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Amanda Crop: Make Me A Super Gay

Amanda Crop: Make Me A Super Gay

On last week’s episode of Make Me A Supermodel, 21-year-old contestant Amanda Crop admitted she struggled with how her body looked after giving birth to her son. This was a potential problem for her as the challenge of the week was to model a scarf in the buff.

To remedy this issue, the Oregon single mom shared, “I’m really, really open with my son. Like, I don’t want my son to become, like, I mean, no offense, like gay, when he’s older. So I’m always like naked in front of him now. So I’m absolutely not nervous [about being naked for this photo shoot].”

Unfortunately for Amanda, she was eliminated from the competition by the end of the episode.

After the ep aired, Amanda rescinded her “gay” comment. She told BuddyTV, “I know that some of the things I said, I mean [openly gay contestant Shawn Nishikawa] is one of my best friends and on last night’s show, they see me saying ‘I walk around naked in front of my son so he doesn’t become gay.’ And I was like, what the hell?! I don’t even remember saying that. But obviously, I mean, I was going to walk in the Gay Rights Parade with Shaun in Florida. So obviously, I’m completely for it. I love Shaun and I have nothing against homosexuality. And if my son was gay, I’d be completely fine. Saying things like that is completely not in my character.”

A new episode of Make Me A Supermodel airs this Wednesday, May 13 @ 10PM ET/PT on Bravo.

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  • 100mph

    hmmmmmmm..another slow news day.. sigh! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

  • sienna

    Obviously not a bright person.. Besides, I could not really understand how being always naked in front of your son prevents or protects him from being gay! I wonder if she was stoned or something when she said those words..

  • nic

    just another nutty “celebrity”.

  • zzzz

    She must be on drugs, very confused , have multiple personality disorder, or be very, very stupid. Any way you slice it, she’s got major problems. ANd since when does showing a little boy your skinny, skanky body prevent him from becoming gay? Seems it would have the opposite effect if that were even possible.


    buh-bye amanda

  • freakyboy

    its like she wants her son to lust over her body or something..thats gross.

  • g!na

    seeing my naked mom if i were a boy would make me gay! who the hell wants to see their mom naked? she probably did the opposite for her son! lmao

  • T

    good for her for clarifying

  • janelle

    Sweetie just look pretty. Please don’t speak. You’re embarassing yourself.

  • jughed

    wow, she’s got legs for days. not sure why this brouhaha about her “gay” son is relevant to the pics, jared, but whatever floats your boat man.

  • mary

    amazingly, only 1 “like” in what she said.
    they must’ve cut out a lot.

  • CRazy oldie

    what retarded mom walks around naked to make sure he isnt going to turn gay? I’m sure having that environment would turn a guy off girls and packing fudge by elementary school…

  • twifanatic Amanda

    so why would she say that if she didn’t mean it? haha

  • Marieme

    @100mph: Have to agree with this and yet I wonder if this is not her real character then how the hell did it come out of her mouth? Talk about making excuses.

  • vmars111

    I was completely shocked when she said that initially. As long as she took responsibility, then it’s all good! Wow, being non-internet hurtful is quite a departure for me!


    looks like an atomic kitten singer huh

  • Speedy

    Too bad your son has to grow up knowing u are his mom !

  • georgette

    Nobody want their son to become gay! she’s sincere. Even gay people don’t want their son to become gay. I don’t really know about her but i support her through that.
    And being naked is cool, specially when the girl looks hot like she does.

  • RE:georgette

    gays don’t “become gays” ignorant fool. BTW this bytch has been airbrushed to the max.

  • ace tomato

    If you cover her head up in the picture and just look at how thin she is, it is painful. She looks like she just got out of a concentration camp.

    Is that supposed to be sexy?

  • faith

    whoa, that is one extremely disturbing comment she made there!


    we can see all the bones on her back! to me she seems like a anorexic dumb homophobic with no idea how to raise a child

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    who?! lmaoo..
    #3, she’s not a “celeb”.

  • sushi

    what the hell is wrong with her

  • facts

    Stupid and anorexic. Those are quite the redeeming qualities.

  • Carol

    :O anorexic; :s

  • jaye

    I didn’t know being naked in front of your son will keep him from being Gay. Wow, learn something every day. lol Sheesh!

  • Morgan

    She sounds she’s a brick short of a load. AND she can keep her skinny a$$ out of the Florida gay parade. Florida has enough of their own homophobes without importing them.

  • scott

    like amanda”s face ,hink brandan should be eliminated as early as possible

  • ness17

    man, she’s really skinny

  • Jess

    anorexic loser…just shut up

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    What an anorexic little bitch!

  • kt

    I find it endlessly amusing to hear people who have been caught on film doing something distasteful say things like, “It’s just not who I am,” or “It’s completely not in my character.”

    Um, obviously it is, or we wouldn’t be watching it before our own eyes. How about, “I was surprised to hear myself speak that way; I guess I have some latent bigotry to work on.”?

  • hg

    i think she’s a little misinformed…

    if homosexuality were a choice, i think seeing my mom naked all the time would probably scare me away from women for the rest of my life.

  • jon

    @RE:georgette: shes def not airbrushed.. You have to be a fat ass with insecurity issues to make fun of someone else cause you are among the ranks of below average.

  • Mike

    Gays should be put on an island to live with their own mentally ill kind.