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Chad Michael Murray Axed From One Tree Hill

Chad Michael Murray Axed From One Tree Hill

Costars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, who tied the knot during last night’s episode of One Tree Hill, will not be returning for the show’s seventh season, EW confirms.

Translation: The CW could not afford to keep newlyweds Peyton and Lucas on their payroll.

Two new characters will be introduced next season and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s BFF Austin Nichols (Julian) will become a series regular.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of CMM and HB leaving OTH?

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  • joanne

    why don’t they end stop the show. isn’t chad the main character?

  • C.

    They WANTED to leave ! It’s been like 2 years that Chad claimed he wanted Lucas to die hit by a bus or something ! He said 2 years ago at Monte Carlo Festival that he wished season 4 was the last, and that he wanted to do something else ! Plus, the show is not only about them. They wanted to leave. Both of them.

  • Charlotte

    it’s a joke right?

  • Anlgsp

    I’m so sad….One Tree Hill won’t ever be the same! :( Maybe they completed their journey as characters and as a tv show couple. Good Luck to both of them! :)

  • hil

    I mean, they were the show. Just end the show. Lucas/chad was Tree Hill!
    Boycott season 7!

  • blablablah

    i still can’t believe..the show will be stupid without two main characters…I mean, come on, like the two of them and Brooke aren’t the best ones in the show?

  • Charlotte

    I could care less about Lucas leaving, he’s so annoying. And the only downside of P. leaving is that there won’t be any Brooke-Peyton scenes anymore. But I’m really happy that Julian is becoming a series regular!

  • cheryl

    This totally sucks!

  • karool


  • Niny

    i don’t want them to quit :( they are my fave couple. one tree hill won’t be the same without peyton and luke.

  • shenanyginz

    not sure the show will be much without these two

  • amy

    Okay of course it’s not gonna be the same without them, but my favorite caracters have always been Haley and Brooke, and I’m glad there’s even gonna be a season 7! I love One Tree Hill:)

  • Tina

    Lucas and Peyton are “the” main characters… I dont know how everybody else would see that but i always watched it because of them. its kind of sad that they leaving, and i guess the next season will be the last when the two were leaving.

  • Samantha

    I’m totally devastated :(( this show will never EVER be the same without them! Yes, there are other main characters, I know, but let’s face it: LP were THE main characters throughout the show. Nobody else got so much screentime like they did, simply because they are the heart of the show! It’s like you rip out chuck and blair or any other main couple from a show! It’ll never be the same and instead of just ending this show gracefully, they make them disappear! I’m seriously disappointed!!! :(

  • anonymous

    This is sad. I really dont see any point on bringing the show back if they’re leaving. I mean I’ll still watch it, but it wont be the same without them. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. I am happy that Julian is series regular though. I love him!

  • xyz

    Best.News.Ever. Chad will be missed. Hilarie not so much

  • jenny

    Well I am happy that they are gone so i can move on. I ain’t watching next season.

  • Claire

    I think One tree hill can keep without them. it’s sad but it’s going to be a great season. Sophia bush stills there!!

  • Carin

    I’m totally cool with this. I think Lucas turned into a major whiner this season. The other story lines were way more interesting and the Brooke character should be the main character. She’s more dynamic and a better actor. I will miss some of the Peyton stuff, but I definitely won’t miss Lucas and his whining. I feel like they were phasing him out this season anyway. I’m super excited that Julian will become a regular. I love that character. I hope he and Brooke become the main focus next season.

  • gal

    man… phuck them. they are not “the show.” life goes on. i swear.

  • djl

    they probably will end up canceling the show when they realize all the other character’s (except Brooke) are boring!
    and can somebody do something about all the lip synching on this show!? it’s not even close to looking real.

  • ella

    It’s going to be a little weird without the two main characters, but I’m happy with Austin Nichols becoming a regular.

  • Sarah

    They are my two favorite characters on the show. That really sucks that they wont be on next season but I’m sure they want to do something different.

  • lena

    Sad that they’re leaving. and btw i love sophia, bethany and james and the rest of the cast but i think that they might be kinda happy ;p they’ll get more screentime ;d brooke and julian will become the main couple ;p and we will get to see more naley ;d

  • Jane

    Sooo happy. Chad has been saying for ages that he wants to leave… He’s gotten to be a real pain in the ass, and so has Lucas. I wouldn’t mind if Peyton stayed, but I won’t miss her either. I’m just happy Julian is a regular now!! Hopefully the show will focus more on Brooke, Haley, and Nathan (and Julian, but particularly the other 3). This season spent so much time on secondary characters, the core characters hardly had storylines. If the writers go back to the characters who have been on the show since the beginning (minus Lucas and Peyton, obviously), I think season 7 will do just fine… If not, I don’t think it will.

