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Kate Gosselin: Peep My Winnie The Pooh Tattoo!

Kate Gosselin: Peep My Winnie The Pooh Tattoo!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin runs errands at the Kinko’s copy center and the bank on Monday morning (May 11) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother-of-eight wore a denim skirt, showing off her Winnie the Pooh tattoo, which is etched right above her left ankle. Kate has expressed regret over this tattoo in the past. Also, when she had her tummy tuck after giving birth to her sextuplets, a tattoo was removed along with a portion of her belly.

Her husband Jon Gosselin has a tattoo of the Korean flag on one of his shoulders.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin showing off her Winnie the Pooh tattoo…

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kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 01
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 02
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 03
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 04
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 05
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 06
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 07
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 08
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 09
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 10
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 11
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 12
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 13
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 14
kate gosselin winnie the pooh tattoo 15

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  • Debbie

    Gee … Kate looks pretty good for a little errand trip. Nice heels!! She really likes the publicity. I hope none of those eight come down with childhood cancer. I have been fighting with my 14 year old son as a single mom. He has had stage IV cancer for the last 12 months. I don’t know if he will live to see July 4. I’d like to see how Queen Kate would do without her manicure and tanning and makeup and appearances on Larry King Live and all of her other talk show bs, while she is sleeping in a chair in a hospital room for four months while her child is having a bone marrow transplant. I guess the big body guard would be there also. She said on one of her “appearances” that she is interested in childhood cancer. I truly believe that she and Jon have never donated a dime. Kate and Jon are pathetic. When one of the kids racks up two million for cancer treatment like my son has, I am sure she will just write another mindless book.

    Hope you read this one Kate. Maybe the plastic surgeon who fixed your tummy can fix your wrinkly knees. I am 52 and a cancer Mom, and my knees look much better. Stay out of the tanning booth Kate!

  • wow!

    wow a story about a tattoo? you sure are hurting for some real news aren’t you?

  • Debbie

    @wow!: Wow!! How old are you? 16 maybe. Please read my post. It says it all. I will probably lose my house because of what insurance doesn’t cover. You obviously have never dealt with a family member with cancer. I guess if one of gosselin kids comes down with a serious illness like childhood cancer, TLC will pay for it to keep the ratings up. Kate will probably have it televised also to keep the money coming in. Unfortunately, I don’t have the “privilege” to go to Mr. Chow in LA for dinner. I have to be in DC to take my son for radiation every day for the next six weeks. I bet Kate is getting her pedicure then.

  • http://pickle dookie


  • sarah

    Debbie stop spreading hate. I hope your son gets better.

  • jane

    sarah, shut up Debbie is going through hard times let her vent. Kate needs a wake up call she needs to spend more time with her kids. Hope your son gets well Debbie you and your son are in my thoughts.

  • ice

    so now she’s going the Hollywood route for running errands? remember when she used to be in sweatpants and running shoes without that mess of a hair?

  • faith

    I wonder how these kids are going to have a sense of their own identity when they get older since they are always advertised as this package of 8. It makes you wonder what goes on behind the camera. The most love they get from their parents is probably only because of the camera.

  • coza

    OMG You all get a life….

  • coza

    OMG You all get a life….

  • m

    I’m sorry your son has cancer. I wish the best for you guys. I also hope that you can get over your bitterness that other people have it better than you do. It’s not their fault that your son is so ill. Maybe you should get rid of your toxic attitude and it’ll make you feel a little bit better. Focus on the positives in your life. Be thankful that you’ve had your son as long as you have. Focus on your memories with him. Stop being so hateful to someone you’ve never met, because her situation is different than yours. You can’t control that, so let it go.

  • La-dee-da

    Her shoes are by Cole Haan and cost $298, you can find them at Nordstrom.

  • leslie

    When did Kate G. become so interesting?! I mean the woman is pathetic. She has eight kids, a weak husband, and a stupid ass reality show and now all of a sudden she is a CELEBRITY.

  • Slimqnn

    I think Kate is very HOT!!!

