jen not allowed to swing her child in public.

    They never released a “family photo”, or re’cvd money from mags for their childrens pictures.

    For all those saying they “pimp” them out. What suggestions do you have? Use the back door? Photos of them trying to avoid paps, parking on the side of building, around the back. Video of paps chasing Jen down a street to get a picture. Why? Because they used a different street, back door, side door.

    Even paps in trees taking pictures of them at a private home on private property. There are even ariel pictures of Ben at their new home supervising the addition of a swing set on the property. Taken from a helicopter. So if the kids go to their own back yard and the paps hire a helicopter to get pictures of them………Ben and Jen are still pimping their children?

    The day Ben and Jen show up on a magazine where they sat for a picture of their children or do a reallity show with the kids…..then I will be the first to agree with you about “pimping” those kids. However, a nice day and out for a walk doesn’t fit that category.

  • Michaelangelo

    Exactly, #39. They have so much money and can do whatever they want but choose to raise their kids right. And this is a celebrity mom feature anyway so why bring up non-celebrity moms?

  • shut up

    #38 and #40 just shut up. you make no sense what so ever. and yes it FITS THE CATEGORY.

  • just me

    i am sick of this ugly, trashy looking woman and her unfortunate looking daughter. Enough already!

  • Pippi

    ben/jen fan at #40 you make more sense than a whole sh!t load of people on this thread. Your words put in all in prospective. Jealousy is what motivates those sprewing hate and dislike for Jen and her family. Nobody is perfect but this family comes pretty darn close in the celeb world. Congrats Jen, you are the complete package. Keep up the good work and give Ben a kiss for me. Love yall.

  • Not pimping the kids

    to Hmmm…. you sure know a hell of a lot about what the Afflecks did this weekend for a hater…you google their names every day… HA

  • manic monday

    I stand corrected. After looking at pics of Jen with V. and Sera at the park (5/11). That does look like their nanny.

  • bea
  • Romeo

    We love you jennifer, beautiful and good mother.
    She deserves that!


    I really like her. She is the most “real” celebrity!! She glams up when she has too and looks like a relaxed, casual, fun mom otherwise

  • laura

    I love how the title says “top celebrity mom” and the picture is of violet looking so sad behind that fence. nice one, jared!

    I’m amazed there are actually people who say such nasty things about one of the most harmless celebrities. Just goes to show how desperately sad people are that they need to feel the need to bring down an innocent woman raising her children.