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Angelina Jolie To Do The Cannes Cannes

Angelina Jolie To Do The Cannes Cannes


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expected to hit the red carpet again at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival on May 20 in the South of France, People reports.

Brad will help promote the Quentin Tarantino-directed Inglourious Basterds and costar Diane Kruger is likely to attend as well.

Angie has been busy shooting her new film, Salt, but will probably get time off to join Brad for the Basterd-ly premiere. Check out Angie at 2007 Cannes and 2008 Cannes.

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Photos: Eric Ryan/Getty
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  • rpatzfan

    perfect couple as always ,angelina looking hot!

  • presh

    She will “probably” get the time off? I would hope so!

  • bintk
  • lucky

    YAAAAAY!!! Can’t wait! Love them!

  • thelookoflove1365

    Halleluiah! Finally, A new thread. Thanks Jared.

    Hey Angie, love you long time!!!

    Hi to all fans!

  • bbfan

    Thanks Jared. Hope to see a lot of Cannes pix on May 20th!!!

  • Orchid

    What a nice surprise. An Angie thread!!! Great!
    Very much looking forward to the Cannes RC. Hope to see many pictures here.

  • chels

    wow they look so perfect in that picture..

  • aa

    INGLORIOUS BASTERS </strong Directed by Josh Gordon, Will Speck. With Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson. An unmarried 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey baster movie title in order to get back at the title of her exhusband latest twisted blood, guns and violence movie.

  • love them

    Finally an Angie post!!! Can’t wait for the Cannes pictures!

  • lia

    ZOMG! THIS POST and THE ONE OF THEM CANNESS will get like 1,220,000 posts just because they’re mentioned!
    Though, they look rather nice in that photo.

  • acid burn

    So where are all the Jen fans who claim that these two have broken up.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    so..? alot of people are. each one of them gonna get a thread? hahahaha..

  • pam

    huh? Those two are not perfect at all! I like Brad…but, Angelina is not the person she pretends to be. Their relationship is doomed.

    Brad has known for a little bit- the mistake he made in getting together with Angie. At the time…he was thinking with his- you know what instead of his brain.

    Now, they have a real mess to sort out. Real shame

    Unless Ange gets the help she really needs…..she is going to crack soon.

  • wonder

    i wonder how angelina is going to react to the biography of her being written by andrew morton; the same guy who wrote the book on princess diana. morton apparently is talking to all kinds of people. i heard that one of the things he’s going to write about is angelina’s stay in a mental hospital. then there’s the book by her former body guard. all i can say is i hope angelina is prepared for what’s going to come out in those books.

  • Kati

    I hope Angie won’t go and play his fameho game. She probably won’t as she is filming really hard. He doesn’t care about any one else but himself. Free Angelina. Angie , Don’t go to Cannes.



  • mmsic

    Another glorious moment for the Brangelina fans and hellish days for the haters and the nay sayers.I hope the fug face will be there to witness Brad and Angie’s unending popularity when it comes to the red carpet appearance especially at The Cannes.How sweet!!!

  • fashionista

    can’t wait to see her and Brad

  • lia

    but lets’ not bring JA into this. Brangie has accomplished for than she is so no point in talking about her lame ass.

  • anon

    Oscar BalLOON 2009

    Mandela/Playing The Enemy (Warner Bros.), d: Clint Eastwood; Biutiful (Universal), d: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; Nine (Weinstein Co.), d: Rob Marshall; Amelia (Fox Searchlight), d: Mira Nair; Green Zone (Universal), d: Paul Greengrass; Public Enemies (Universal), d: Michael Mann; Taking Woodstock (Focus Features), d: Ang Lee; Shutter Island (Paramount), d: Martin Scorsese; Cheri (Miramax), d: Stephen Frears; The Informant (Warner Bros.), d: Steven Soderbergh; Away We Go (Focus Features), d: Sam Mendes; Up In The Air (Paramount), d: Jason Reitman; The Hurt Locker (Summit), d: Kathryn Bigelow; An Education (Sony Classics), d: Lone Scherfig; The Lovely Bones (Paramount), d: Peter Jackson; Agora (no U.S. distributor), d: Alejandro Amenabar; The Road (Weinstein Co.), d: John Hillcoat; Brothers (MGM), d: Jim Sheridan; A Serious Man (Focus Features), d: Joel and Ethan Coen; Bright Star (no US distributor), d: Jane Campion; Julie and Julia (Columbia), d: Nora Ephron; The Tree of Life (no US distributor), d: Terrence Malick.


