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Kate Gosselin and the Case of the Bodyguard

Kate Gosselin and the Case of the Bodyguard

For the third week in a row, Us Weekly has featured Kate Gosselin as their cover story (See: Week 1 and Week 2).

As expected, the mag put Kate‘s relationship with her bodyguard Steve Neild under fire. The Gosselins knew this was coming, so yesterday, Kate preempted the story and called “the allegations they’re making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified.”

She even referred to Us Weekly as the “the animals that stalk us.”

Star has even jumped on the bandwagon this week with their lead story: Jon & Kate’s Twisted Marriage.

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42 Responses to “Kate Gosselin and the Case of the Bodyguard”

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  1. 1
    JESS Says:


  2. 2
    SR Says:

    Even more interesting is why ‘Angie is Mad at Madonna’?

  3. 3
    kksweets Says:

    Just Leave them alone already!

  4. 4
    lyoung Says:

    She deserves what she gets!! Feel bad for Jon and the kids though their better off without her!!

  5. 5

    This is RIDICULOUS!

    Jon and Kate cheating has become the new swine flu in the media. Anything to make news and grab people’s attention, no matter how untrue (or honestly small) it is!

  6. 6
    a total fan Says:

    Thats the price of fame.

  7. 7
    mj Says:

    Honestly, does anyone care? Marriages fail everyday

  8. 8
    ice Says:

    Let me guess: that bleeding son = Joel. The son she always forgets

  9. 9
    Julia Says:


  10. 10
    taylor Says:

    well duh. her bodyguard looks sexy.

  11. 11
    Sam Says:

    #8 I agree. The things she says about Joel on camera (whiner, suck, gross), one can only imagine what she says about him when the cameras are off. Same for Aaden and Collin, the boys are left out of so much of the physical cuddling, playing and attention, often grabbed and punished. The girls are always cuddled, touched, favored, told they are adorable. I do think Kate hates males of any age, the proof is there. Sorry Kate but you created your own monster with your own mouth and cruel attitide talking disrepectfully to your equal partner and to/about your children. BYE KATE, no one will miss you.

  12. 12
    me Says:

    Star didn’t need to tell the same story. Its has been out for weeks in us weekly.All star do is copy other people stories and use them for their own.They don’t tell the true at all. Star is not the only one doing it. People has done the same thing.But why do people want to tell those magazine like people magazine and star magazine their story anyway?They don’t do nothing but chop it the pieces and rewrite what people want to read anyway.Instead of talking about the other people that work for a living that go and mess with their personal life.Need to leave them alone. and go after people that really need to ask about certain engagement (RB). and why she avoided the media this time.That who has the problem not these people.All are these magazines are bad>

  13. 13
    Claire Says:

    Aww…..Sam(#11), did you’re mommy not give you enough cuddles?poor thing.*barfs*

  14. 14
    Claire Says:

    ugh i hate typos.

  15. 15
    Claire Says:

    ugh i hate typos.

  16. 16
    mary Says:

    Why did she even talk about it before the media did the story on US magazine. Makes me wonder if she is guilty.

  17. 17
    azilwall Says:

    Hello PPL!!! Jon is hiring a PI because the cheating dog always barks the loudest. If she is having an affair with her bodyguard, no it is not right but let’s not forget who started this whole ordeal– JON! They both need to stay out of the spotlight and work on their marriage. Don’t point fingers at either one or the other. They are both at fault in my opinion. Go home and focus on your kids!!!!!

  18. 18
    Lauren Says:

    I love this show and I love this family….BUT I feel like Kate is getting what Jon has been getting for months! They did a great job with keeping the comments about the rumors general and keeping it between them….but now that the negative attention is focused on her…she freaks out. I think she should be equally disgusted with the rumors about Jon!! I really hope all of this negativity stops and they get through it. Family therapy??

  19. 19
    Jon and kate + 8 + "friends" Says:

    The bodyguard looks old but he is better looking and has a bigger peen than Jon.
    Jon looks like a mentally retarded monkey. I am surprised anyone finds him sexually attractive that does not walk on all fours.
    Kate is Whitney Houston and they sing “I Will Always Love You” when they do it. It’s hot.

  20. 20
    Glam Baby Bumps Says:

    I feel so bad for this family! Hopefully they can work it out for the sake of their children.

  21. 21
    facts Says:

    Holy krap. Look at the fukking guido. She sure does have strange taste in men. First the oreo asian guy, and then a guido from da bronx-lookin’ muthafuka. You better watch it Jon, or guido will whack you, and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the hudson with cement shoes on.

  22. 22
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    god these ppl r annoying
    especially this *****, i hope she just goes away soon
    if they do divorce, im sure jon will be happier than ever
    im kinda feeling bad for those kids, altho i dont like em, they’re 2 bratty
    good thing is their lil so they dont really understand

  23. 23
    Ariana Says:

    this crap from us weekley needs to end!!!

    they r blowing the WHOLE thing out of proportion

  24. 24
    Spoiledmom Says:

    So if all of this is so frightening for Kate, why hasn’t her lawyer filed for slander against these magazines?

    “Celebrities” have filed suit against these tabloids and won–when the story was ruled unfounded.

    I believe it is all a huge media ploy for the premier of Season 5. They will stop at nothing to continue their “work from home” job….(when are they home?)…by exploiting their children.

    Evidently, there is some truth to the stories. If Kate is so frightened…why is she continuing to put herself out there? Because “celebrity” has gone to her head, along with her rooster’s ass hairstyle.

    If anything, fight for the privacy of the children.

  25. 25
    rodgerlvu Says:

    Honestly, nobody cares that. it’s a common occurrence in american where marriage fails everyday…

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