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Eva Longoria Does Washington DC

Eva Longoria Does Washington DC

Eva Longoria makes her way to the airport in Washington DC to catch her midnight flight on Monday (May 11).

The 34-year-old Desperate Housewives actress was in Washington DC for the White House Correspondents dinner cocktail party at the Hilton Hotel.

Last month, Eva confessed to Extra that, “Tony [Parker] and I will be moving to France after Desperate Housewives. Actually, after his basketball career. Not for awhile, but we’ll be living there for a bit.”

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  • cooh

    that is ugly
    I don’t like this no talent-no beauty girl

  • LolaSvelt


  • Tanner

    The purple, velvet sweats aren’t helping Eva!

  • EWWW!doubleEWWWWWW!

    Lord! That is one ugly woman with all the makeup and why is she always by herself the Spurs aren’t in the playoffs.

  • EWWW!doubleEWWWWWW!

    Am I bad, I meant without all the makeup!

  • LULu

    She should liposunction that chin, and try have make up on when in public

  • sushi

    wow she looks horrible without makeup
    at least put on some foundation when you step out of the house geez

  • T-dot

    Okay, listen up everyone.
    I’m pretty sure that all of you have left the house at least once in your life, without make-up on, or even worn sweats out in public.
    I know i do it.
    and i don’t think Eva deserves this trash talking..
    especially from people that don’t even know her.
    I agree she doesn’t look her best, but she doesn’t look horrible.
    I think you all need to take a look at yourselves, before you talk sht about someone.

  • Naima

    Aww the wonders of air brushing and make up, most people don’t realize how below average looking this attention wh0re is, not only that but she’s a talentless b!tch. I’ve had the displeasure of working with this woman, she is so full of herself, I have never come across a celebrity who talks about themselves as much as Eva does. She’s rude, she interrupts people and has little to no respect for her husband, her and Mario Lopez are more than just friends. Why does she constantly need to remind everyone that her husband is half black, there is something wrong with this woman and that marriage plus her husband is a bit on the slow side.

  • http://Justjared soprano

    Very plain looking without makeup but BRAVO for her for going out without it. I am sure MOST celebs are damn plain without thw war paint.

  • Lo

    I think she’s a cute woman…but she looks a bit tired. Love those Chanel glasses though!!

  • mimi

    EEEEEEEEEEEWwwwww!!! ugly ugly ugly! i always said that now there’s a very good proof.! poor Tony parker! she has no beauty like she has no talent.

  • Tiny

    Wow!! A lot of you are really harsh!! I’m glad to see her not so glamorous all the time because it lets me know I can relax a little.
    She has never lied about growing up with little and even today she gives back much of the loaner jewelry and clothes. On her own time, she reuses a lot of the same handbags and accessories.
    I would like to think she is money saavy and conscious that we are in a recession.

  • Sushi

    God you can see what Tony sees now when they are alone together at home. YIKES!
    That marriage won’t last much longer.
    How long before she gets the fat sucked out of that double chin too?

  • ninnita

    Eva no les hagas caso, los que te escriben aki comentarios feos son unas gentes de puerto rico que yo conosco, no les hagas caso, ni tampoco les hagas caso a mucha gente de esa isla, son mmuy envidiosos y se creen muy guapos, pobre gente, la que ellos deberian arreglar o diganle a la tal jenny lopez que se haga cirugias que realmente esta muyyy fea, y tiene unos hijos que parecen cuacha estan ……..pobres dan lastima a ya se les van hacer cirugia porque si no dan miedo, saludos de mi pais Costa Rica. Tu eres sencilla y la lopez se cree, es verdad pobre nunca tuvo ni que comer!!!!

  • xo

    Finally i have something to agree with most of you people..EVA LONGORIA is one ugly S.K.A.N.K…I wouldn’t do her even if i was Drunk…Talentless and UGLY B.I.T.C.H

  • sachet

    #9 Naima @ 05/12/2009 at 1:21 pmWhy does she constantly need to remind everyone that her husband is half black
    WTF..that sounds like she is ashamed of his genetic heritage. This marriage will not last..

