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Donald Trump: Miss California Will Keep Crown

Donald Trump: Miss California Will Keep Crown

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean will keep her crown despite her nude photo scandal, Donald Trump has announced.

Trump said, “We reviewed the pictures very carefully. We are in the 21st century. … Carrie‘s a model, she’s very successful. … Some were beautiful, some were risquĂ©. … We’ve determined the pictures taken were acceptable, fine, and in many cases they were very lovely pictures.”

Carrie also addressed the answer she gave during the Miss USA pageant when she said she believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

“Three weeks ago I was asked a politically charged question with a hidden personal agenda,” Carrie said. “I was given a question asking for my opinion and I stated my personal belief. Immediately after the pageant, judge no. 8 began a cultural fire storm in the media … he was trying to be self promoting and hateful. On April 19 on that stage, I exercised my freedom of speech I was punished for doing so. This should not happen in America.”

Yesterday, Carrie proclaimed that Satan had tempted her when asked the marriage question.

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  • robins 3

    No but she’s BRAVE!!!!!!!!!! and HONEST!!!!!

    And that’s rare today………

  • jo

    If she feels she has a right to her opinion and is proud of speaking her opinion so be it but if that is true why the need to keep dragging Obama’s name and other’s into this? And, it seem like you were being forced to continue repeat your opinion on interview after interview nor did it look like you were caught in between poses as you say in 2 of the photos – or any of them…what does it matter why the pictures were taken you posed for them willingly so why no just say that instead of trying to play the victim and place blame elsewhere? Donald Trump is doing what he does best…promoting his business interests and controlling a situation to his advantage.

  • escape

    I don’t think Perez is being anal about this at all. He and so many others are passionate about protecting the civil rights of other people.

    I know I will never watch apprentice again and I hope that no celebrities join his cast in protest of keeping a person against the civil rights of others as a pagent winner.

  • jo

    BTW I think President Obama is quite capable of defending himself and his beliefs and has bigger issues to worry about right now.

  • friend

    Perez Hilton was promoting himself and his website with all his hate and intolerance of Carrie P.. I am glad he was finally put in his place. I use to go to his site but have decided not to go there any longer because of his hate messages.

  • citi

    Carrie, I love your speech. Keep up the good work.

    Best Wishes to you.


    May God be with you always.

  • robins 3


    You are so right… be sure that you hold the same standards for Carrie AND Perez……otherwise you sound like a hypocrite

    Carrie as asked her opinion. Carrie stated her convictions. Carrie was slammed fo her beliefs! NOT an American ideal! Right ?

  • Moshi

    robins 3 @ 05/12/2009 at 3:03 pm Ekaterina

    You are woefully ill-informed…..Iowa was forced to do that NOT because it was a unanimous decision but the gay legal community found a technicality in Iowa State law by which they could slip it through.

    So Ekaterina your personal agenda is very obvious but you are giving out false info on what happened in Iowa. The Iowans were unanimously AGAINST gay marriage.
    Exactly !!!

    California, one of the big and populous state voted AGAINST gay marriage !!!!

    I’m one of the those who voted against gay marriage.

  • robins 3

    Perez revealed his true colors ….he’s a BIGOT!

    Tolerance ONLY if you believe what he believes

    It’s so easy and basic to see that if you don’t believe what he believes he’ll trounce on your rights of freedom of speech and thought.

    Very interesting!

  • Toni

    I bet he did examine the photos ‘very closely’. She wants to be a sexualised piece of meat and is willing to do very un-Christian things to make money. Hypocritical girl.

  • bmal

    She is right, whether you like it or not. I do not like it but she is right. Donald Trump did the right thing and Perez Hilton should be tending to his website and seperate himselft from beauty pageants, he doesn’t havethe qualifications and is not capable, otherwise he would never have gotten so emotional over nothing

  • robins 3


    You are missing the larger issue here……about freedom of expression

    Do you ONLY support free speech if the speaker expresses ONLY your opinion on things or do you support it for all?

    She answered honestly and courageously .

    If you have a gripe with her because of her conviction take it up with God. Ever think to do that?

  • paula marie

    technically the government should not recognize anyone as legally married…we’re all in civil unions and should be recognized as such…as a secular state, everyone should be entitled to civil unions…all this marriage talk actually means nothing since no one should be recognized as “married”

    Gay couples should enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples, but no one (including hetero couples) should be called married by the state…this would solve the problem…everyone could be recognized in this country as a civil union and “marriage” could be left for those who claim it as a religious ceremony (but not recognized officially by the state)…

  • Melissa

    It is funny that barack Obama is so silent on this issue, I guess someone hasn’t set the teleprompter yet, he is a good reader.

