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Ava Jackman is Snow White

Ava Jackman is Snow White

Under the supervision of dad Hugh, Ava Jackman dresses up as her favorite Disney princess, Snow White, and rides a scooter around the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Monday afternoon (May 11).

The father-daughter pair later met up with mama Deborra-Lee (pictured below).

Hugh will premiere his latest superhero flick, X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Mexico City on May 26. Last week, his scheduled appearance there was nixed because of swine flu concerns. The Aussie actor tweeted that the premiere should “provide a moment of fun escapism and a treat for some of the loyal fans of the comic.”

10+ pictures inside of Snow White fan Ava Jackman

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ava jackman snow white 01
ava jackman snow white 02
ava jackman snow white 03
ava jackman snow white 04
ava jackman snow white 05
ava jackman snow white 06
ava jackman snow white 07
ava jackman snow white 08
ava jackman snow white 09
ava jackman snow white 10
ava jackman snow white 11
ava jackman snow white 12

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  • rpatzfan

    So Cute :) and Hugh Jackman so hot!

  • adam lambert

    who’s that girl? is that hugh’s wife?

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    The pic with Hugh and Ava has to be the cutest pic i’ve ever seen!!!

  • sas

    hugh and is wife r such a odd couple. its nice to c someone has gd looking as him not go for the tipical fake hollywood plastic

  • johnny

    good kids

  • sorry but….

    His wife looks more like his mother!

  • Lieo

    Hot daddy!

  • Chelsea

    This really makes me want him to be my father!

  • LolaSvelt

    @sas: So that makes them an odd couple?

  • Natasha

    He is to0 hot fur hur.

  • laura

    His wife is a betty. She looks great for her age and she’s completely down to earth.


    Maybe you should try seeing him as a normal man and not as a movie star. I bet you wouldn’t bat an eyelash about him being too “good-looking” for his wife if you walked past them in the street.

  • Sanna

    This little girl is so lucky. Going from being unwanted to being loved in a rich family. I hope she’s not going to be ungrateful for it later, and that she’s going to understand what luck she had!

  • sas

    well i’m looking at him as real person and in my opinion i do think he’s much better looking than his wife. i’m not saying its a bad thing kust thinking out loud

  • roosta

    lol @ people acting as if he isnt 10 x hotter than his wife. Ok, it is not nice to be shallow but this is a celeb blog.. you know the drill! And really, he is 10x hotter than her. I love him for having the family he does, its very admirable that he is so normal and down to earth. But cmon guys.

  • victoria

    Ava looks so cute. Her daddy’s not too shabby either!

  • sushi

    He’s a beautiful man with a beautiful heart!!!!!!!!!!! He really loves his wife.

  • laura

    Ava is incredibly cute and Hugh is one of the most handsome men in the world x

  • laura

    AWWW!!! I love this family! Ava’s a sweetie.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    laura, you love a family you don’t know?! fcuking, nutjob.

  • H

    hahaha youre calling her a nutjob when your name “Fug Face Maniston” is hating on a person you don’t even know. NUTJOB.

  • Shellie

    I’m sorry, I can’t respect a man that “tweets.” And sorry, he’s as fake as everybody else. I’ll be glad when his SMA year is up because it’s getting old seeing him everywhere.

  • snoopy

    Yes, because posting comments on celeb sites is so much more different and respectable than tweeting…

  • famewhore

    typical trophy wife

  • Cami


    Finally! Somebody not afraid to speak the truth! Yes, he is great person. He’s generous, down-to-earth, sweet, and apparently NOT SHALLOW or racist, sexist, etc. But lets not kid ourselves. He could do so much better than his wife. He is 10x times hotter than her, and he could have any beautiful woman he wanted. But if he’s happy with her, than I’m happy for him. And good luck to them. I just hate when people deny the fact that she’s old and unattractive. Some of you talk about her as if she looks like Adriana Lima or Angelina Jolie.

  • Wannafanta

    I’m sorry but this little girl is not cute! And she looks like she will be fat when she gets older.

  • http://brittany Wannafanta

    Jesus, can this man get any hotter?

  • me

    What does Hugh have in his mouth in pics 3 and 10?

  • leanna

    His wife looks like a 60-year-old Kate Gosselin.

  • no name

    His looks are so PERFECT. The body, the face, everything. So damn sexy and down to earth. Plus, a super-talented actor. Hugh Jackman IS respectable…

  • Katiee

    I want a clone of him!

  • sabrina

    Wolverine was amazing! And he was sooo hott running naked lol!!

  • Ethan

    I am so sick of seeing and hearing about this fame-whoring asshole! What’s so great about him? Wolverine? That movie sucked! The Dark Knight, Spiderman 3, and Iron man is so much better!

  • dani

    Words can’t describe how beautiful this man is! Where has he been all my life?

  • Shellie

    snoopy @ 05/12/2009 at 4:52 pm

    Yes, because posting comments on celeb sites is so much more different and respectable than tweeting…
    Hey, shit for brains, I said I can’t respect a MAN that tweets, dumbass. Are you a man, snoopy? Doubt it, you sound like a little boy, moron.

  • rachel


    So what if he tweets? You act like posting comments on justjared about him is good and using twitter is bad.

  • Nicole

    His daugther doesn’t look anything like him or her mom. She has his brown hair, but that’s it.

  • DavidGay


    I don’t care if Wolverine sucked, this man is a sex god, and I’ll see anything he’s in.

  • johnnyNacho

    Hugh Jackman is married to this woman because ____________? 10pts to the person with the best answer!

  • sarah Jane


    Because he has a fetish for old farts?

  • Uptown

    Wow. Some of the comments about his family are totally uncalled for and downright nasty and childish. Hugh loves her for who she is; his wife and the mother of his children. She has been by his side before he became this “Hollywood Hotshot.” Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. His personality and love for his family is what makes this man truly handsome and hot. I saw an interview where he was talking about when he was given the title of the Hottest of the Man of the Year, and how his wife first response was, “Honey, I’ve been telling you that for many years now.” Yes, she dresses rather old and looks a bit old but she looks like a normal wife. Sorry, she doesn’t look fake. And he is not ashamed to carry her on his arms. I see them together more than any other couple in Hollywood. And yes, the children are adopted. And at the end of the day, she is the one crawling his bad, bitttchesss. So suck on that.

  • Uptown


    Correction: I meant to say, “crawling in his bed.”

  • Matt


    Because she gives good head??? lol can’t think of any other reason he’d be married to her.

  • jessica

    I honestly don’t see what’s so appealing about this man. He’s like 42 and needs botox. It won’t be long before he becomes a hasbeen.

  • she got guns!!


    Because she’s holding him up hostage everyday? Poor guy!

  • i love the boy from oz


  • ashley


    What the hell are you smoking? This man is hot even with wrinkles! He doesn’t need botox! He just needs to keep his wolverine body in shape!

  • belinda

    Suri Cruise is so much prettier! And she’s always well-dressed compared to this ragdoll.

  • twilight_fan

    I think Hugh and Halle Berry would make a hot couple! They’ve done 4 movies together.

  • vain


  • Felicia


    Because she’s blonde and blondes have more fun???