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Ashley Olsen Wigs Out

Ashley Olsen Wigs Out

Ashley Olsen dons a dark brown wig in VMan magazine’s upcoming summer issue. Here’s what the 22-year-old shared with the VMan via People:

On her off-camera personality: “I’m definitely a hippie girl.”

On fashion being in her future, not acting: “I’ve been transitioning from acting as a kid to doing something that I’m choosing for myself-to be part of the fashion industry. That’s what I want for my future. It has nothing to do with my past, nothing to do with anyone else’s agenda. And I followed my heart the whole way. But the outside perception is very different because you do have celebrity brands, people like Jessica Simpson and Kimora Lee Simmons, and those are celebrity brands because they have their names on it.”

On her luxury women’s fashion collection expanding into men’s wear in the fall: “The Row is really something that I’m doing while my sister still wants to focus on acting. [Mary-Kate is] my partner in The Row, but she trusts me with the everyday. I mean, I see her like ten times a day.”

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  • Jamie


  • grammarie

    No matter what you dress her in, her face still manages to look like a troll.

  • grammarie

    are comments turned off?

  • lalalove

    I like the Olsen twins, but I hate the fact that they think weariung fur makes them so much more fashionable. Here she calls herself a “hippie girl”, what f**king hippie has a million fur coats in their closet(s)?!

  • Bobbie

    So pretty

  • roosta

    i dont respect these girls at all

  • Ouch!

    @roosta: you are not the only one, I pretty much despise them.

  • fashion

    Ashley is so full of herself. Is she distinguishing The Row from other celebrity brands? What’s the difference? If she wasn’t rich she wouldn’t have a “fashion” line. She, nor her sister, weren’t students of fashion. They don’t know how to make a pattern or drape and then all of a sudden they’re designers. It’s all about the money so she’s no different than Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, etc. They’re all celebrities who turned to “designing” to make more $$$$. I just find it mind boggling that people actually buy their stuff.

  • Loo

    #8 I agree. Spend 4 years at a school of fashion Ashley then you can say you arent just a “celebrity brand”.

  • stacy

    ashley does know how to drape, make patterns, source fabrics, sketch, etc. how in the heck would you know what she knows how to do? i interned for her and she was soooooo smart!

  • remember da truth

    Ashely went to NYU and was studying design, and the business of selling fashion, wasn’t she?
    Also, she has had the experience since she was a teen of actually choosing the fabrics, the designs, working with those who are making the patterns and learning by doing it.

  • angelina

    there not drug or alcohol and they arent alwasy in the media they dont drive drunk…they arent in rehab because there under the influence of some kind of leave them alone

  • http://- Ria Mayor

    She’s amazing, and she has studied fashion so find out your facts people. Both her and her sister are good role models in comparison to the disney stars who take naked pictures of themselves etc.

  • lula

    I know they are twins but i’ve always thought Ashley is so much prettier than MaryKate

  • Tanda

    Yes, Ashley has studied fashion/design and she has interned with Zac Posen. But even if she hadn’t, many designers have not gone to design school. She isn’t a celebrity brand because she does not use her name with either of her brands (The Row, Elizabeth and James). Her lines don’t say ” ‘Brand Name’ by Ashley Olsen.” She is extremely involved in her work. Don’t let your preconceived notions make y’all so prejudiced.

  • lex

    i’ve met her several times…. she is no more special than some random “cute” sorority girl with decent taste and an inflated ego …. to try to differentiate their lines from other celebrity lines is laughable…. this is just marketing

  • kylie

    stacy, I’m so glad there’s someone here who knows one of the twins personally.

    Ashley interned for Zac Posen during her NYU days, so for those who think she didn’t study fashion, she did. And she didn’t mean anything offending when she said didn’t want The Row to be labelled a celebrity brand. All she meant was she didn’t want to her name to be associated with the brand. She wants the product to speak for itself! You don’t have to be a fan, just read a couple of articles about them, they’re really smart girls and some people just choose to be ignorant haters.

  • rodgerlvu

    that’s what called hot..

  • Lucy

    What Ashley means, is that fashion is what she wants to do as a career. She’s studied it and she lives and breathes it. It’s actually what she focuses on, RATHER than just using her name to sell something she doesn’t really care about. It’s not some generic money-making venture with her name splashed across it like other celebs often do with fragrances/clothes etc that they don’t actually have that much input into or passion/talent for.

  • Lydia

    I actually like the Olsen twins, and I think they have great style. I do, on the other hand, loathe the fact that they wear fur. Anyone who wears real fur in this day in age, with the amount of knowledge available as to wear it’s coming from and what they do to those animals, has serious issues. You want to talk about psycho sadist!?

    In response to what everyone is saying about them as a ‘celebrity brand’ and not attending fashion school…. most of the majorly renowned designers today never attended fashion school, at all (ex. Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace, etc…) so I don’t think you have to go to school to know what you’re doing. I actually think the Olsen brand is well-designed and I do differentiate what they’re doing from other celebrity brands because Ashley Olsen, specifically, isn’t doing anythign else. She’s not trying to be a singer, actor, designer, perfume creator, dancer, etc.. all at once. She’s sticking to her guns and I think she’s doing a good job.

    But again, the fur blows huge cock.

  • Lucy

    Agreed on the fur – disgusting. Could any of it be faux fur though?

  • mike

    Everyone acts as if everything they have received has been given to them on a silver platter…They have been working their butts off since they were tots, and have obviously learnt both business and fashion sides of creating clothing lables since they were early teens…how are any designers supposed to start off anywhere ? you cant just wake up and one day and bloody be designing for Channel..!

  • http://justjared anonymous

    nothing wrong with wearing fur, lots of “hippies” wore fur. when you hunt an animal for food, why waste the fur? it’s warm and pretty when you add bead work etc. people slaughter cows, and sell the meat. people order it at restaraunts and buy it at the stores in the meat department. then other people buy the hides and make coats, pants, purses, belts, backpacks, boots, shoes and all sorts of stuff. now mink, chinchilla and other animals that people don’t eat the meat, that is wrong. all you women who are against fur should research all your other products you use.

  • Coloured.distraction

    I think she looks a little like Vanessa Hudgens with the Brunette wig. Just voicing an opinion. Though she looks very pretty, don’t like the pants.

  • Jojo

    Love her, Love her style!!

  • Lydia


    Sadly, you know nothing of the fur industry. 99% of the fur people wear comes from animals raised on fur farms, where they are neglected and abused until they die… by electrocution through their anus, because that’s the only way to do it without destroying the fur.

    And yes, the rest of the animal IS wasted because the animals used for fur are not animals people eat, and most of them are in such bad shape that no one would want to eat them anyway.

    There is no excuse for ANYONE wearing fur today. And no, it’s not more environmentally friendly, either, because they use LOADS of chemicals to preserve the skins, etc….

  • Lydia

    the **** is bumhole….. they edited out my proper use of the word. lame.

  • Oks

    I am from Russia, and i love Ashley ahd Mary Kate…i would meet they so much…))))

  • Oks

    Somebody saw them personally???:)

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks like an anorexic hick. Mullet?

  • Nicole

    I liked the Olsen Twins until I learnt they wore fur. To the asshole above who said there’s nothing wrong with it, … are SICK. These animals are tortured and skinned drowning or beatings and other ways. DOGS are skinned alive for their fur in China. Just look up “Dog fur trade” and you will see HORRIFIC heartbreaking photos and information about it. Fur is MURDER. Wear your own skin assholes trolls. I can just imagine how many poor animals had to die a brutal death so the Olsen twins can look “hot” in someone elses skin.