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Ava Jackman is Snow White

Ava Jackman is Snow White

Under the supervision of dad Hugh, Ava Jackman dresses up as her favorite Disney princess, Snow White, and rides a scooter around the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Monday afternoon (May 11).

The father-daughter pair later met up with mama Deborra-Lee (pictured below).

Hugh will premiere his latest superhero flick, X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Mexico City on May 26. Last week, his scheduled appearance there was nixed because of swine flu concerns. The Aussie actor tweeted that the premiere should “provide a moment of fun escapism and a treat for some of the loyal fans of the comic.”

10+ pictures inside of Snow White fan Ava Jackman

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ava jackman snow white 02
ava jackman snow white 03
ava jackman snow white 04
ava jackman snow white 05
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  • sasha


    …because he’s into chicks who look like cruella de vil?

  • becky


    Because he wants to give her a FABULOUS makeover… And she NEEDS it!

  • huh?

    idk guys, i think thats his mom

  • Annie

    wow I don’t know why… but if he is still attracted to and in love with her then she is a lucky lady… and he is waaaaay different then most Hollywood actors

  • Lola


    she looks like a man, a dragqueen or because he loves her. Here in Australia we think it’s coz of love. Awww

  • beautiful couple!


    She’s adorable and was his high school sweetheart!! =D Long live love!!!

  • Megan

    Why does she dress like a man? They both must shop in the mens section at Saks but at least he dresses and looks better!

  • Jason

    it’s a merv griffin situation. next he’ll turn up with a “lady friend”

  • sally

    Aww…. Ava is a cutie potootie!!!

  • brian


    she gives fantastic head.. either that or jackman likes saggy dangling boobers. i also noticed her upper lip is a completely straight line.. jpegs do weird things. But yeah, love is love man! I had a older chick that was a maniac in bed.. she even stuck her tongue in my chocolate starfish.. oh man did I love her.

  • BatmanForever

    Christian Bale definitely has a hotter semi-older wife. Hugh’s wife is just…..ugh! Words can’t begin to explain what a hag she is.

  • alexis


    She comes with her own towel to wipe up after him.

  • lewdewd

    loose labia rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica


    …she frightened him into submission? In all honesty, I hope there is a true and deep love there that bonds them together. But from a completely materialistic point of view, um, gross. WHY?!?!?!? But then again, it gives me hope, so who’s to complain?

  • The Answer


    becuase she is older,and she put it on his @ss! She did tricks with her mouth that no YOUNG FLOOZY could do!

  • whatever!

    she is a HIGHLY RESPECTED Australian Actress!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just Leave Them Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pick on Lindsay, Paris, or Amy Whino and those types of people.
    Leave this excellent family alone!

  • Jacob


    Oh Yes, Christian Bale’s wife is quite a saucy brunette. She has a pretty face and nice curves! Isn’t she a former model?

  • Chad

    she is a milf..

  • ricky

    she may not be ugly its just she is clearly a lot older then him same goes for for matt damon his wife is not old just unattractive

  • Ventura

    because Hugh is not a man stupidly superficial like those that adore only mediocre women full of silicone and nothing in the brain?

  • Burgess

    @Shellie: #21: Well, the president tweets so I guess you don’t respect him either. As for HJ being “as fake as everybody else”….Does this mean that everybody in the world except you is fake? And your opinion of Hugh Jackman is more valuable than the people who know him & work with him because….? The people who know him best seem to think he’s one of the most genuine people around. If you don’t like him why did you come here to see pix of him & his family?

  • Burgess

    @Ethan: Then why are you here looking at pix of him? What’s so great about him? Well for starters he probably would never call someone a “fame-whoring *******!” And the rest you might not be intelligent enough to understand since you seem to only watch comic book movies. Yes we love his Wolverine but most fans also love his other roles and his work in the theater. I’m guessing you don’t go to the theater.

  • Burgess

    @Wannafanta: How small a person can someone be to insult a 3 year old child?

  • snoopy

    I’ve never seen his theatre work, unfortunately (except on youtube).
    But in 04, before I had any idea who he was (didn’t recognize him as wolverine) I was watching tv and the tonys was on , and I was about to flip channels because I hate awards shows. But the moment he came on stage, I was hooked. I watched the tonys for the first time in my life.
    He has amazing energy and charisma. I can only imagine how it must be to actually see him live on stage.

  • Burgess

    @belinda: Suri never looks happy, never looks like she’s allowed to be a normal child, and is always dressed for a photo op. She definitely isn’t allowed to dress herself and you never see her playing. Oh ya, who wouldn’t want to be her? Her parents don’t seem very happy either. She looks like a darling girl but she would be a happier child if she had the Jackman’s for parents because she would be allowed to be a kid. PS: Trying to insult a little 3 year old child is about as immature and low as a person can get.




  • don

    Someone wrote “they were high school seethearts”….. when she was starting high school, Hugh was about 5 or 6 years old!

  • innominata


    hugh jackman is attracted to his wife because every gay man needs a decent top in his life.

  • Tarawa

    He’s 38 and she’s 47 and they met on the set of his first TV acting job. She always looked good including last year; however, they DO love each other. I’m willing to bet that all of us have/had a better relationship with someone who was not the best looking person we have ever dated…

    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched but are felt in the heart – Helen Keller

  • yOU wISH


    Correction ho, she is 53 and Hugh is 40. She was born in 1955. Graduated high school in 1973. I know we all fell asleep in math class but lets do some basic addition.

    She is 13 years older than him. 40 + 13 = 53. Hugh will be turning 41 in October and she will be turning 54 whenever her b-day comes.

  • Alan


    he played wolverine and she looks like one…

  • steven


    because she has three boobs. just guess where the other one is, lmao =D

  • Chloe

    He seems down to earth and they seem happy , but get a grip people you can’t deny that his wife looks like the kid’s grandmother ! He is sooo much hotter than she is.

    I’m glad they seem happy , and he can love her personality all he wants….. but he’s banging a hot little number somewhere on the side for sure !!

  • Uptown

    Ok, the person that keeps responding to johnnyNacho is obviously the same person posting under different names because the posts minutes apart from each other.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Hugh is such a sexy daddy!

  • Dana

    @johnnyNacho: Jackman is married to Deb because (1) he is gay and she looks like a man; (2) he has a fetish for old farts; (3) he needs a mother figure in his life; (4) she looks like Wolverine!