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Donald Trump: Miss California Will Keep Crown

Donald Trump: Miss California Will Keep Crown

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean will keep her crown despite her nude photo scandal, Donald Trump has announced.

Trump said, “We reviewed the pictures very carefully. We are in the 21st century. … Carrie‘s a model, she’s very successful. … Some were beautiful, some were risqué. … We’ve determined the pictures taken were acceptable, fine, and in many cases they were very lovely pictures.”

Carrie also addressed the answer she gave during the Miss USA pageant when she said she believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

“Three weeks ago I was asked a politically charged question with a hidden personal agenda,” Carrie said. “I was given a question asking for my opinion and I stated my personal belief. Immediately after the pageant, judge no. 8 began a cultural fire storm in the media … he was trying to be self promoting and hateful. On April 19 on that stage, I exercised my freedom of speech I was punished for doing so. This should not happen in America.”

Yesterday, Carrie proclaimed that Satan had tempted her when asked the marriage question.

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  • guest

    will she become the next mrs. donald trump?

  • Melissa

    I am so glad she gets to keep her title, mostly because I know how much this is pissing Perez off.

  • jaye

    LOL Melissa. Me too. Perez is so anal about this woman it’s ridiculous.

  • mizu

    go Carrie!!!

  • mickey

    Of course she should keep her crown. A pageant that uses a bikini competition as one factor in rating the winner’s “worthiness” is already objectifying women, so it would be hypocritical to take away her title because she chose to objectify herself on her own time. All those chicks are bimbos–just the way Trump and most men like it.

  • whatever

    Ummm…ok any nu*de pics of anyone, esp. a public “Miss America” figure, should be deemed risqué and all around distasteful. We have too many sk*nks miss-leading our female youth into a very demeaning and disrespectful life. FYI….why can’t we post the word nu*de on this site…lol?

  • Sunshine

    You go, Carrie! I admire her for her courage and faith.

  • n.o.l.a

    They let her keep her crown because she’s white and blonde.

  • cee

    Why don’t they just call it the Miss Playboy. There are millions of beautiful women in this country who have not had nude photos taken. What kind of message does this send to young women. I think the photos and her right to free speech are two separate issues.

  • >

    trump defending her by saying the semi photos were acceptable because it’s the 21st century is just disgusting. what a great way to encourage women today to pose semi n.u.d.e because it’s okay. that pageant has becoming cheap. he might as well let p.o.r.n stars audition on that competition. where is the moral value and ethics of that show? the class? miss califronia should stop talking s.h.i.t on how she has a strong christian beliefs when her actions contradicts it.

  • LEE

    The new title for Ms California is going down on Donald is a great thing. Man too bad she is a protype of the same woman who was
    in rehab last year.. And now we can skip the word pageant and call
    it what is really is picking out a blonde blue eyed woman who has
    nothing to worry about.. SAYING HER MIND IS A GOOD THING ABOUT

  • >

    i meant to say that pageant is becoming cheap.

  • jessie

    seriously. perez needs to drop it. she’s exactly right. he launched a smear campaign because she stated her opinion. i’ve stopped reading his site, i can’t imagine im the only one.

  • it’s obvious

    she probably f u c k e d Trump and gave him a b j so she can keep her crown and title.

  • Paulie

    Trump is a real POS.

  • Melissa

    I lost respect for perez when he called her a bitch, he has no right personally attacking Carrie. Good for you Donald for not caving into a smear campaign.

  • Melissa

    where is all the bashing of Obama for not believing in gay marriage?

  • robins 3

    I don’t visit Perez’ site anymore either. He is as rigid-minded as he accused her of being. Can we say “HYPOCRITE”

    I guess Perez doesn’t believe in “freedom of thought” or “free speech” !!!

  • atruewoman

    These beauty contests are so unnecessary and it still flaunts women as sex symbols rather than as a person.

    When will the world stop these silly beauty contests”?
    There are so many jerks/men like Donald Trump….treating women as objects, etc.

    Enough of this!

  • Gaia

    This shows: You call yourself a Christian and lie like hell – but this isn’t important as long as you are blond.
    Oh and she isn’t even a real beauty – this was all bought and fabricated. In former days the beauties were real and not thanks to a doctor.

  • http://Justjared soprano

    Looks like a man…………….

  • Giselle

    Wasn’t Vanessa Williams crown taken away because of risque/nude photos? I don’t understand why Carrie gets to keep her crown and Vanessa’s was taken away for basically the same types of photos Carrie took. Double standard? Maybe it is ’cause she’s white/blonde. Figures. And yes, Mr. Comb-over is a major douchebag.

  • robins 3


    You sound very racist and hateful toward someone who is Caucasian.

    Why the bitter jealousy?

    Free speech has a victory today.Why not celebrate that!?!

  • ?

    All of these negative comments shows that the public don’t like her and basically would rather her go eat shiz

    Soo, get her off the screens :)


  • Yooo

    Omg what did she say about Obama?

    I will wack her in the face if she has been hating on Barak!!

  • robins 3

    Gosh, people have a lot of bitterness toward white people.

  • kris

    i don’t get what the big deal is ??

    okay she doesn’t believe in gay marriage ..
    half of america doesn’t believe in gay marriage.
    It’s her opinion she shared it ..
    why should she be punished for doing so
    or be so strongly critiqued for expressing what she felt ?

    She has every right to have said what she said on that stage for it was her opinion .. they asked a question she gave an honest answer.

    and perez hilton is a douche with no life anyway..

    Though i don’t agree with her view on gay marriage i respect that she had the guts to stand up for herself and say what she felt.

    as for the pictures.. again no big deal to me anyway .
    In the society we live in today those pics aren’t horrible.
    as wrong as that sounds it’s the truth.

