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Jennifer Garner: Belated Valentine's Day!

Jennifer Garner: Belated Valentine's Day!

Jennifer Garner takes her daughters, Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 4 months, out for a nice stroll in Boston on Monday (May 11).

The 37-year-old actress looked like she had her work cut out for her as she pushed a stroller in one hand while carrying Violet‘s tricycle in the other.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer is in talks to be a part of a huge ensemble cast for a romantic comedy called Valentine’s Day. Other potential costars include Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Shirley MacLaine, Bradley Cooper, and Ashton Kutcher.

FYI: Jen is using her Orbit stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer having a nice stroll with Violet and Seraphina

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  • http://justjared tanii

    Violet & Seraphina are so cute!!

  • Erin

    The girls are adorable. Sera looks like her dad, I think. Violet stll seems all mom to me. (BTW, here come the haters – all fans of JLo who never got over Ben dumping her.)

  • Vickie

    They are always so happy


    she looks like her big sister!

    (in my opinion)

  • lula

    She is lovely but she is always alone with her kids. It seems Ben is not a very helpful hubbie…

  • ewoks love

    I really enjoyed her with matt mconaughey and hope to see the movie soon.

  • aubrey kaelyn

    seraphina is a pretty baby girl violet is a sweet little girl

  • lakers fan in boston

    seraphina is so cute =]
    i gotta say jen is looking much better than usual
    i think it’s cuz this time she kinda fixed her hair
    love them ponytails =]

  • g!na

    jared you post this people like 3x a day! boring! Sera cute! Violet, hmm nice girl!

  • Michelle

    seraphina is SOOO much cuter than the older one. Of course she needs to join a big ensemble, she can’t carry a movie in the lead role but if she joins a big cast with big names she can ride off the success of that movie and claim it as her own (much like how she did with juno although juno was excellent b/c of ellen page and not with her). Sorry, it is what it is.

  • Tanya Mikhal

    The little girls are cute, but the mom is painfully ugly, BTW I am not a JLO fan.

  • Georgia Peach

    Jennifer Gardner’s face is very masculine pretty. I don’t think she is a good actress nor has a good personality besides she needs to loose at least 50 lbs.

  • TP

    Violet is so cute!!!!

  • Baldemar V.

    I don’t understand why some people in Hollywood don’t mind wasting their money away hiring a talentless actress like Jen. Sorry, but this woman is a sham. She can’t act, and her looks are just like any West Virginian HIllbilly. I was watching the History channel the other day, and their focus was on Hillbilly History. They mostly focused on West Virginians,; they showed pictures of that state’s residents and they all looked like Jennifer Garner, big ear, jaws small eyes, protuding ears and dog teeth. Besides they are racist and criminals.

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Another walk? Geez, she never stops with the attention seeking…
    and ickk, no please don’t do ANY more movies Jen, you can’t act at all.

  • Erin

    I don’t know why I don’t like Jen Garner and why is Ben married to her, when she is so much older than him. I love Ben Affleck, that’s why I check this thread hoping to see him. He’s hot as hell : )

  • chels

    omg both girls look the same
    so beautifuls!

  • Erin

    Where’s Ben?, Is he ashamed of his family?, everytime I look at pictures of this family Jennifer is walking the little ones alone

  • mediterranean

    The paparazzis have nothing to do but follow someone like Jen Garner, instead of big stars.

    Jen happens to be in the places where the paparazzis are always around.

  • Reese is so much better

    Again the pap w’h'ore is feeding her p’ussies to the paps. She is a bad mother for doing that. Someone should sadomize her. That’ll teach this wh ore a lesson.

  • Real Mike, not PR mike

    Ben’s daughter’s look like rats, i guess they take after Ben.

  • Nelson

    Cheese Wheeze! Ben’s mom is getting really old(last picture).

  • love jenn

    Ben’s beautiful European princesses are a breath of fresh air in dirty Hollywood. Lon may they reign.

  • mm

    Seraphina is a pretty baby. Poor Violet. She’s one ugly duckling. People are lying when they say she’s cute cause she’s not. She’ll be jealous of her baby sis in the future.

