Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Biking in Brindisi!

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Biking in Brindisi!

Reese Witherspoon and longtime love Jake Gyllenhaal go bicycling around the exclusive Hotel Masseria in Brindisi near Rome, Italy on Sunday (May 3).

The couple, along with Jake‘s mother Naomi Foner, cycled around for about 5 miles to visit the famous Acquaviva Bay.

The couple was in town for the wedding of Jake‘s sister, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, and actor Peter Sarsgaard.

On May 4, Reese and Jake were seen checking out of the their hotel in Marittima (Lecce) and departing from Brindisi airport.

15+ pictures inside of bicycling buddies Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 06
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 07
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 08
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 09
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 10
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 11
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 12
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 13
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 14
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal bicycling 15

Credit: Venturini; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Catherine

    First nice couple!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    a nerd and his dog – boring.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]



    Those fakers couldn’t resist – they organized paparazzi photo shoot in Brindisi!

  • lula

    ewwww…. His mom is right there seeing how they smooch.

    I wonder who does Jake think about when he has to touch Reese…

    Again, mom is watching !! Sick Sick sick.

  • Pattycake

    Why is JJ posting pix from over a week ago?!? There’s nothing new here…and very little real here either.

  • shame on Jake

    for turning Maggie’s wedding into cheap showmance publicity.
    Reese Witherspoon is cheap publicity ho, I would expect something like this from her.

  • Sarah

    I actually love them together. :]
    Has anyone considered that they really are a genuine couple?

    Everyone is way too judgmental and negative.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i honestly dont understand why ppl say he’s gay
    from the posts that he’s always with reese, he doesnt seem like it
    in fact a few times he’s touching her, like her in pics 2 and 4(mind u it looks like he’s trying 2 go a certain area gays hate)
    i think reese looks pretty cute, my hate for her is gone =]
    love the pics with the thights, her legs look so sexy =]

  • liz86000

    They’re really sweet…

  • roosta

    may 3 = old news lol

  • Jen

    Cute couple

  • rofl

    fake fake fake

  • Shawna

    All of the people who act as if you actually know something about their relationship are ridiculous.

  • not enough attention

    Pathetic! They didn’t get enough attention so they re-released their posed paparazzi photos again.

  • emma

    People and a few magazines had the first exclusive rights to these pictures. Now that they are a week old they were given to the bloggers for free so the blogs jumped on posting them and Reese and Jake get extra coverage for their true mad love.

    I really can’t stand these two. I have no idea if they’re “real” or “fake” but either way they are fame whores and jacka$$es.

  • ls

    Oh what a cute couple! God bless both of them and their love for each other!

  • jeff

    Losers. I can’t stand Smug and Fug part 2.

  • Blah Girls!

    Ugh they are so sweet! Reese is a lucky woman.

  • Lucy

    This is why Reese had to be in Italy the day after Maggie’s wedding. She pre-arranged a photo op so that the pictures would be used in the following weeks US Weekly-the official tabloid for the Reese and Jake showmance. Pretty pathetic that Jake went along with his beard and turned his sister’s wedding weekend into a showmance promotion. Looks like Reese’s PR put Mama G on the payroll too. She also seems to be the only one in Jake’s family on board with the bearding.

  • whortensia

    Somebody doesn’t know geography. Brindisi is not anywhere near Rome. Look at a map of Italy. For Chr*s sake. How stupid can JJ get?

  • whortensia

    Well at least Jake didn’t take up with a transvestite like Daniel Radcliffe. At least not as far as we know. Reese isn’t transgendered, is she?

  • madmax

    were you having a slow day? This is old news. All over the net. still so FAKE couple or not, they are an odd couple

  • jtizzle

    Brindisi is NOWHERE near Rome… It’s a good 377 Miles away… That’s like saying they were spotted in San Francisco, near Los Angeles… Yeah, just thought you’d like to know.

  • whortensia

    You can find where Acquaviva Bay is but the Hotel Masseria can’t be located since there are probably 50 hotels called Masseria in that area of Italy. Need more identification than that. Acquaviva Bay is not close to the town of Brindisi either, it is close to Diso and Marittima.

  • whortensia

    Lucy for your info. In the divorce settlement between Jake’s mom and pop, it was specified that only mom could be photographed with the famous kids. Pop has to stay out of the picture. That is why Mama is along.

  • marisa

    I saw these pics a week ago! JJ, you should work better….

  • nicole

    Jeez, this is old news. And like I’ve said before, I certainly do not see any chemistry between Jake and Reese. None whatsoever. There are alot of Hollywood couples out there that exude chemistry. I do not see it with this couple. And how tacky of Jake’s mom to have in her divorce settlement, photo ops of her only with Jake and Maggie. What a fame whore!!!! Whose worse, the mom or Reese????

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    boring phonies
    boring fauxmance

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    You guys need to stop hating!!!

    They are the ‘It Couple’ in my books and instead of going to Maggie’s wedding… they should be attending their own!!!

  • Daniela

    Puglia is the region where Brindisi is!!!I On the other side of Rome…It’s on the Mar Ionio coast…just in front of the ex Yugoslavia/Albania..

  • popcorn ball

    Has anyone seen the Prince of Persia previews online? I feel bad for Jake because the movie looks so forgettable.

  • max

    brindisi near rome? lmao
    americans are so ignorant…

  • Jared’s Sister

    Jared just reprints what he is given by the PR firm that sends him stories. Don’t call him ignorant. Call him a PR Shill or a puppet.

  • geon

    What a couple of lamos!

  • roxy

    Brindisi is a small and lovely town in the south of Italy… it’s in Puglia it’s very far from Rome…

  • mary italy

    brindisi is not near rome

  • Trine


  • kristin

    I like seeing how normal they are! And i just love Reese witherspoon.

  • whortensia

    Two comments on P of Persia:

    1. From what I saw the movie will be mainly scenery and sets and “action”.

    2. Jake will be just a beefy doll in the midst of it all, jumping around and so on and so forth. It will be sorta like Brad Pitt in the Troy thing of Farrell in Alexander. I think Jakeypoop has basically given up trying to act and just wants to be paid to go through the motions. Now that he’s too old to play “sensitive kid” roles there isn’t a lot he can do particularly well.

  • Martin

    Bingo! You are sooo right. Also, imo, it looks so cheesy, I feel sorry for Jake, but I think that’s going to bomb, well, he should choose his movies better. And that interview with Jerry Brum. looks so creepy, just talking about the way Jake looks,……he should talk about how good the movie is,….not a good promo……..

  • Italiangirl

    Well-told jtizzle!!

  • Italiangirl

    Well-told jtizzle!!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Can they just get married already!