  • Gaia

    No, she is not brave – she lies about the pics and the boob job.
    And I still believe she only hold her crown for being blond.
    But it looks like when you are ranting against marriage for everyone you can lie.
    Oh, and I am Caucasian.

  • hello

    @Melissa: Why would he even address it? Or even care? It’s a beauty pageant for crying out loud.

  • citi

    Carrie’s speech.

    She’s right, FREEDOM of SPEECH.

    Perez Hilton has a personal agenda. Shame of you, Perez, you only make your cause WORSE !!!!

  • robins 3


    You have some serious racial issues……like being a racist. Listen to yourself speak honey.

    BTW I know some white people who have been so brainwashed by the “liberal” media and have bought into feeling guilty about being white but…….

    I don’t believe you’re white. It irks you that she’s a white woman. Speaking of lying. Pot and kettle?

  • robins 3


    She never “ranted”…… shouldn’t misrepresent people and your way of writing does NOT point to you being what you say you are. You are foreign which is ok. You are not an upholder of truthfulness and maybe that’s why it bothers you so much.

  • sue

    can someone pls explain to me why she always have those multiple lines at the sides of the mouth whenever she smiles??? she’s just 21, too young to have botox, no????

    the issue here is no longer gay marriage. it’s about hypocrisy. gay marriage is wrong, but is hawking tits and ass also biblically correct?? puhleeze.

  • citi

    See post # 67 for the link on her speech.

    Some of the pics were PHOTOSHOPPED.

  • sue

    dude, the lines at the sides of her mouth ain’t photoshopped. it appeared on every single smiling photo i had seen of her.

  • jen

    Go Carrie! You are such an inspiration! So happy for you!

  • kenricka


    THANK YOU! I was thinking the exact same thing! Vanessa Williams had her title taken away from her just like that. And to even say, those pictures are of her modeling it hilarious. I recognized those Victoria Secret underwear with the little crystals on them. She’s no Victoria Secret model…and you could easily go to the store and buy them. I think its total bull shit. You dont believe in gay marriage but you believe in taking your top off for a buck or two. Can we say hypocrite?

  • bunyach

    Gee. am I surprised? That Bastion of morality Donald Trump again takes every opportunity for publicity. Forget about the nude photos, she has not fulfilled her responsibilites as Miss CA since she has been crusading for traditional marriage. It’s just a shame the american public is so superficial and has let Trump make this pageant so big and important while the real role model orgnanization, Miss America, is dying.

    Oh, and I’m supposed to emulate and admire the business knowledge of a man whose casinos are going bankrupt!? How do you loose money in a casino? it’s next to impossible – he never talks about that on his shows does he!!!!!????

  • Question mark

    @robins 3:

    Um, I really disagree with you hun. It is a known fact that in the general media, blond women get the most attention. Look at most of the A list actresses, super models, and cover girls. A large percentage of them are blond white women. It’s just a fact hun. Yeah, you can even blame the American population for buying into this whole notion of blond superiority. Until the day I see a Sri Lankan, African America, Somalian, Italian, Brazilian, and Filipino together on the front cover, I’m still going to stick with my opinion. I dont think Gaia is being racist, but that’s just me. She may have some pent up issues with blonds but that doesn’t make her racist. It makes her…discriminatory against blonds or something. Just not racist. But seriously, take a look at the history of America beginning with slavery with African Americans, Indigenous populations and Native Americans, going to the era of eugenics, to the present. You’ll see how and why people were shaped into believing what constitutes as a standard of beauty. That’s all!

  • citi


    I was NOT referring to the lines around her mouth.

    Carrie was referring to the pics which was photoshopped.

  • robins 3


    This is sill a majority Caucasian country

    You can find Sri Lankan actresses in Sri Lanka. How many white women in Sri Lanka will be actresses or win a Miss Sri Lanka crown? Or in Africa, Italy, Somalia, etc.

    Does that bother you about those countries? Maybe you should take your mission to those countries and remake them in your ideal!

    Honey your logic is full of holes. Therefore your argument is baseless and doesn’t hold water.

    Many native populations around the world have been displaced maybe you need to go to those and return things to the way they once were. And while you’re at it return every border to its original place at the beginning of time.

    Do you realize how utterly foolish you sound !?!