  • robins 3


    She didn’t say it . Trump said it. Are you semi-literate?

  • a

    How did I know Trump was going to let her keep her crown? He did the same thing during the Tara Connor period. Trump is ridiculous and only thinks with his penis

  • Amanda

    Not thrilled about the n*de pics, but I’m glad she stood up against gay marriage! Whoop!

  • Melissa

    #25, she didn’t say anything about Obama, donald trump said that Obama has they same stance on gay marriage as Carrie. that is true. So where is all the bashing on him.

  • robins 3

    I’m surprised to hear so many people who would call themselves “liberals” trounce her for her right to free speech and freedom of thought.

    Is that hypocrisy or what?

    I’m an independent btw….in case you were going to hurl the “conservative” tag on me.



  • susan

    who even cares? Does anyone still watch the Miss USA competition??

    What is making me laugh is how people are complimenting her for exercising her right to freedom of speech. Well, what if she was asked a question about race and she said that she didn’t believe in equality for all races? It would still be freedom of speech, but I can guarantee you that her crown would be gone in 5 seconds…it’s amazing the double standard we hold for certain issues.

    People seem to be unwilling to pounce because she is hiding behind the Bible as she spews hate (didn’t she also appear at a panel that claimed homosexuas are pedophiles??)…remember that at one time people used the Bible to condone slavery as well!!

    We could all claim our religion teaches us this or that is wrong or accepted, but the simple fact is that hate is hate. She’s disgusting for even using the Bible to condone her homophobia.

  • Sam

    go carrie! Perez Hilton came off as the jerk and hypocrite. he threw the gay community’s cause backwards with his over the top smear campaign against her opinion and showed his true colors…basically, openness and tolerance as long as it is what perez wants. ridiculous.

  • amen

    I don’t give a fig about pageants – too silly for words. But I do think there is some relevance here when asked a question as she was, she stated her unvarnished opinion. Trump did not have the courage she did at his press conf. today. I may not agree with her, but honestly, just because she doesn’t see things the way I do – doesn’t make her the SCUM OF THE EARTH. Now, the way she was treated, she’s been courted big time by the other side. Can anyone say LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES?

  • Peach

    It’s a beauty contest not an IQ contest.

    Why would they even ask Perez to judge – knowing what a self promoting jerk he can be? They were just asking for trouble.

  • Michelle

    Robin 3 #32 – Please don’t say this is a “liberal” thing. I’m a registered republican who voted democrat for the first time b/c I loved Obama’s leadership and hated how the GOP ran this country downhill for the last 8 years. It’s not a liberal or conservative thing – those who are for or against gay marriage. I think it’s more a right-winged Christian thing. As a Christian and “liberal” as you labeled, I am glad that Carrie kept her crown. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • sillyme

    This is great news! If Donald had bent to pressure from the gay community, I would have lost total respect for him. President Obama agrees with what Carrie said; most Californians agree with her; and most of the country agrees with her. What I don’t is this double standard in the gay community. Okay to criticize and attack a young white woman because of her views on gay marriage, but not a black man?

    But, let’s be real, Trump is only doing this because he wants to keep the controversy alive. If he were to oust her and replace her, that would have been the end of the story. But, the longer the controversy goes on, the more interest in Carrie and next year’s Miss California pageant. Good business move, on Donald’s part.

  • T

    exactly this shouldn’t happen in america, just like people should be able to marry who they want in america, but unfortunately people are too closed minded to see past their own lives

  • joanne

    i’m glad she kept her crown,this has gone on for too long. i’m sick and tired of hearing it in the news. We have more important things to discuss than Miss USA or California. let’s all move on. i’m glad she stood up for what she believes in, Freedom of speech!!

  • Ekaterina

    @robins 3: Um, you do realize that our opinions on her comments are part of a discourse and also protected under freedom of speech. We have the right to publicly disagree with her as much as she wants to publicly make statements like that. No one said she didn’t have the right to say what she said, they were just saying they disagreed with her. It’s offensive to now say we don’t have the right to our opinions as well.

    Personally, I consider homophobia right up there with racism–it’s disgusting and should never be tolerated.

    Let’s also point out that Prop 8 was passed by a VERY narrow margin. IT WILL NOT LAST. Since it passed three other states have legalized same-sex marriage and several others are reviewing it. Like it or not, but people like Carrie will be the very tiny minority in a few years.

  • robins 3


    If you’re not sorry yet for having voted Obama you soon will be.

    There is NO difference between his policies and GWs NONE!!! And if you say otherwise its because you can’t admit you made an error. And I did NOT vote for McCain.

    I voted for the USA and our Constitution.

  • robins 3


    The majority is almost always WRONG!

  • yoyo

    A complete travesty. They are both gigantic pieces of shite.

  • Ekaterina

    @sillyme: That’s actually not true. Support for gay marriage has increased significantly in the last decade. Iowa, of all states, just legalized it. And Prop 8 passed by the tiniest margin possible (clearly you were not around to see the numbers). It’ll be taken day within the next few years. It will not last.

  • Melissa

    A liberal think? How the hell can you say that when our current President and vice President feel the same way she does? It is quite amazing how the press and Obama’s followers have completely chose to ignore that fact.

  • robins 3


    You are woefully ill-informed…..Iowa was forced to do that NOT because it was a unanimous decision but the gay legal community found a technicality in Iowa State law by which they could slip it through.

    So Ekaterina your personal agenda is very obvious but you are giving out false info on what happened in Iowa. The Iowans were unanimously AGAINST gay marriage.

  • sachet

    Trumps fourth wife?

  • Kel

    She’s not even remotely pretty! She looks fake to me!