  • marci

    Jen Garner = sweet and low artificial sugar. Jada Pinkett Smith said that in Hollywood stars would rather have any or bad publicity than to have no one taking their photos – that would be worse. Jen Garner fits that profile to a t…her and Heidi from the Hills and Lindsey Lohan. I guess Jen Garner has hired really great publicists to keep her in front of the paps and on these media sites. For what? She’s famous for being Mrs. Ben Affleck, that’s about it for now since she can’t act and her movies that she leads flop. Someone needs to wake this artificial sugar pop up and give her a reality check – You are not all that!

  • marci

    In the movie, Ashton Kutcher’s character is supposed to dump Jessica Alba for Jen Garner. Yeah, right. What’s wrong with these casting directors?! Do you guys live in a Hollywood bubble? Get some new blood inside your political circles and wake up to Jen Garner’s loser star power. Another movie we will not see b/c she’s in it (much like the last FLOP she made with Matt – people didn’t see it b/c she was in the lead). Sheesh.

  • a realist

    lula @ 05/12/2009 at 6:11 pm

    She is lovely but she is always alone with her kids. It seems Ben is not a very helpful hubbie…
    Don’t be dumb. Ben has to work. When he is not working he is with his family. I see him with them from time to time.

  • Stupid bloggers

    Damn, JJ, were do you get these posters from? Pre-school?

    The dumbest comments: like Ben isn’t helpful………….oh, he has a job. Since must of the dumb idiot comment come from those never employed, nevermind, you wouldn’t know what a job was.

    That is right, Jennifer Garner moved to where…….Cambridge, MA so she could be in the heart of pap land. Shame on her. Do you idiots read the crap you right before you post it? That is just dumb.

  • Stupid bloggers

    And, Jen’s movie didn’t flop.

    You think because Star Trek made 80 million the studio is happy right now? Nope, why? The movie cost over $140 million to make. So until that movie clears at least $140 million, it’s in the hole for a whole lot of green.

  • a realist too

    sure, you’re bffs with them so you see them from time to time. he works, media tours, is off to events, in the congo (3x last year), campaigning, directing, producing, hollywood meetings with 5 upcoming projects…and she has a slew of her own projects coming up w/her production co. (that BEN advised her to start so she can always get roles). It’s their Hollywood marriage and I guess it works for them so that’s great. A little bit too much Elizabeth Edwards denial I need him thing going on. Hope she’ll actually be a realist when Ben has a mistress and child with another woman and finally leave him! I give them 1-2 years then we’ll see how mrs. affleck can hold her fame or do without him.

  • a realist too

    #28 PiPPi or SI or stupid blogger, whatever your name is…in Hollywood money, her movie DID flop considering their expectations for opening weekend was in the low $20-22 Million and hers only made $15MM. So, you’re saying Star Trek is a flop compared to Garner’s STELLAR OSCAR WINNING PERFORMANCE in her last movie. Wow….you really don’t get it.

  • shut up

    hey number wanna talk about being stupid? you said.. read what you right…its WRITE you idiot.

  • Pippi

    I hope all the haters realize that it is them that causes the paparazzi to hunt down Jen and her beautiful famil. They know you idiots are gonna post a lot of hatefilled comments about her and her family. Then you try to say she is seeking the paps truth is the blame should be on you @$$wipes.

    BTW I would like to thank JJ for the beautiful pics of these darling little Garner-Afflecks girls. Papa Ben is out working so he can give them a good life. Real men work to support the family, what a concept. Too bad you dummies don’t even know who your dad s are and that’s why you are so jealous of Jen, Violet and Sera. Ben is a smart guys. He is the luckiest man alive and he knows it.

  • Pippi

    Violet and Sera are two beautiful little girls growing up in a normal household with lots of love, fun and laughter. Ben and Jen are the best parents in LaLa Land. I wish them all the happiness they deserve. On and please stop comparing them to other couples, they are in a league of their own. They don’t fit any of those profiles you guys mention regarding other people. Think about it? Go play on JJJ, this site is for grownups. No children should be allowed.

  • you are so sick!!

