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Kate Gosselin: Happy Mother's Day!

Kate Gosselin: Happy Mother's Day!

Kate Gosselin of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 picks up a birthday cake from ‘Giant’ supermarket on Sunday (May 10) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother-of-eight celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, which coincided with the 5th birthdays of her sextuplets (Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel).

Meanwhile, dad Jon Gosselin was seen picking flowers with daughters Hannah and Alexis at their home in Reading, Penn. Their German Shepherd dogs Shooka and Nala were also present.

“I am not a celebrity…” Kate has said of being in the public eye. “I am a mom and a wife. And I feel that Jon is having difficult times realizing that, you know, you can’t go to the grocery store without people whipping out their cell phones, calling everyone they know and taking pictures of you. He is dealing very poorly with it.”

15+ pictures inside of the Gosselins on Mother’s Day…

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kate gosselin mothers day 02
kate gosselin mothers day 03
kate gosselin mothers day 04
kate gosselin mothers day 05
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kate gosselin mothers day 08
kate gosselin mothers day 09
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  • a total fan

    If she knows that her husband is dealing very badly with the celebrity status they have acquired then she should consider not doing the reality show anymore.

  • Tasha

    I agree.

  • mel

    I agree #1…but now she’s living the luxurious lifestyle..she can’t go back to normal life. Doesn’t she look like such a mean old hag….

  • guest

    still got that hair going on! that’s a really small cake for everyone.

  • Reba

    Small cake for 5 kids.

  • Vanessa

    That little box she’s holding is probably just a spray tan kit cause you can see she’s leaving the spray tan place. I’m guessing the pic where the guy is holding the bag is the cake. It’s not small, stop nit-picking.

  • lavandrsky

    that biotch thinks she needs a bodyguard now? UGH! She makes me ill. I wouldnt blame John for cheating on her. Fame has turned her into a complete witch.

  • Cyn

    First of all, I guess SHE can have the sweets while her kids are food-restricted. Tsk, tsk, Kate – that cake is not all-natural! Secondly, that hair! UGH. And a bodyguard. Really? Kate can say whatever she wants but it’s obvious she loves and craves the attention and will do anything to keep it, including pimping out her children. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, after Jon leaves, he’ll give a tell-all exclusive article to some magazine trashing his ex…

  • Bubbaness

    She’s wretched.

  • Paposter

    It is time for them to think of their children and end their reality show.
    Most of the time I say that paps shouldn’t “invade” privacy of stars, like on private property. HOWEVER, Jon and Kate choose to have a reality show and invite cameras into their home. They opened a door……..

    Really a bodyguard? And in Reading Pa. Come on?

  • Cacey

    I use to love the show, but now I can’t stand it..the way she treats and talks about him is just wrong..I hope one day he will realize how much better he can get and leaves her!

  • Katy

    I feel bad for Jon AND Kate. Living under everyone’s scrutiny can’t be easy. I don’t think that Kate is a terrible person. She is a mother to 8 CHILDREN. How pleasant would any normal person be if they had 8 kids screaming and crying and yelling and running around them all the time??? Jon married her (TWICE) knowing her personality. He vowed “For Better or Worse, As Long As We Both Shall Live” not “As Long As You Don’t Yell at Me”. It’s no wonder she has a body guard with how awful people are about her. You people are a small demonstration of the mean judgemental people in the world. Some people are CRAZY and you just never know. I wish they’d stop doing the show for their marriage and their kid’s sakes. But I hope that they will be smart about it and not get too far in over their heads with it. Best of luck to them, and shame on you hateful people for judging her.

  • me

    Well, she finally got her wish-the paps are following her around & taking pix at their house. I think she planned the whole thing with Jon & ‘the affair’ just to be kept relevent. And the tabloids just fed right into it. And apparently the rest of us who are commmenting-haha.

  • LEE

    The media would come down hard on him for leaving her… Are you kidding me!! Please the media will never let up on these two!!

    So be it.. separate time for mothers day eh…not with the kids on Mom’s day just their birthday… Does she really care about those kids or does
    she see $$$ signs when she sees them and he has to stay home with them instead of picking up the cake and she is the one that wrote
    the book and she is the one that wants another season so that they can live in luxury for another year.. YOU CAN SEE HIM SUFFER IN THESE PHOTOS ..BEING STUCK WITH THE KIDS..