  • carlo

    Even if they are not the show, it’s gonna be a hard time for the audience !

  • kiki

    noooo! peyton is my favorite character… oth won’t be the same without them.

  • nat.

    i think its so stupid that they arent going to be in it. its going to be so different without them, id rather them end the show now
    if they arent going to be in it then payton obviously dies and i dont want that to happen :(
    and i guess their kid dies to then? thats so gay!!
    they should totally be in it next season or just stop the show now because its just going to ruin it :(

  • Bell

    OTH is all about Lucas and Peyton from the beginning. If they are not in the show next season, CW should just end it.

  • andreanne

    its sucks !!!
    really, one tree hill IS
    they have to all be part of the 7th season.
    it will never be the same
    we thought about this option because of many rumors
    but now that it is official…it is sad….
    SOPHIA WILL ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kris

    I’ve watched this show since SEASON 1.
    since the first episode.
    i’m a regular watcher each and every week..
    and i gotta admit the story lines for ALL the characters are just
    boring and not as interesting as they were in highschool.
    i think they made a mistake by doing the whole 5 years later crap.

    without Chad who’s the MAIN character the show is no thing.
    and peyton too .
    i mean they minus will just get rid of the whole cast without the two of them.

    this is ridiculous.
    the should just end the show right
    and give a great finale reflecting the seasons of ALL the characters lives.

  • taya



    omgggggg they should just end it this seasn. They should make a really great series finale episode where they show the future of all the charactors and just end it on a really good strong note. Now they are gonna go do season 7 without the 2 main charactors!!!! they are going to totally mutilate the show and they are gonna go down on a bad note :(

  • me

    THEY NEED TO CANCEL THE SHOW. WORST SHOW ON TV EVEN WITH THE STARS.. without them show doesnt stand a chance… sophia cant act her way out of a speeding ticket.. I swear…

  • Anniep

    Gutted, and sad to admit it!



  • Christelle MICHEL

    I am a French fan and I can not believe this news! It’s so sad! OTH lose a great couple. I hope qu’OTH be a good series but it still will be weird!

  • pissed

    I along with many others wont be watching without them. This is a HUGE mistake on the CW’s part. I know Chad was the one who gave them a hard time about resigning, but he was willing to do something and they wouldn’t come to an agreement with him. So instead his coworker, who wants to stay on the show, essentially gets fired. I wont watch a network that doesnt care about its actors or fans. Season 6 is the last for me.

    Oh, and yeah. We REALLY will be happy with two new cast members instead of our ORIGINAL LEAD MALE AND FEMALE. You can’t see it, but from where I’m sitting, im rolling my eyes.

  • ashley


    The show has become a joke! Season 7 will probably get canceled. Have you seen the ratings lately? They horrible. Season 7 will do much worse.

    Good for Chad for getting out. This is the best thing he could have done for his career.

  • Kiara

    The show should end when they leave. It got boring anyway… I’d miss it a bit but after 7 seasons they haven’t got much more to show.

  • Catherine

    I’m not really broken up about them leaving. I am VERY happy Austin Nichols will be a series regular. I REALLY want to see him and Brooke together!

  • haley


  • haley


  • bald outing

    i haven’t seen the show in ages, but when i did watch they were both main characters. to get rid of 2 main characters is going to be hard. i thought the show focused around chad’s character and his half-brother?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~], ok.. so..?! LOL.. `i used to like this show – haven’t watched it in years. don’t think much people still do. they wont return next season – then the following season it’ll be canceled. next (show)

  • Jennifer

    Without Hil/Chad OTH is going to have a hard time moving ahead. There is no way it will be near as good without TWO of the main characters who have supported the show the past 6 years. I do wish them the best. I am very sad to see them go. I highly doubt it will make a whole season.

  • thais

    You are not kidding!
    OTH will not be the same without these two … I love Peyton and Lucas .. not the same thing ever .. not to believe it!

  • Mrs. RIVERS

    OH MY!!! That would ruin the show!!!

  • BillyMac


    Umm Lucas and Peyton AREN”T the main characters hell they aren’t even the main couple even though Mark tried his damnest to shove them down my throat thank God I like to think for myself. This show was about two brothers and their relationship and that went down hill from season 4 when it became the Lucas and Peyton show. Thanks but no thanks. I liked Lucas best when he wasn’t in a relationship or when he was with Lindsey.

  • Jen

    Lucas and Peyton are One Tree Hill.. It is going to be really weird, I have not watched every episode, but every time I come back to watch the show, it’s them that keep me interested because Haley and Nate are super boring, besides they are the center of the story! I do love Julian, Brooke not so much but her character has gotten better! But still, it’s gonna be weird withouht the main characters, like What the He*ll? I might watch, but just for Julian, I love his character, he is pretty interesting!