  • marie

    I usually keep out to the bradgelina crap. But honestly, who cares if these two show up together or not. I just don’t get all the fuss about them as a couple.

  • anon
  • bbfan

    For those interested, the official Cannes Film Fest webpage is:

  • LolaSvelt

    I can’t wait to see Diane Kruger on the red carpet. Angelina Jolie, not so much.

  • ANON

    Vote for Angelina Brad


    Vote for 2009’s Best-Dressed Women

    For the first time ever, Vanity Fair’s readers are invited to nominate their favorite candidates for the International Best-Dressed Poll. Simply check the boxes next to your choices and click Submit Your Selections. And just in case we neglected to include someone on your style radar, space for write-in entries appears at the end of the list. To avoid duplication, please be sure not to nominate anyone who is already a member of the Hall of Fame. More: Vote for the Best-Dressed Men.

    May 2009

  • bbfan

    The English language Cannes Film Fest site is: /en.html

  • awwwwww

    Thanks jared. I can’t wait to see them on the red carpet. They are so beautiful.

  • lakers fan in boston

    o yes
    i hope she looks stunning when she shows up

  • um

    each fan of their favorite celeb should go to their fansite of blog and gush about them. This is about Brad Angie…other fans of the other players need to go find out where they are.

  • mmsic

    pam @ 4:45 pm—for your information,the biggest mistake Brad has ever done was to marry Aniston.It was a living hell for him since the day he married her.The whole world celebrated as soon as Brad finally realized he was in a deadend marriage and went after The Jolie.It’s just too bad he didn’t do it sooner.

  • Lady Croft

    Look at them. No matter at what angle, they just have that “IT” factor about them. Either you have it or you don’t. These two are true MOVIESTARS. I can’t wait for Cannes!

  • Silvia

    Beautiful couple

  • Orchid

    I hope all other fans come and check in here. Let’s give this thread many positive posts.

  • Blessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • cathy

    Listen Brad is in Brasil, no sorry he is in the Galapagos, no I yhnink someone said he was in South-Africa, Mongolia, China. Canada, Australia.o my God. They split, this is impossíbel Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    jenhags and trolls buying Prozac

  • Luna

    Thanks Jared,
    can’t wait to see them on the RC again.
    Love them (especially Angie of course ;-) )

  • Alexanderina

    World’s Most Famous Mother Is Welcomed To Neighborhood

    Submitted on 05.13.2009 – 03:37:22 pm by FanBolt

    The world’s most famous mother, Angelina Jolie, has taken up residence in Oyster Bay, Long Island while she commences work on her latest project, an espionage thriller entitled ‘Salt’. Local residents of Oyster Bay have been abuzz with sightings of the superstar duo, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and their brood of 6 as they have been spotted running errands around town.

    One local resident, cosmetic surgeon Dr Lloyd Landsman, sent a Mother’s Day gift basket to welcome the movie star mother to the neighborhood. The huge bouquet of flowers and basket of skin care products and cosmetics was purchased from an Oyster Bay business and delivered on Sunday whilst Jolie was home to celebrate Mother’s day with her 6 children.

    Jolie will portray the lead character in “Salt”, a CIA officer accused of being a Russian spy who must elude capture long enough to establish her innocence. Since filming is in Manhattan, Long Island and upstate New York a temporary home in Oyster Bay is the ideal temporary location for the famous family.'s_Most_Famous_Mother_Is_Welcomed_To_Neighborhood

  • some bunny

    Well I wrote to the JJ people and was waiting out the site sorta like boycotting, though I did lurk a bit. I was waiting patiently to see if Jared would post something, anything Angelina. I am so happy to see that Mr. Brad Pitt isn’t flying solo, and the “love of his life”, the most beautiful woman in the world, Angelina Jolie will be right by his yummy side!! Thanx Jared for the new Thread.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread

  • CK

    They are the most beautiful couple on this planet.