  • bob

    She has 2 different shirts on in these pics..are they really ALL from Mother’s Day?

  • GoodbyeGosselins

    Reality shows ruin lives. It’s not worth it.

    I have nothing against this family, but I am not in favor of couples (and singles – Octomom) getting famous from having babies via fertility drugs.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to have biological children, but there are millions of parentless kids out there who are no less superior.

  • june

    She is a strange woman. No normal woman would carry that many babies in is womb..

    She is a freak of nature just like Octomom.

  • june

    correction: no normal woman would carry those many babies in her womb

  • denise

    #12..Kate Gosselin…Your freak ass made all those kids on purpose, and carried them to term on purpose, So don’t be making excuses for having to run around taking care of them. YOU made them. YOU are a crazy freak like Octomom.

  • hotbitch

    I know they can’t WAIT for those kids to start school!!! At least they got through the hardest part. It should be a lot smoother from this point out but they’ll have to really work on reconnecting w/ each other. Of course, that will be a lot harder knowing that Jon got caught w/ another woman. And for those of you saying they should divorce……..they CAN’T. No one can pay child support for 8 children; especially being unemployed. There’s just no way it’s even remotely possible. But if it were then he would’ve been gone b/c he’s married to a complete bitch.

    BTW, anyone else notice that when he has been photographed it’s been with young, college-age women???? That’s not normal either….

  • kaka

    Kate – you so full of shatt. Save me some cake.

  • Randi

    i live in the same area they live in and its GIANT not GIANTS….Giant Supermarket

  • maura

    Poor kids.
    That cake was not big enough for 6 of them. What about the body guards? What about the Nannies? Don’t they get any?
    She has ridden to fame and fortune on the backs of her little kids.
    They did not ask to be brought into the world as a freak show. I feel so sad for them. You know there is no way they will have anything like a normal life.
    Can you imagine having to go through middle school or high school with all your potty training and tantrums available on boxed DVD sets?

  • little miss PA

    I live about 20 minutes from them and I can tell you that no one around here gives 2 flying farts about them. I see them out everywhere and everyone ignores them. Shes just money hungry. She see’s dollar signs at every opportunity.

    Not only do I have to see them out and about in real life we get pap pictures on Jared….joy.

  • Alyssa

    She’s got a bodyguard and obviously these pictures were taken from some sleazeball cameraman in the bushes…I think it’s time to stop the show and try to raise the kids away from the camera.

  • Joley

    Kate, with your celebrity status and all now, perhaps you can afford to hire a stylist to help you with your look!!!! that hair has gotta go!!!!!

    So sick of this woman!!!!!!!!! and her nasty personality..

  • Blah Girls!

    I hope they’re okay, and I also think they should quit the show!

  • !*&^@$!@

    I’m disappointed in you Jared, these people are not “celebrities.” Just normal people. They already have their own show, aren’t we invading their lives enough? You don’t really need to be taking pictures of them, it just causes more room for people to discuss their personal business, which incidentally, is no one’s business.

  • Abby

    A bodyguard? Puuuuleeeeze. What next. I will say it again and again….she treats her husband like crap. When my kids and I watch the show, I use her as an example how NEVER to treat your spouse…no matter how much they may drive you nuts. Patronizing and belittling is unacceptable in any relationship

  • Robyninreading

    Actually, I’ve seen this “bodyguard” here at the pet store. He was a limo driver that day! Must be pulling double duty. That’s not a GIANT grocery store either. It’s a tanning salon. Good grief, can’t ya tell? LOL

  • Robyninreading

    Hmmm, Jon didn’t drive his golf cart down the driveway after the paparazzi either! Maybe Kate grounded him from his golf cart too! bahaha

  • kn

    Her hair looks like squirrel tail :)

  • lancaster

    Agree #24

    No one around there cares to hills of beans about what the hell that family is doing. If they go to the store so be it. A damn bodyguard to go shopping!?

    Funny, how the first story of Jon came out 1 week before the season fin. of the show. Now, all of this and the new season starts next month. Not to mention the same time as the book. Strange?