  • christine


    Don’t you mean “People like Carrie and OBAMA????” He shares exactly the same opinion as Miss CA-where is the outrage over that?

  • christine

    @kenricka: I really think it is pathetic you compare Vanessa Williams to Carrie Prejean. Give me an effing break. Can you imagine the topic of gay marriage even being on the table back then? You are misguided.

  • perez

    I wonder if Perez Hilton would step outside his comfort zone to defend the free speech rights of those with whom he disagrees? I think it’s a concept that escapes him – he leaves that work to better men/women than him.

  • robins 3

    Question Mark

    Has it ever dawned on you that different cultures may have different standards of beauty and preferences and that is OK ?

    Or that a white woman is appealing to white eyes, a black woman with black features appealing to a black man, an Indian woman with Indian looks appealing to an Indian man?

    I hope you are young and just trying to figure things out …in which case your lack of intelligence and logic is excusable.

    The world may be very different one day but by and large cultures still stick together and that is just fine.

  • Cara

    Disgusted by Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton….

  • christine

    @robins 3:

    Robins3 -you are so right!!! My thoughts exactly!!!!

  • Mario

    Perez ‘s real name is Mario La___(something). He is a jerk, moron, and wicked / rotten in the heart.

  • Marieme

    Well, this is disappointing. There are many reasons I’d like to see her fired, but the fact she has been ignoring her duties is a huge violation I imagine. But whatever! I suspected Trump would go this way. He’s too afraid of pissing off the right and becoming a target. It all comes down to money for him every time.

  • Marieme

    @guest: Har! Didn’t think of that, but obviously!

  • ina

    well done GBU.

  • nfarious

    Perez is a flamer with a pathological hatred for women. One look at his blog and that’s very apparent. He gives my homosexual friends a VERY bad name, because they are nothing like him. Based on his obvious hate speech for all things “hetero”, inviting Perez to judge a pagent of this nature, is akin to inviting Hitler to a Holocaust Memorial. It’s absurd. If he didn’t like her opinions, to which she is both entitled to have AND voice publically, then he shouldn’t have asked her. The pagent isn’t about HIS agenda. Calling her names just showed his true colours, and her refusal to be drawn into his ‘mud-sligging contest’ showed what a class act she truly is.

  • robins 3


    Nicely put. Thx!

  • mika

    i don’t go on perez’s site anymore either… i think his personal attack on carrie was kinda stupid and there probably wouldn’t have been any controversy if it wasn’t for him. i think that she said her answer in the nicest possible way, trying not to offend gay people.

  • Sarah

    Good for her!!!!!!! And perez Hilton should have his teeth kicked in! Oh…and maybe his mouth sewn shut!

  • y

    I thought Perez was ridiculous about how he attacked her. I deleted him off Twitter because his posts were annoying and numerous. Anyone else see a little big a Marla Maples in her?

  • trina

    what disgusts me is that THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA PAID FOR HER BOOB JOB
    there are so many starving homeless uninsured people
    and they use money for this douche bag
    yes everyone is entitled to their opinion
    bottom line it really is a tits and ass competition

  • Johanna

    I’m Glad she is going to keep her crown. You have to stand up for what you believe. hahaha Perez Hilton must be so pissed!

  • Dulcie

    I did not think there was any way that I could think less of pageants than I do now. But the fact that this stupid organization just sanctioned this vapid, fake, vain, bigoted fluffball for no other reason than a semi-pretty face confirms my belief that pageants prepetuate every torrid stereotype of women known so far. They are their own worst enemy and I hope this brings about the extinction of the “beauty” pageant.

    Is there no truth in beauty?

  • Tamora

    B!tch! Santan doesn’t give a crap about you!

    Bible thumping lieing tramp!!

    She is the the worst of both Christians AND beauty queens!!!!

  • TEDS

    Every-one (esp bible thumping Robin3) has forgotton that she got caught LYING and she refused to do the duties she said she would do!! She is a lying hag and blaming Perez does not change the fact that she is a lying, plastic bible basher, who hides behind the bible went necessary!!!!!!! Oh Robin She is a pagent girl, you should keep words like BRAVE for people who really deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan

    Perez Hilton is not saying Trump is a son of a b—-. I guess Perez just bullies woman and calls them B—- and
    Perez is a coward

  • dude

    Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible that lying is wrong, I mean other than the 300 times it must say that gays are going to hell before anyone else?

    Oh that’s right, christians just pick the verses they like…silly me