  • ha

    Give the woman a break. She’s had to do countless red carpets pretending to like Brad’s movies and bad acting. I would not blame her if she bails on this one.

    hope Joshua Jackson walks the carpet. He will outshine the old man and his botox.

  • citi,,20278665,00.html

    Call it the Brad Pitt Effect: While locals in Oyster Bay on the North Shore of Long Island are known for their posh yet casual style, ever since the Hollywood A-lister started picking up his kids at school, local moms have ditched their flats and no makeup look for chic heels and lipstick.

    “They are off the charts excited and everyone is dolled up, ” one local tells PEOPLE. “The moms are trying to look a little bit more polished. Instead of schlepping in sweat pants and messy hair, now they wear designer jeans and high heels, which they never wear. Usually it’s Tod’s or Gucci loafers. Everyone is putting a little more effort. Let’s face it – he’s a handsome guy.”

    Pitt, who has set up a base in the town with Angelina Jolie and the couple’s children, is embracing his role as Mr. Mom while Jolie spends time filming her new movie, Salt. Pitt’s daddy duties include dropping the kids off at school and even reading books to the children in daughter Shiloh’s class, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

    “At school, they think they are going to bump into him,” says the local. “Brad sits in the back of the classroom a lot. He is very unassuming and very sweet and nice.”

    Locals love the fact that Pitt, Jolie and the kids are often spotted at the Stop & Shop and Dunkin’ Donuts. “Who would think they would see them grocery shopping, and not sending out the help?” says a source. “They are trying to teach their kids what’s normal … And they are always in the pizza parlor and Borders Books.”

    Over the Moon with Excitement
    It’s not just Pitt and Jolie who have been spotted nearby: The actor recently had lunch with pal George Clooney at the Breakers restaurant in Bayville, N.Y. “I heard a woman screaming at Stop & Shop because the clerk was telling her George Clooney was at the Breakers,” says the local source. “It startled me because she shrieked so loud. Then, a few women said they were going to go down there and see if they could run into Clooney.”

    Even morning donut runs are cause for people to reconsider wardrobe decisions. “I go to Dunkin’ Donuts and believe me, I even think of it,” says our spy. “I say, ‘I can’t wear those jeans, they make me look fat.’ ”

    Though the people in town have seen their share of celebrities, high-wattage stars such and Pitt and Jolie are still unique. “They are A-list movie stars, and for such a small town it’s a big deal,” says the source. “Every time a big car passes, people look. It’s a big buzz. Everyone who sees them is over the moon. It just makes everyone light up.”

    For more on this story, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

  • some bunny

    wonder #15
    Keep wondering, I hope Angelina Jolie will pen her own book. Actually she is quite the writer! Ms. Jolie could teach women alot about humanitarian work, family life, and being in the public eye while trying to instill family values to her six beautiful babies. Those kind of unauthorized biographies is what helped in killing Princess Di. Shameful these idiots are still at it after 12 years.

  • soopx

    I knew they would go.They are together as always.
    I am so Happy for this Beautiful,Blessed Family.
    May God continue Blessing Them for Doing Good.
    I have Missed You Angie.Welcome Back.

  • ha

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    �He had a muscular build and looked quite young� The dude peers up at me from the mat. I more than recognize the dude. I had seen him in countless big screen movies over the last few years. (He was also in People Magazine�s Sexiest Man Alive Issue 2003. Not the cover model, though). Jesus loves me! I can�t believe I get to f* this guy. What the f*?! I can�t believe this guy is into such a heavy scene!�

    We couldn�t not mention this:

    �The second my d* enters him, he arches his back and he starts singing at the top of his lungs, �Onward Christian Soldier�.

    oh I wonder who this could be? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! :lol:

  • a total fan
  • Richard P

    Can’t wait to see Angelina jolie

  • BS

    :lol: Us (lies) weekly is trashing Outta Touch :lol:


  • soopx

    Just Passing Through.Happy Day to All Jolie-Pitt Fans.