    Yep , she is a narcissist. Constantly talking about herself.

  • Don’t Get It Twisted

    More likely he is ashamed of hers. Obviously she likes having a half-black husband just like Jessica Alba, that’s why she keeps talking about him. I’m sure Tony doesn’t go around saying, Oh my much older wife is a Mexican. This marriage is doomed which is why he never goes out in public with her, not even to the famous Correspondence dinner this past weekend at the White House. Anybody who is anybody attended and stupid Eva went by herself while Tony partied it up in Paris with the French babes.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh she isnt pretty without makeup
    and thats one of the ugliest casual outfits ive seen on celebs
    i dont understand, is tony retiring soon
    i mean he’s not that young, but he’s still good in nba terms
    the bad thing is he’s easily bruised, well his ankle mostly

  • kabbie


  • NY guy

    She is an entertainer and actress. It is her job to look good and she’s slacking. At least keep the shades on at all times if going out looking like that.

  • chill out

    wow you guys are harsh. it’s pretty sexist to criticize a woman for daring to leave her house without make up on. does she exist to please you? no. get over it. i’m not even a fan of hers.

  • gossip in San antonio

    She looks like every other woman in San Antonio, only she’s actually thin! I do NOT leave the house in my pjs. That is neither doing yourself, nor anyone who has to look at you, any favors. Going out without makeup is a personal decision. Let a woman do her thang. I’m not a fan either.

    Now how, exactly, is she reminding everyone that her man is of mixed race? By saying that they’ll move back to France? That IS his home, and there are people of ALL races there. I’m really not a fan of this terrible actress, and I think her marriage is a bit sketchy, but I do not think that either of them make their races or ages an issue. It seems like some of YOU are the ones having problems with their interracial relationship.
    Also, her husband runs around with strippers, so perhaps their marriage is open or they are both just shady as all get out!

  • stupid girls

    She married a 23 year old playboy who hadn’t sewn his wild oats yet so what did she expect?

  • God Bless america

    OMG, all of Ya’ll negative people need to get a life…she’s only human what do expect, as the saying goes…she has to let her hair down once in a while too… I mean you cant expect her to wear makeup and fancy cloths all the time! Give her a break…she looks better in the natural anyways! And as for her and her husband it’s there life!

  • http://aol Susan

    I have never thought that she was pretty. She does not have a nice face. She has a great body which is what people like about her. Even with makeup, I don’t think she is a ‘looker’, but w/o makeup, she looks just like the rest of the normal world of women.
    She is definitely no J. Lopez or J. Alba in regard to beauty, but they all do have bodies to die for.

  • Tralalalala

    Naima, why would you need to insult her husband by saying he is “a little slow”. That is completely untrue. This is a post about Eva and regardless of how you feel about her, leave Tony Parker out of it. By all accounts, he is an intelligent, kind and well spoken man. He is young though and English is not his first language, French is. I don’t believe for one moment that you’ve worked with Eva because you’ve made some fairly stupid claims in your post such as how she and Mario Lopez are more than friends. What more could they be? Mario likes men.


    #9 god all these things you say make me sick, the type of people who defend celebrities, well there is no such comparison between a regular person and a celebrity, yeah we’re humans. I can afford to go out with no make-up, but once you are in the spotlight you need to take a bit more care of yoursef and don’t tell me she doesn’t deserve the bad comments because she’s not doing anything to make us say she’s beautiful…so keep this piece of advice to yourself…


    the comment is for #8


    sorry the comment was for #8

  • lalalove


    It’s great to see these people sans make-up. Then their obsessed worshippers will know their only human, just like all of us.

  • Michelle

    Wow i guess alot of you have never seen a real human up close and personal before… are you really so stupid as to be this shocked at a human when they arent fully airbrushed, had hours and hours of makeup and hair and clothing tweaks, and are in celebrity mode.
    who cares if shes a bitch, she doesnt deserved to be berated for going natural and looking like she does, she cant help it.

    how about this: you have a group of people follow you around with cameras every time you leave the house and lets see what pictures you come back to us with!

    excuse her for being human…. and excuse you for being so pretentious….

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Oh wow, she looks rough.