  • Spoiledmom



    I agree! It is “horrendously horrendous”!!! (as Kate would say) For someone who thinks she is not “celebrity”, she is living the “diva-mom” life. Where are the kids? Why does she need a bodyguard in the first place? Why not take a few of the kids along for errands? My daughters loved that when they were the ‘tups age. Kate is not a mother anymore. She is a marketing, child exploiting mogul. Why should she care if Jon is cheating on her? She has too much other things to worry about…how to make her next dollar. Kudos, Kate and pulling yourself up from your bootstraps. It is sad that you have left your nursing career behind. Fellow nurses, including myself, cringe when we hear you state that you are a nurse. Correction… “were” a nurse. Your children will not have the normal life– that you protested in the first season–you wanted so dearly for them. One of them has already inherited your materialistic, self absorbed sense of self.

  • Spoiledmom

    @Debbie: AMEN!!

    Know my prayers are with you and your son. I am undergoing chemo myself and have 2 daughters, on top of being a widow of 5 years. Fortunately, I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, which I relish each and every day, however, unlike Kate, I keep my nursing license renewed. I enjoy driving my girls to and from school, and being home for them during the summer.
    Kate has only mentioned once that she is grateful that she had 6 healthy babies. What are the odds of that?
    As far as their cancer research donation….their first donation from the “yard sale” went to cancer research. While we need research desperately, there are larger organizations that donate freely and privately to research–I would have rather seen Jon and Kate’s donation to the families of cancer patients. It only took them four years to donate back to Ronald McDonald House for the time they spent there, which in reality was because of their own doing. Not as my sister, who’s son had a brain tumor, then surgery, and recovery, and had to utilize RMH for a month while my nephew was ill. Most of these families do not choose to be there. Kate chose to get pregnant and knew of the odds of multiples. On their trip to St. Jude, they forced themselves upon these children, donating Kate’s books, DVDs and “Kate’s” cd that she listened to while she was pregnant for 10 weeks on bed rest…please tell me the comparison of her “bed rest” to that of a 6 year old cancer patient, who has, along with his family, had to make a hospital his home during an extreme, life threatening illness. Thank goodness for St. Jude, they do outstanding work, and perform miracles, unfortunately, some children do not get to go home. Kate should stop in her Cole Haan’s and thank God for the health of her children. Hmm. speaking of Cole Haan….maybe Kate bought the watch that Jon “allegedly” gave to Deanna.. Remember the days of Kate not caring about “labels” and self proclaiming her “no sense of fashion”? Those days for Kate are long gone… While I will admit to possessing a designer handbag and shoes, materialism is not something I possess.

  • shannon


    Kate Gosselin says everybody wants her hair style. Oh please how conceated is she really getting. She tells a magazine that everyone across the country is calling her hair stylist for the same cut. She gets this reality show pimping out her kids gets a tummy tuck, Jon gets hair plugs, the list goes on. I think Kate is getting a big head. She actually thinks she’s all that.


  • shannon

    She is? Making those kids endure the cameras everyday, so she can get all the perks? Are you watching the same show?


  • shannon

    Amen. You are exactly right. They are getting to much attention. Maybe if everyone stops they will go away.


  • matt

    takes great care of her feet..would love to massage them

  • GravyTrain

    those are two of the ugliest legs I’ve ever seen in my life. my god she looks like a cheap hooker.

    Look up white trash in the dictionary and a picture of kate is there. remember the way she screamed at john in the toy store? white trash! you can take the woman out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the woman.

    also, she is one fugly lady. i about barfed when i saw her feet.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Why would she ever get this..hahaha?

  • egamemnar

    what is up with the 3 different hair cuts and styles she is sporting. Brown in back, blond in fron, short in back a bit shorter on one side and chin length on the other…….WTF do people seriously think that looks good?

  • Del

    I concur with jughed. Kate takes care of herself, pedicure included. Her feet are cute. Men appreciate pretty feet, otherwise why do women spend so much effort to display them. Taking pictures of them to be posted here is not creepy!

  • blueboo

    where can i find the orange top she’s wearing? it looks comfy for summer. i can’t find it anywhere, and i can’t find anything like it either! does anyone know???

  • jmcox261

    Huarache Air Slings by Cole Hann. Sexy shoes for sexy feet. She needs a sexy ankle bracelet, too. Gotta love those little red piggies.

