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Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!

Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!

Kate Gosselin was just asked by EW if she has a name for her hairstyle.

The 34-year-old mom replied, “It’s my attitude! Everybody wants it. It’s work. I have very, very thick hair, so it’s not going to work for everybody. I’ve seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it just won’t work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country.”

The hour-long season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will air on May 25 on TLC. The ep will address how the tabloid coverage has affected the Gosselins’ marriage.

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164 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Everybody Wants My Hair!”

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  1. 26
    kaka Says:

    STFU people!
    You know u effing want this hairdo – business in the front and a party in the back. It’s so hot.
    Kate you go girl!
    You look fine and I am loving those lighter highlights.
    Your cellphone is gonna blow up right about now!!
    I heard of so many celebrities asking about Katey G. – they all want her. Jon will be pissed.

  2. 27
    WOW Says:

    This woman has changed so much, it’s shocking! I remember I would never miss an episode of Jon and Kate. I always thought she was way too rude to Jon and treated him like her 9th child, and constantly humiliated him, but the way she’s been acting lately is DISGUSTING. She keeps making comments about Jon handling everything very poorly when I think she’s the one that seems to be. Her money and little bit of fame for having 8 kids has completely gone to her head – that comment about her hair is ridiculous! And the things she has said to People magazine has no words, she did it for the money. She’s not thinking about her kids, friends, or family – only humiliating them. She really needs to think about her kids right now and stop trying to create more publicity for herself – poor children! Their parents’ issues are on the cover of every magazine – how is that healthy for her kids? And coming from someone who thinks she’s such a perfect mom.

  3. 28
    Susan Says:

    Ewww to the hair.

  4. 29
    Elle Says:

    She just needs to shut the hell up! Poor Jon.

  5. 30
    Jamie Says:

    I don’t.

  6. 31
    erin Says:

    no body wants that shitcrap hairdo. who the f is she kidding? man.

  7. 32
    Tootie Says:

    Funny, I always thought… if only she would grow her hair out she would look so much better!
    I used to watch all the time but I got annyoed with how rude she was to Jon and she seemed very ungrateful for all that she has. But then again we don’t have half the pressure she has. *shrug*

  8. 33
    spoiledmom Says:

    hairstyle name: eye curtain w/ razored duck’s ass
    oh hell, just close your eyes and cut….
    if only she would grow out the other side….then we wouldn’t be able to see her face.

    please, can her head get any bigger???

  9. 34
    UGLY hair Says:

    I don’t know what she’s thinking with her hairstyles…everytime she went for a haircut on the show she came back with an uglier and shorter hairstyle!!

  10. 35
    jim Says:

    Ugly ass hair style, all that make-up plastered on her face. She is delusional…lol

  11. 36
    janis joplin Says:

    I think this silly b*tch is trying to upstage octomom. Poor kids.

  12. 37
    Jughed Says:

    hmm, i like her hair. what’s wrong w/ me?

  13. 38
    lauren Says:

    hahahaha omg! i think she has horrific hair.

    i can’t believe that 1) she thinks it looks good and 2) other people want this style. wtf??

  14. 39
    k Says:

    her hair looks like a dike reject!!! it’s like getto girl meets dike!!!

  15. 40
    janis joplin Says:

    She looks just like white trash.

  16. 41
    g!na Says:

    Is she delusional? this is a joke right? Since 3 yrs ago i layed eyes on her hair i wanted to throw up! Her hair style is hideous! She looks like a rooster with the top being so spiked short! Kate grow the top of your hair out! It would look better! everything else is long anfd the short top of hair loks out of place! eww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 42
    doobiee Says:

    We have white trash with nicer hairdos than Kate has. Her hair looks like crap especially the right side that is way long in front and hangs down in her eye. I also read something about her hair and country?
    Well, I live in the country sort of, and I will compare my hairdo with anybody.

  18. 43
    kate is nuts! Says:

    omg! Her hair is horrendous! The reason why! She has short spiked on top of her head that sticks up like a rooster! one episode i was laughing so hard because her hair stood straight up like alphala! lol

  19. 44
    doobiee Says:

    boo to kates halr she needs to get that long part off and out of her right eye. it stinks.

  20. 45
    jasper Says:

    haaaa! yes, her hair looks like alfalfa from the little rascals! Her hair looks awful and she is worse than octomom! Kate is all about the money!

  21. 46
    itstrueagain Says:

    Other poster totally right, she defines “delusional”.

  22. 47
    Anneinnewwest Says:

    Its sad that Kate seems to care more about her hair then her failing marriage and what her poor kids are going through. She needs an intervention. those poor kids, just went to hawii to watch their parents remarry each other (a $15,000) trip only now to sit at home and watch it explode. So very sad.

  23. 48
    Elle Says:

    Jared, I love the Kate stories, keep em up! Thank you!

  24. 49
    kath Says:

    forgive me, i am australian and don’t see this show, but where does she get time to get her hair done if she is mum (and that is how we spell it in oz) of 8? i have 5 and can’t do anything but a pony tail

  25. 50
    missed da boat Says:

    LOL. she thinks shes something new? every Mormon in Utah has this hairstyle.

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