    # 24 and YOU? or YOUR kids? How dare you call this CHILD that!
    And the others on here, what a bunch of sick minds, it’s digusting, can’t believe such morons are actually walking this planet! children??? give me a break!

  • a sweet face

    How come angie can walk (and brad) with their kids and it’s OK? Everyone else, Katie, Jen, etc, is pimping their kids?
    Listen, there isn’t a more natural, down to earth mother (look at the reg. kids clothes on Violet!) then Jen Gardner.
    And the other posters calling this little girl such horrible names, can you really, really sleep well at night? i couldn’t – and she is nowhere NEAR ‘ugly’. But your minds and souls and hearts, sure are!

  • jenny

    She always dresses like a real mom at the park (like we all do) I mean you won’t see Angelina Jolie in sneakers and jeans, no for her it’s boots and tight skirts to the supermarket, but that’s her. Jen is like the mom next door. and of cause Ben does his share, Sheesh, is he supposed to be tied to mom and kids 24/7? He’s been with Violet a lot lately in pictures. Don’t you people have anything NORMAL to say?
    And calling this angel ‘ugly duckling”, what a jerk you are!
    She and her sis will look a lot alike, I see the baby’s eyes now, same as Violets. I hope next is a boy, like ben! it’s time. Nice family. Haters, go take a long hike you know where………………….(BTW check out the real kiddie clothes on Violet) no fancy duds here. She ‘s raising her, normally. don’t forget, this woman loves Martha Stewart, I assume, she’s a real, homemaker. Good for her too, hard as it is in HW.

  • Stupid bloggers


    Oh, I know……………..wanted to see how far your 2nd grade education will get you.

  • don’t get it

    Matt’s lowest opening ever, I wonder if it had anything to do with his talenless co-star.

  • lovecooking

    Might have been Matt’s lowest, but it was Matt and his performance that critics had one problem with. The other is an overdone story line in a tough movie market.

  • shut up

    number 38…what the hell are you talking about? freak. go somewhere where you’re wanted. if you can find such a place! hahaha

  • s.i

    They are all so pretty! Jen looks happy with her 2 beautiful daughters! Oh and to ” a realist 2′ ::: U R PATHETIC! SICK MINDS IN HERE< WITH NO LIFE AT ALL!!!

  • Elle

    I love that she got 5th billing in the film! The billing is: Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, JENNIFER GARNER, Shirley MacLaine, Bradley Cooper, and Ashton Kutcher.

    Yes, order does matter, and agents negotiate it with the studio. Jen Garner certainly isn’t A-List, that’s for sure.

    Trust me, she doesn’t want the paps to stop following her around. When they do, it’s all over!

  • lovecooking

    Is hasn’t been billed yet.

    This is a report of the movie. Ashton K. hasn’t even signed the dotted line yet.

    When the movie bill comes out, and it shows the order, then we can take about whoose name is placed where.

  • carly

    Jennifer’s name was 3rd on Juno. Who cares, she got the biggest piece of that pie

  • Stupid bloggers

    #41 U R the freak. U think that I type on this blog b/c I need to be wanted? or paid attention to?

    That would be U, b/c you have nothing better to do then chance your name on here and post negative crap.

  • shut up

    number 46..i didnt post anything negative at all..i just had to comment on your stupidity when you’re the one saying other people are stupid? look at yourself!

  • oh please

    Are there any nice people left in this world? These comments must be coming from the nastiest most hateful people on the face of this earth. I feel pity for you. Go to church. Cannot imagine living your daily existence. What a wonderful mom! Violet is so beautiful. What are you talking about? I don’t know how anybody can see anything ugly about her. Shame on you poor excuses for human beings.

  • oh please

    Are there any nice people left in this world? These comments must be coming from the nastiest most hateful people on the face of this earth. I feel pity for you. Go to church. Cannot imagine living your daily existence. What a wonderful mom! Violet is so beautiful. What are you talking about? I don’t know how anybody can see anything ugly about her. Shame on you poor excuses for human beings.

  • wizard

    Wow. So many negative comments. For a second I thought I was reading comments for an Angelina post.