  • Jonny

    I wanna lick her feet, they look so soft

  • Lovey

    She looks young and urban as she should look. Those trashing her look appear to have a healthy case of envy. It really makes you (lorena and lola) sound so vile. Are your lives so unhappy that you have to project your dissatisfaction onto someone else or do you have a personal vendetta? Somehow the tone and your choice of words sounds very personal. I wonder….



  • quirky

    Kate’s a very nice looking woman, but she’s definitely got issues. The time she spends on beautifying should be spent on getting help for her freakishly controlling personality.

  • del

    Me too Jony

  • feet4me

    I would love to smell and lick her feet… I would buy her used shoes and socks for my sniffing pleasure…she is hot and I bet she has sweaty stinky feet.

  • Callmelater

    I love the shoes ($301.00) and I love the tattoo! I wonder which one she had on her belly? Only she, Jon and the doctor knows for sure.

    She’s always had a body guard, this one is a new one. Her other guard probably went home to his wife and kids for the week.

    Most of these comments sound like they’re from kids.

  • Callmelater


    So sorry your child has cancer. My nephew, sister, husband had it too.

    I think though your anger is being taken out on the wrong person. What has she done to you or your son? They donated money and gifts to a cancer ward for children. They held a yard sale for them. You, personally, might not have seen any money, but someone did!

    Do you want TLC to pay your bills? Ask them to put you and your child in the spotlight cameras and paparazzi all day and night while you sit in your chair and collect the millions they’ll pay you.

    I might sound mean, but you sound very jealous that THANK GOD she has healthy kids so far. It’s awful for you to wish your fate on some other mother! Maybe that’s why your son is suffering so much. You curse other people with his disease. He can’t help having it, but you can help by stopping being jealous of another family. Pray for your son and stop denouncing others and wishing them the same. Shame on you. Go see the chaplain. Maybe he can help you cope.

  • Callmelater


    I hope your son doesn’t feel your hatred is for him, because it sure appears it is. Single mom is not anyone’s fault but your own. He probably wishes you would go away for awhile. Go have your dirty hair washed, your fingernails polished and a pedicure. Bet you’ll come back feeling better. Hire someone for the day to sit with him. He doesn’t need your grouchy self all the time. You probably wish he was dead already. Gee a whole year. Gee no insurance. He’s eligible for medicaid and don’t say NO. You’re not paying a thing. Tell the truth!

  • kATE gOSSELIN’S #1 fAN!!


  • kellz

    I love Kate from head to toe, she has some sexy feet nd cute toes

  • natasha22

    It’s a silly tattoo. Money went up to her head, manicures, hair and make up done perfectly all the time. She was a controlling bi*&h ! He got tired of it and left….i don’t blame him !! She screwed it up. He is better off without someone controlling him like that. Good luck Jon!

  • anthony

    Kate is Hott!!….she looks so good and good for her on having that tattoo of Pooh on her ankle I think that it shows that shes still got a fun side to/in her even though shes no longer with ex-hubby John.

  • Cecilia aka Pooh’s baby mama


  • Isabel

    My daughters and I saw Kate at a local Dunkin Doughnuts in Urbana, Maryland today (9/13/09). She quietly walked in to only use the restroom. My 9 year old’s face lit up … I told her to just be quiet and not to say anything. On her way out, I saw the Winnie the Pooh tattoo… She looked a lot smaller in person… She was wearing a black and white top, black miniskirt, and red high heeled sandals. She didn’t blend in — to say the least! Funny she was all by herself… wonder where the kids were… anyway it was kinda cool…

  • purple gurl

    Hi Kate i like you. Not because of your tattoo or the way you dress but i like the way you plan your future. I am a widowed with 4 children and you are my IDOL. Be strong and take courage. I pray for your guidance and protection with your children. May the good Lord Bless and keep you always!

  • http://YAHOO.COM WTF


  • N2barefemfeet

    I think she looks good for her age, she has SEXY FEET AND TOES ID LOVE TO SUCKS HER TOES FOR HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A FEW OTHER THINGS TOO LOL

  • Ashli Slappy

    A lot of thanks for your whole hard work on this site. Kate loves going through investigations and it is easy to understand why. All of us hear all concerning the compelling ways you provide invaluable techniques through this web site and as well cause contribution from some other people on that matter so our simple princess is without question discovering a lot. Have fun with the remaining portion of the year. You have been doing a tremendous job.

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