  • emma

    Alexis and Hannah are gorgeous and so are Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

  • Cathey

    Who told her that hair style looks good????????? I agree time to stop the show and really concentrate on your CHILDREN. With out them Kate and Jon are nothing!

  • Robyninreading


    Yeah, isn’t it funny? Now it’ll probably be Kate + 8, and more people than ever will watch. I just want to see the kingdom fall. People around here are sick of their antics. Heck, even Target in Wyomissing was a hot spot yesterday. What a nice mother’s day for her…she was out shopping without being with the kids.

  • Autumn

    HA! She can’t stop insulting him for ONE second! She is horrible!

  • Janet

    Be careful what you wish for Kate! I’m a mother of 3, and my 12,9 and 6 yr old along with dad, cooked me a wonderful b-fast in bed. Plus a delicious dinner for his mother and I. Plus I got a handful of dandelions! And I loved it! What did you get Kate?

  • Chaz

    They call her Pap Smear because she’s always in a bad mood when the paps are around. Her husband says she’s just always in a bad mood.

  • Sam

    June – you were right the first time!

    Kate is just, very simply, a nasty person. It’s women like her that give other women that ‘b’ word name! Jon should feel less stressed just knowing that millions sympathize with him having to live with this woman and her cruelty. He doesn’t fight back because it’s not in his personality to be mean. It’s ok, Jon, leave your wife, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your kids! We all understand Jon!

  • Lillianne

    hahahahahaha that hair is goofy. She needs some conditioner because somebody bleached the bejeepers out of it.

  • Billie

    Geezz..why all the hate towards Kate? What has she done to any one of you? You people are pathetic! Don’t tell me any of you would turn down a tv deal and $ if you were offered? She has a bodyguard so freakin’ crazy ass people like you stay away from her!!
    You rock Kate…don’t let these ignorant people get to you!

  • Momof2

    Aside from all the bashing about this family, I do kind of feel sorry for Jon and Kate. On the other hand, they did put their family in the spollight by agreeing to have their lives aired out on tv for all to see.

    I agree that maybe it’s time to end the cameras following their every move and just try and live normal (out of the public eye) lives…for the kids’ sake.

  • Robyninreading


    She didn’t do anything to me personally, other than use MY taxes for a state paid welfare nurse for a year. Hmmm, I wonder if she ever paid the state back after she sold her little children’s privacy to the world? Do ya think? Heck, I’ll stay away from her….she brings her brood and the paparazzi to US.

  • gosselinssuck

    I’m sure the tanning salon cake was plenty big enough… for the girls. The icky boys probably didn’t get any. Again. Wonder if she had it decorated with ‘Happy Birthday Moneymakers’.
    BTW, she get the hell outta dodge right quick as she was on The 700 Club (taped in Virginia) this morning. From Bentonville, AR booksigning on Saturday, to a drop in papparazzi op in Wernersville, PA to The 700 Club in less than 72 hours. Yep, Kate, keep preaching how you ‘raise those kids on your own’. And I wonder why Mr Gray got the day off?

  • Momof2


    Calm down billie!

    We all have a right to our opinions, besides I didn’t say anything bad about the family.

    So don’t go assuming….

  • deanna

    “How pleasant would any normal person be if they had 8 kids screaming and crying and yelling and running around them all the time???”

    All the time? Try to keep up. Kate is seldom at home these days. Her new “career” and book tour precludes “all the time.”

    Also, when you chastise people for judgment, it’s best to do so in a non-judgmental manner. Otherwise, most will simply dismiss your opinion as asinine hypocrisy.

    Just saying!

  • Kate gosselin


    I got clothes from my Jon and breakfast in bed, I got spa treatments, Cara got me a Rose and made me a card, Mady drew me a card and wrote me a poem, Alexis, Hannah and Leah all got me flowers and made daisy chains for me with Cara and Mady, Aaden, Collin and Joel made cards and painted me pictures.

  • sbux

    Do you have any pictures from when she was at starbucks in wyomissing yesterday? i was there when that happened and just curious to see if you got any of her there.

  • trisha

    She should be on Dancing With The Stars, she already has the orange look from too much spray tanning.

    Her hair is hideous!